Study Finds Black & Latino Students are Targets of Police Brutality in Public Fool Systems [Part of the School-to-Blind-Obedience-to-Authority Pipeline]

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According to FUNKTIONARY

Public schools - the instrument of Hidalgo (the "Greater System") and the "State" whereby readers, writers and counters are produced who are certified as qualified to understand orders and obediently carry them out... the tenth gang-plank of the Communist Manifesto. (See: Compulsory Schooling, Indoctrination & Formal Education)

Public Fool System - a place where children are having unprotected education. 2) a syndromatic exercise in conformity and blind obedience to so-called "authority" (disguised repression). 3) systematic planned violence meted out on children and young adults—held hostage and hostile—daily, hourly, quarantined from the natural rhythm of things in life through Pavlovian bells and shrink-wrapped prefabricated and curriculum and distorted history. 4) a training boot camp for life-long slavery and indentured servitude to gangbankers and the Corporate State in a society created and based in violence, governed by fear, propaganda, psychogenic money and power.

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"education" - word-generated opinions combined with force for control over competent hue-mans. 2) coercive persuasion. 3) indoctrination and regimentation. 4) braindraining. 5) developing the powers and faculties of a person. "Developing the powers" means de-veloping, or dis-veloping the powers, which means to negate, or have a privative, or reversing force on the powers. •"The invisible capital which enables its possessors to remain, or to climb on, the backs of the uneducated and to fill their heads with prejudices useful for the maintenance of either the old or the new status quo. It's Squid Pro Row, baby. -Austin Powers. The whole machinery of "education" is to make you mechanical—devoid of intelligence—reduced to an academented drone or a conforming clone for the marketplace of "society." "True education is that which is experienced, tested and digested. What can be counted and recorded is not education." -Vinoba Bhave. What passes for "an" education is second-hand experiences, misconceptions filtered through memories and lies sold in units. True education is transformative, fluid and lifelong. (See: De-education, Experience, Academented, Knowledge Scrolling, Pedagogy, Democracy, Dead Knowledge, Transformative Education, Efficiency, Language, Develop, Envelope, School, Devotion & Learning)