White People and their Games: 12 Year Old Black Boy with toy gun Killed by Cleveland Cops after White Man tells 911 "there is a Guy with a pistol pointing it at everybody... like Desert Storm"


(unexcited utterance) White man calmly calls 911 talking about "Hi. How are you. [pause] I'm sitting in the park and there is a guy here pointing his gun at everybody. He is wearing a camouflage hat, like Desert  Storm." The caller knew what could happen, that's probably why he called. Listen for yourself. The actual radio run to police from dispatch was for a grown man wearing camouflage with a real gun pointing it at people in a public space. As in Nazi Germany, with regard to non-whites, especially Black males, White people function as an auxiliary police force. If Anything you do makes them feel  uncomfortable they will call the cops on you. Watch your back. Nazis were vastly outnumbered and there was no way they could have pulled off genocide without the help of German citizens [the non-Jewish ones]. 

From [HERE] Police determined that a 12-year-old Black boy was shot by a white officer outside a Cleveland rec center Saturday when they claimed he reached into his waistband for an airsoft gun. He was shot in the abdomen and taken to MetroHealth Medical Center with serious injuries. After surgery he died from his injuries on Sunday morning. [MORE]

Police say the weapon resembled a semi-automatic pistol. They said the orange safety indicator had been removed. They did release a photo of that airsoft gun to the media. The white media is very impressed with the toy gun - which was not visible to cops when they arrived. 

According to police, two officers responded to the scene and ordered the boy to raise his hands. They claimed he refused and reached for a gun in his waistband. The toy gun was in his waistband, he was not holding in it. An officer fired two shots, striking the boy once, officials said. [MORE] The police chief said there was no confrontation between the boy and the cops and he did not threaten the officers with the gun or otherwise. See video above.  In other words, when the white cops arrived the boy was playing, no gun was visible and there was no danger that was imminent.

Union officials (more white folks) say the officers acted responsibly, and the boy had what appeared to be a gun. One officer involved was taken to Fairview Hospital for treatment of an injury to his ankle. The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office (more white folks) was on scene for the investigation. [MORE]