"What the Fack Maan? Get Outta My Waaay Broh!" - Lookout Yall. Be Aware of Provocative, Racist, Bike Riding White Men Playing in Traffic

Having little biological validity, race is not real but racism is. The only purpose of race is to practice racism. Racism is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the universe. And racists are the most provocative people on the planet. What is more provocative than silly ass white men in booty shorts negligently weaving in and out of traffic on little aluminium bicycles - periodically talking shit to Black folks driving their cars? 

Believers in their own fantasy, racists are always looking to get Black people started, to push your buttons with some racist conduct - for the pure fuck with you joy of it and/or to harm you in some way. In the presence of skin color, urban racists riding bicycles get particularly revved up or possessed by desire and for some mad reason [racism] they want you to either hit them with your car, cause an accident or get you to violate the law in some way. Also unnecessarily delaying you in some way is great potential fun for the racist biker - but only if you indulge them.  

Unless you are a meditator please try to avoid these dumb motherfuckers at all costs.

Never get caught up in the substance of the racist's story/illusion; that is, at the center of the racist's logic is that race is actually something real and something other than simply organization of non-white people for the purpose of their domination. Getting caught up in their dream is a form of mental bondage, for real. There is no reason to denounce a dream. It is a dream. You can't take them seriously - if you do, you are playing yourself - that's their point. 

Analyzing a racist episode after it occurs does not help you deal with the present moment. Your knowledge is stale and always too slow for the now moment; it can only help you react not respond. Racism has been kryptonite to Blacks and we have been conditioned or programmed by racists to react in ways that compliment white supremacy; 1) a violent or violently argumentative reaction or 2) a repressed controlled reaction whereby the Black person pretends to be unaffected and then later continually replays the episode over and over in their head on a loop, each replay or retelling doing psychic harm, perhaps for years. These conditioned reactions and thoughts have been put in your mind by white society to control you. Racists know this. Either way, mission accomplished. Through our reactions we are dominated. Where would their kingdom be without us and our participation? 

Bhagwan explains, 'to react means you are acting unconsciously. Somebody is manipulating you. Somebody says something, does something, and you react. The real master of the situation is somebody else. Somebody comes and insults you and you react, you become angry. Somebody comes and praises you and you smile and you become happy. Both are the same. You are a slave and the other knows how to push your buttons. You are behaving like a machine. You are an automaton, not a human being yet. A plaything in the hands of others.' [MORE] and [MORE]

Responding to racism spontaneously in the actual present moment requires a meditative mind. Otherwise you will only alwaysalways talk about what happened [the past] or be worried about what may happen next [the future]. Meditation is understanding your own mind and how it works. Meditation creates awareness. Awareness will give you great inner power and the attraction or 'drawing in' racism has over you will dissolve. The racist bike riding fool will be a solo act in need of another servant to dominate. Endeavoring to undeceive, Osho explains:

'How to do it? Throughout the whole day the opportunity is there to do it. That is why I say this method is good for you to do. Any moment you can become aware that something is possessing you. Then take a deep breath, inhale deeply, exhale deeply, and look at the thing again. While you are exhaling look at the thing again, but look just as a witness, as a spectator. If you can achieve the witnessing state of mind for even a single moment, suddenly you will feel you are alone, nothing can impress you; at least in that moment nothing can create desire in you. Take a deep breath and exhale it whenever you feel that something is impressing you, influencing you, dragging you away from you, becoming more important than yourself. And in that small gap created by the exhalation look at the thing – [racist conduct], or anything. If you feel it is difficult, if just by exhaling you cannot create a gap, then do one thing more: exhale, and stop inhalation for a single moment so the exhalation has thrown all the air out. Stop, don’t inhale. Then look at the thing. When the air is out, or in, when you have stopped breathing, nothing can influence you. In that moment you are unbridged – the bridge is broken. Breathing is the bridge. Try it. It will be only for a single moment that you will have the feeling of witnessing, but that will give you the taste, that will give you the feeling of what witnessing is. Then you can pursue it. Throughout the whole day, whenever something impresses you and a desire arises, exhale, stop in the interval, and look at the thing. The thing will be there, you will be there, but there will be no bridge. Breathing is the bridge. Suddenly you will feel you are powerful, you are potential. And the more powerful you feel, the more YOU will become. The more things drop, the more their power over you drops, the more crystalized you will feel. Individuality has begun. Now you have a center to refer to, and any moment you can move to the center and the world disappears. Any moment you can take shelter in your own center, and the world is powerless.' [MORE]