The refinement of white supremacy requires that whenever your chains become visible they must be replaced with less visible ones: Black male incarceration has declined by 23 % since 2001

No Need To Get Away From the Whip or His Dogs Either. From [HERE] The likelihood of African American men and women being in prison today is lower than it was a generation ago when the law was passed, as these two charts on WashPost show. However, as noted by the Sentencing Project, considering the scale of mass incarceration and its unique impact on blacks, the drop is not nearly fast enough. 

The quarter-century of data in the charts come from the Bureau of Justice Statistics series of annual reports on the state and federal prison population. The rate of imprisonment of black men is in absolute terms consistently much higher than that of black women, but the shape of the two curves is remarkably similar. In the 1990s, the explosive growth in imprisonment that began in the mid-1970s was slowing but still underway, affecting people of all races but African Americans worst of all. But around the turn of the millennium, the African American imprisonment rate began declining year after year. Other government reports document that a parallel decline has occurred in the county and city jail population as well.

At the end of 2014, the African American male imprisonment rate had dropped to a level not seen since early 1993. The change for African American women is even more marked, with the 2014 imprisonment rate being the lowest point in the quarter-century of data available. [MORE]

The refinement of white supremacy requires changes or system updates to occur particularly at times when the victims begin to actually see their chains or oppression - where chains are visible the victims will want to escape from bondage -so this must be prevented. The over-incarceration problem has been obvious to many Blacks for a while, no statistics are necessary. So it had to be updated. 

The courts have also been made over for us. Many more Black prosecutors, judges, defense lawyers and courtroom staff have been added. Think about it, without all the aforementioned black persons present in the courtroom, the courtroom would just look racist. Without them, your belief in the courts and what they produce would be shook; and our belief is all that binds the system together. An entirely all white judiciary, lawyers and courtroom staff are the visible chains of the old model of white supremacy/racism. Nevertheless, the result is the same today; the only thing the criminal courts produce is the appearance of justice. As Neely Fuller explained, white supremacy is primarily carried out by deception.

What matters here is not the skin color of the court actor but his/her consciousness. Court actors are filtered in and out to ensure the persons who remain are believers in the system (defense or prosecution) and persons properly programmed in service of white supremacy (or "other directed" Black persons possessing a false consciousness). In this way the court system can still produce results similar to an all white racist court.