Greg Fuller Responds - UVA Affirmative Action Probe

Dear Mr. Santos ;
Regarding your report " U.Va. race complaint" [here], what we have in essence is a case of flawed numbers and  even more flawed foes ; the old saying  , " figures can lie and liars figure"  , seem applicable .  The foes here are some of the  same disingenuous anti progressive  cabal (Center for Equal Opportunity , National Association of Scholars , Center for Individual Rights  , American Civil Rights Institute ) that pays Ward Connerly a million dollars a year to rail against affirmative action , have produced  a decline in  African-American college students at some campuses  and contributed to our nation's racial discord .
As you know,  U. Va. and many other major public institutuion go to great lengths to recruit scholarship athletes . Did the 1026 average SAT for admitted black students include black scholarship athletes ? Scholar athletes  typically have lower test scores then the general student body  .
On most non-HBCU campuses , black scholarship athletes will  have a bigger impact  on The black student average than is the case for their white athlete counterpart on their respective racial cohort .  Typically on such campuses , black student athletes will be a higher percentage of the black student body than is the case for white athletes , hence a disproportionate impact .
I point this out not to single out athletes , but to make a point . A good Journalist will not only report  numbers but help readers understand , potential distortions  and hidden circumstances  in such numbers  
 Further , As the book  "The Shape of the River" by William Bowen, former president of Princeton, and Derek Bok, former president of Harvard  reveals , judging  college  student populations by  test scores is flawed as a means of predicting black  student success rates during college and in life .
Lastly , higher test scores overall tend to track with parental  income, and as such ,  says more about the ability to  receive test coaching  and good K-12 education  then it does about a student potential . 
  • Greg Fuller, a BrownWatch Contributor