The Barney's Deception: 'We Definitely, Definitely Were Not Working with the NYPD to Target Our Beloved Non-white Customers'

What is White Collective Power? When a white owned and operated business targets Black customers and works to exclude them from their premises and the City police support and defend the company's "right" to do so - while the white media pretends any incidents are isolated or individualistic, not systematic. [MORE] In photo, Mark Lee, CEO of Barneys New York on stage with Sharpton, a potted plant, with the message 'please continue shopping.' 

From [HERE] Store security at Barneys New York is now trained on the NYPD. The ritzy retailer released a memo to employees Tuesday detailing new security policies that include videotaping cops whenever they enter the store’s control room and keeping a log of detectives’ visits.

The memo, obtained by the Daily News, stipulates that cops can only access the control room — where employees watch store monitors — when they need to continue surveillance of an individual who entered the Madison Ave. location from the street. Cops who don’t comply will be asked to leave, the memo said.

NYPD officers need to provide “reasonable description of the individual or individuals that they wish to place under surveillance and the reason,” the memo stated.

The new policies were issued when [so-called] civil rights leaders pressed Barneys and other well-known retailers to clarify their relationship with the NYPD after two black shoppers came forward in October to say they were racially profiled at the store.

Barneys has blamed the incidents on undercover cops in the control room at the time. The NYPD said employees conferred with detectives in both cases. The Rev. Al Sharpton (a necessary part of this illusion), whose National Action Network headlined a meeting last week with the retail industry, has prevailed upon the big stores to create a special task force to address the “shop-and-frisk” scandal [white supremacy was not addressed].