Disney's "Mind Shampoo": 90 Years of Racist Images

According to Dr. Blynd, the media functions as a "mind shampoo and conditioning process of the Greater System --" the media is the mirage." As a tool of white supremacists, the media degrades, dehumanizes and programs non-whites to believe they are inferior to whites - Anon calls this process "niggerization."The media also programs non-whites to believe that white supremacy does not exist - as white people rarely mistreat non-white people on the basis of color on television or in movies [and never in an organized or systematic way]. In fact, in movies and television white people treat non-whites as their equals - this also is a mirage. 

Since its creation Disney has provided its share of entertainment supportive to the System of White Supremacy (Racism). Just in time for the 90th anniversary of Disney's founding, PolicyMic has provided a review of some of it's most racist programming. Above is a clip from Dumbo (1941) which features the character "Jim Crow", a black crow who coons for us. This classic also contains, "Song of the Roustabouts,"  in which faceless black circus workers work while singing, "We slave until we’re almost dead / We’re happy-hearted roustabout" and "Keep on working / Stop that shirking / Pull that rope, you hairy ape." Enjoy. [MORE]