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Deeper than Atlantis

To Get Another All White Jury, White Federal Judge Hooks Up Michael Slager w/a Statewide Jury Pool: White Cop Shot Black Man Over & Over on Video in Broad Daylight

What is White Collective Power? From [HERE] A white federal judge on Monday granted a request from the attorneys of a white North Charleston police officer Michael Slager for a statewide jury pool for his federal civil rights trial in the shooting death of a black motorist.

The order signed by U.S. District Judge David Norton is a blow to prosecutors who had asked that the jury be selected only from the Charleston and Beaufort areas.

Slager, whose trial on state murder charges in the death Walter Scott during a traffic stop in April 2015 ended in a mistrial, faces federal charges of deprivation of rights under the color of law, use of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and misleading investigators following the shooting.

Slager’s attorney, Andy Savage, has argued repeatedly as he prepares for the upcoming civil rights trial that extensive pretrial publicity about the case warranted reliance on a statewide jury pool to ensure the former police officer gets a fair trial.

Federal prosecutors pushed back at this assertion, arguing that there are sufficient safeguards in place in federal court to ensure Slager an impartial jury, and that reliance on a statewide pool of jurors would be overly burdensome and would unnecessarily increase the cost of the trial.

Further, wrote attorney Eric Klumb in a motion filed in January, “There is no evidence to suggest that the extent of publicity in the Charleston and Beaufort area exceeds that in the remaining areas of the state.”

Judge Norton’s order says jury selection for Slager’s federal trial will begin on May 9 in Columbia, South Carolina, and the trial will begin in Charleston the following week.

The shooting of Walter Scott, occurred on April 4, 2015, in North Charleston, South Carolina, following a daytime traffic stop for a non-functioning brake light. Scott was fatally shot by Michael Slager, a white North Charleston police officer in the back from a distance multiple times as he was running away from him. Slager was charged with murder after a video surfaced contradicting his police report and showing that he planted a gun by Scott's dead body. 

A state judge had declared a mistrial on December 5 after jurors failed to reach a verdict following 22 hours of deliberation. The jury was made up of 11 white jurors and one black juror. [why would the prosecutor, who was white, allow a nearly all white jury to be emapaneled? Think Michael Brown/Eric Garner/Rodney King/etc. prosecutions of white cops.] [MORE]

Slager is also scheduled to be retried on state murder charges beginning on August 28.

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[If They Lie Once Can You Believe Anything Else they say?] Video Shows White Nashville Cop Lied About Killing Jacques Clemmons

From [HERE] The Nashville NAACP is demanding answers from the Metro Nashville Police Department following Friday's deadly police shooting. They argue that the police department unfairly targets black people and called Friday's deadly shooting "questionable circumstances."

Jocques Clemmons, 31yr old black man, was shot and killed by Officer Joshua Lippert, a racist suspect cop, last Friday at the Cayce Homes public housing development. 

At 12:55 p.m., on Friday, Feb. 10, Officer Lippert, a white cop, approached Clemmons after a failure to observe a stop sign. Clemmons, driving a gray SUV,  pulled into a parking lot on South Sixth Street in front of the James A. Cayce Homes parking lot. Lippert, driving in an unmarked police car, pulled into the parking lot driveway behind the SUV. Lippert had observed the infraction from a different direction than Clemons was driving. Clemons was unaware that the cop was pulling him over. 

Police said the uniformed patrol officer walked up to Clemmons, who was stepping out of his SUV, to talk to him about the traffic violation. Police initially said Clemmons then body-checked officer Lippert. Specifically, the cops stated, "Clemmons suddenly rushed Lippert and collided into his body." In another released statement police said Clemmons "abruptly charged at Officer Lippert making full body contact." [MORE]

But footage released by police on Tuesday shows Clemmons run toward the officer, before stopping short and running in the opposite direction away from the cop with Lippert in pursuit. In other words, the cops lied about Clemmons being the initial aggressor by claiming he assaulted the cop. [MORE]

The new video was not available to police until Monday due to a broken Metro Development and Housing Agency computer server, police claimed.

Police said Clemmons appeared to be holding something in his waistband during the chase. When the officer caught up with his suspect, they claim the two struggled again, and a fully loaded .357 Magnum dropped onto the concrete.

In contrast, the police also claim that Clemmons had a gun in his hand and refused to drop it when Lippert told him to, police said. Lippert believed he was in danger and opened fire, police said. Clemmons was struck twice in the lower back and once in his left hip, police said.

The video shows Lippert fired on Clemmons when Clemmons had his back turned to the officer and went to run in between two parked cars.

He later died in surgery. The entire incident lasted just over one minute.

Police also said they recovered a gun from Clemmons after he was shot. [MORE] However, Clemmons' family questions whether he even had a gun. Police posted a picture of the gun they say Clemmons was holding on Twitter.

In a statement, police speculated that, since it's illegal to carry a weapon after being convicted of a felony, Clemmons may have tried to run because he was on probation. [MORE]

Monday afternoon, Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson held a press conference to announce new surveillance video from Cayce Homes that shows an unidentified person getting out of the front passenger side door of Clemmons car before the confrontation. Police are looking for that person to ask questions about the incident.

Monday afternoon, the FBI was asked to monitor the investigation into the shooting death of Jocques Clemmons. 

"It's difficult to say to our officers, 'Don't stop someone, don't make a traffic stop for people who violate the law including running stop signs,'" said Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson. [just don't murder them after the traffic stop - write them a fucking ticket like a good public servant should & move on].

Lippert, who has been with the police department five years, is on routine administrative duties while that investigation is pending. Lippert has spent 20 days suspended for various police code violations, including two instances involving physical use of force, according to Metro police records.

In October 2015, Lippert used physical force to pull a black motorist from the vehicle during a traffic stop, even though the driver said he'd be willing to get out in the presence of a supervisor. Lippert was also reprimanded for having the man's car towed without giving him a chance to park the car or turn it over to someone else.

In another case, the officer was reprimanded when he "created the necessity to use force against an intoxicated subject" who was being arrested, according to the disciplinary record. That subject was white. [MORE]

Clemmons' family and the local NAACP are demanding a thorough and transparent investigation from a citizen review board. They are also asking that all police officers get body cameras that will remain on at all times. His family questions why police had to use deadly force instead of tasering Clemmons. They say if he were a white man, he may still be here today.

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Border Patrol Cops Asking Religious Questions As a Result Of Muslim Ban [like do you believe jesus' daddy is a white man?]


Thousands Protest Anti-Non-White Immigrant Milwaukee SNigger Sheriff At ‘Day Without Latinos’

[MORE] According to Funktionary, a probot is a propagandizing programmed robot. (An official  representative from an organization, agency or institution whose assignment is to make prepared statements and answer "cooked"  (prepared)  questions at news conferences, briefings and the like. A probot is a proxymoron who conveys programmed disinformation in computerized language and bureaucratese jargon. A probot is one who disseminates lies, distortions and convenient mass truths composed by a superior overruling elite. A Black probot, mechanically efficient but with no awareness, is a robot who has been programmed in service of white domination.  

Dr. Blynd explains, a proxymoron is one moron who speaks on behalf of another moron or a whole gang of morons. [MORE]

Sheriff David Clarke is both. He is also a SNigger, sambo and traitor to his race. Go fuck yourself buddy. 



Federal judge declines to halt construction of Dakota Access pipeline

From [HERE] A judge for the US District Court for the District of Columbia [official website] on Monday turned down a request [JURIST report] to stop construction on the final stretch of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Judge James Boasberg rejected [blog post] the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe's [official website] argument that the pipeline could contaminate the waters that the tribes use to practice their religion as it is a part of their sacred ground. The judge claimed [Law360 report] that the filing was premature. "I think it's important to have time to fully brief and analyze the issues in the context of a preliminary injunction motion or a motion for summary judgment. I would benefit from further attention and analysis, so I will deny the motion for a temporary restraining order." He said that there is no immediate harm until oil begins flowing down the pipeline to grant the temporary restraining order requested [text, PDF]. The judge also ordered Energy Transfer Partners [corporate website] to update the court on the status of the pipeline weekly. A hearing for the request for a preliminary injunction [text, PDF] filed by the tribe is set for February 27.

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[The White Population is Shrinking. Racists Must Rig Elections to Survive] Stupid Dems Do Nothing While GOP Plans to Steal Another One

From [HERE] and [HERE] White House adviser Stephen Miller doubled down on the Trump administration's groundless claims of voter fraud in New Hampshire — and across the nation — during in an interview on ABC's This Week on Sunday.

Earlier this week President Trump claimed, with no evidence, that voters from Massachusetts were bused to New Hampshire to vote illegally. 

A member of the Federal Election Commission called it an "extraordinarily serious and specific charge" and asked Trump to "immediately share his evidence with the public." [MORE] Don't hold your breath in this racist system. This is all prelude to more election theft or "tricks of the elect" while stupid, sleeping Democracts do nothing to protect the so-called "voting rights" of the Black & Brown votary they represent.

White people are the vanishing majority in the U.S. The white population in the U.S. is shrinking and white folks have a growing fear of their "numerial inadequacy." The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that by 2047 non-white persons will be the majority of the US population. Since 2013, census figures have also showed that for the first time in U.S. history, the majority of babies are non-white.  Since 2013 more white people have died in the United States than were born. Furthermore, the Census Bureau says that the ranks of white Americans will likely drop with every passing year. No other group showed a similar falloff. [MORE

As whites have been consistently declining, Black and Brown populations are surging.[MORE] and [MORE] and [MORE]. 

Additionally white people are genetic recessive. They are unable to produce color. In general, this means they cannot reproduce a white child when they have sexual relations with non-whites.  The white "race" can be replaced or "genetically annihilated" through such assimilation or social intermingling with non-whites;

White plus Black equals Colored.

White plus Brown equals Colored.

White plus Yellow equals Colored. [MORE]

The above Cheerios commercial freaked out racists in 2013 b/c it featured a non-white Brown baby who was the product of an interracial, Black and White couple. Similarly, a GAP ad featuring a white woman and a Sikh man caused an uproar among racists. 

Non-whites can never be integrated into the white supremacy system. If white people were to do this it would mean active participation in white genocide - something racists will never do. 

The racist's worst and most basic fear sill remains genetic annihilation in the form of the fear of the impending "Black Planet." Racists go through much effort to conceal their numerical inadequacy from non-whites.  White supremacy programming or psy-ops on non-whites, especially on Black people, has 'socially engineered Black consciousness and/or is responsible for the falsification of Black consciousness.' [MORE] Racists have told so many lies to Black follks and Black people's belief in such lies maintains the master/servant relationship. One such major deception is that non-whites are "minorities" or are outnumbered by whites worldwide. Many non-whites do not realize that non-whites make up the overwhelming majority on the planet - as whites now represent less than 10% of the world's population. That is, 9 out of 10 people of the world's population (7 billion) are non-white or over 90% of the world is non-white. [MORE] and [MORE] and [MORE]. 

Nevertheless, as explained by Welsing, "the white "race" has structured and manipulated their own thought processes and conceptual patterns, as well as those of the entire non-white world majority, so that the real numerical minority (whites) illusionally feels and represents itself as the world's majority, while the true numerical majority (non-whites) illusionally feels and views itself as the minority.[MORE] Psy-ops on non-whites has been highly effective on African Americans, as 'everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Ferguson, Mo. or Zimbabwe, the whites are in control. Yet Blacks rarely question this extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every known statistical law of probability.' [MORE] This implies that there must exist a political, social situation wherein the mental orientation of Black people must be so structured that the power and the ability of the Europeans to rule this earth are continually maintained.' [MORE] Toward that end, a major goal of elite whites is to make white dominance and control over everything seem natural. [MORE

Due to the changing demographics in the US racists now believe they are in a state of peril. Dr. Welsing explained White people are playing a survival game with non-white people, engaging in behaviors—in economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and more—in order for them to survive on the planet, by any means necessary. White people practice racism to survive -- the operating system of white supremacy functions to keep them alive. "If white people had not created such a global system in which they established power over the world's non-white majority, the white collective would have been genetically extinct a long time ago." [MORE

Your Meaningless Right To Vote is Also Fake. The GOP is the party of the vanishing majority in the U.S. - white folks. "The Republican party is a racial identity party. It is designed to appeal to white people as white people... not as union-members or as unemployed people or as home-owners... as white people.  It is a crude racial-identity party and the numbers bear that out. It is an almost exclusively white party. Many white people vote Democratic, but the Republican party is pretty close to all white. (A fact that is soft-pedaled in out national dialog because it makes the modern Republican party sound like a racist institution, which it is.") [MORE]  Republicans now depend on this vanishing majority of whites for fully 90 percent of their votes in presidential elections, while the Democratic Party wins 60 to 70 percent of the Asian and Hispanic vote and 90 to 95 percent of the black vote. The Democratic base is growing inexorably, while the Republican base is shriveling. [MORE

Already, California, Illinois and New York are lost. The GOP has not carried any of the three in seven presidential elections. When Texas and/or Arizona– where whites are a minority and a declining share of the population – tips, how does the GOP put together an electoral majority? [MORE]

In order for the white party (gop) to survive it will have to suppress, not count, purge and disenfranchise Blacks, Latinos and Asians or or just rig these meaningless elections [yes another lie] -- one after and another.

html5 video converter by v3.9.1

White GOP Votary Too Small. From [HERE] and [HERE] Electionologist and investigative journalist Greg Palast, explains 'that the GOP's Trump white votary was not large enough to elect Donald Trump. That is, there were not enough white republican voters to carry a victory for Trump unless the GOP was able to systematically wipe out voter registrations of voters of color.

In 2016 GOP built and put into action a voter erasing system called Interstate Crosscheck. Crosscheck along with thousands of votes intentionally not counted in Black voting areas, such as Flint & Detroit chose the president and determined who controls Congress.' [MORE]

Palast's undisputed findings reveal that millions of Black, Latino & Asian voters were removed from voter rolls in swing states by Interstate Crosscheck, a so-called "voter fraud" program created by the GOP. Thirty (30) states participate in Interstate Crosscheck. Palast calls Crosscheck the "Great White Hope Machine."  

Interstate Crosscheck removed voters from the voter list if a voter's name appeared to be registered in more than one state. Around 7 million names were put on the list of “potential double voters” before the 2014 election. Crosscheck then compares each state’s list with lists from other states in the program. Specifically, according to Palast, the Crosscheck list contains 7,264,422 voters.

Although the Crosscheck program aims to prevent individuals from voting in more than one state in the same election, Crosscheck has been doing the exact opposite and is used to remove legitmate voters from voting rolls. Greg Palast has claimed that before a single vote was even cast, the election was already fixed by Trump operatives who eliminated millions of legitimate African American, Latino and Asian voters from the voter rolls in North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Palast reveals that millions of Black, Latino & Asian voters were removed from voter rolls in swing states by Interstate Crosscheck, a so-called "voter fraud" program created by the GOP. Thirty (30) states participate in Interstate Crosscheck. Palast calls Crosscheck the "Great White Hope Machine."  

Interstate Crosscheck removed voters from the voter list if a voter's name appeared to be registered in more than one state. Around 7 million names were put on the list of “potential double voters” before the 2014 election. Crosscheck then compares each state’s list with lists from other states in the program. Specifically, according to Palast, the Crosscheck list contains 7,264,422 voters.

Although the Crosscheck program aims to prevent individuals from voting in more than one state in the same election, Crosscheck has been doing the exact opposite and is used to remove legitmate voters from voting rolls. Greg Palast has claimed that before a single vote was even cast, the election was already fixed by Trump operatives who eliminated millions of legitimate African American, Latino and Asian voters from the voter rolls in North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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Treating Unions Like ISIS, Wal-Mart got Lockheed Martin & FBI to Monitor Union Organizing against $10 Hour McJob Servitude

From [Bloomberg] and [MORE] For all its resources, Wal-Mart shares little with its employees. In the autumn of 2012, when Walmart first heard about the possibility of a strike on Black Friday, executives mobilized with the efficiency that had built a retail empire. Walmart has a system for almost everything: When there’s an emergency or a big event, it creates a Delta team. The one formed that September included representatives from global security, labor relations, and media relations. For Walmart, the stakes were enormous. The billions in sales typical of a Walmart Black Friday were threatened. The company’s public image, especially in big cities where its power and size were controversial, could be harmed. But more than all that: Any attempt to organize its 1 million hourly workers at its more than 4,000 stores in the U.S. was an existential danger. Operating free of unions was as essential to Walmart’s business as its rock-bottom prices.

OUR Walmart, a group of employees backed and funded by a union, was asking for more full-time jobs with higher wages and predictable schedules. Officially they called themselves the Organization United for Respect at Walmart. Walmart publicly dismissed OUR Walmart as the insignificant creation of the United Food and Commercial Workers International (UFCW) union. “This is just another union publicity stunt, and the numbers they are talking about are grossly exaggerated,” David Tovar, a spokesman, said on CBS Evening News that November.

Internally, however, Walmart considered the group enough of a threat that it hired an intelligence-gathering service from Lockheed Martin, contacted the FBI, staffed up its labor hotline, ranked stores by labor activity, and kept eyes on employees (and activists) prominent in the group. During that time, about 100 workers were actively involved in recruiting for OUR Walmart, but employees (or associates, as they’re called at Walmart) across the company were watched; the briefest conversations were reported to the “home office,” as Walmart calls its headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.

The details of Walmart’s efforts during the first year it confronted OUR Walmart are described in more than 1,000 pages of e-mails, reports, playbooks, charts, and graphs, as well as testimony from its head of labor relations at the time. The documents were produced in discovery ahead of a National Labor Relations Board hearing into OUR Walmart’s allegations of retaliation against employees who joined protests in June 2013. The testimony was given in January 2015, during the hearing. OUR Walmart, which split from the UFCW in September, provided the documents to Bloomberg Businessweek after the judge concluded the case in mid-October. A decision may come in early 2016.

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[Racists are Filled with Self-Hate & Project it] Tucker Carlson: "Everybody Gets A Safe Space Except White Men. They Are Hated & Despised"

Undeceiver, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explains;

"Racism (white supremacy), having begun as a form of self-alienation, has evolved into the most highly refined form of alienation from others as well. The Color-Confrontation theory views all of the present battle­grounds in the world as vivid reflections of this reality; the destructive and aggressive behavioral patterns being displayed by white peoples towards all non-white peoples is evidence of the inner hate, hostility and rejection they feel towards themselves and of the depth of self-alienation that has evolved from the genetic and psychological kernel of color inadequacy.

The mass inability of whites to live and attend school in the presence of non-whites is expressed in the patterns of Black and white housing and education throughout this country and the world. In terms of the Color-Confrontation thesis, this inability is seen as the apparent psychological discomfort experienced by whites in situations where, in confronting their neighbors of color, they must face their color inadequacy daily . Also, the myth of white superiority is exploded in the presence of equitable social and economic opportunity. The white personality, in the presence of color, can be stabilized only by keeping Blacks and other non-whites in obviously inferior positions. The situation of mass proximity to Blacks is intolerable to whites because Blacks are inherently more than equal. People of color always will have something highly visible that whites never can have or produce — the genetic factor of color. Always, in the presence of color, whites will feel genetically inferior.

The difficulty whites have in according non-whites socio-political and economic equality within the white supremacy structure stems neither from a moral issue nor from political or economic need, but from the fundamental sense of their own unequal condition - in regards to their numerical inadequacy and color deficiency. They can compensate for their color inadequacy only by placing themselves in socially superior positions. The color inadequacy of whiteness necessitates a social struc­ture based on white superiority. Only tokenism can be tolerated by such a motivational psychological state, wherein the evolution of the myth of the exceptional non-white is used, again, as a defense mechanism.

The thrust towards superiority over peoples of color, the drive towards material accumulation, the drive towards a technological culture and the drive towards power are all cornerstones of the universal white supremacy culture, and they are viewed - in terms of the Color-Confrontation thesis - as responses to the core psychological sense of inadequacy. This inadequacy is not measured in terms of infant size as compared with that of the adult, as postulated by Alfred Adler. Rather, it is an inadequacy rooted in the inability to produce melanin. This genetic state is, in actuality, a variant of albinism." [MORE]


Racist Trump Creates Police State to Control Non-Whites: Race Soldier Cops Terrorizing Non-White Immigrant Communities

From [HERE] and [HEREFederal immigration officials arrested more than 600 people across at least 11 states last week, detaining 40 people in the New York City area in a series of raids that marked the first large-scale enforcement of President Trump’s Jan. 25 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.

Officials said the raids targeted known criminals, but they also netted some immigrants without criminal records, an apparent departure from similar enforcement waves during the Obama administration. Last month, Trump substantially broadened the scope of who the Department of Homeland Security can target to include those with minor offenses or no convictions at all.

Trump has pledged to deport as many as 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

Immigration officials confirmed that agents this week raided homes and workplaces in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, the Los Angeles area, North Carolina and South Carolina, netting hundreds of people. But Gillian Christensen, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said they were part of “routine” immigration enforcement actions. ICE dislikes the term “raids,” and prefers to say authorities are conducting “targeted enforcement actions,” she said.

Christensen said the raids, which began Monday and ended Friday at noon, found undocumented immigrants from a dozen Latin American countries. “We’re talking about people who are threats to public safety or a threat to the integrity of the immigration system,” she said, noting that the majority of those detained were serious criminals, including some who were convicted of murder and domestic violence.

Immigration activists said the crackdown went beyond the six states DHS identified, and said they had also documented ICE raids of unusual intensity during the past two days in Florida, Kansas, Texas and Northern Virginia.

That undocumented immigrants with no criminal records were arrested and could potentially be deported sent a shock wave through immigrant communities nationwide amid concerns that the U.S. government could start going after law-abiding people.

“This is clearly the first wave of attacks under the Trump administration, and we know this isn’t going to be the only one,” Cristina Jimenez, executive director of United We Dream, an immigrant youth organization, said Friday during a conference call with immigration advocates.

ICE agents in the Los Angeles area Thursday took a number of individuals into custody over the course of an hour, seizing them from their homes and on their way to work, activists said.

David Marin, ICE’s field director in the Los Angeles area, said in a conference call with reporters Friday that 75 percent of the approximately 160 people detained in the operation this week had felony convictions; the rest had misdemeanors or were in the United States illegally. Officials said Friday night that 37 of those detained in Los Angeles had been deported to Mexico.

“Dangerous criminals who should be deported are being released into our communities,” Marin said.

Spanish language radio stations and the local NPR affiliate in Los Angeles have been running public service announcements regarding the hourly “Know Your Rights” seminars the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles scheduled for Friday and Saturday. By the time the 4 p.m. group began Friday, more than 100 others had gathered at the group’s office in the Westlake neighborhood just outside downtown.

A video that circulated on social media Friday appeared to show ICE agents in Texas detaining people in an Austin shopping center parking lot. Immigration advocates also reported roadway checkpoints, where ICE appeared to be targeting immigrants for random ID checks, in North Carolina and in Austin. ICE officials denied that authorities used checkpoints during the operations.

“I’m getting lots of reports from my constituents about seeing ICE on the streets. Teachers in my district have contacted me — certain students didn’t come to school today because they’re afraid,” said Greg Casar, an Austin City Council member. “I talked to a constituent, a single mother, who had her door knocked on this morning by ICE.”

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Tex.) said he confirmed with ICE’s San Antonio office that the agency “has launched a targeted operation in South and Central Texas as part of Operation Cross Check.”

“I am asking ICE to clarify whether these individuals are in fact dangerous, violent threats to our communities, and not people who are here peacefully raising families and contributing to our state,” Castro said in a statement Friday night.

Hiba Ghalib, an immigration lawyer in Atlanta, said the ICE detentions were causing “mass confusion” in the immigrant community. She said she had heard reports of ICE agents going door-to-door in one largely Hispanic neighborhood, asking people to present their papers.

“People are panicking,” Ghalib said. “People are really, really scared.”

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Fake President Creates Make Believe Crime Stats To Treat Blacks & Latinos Criminally & Boost His Fragile Racist Ego

From [HERE] One of President Donald Trump’s biggest campaign themes was that the United States is experiencing a crime plague of historical proportions. On Feb. 7, the newly elected chief executive invited a group of county sheriffs to the White House -- and proceeded to cite a startling crime statistic.

"The murder rate in our country is the highest it’s been in 47 years, right?" Trump said. "Did you know that? Forty-seven years. I used to use that -- I’d say that in a speech and everybody was surprised, because the press doesn’t tell it like it is. It wasn’t to their advantage to say that. But the murder rate is the highest it’s been in, I guess, from 45 to 47 years."

Racism is a virus in the mind.  The national homicide rate is considerably lower than its peak in the 1990s.

Specifically, the number of murders declined by 42 percent between 1993 and 2014, even as the U.S. population rose by 25 percent over the same period. So while homicides have recently risen -- a legitimate concern, experts say -- they are far below their high levels of the early 1990s, when the nation’s population was much smaller.

"Violent crime rates are up compared with historic lows, and they are still very, very low compared with just five or 10 years ago," Raymond Paternoster, a University of Maryland criminologist, told us in October.

But racists live in their imagination. Fuck reality. [MORE] According to FUNKTIONARYto "believe" is to wish one had proof or could rely on the illusion of proof to uphold a cherished assumption not based in or supported by the fundamental nature and workings of reality. All believing is make believing b/c to know, only you just have to know; whereas to believe, you have to make others believe also."

Trump knows what his believers want to hear. He knows that they want to be deceieved. 

Despite double-digit percentage decreases in U.S. violent and property crime rates since 2008, most white voters say crime has gotten worse during that span, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. The disconnect is nothing new, though: white mericans’ perceptions of crime are often at odds with the data.

Leading up to Election Day, a majority (57%) of those who had voted or planned to vote said crime has gotten worse in this country since 2008. Almost eight-in-ten voters who supported President-elect Donald Trump (78%) said this, as did 37% of backers of Democrat Hillary Clinton. Just 5% of pro-Trump voters and a quarter of Clinton supporters said crime has gotten better since 2008, according to the survey of 3,788 adults conducted Oct. 25-Nov. 8.

Official government crime statistics paint a strikingly different picture. Between 2008 and 2015 (the most recent year for which data are available), U.S. violent crime and property crime rates fell 19% and 23%, respectively, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, which tallies serious crimes reported to police in more than 18,000 jurisdictions around the nation.

Another Justice Department agency, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, produces its own annual crime report, based on a survey of more than 90,000 households that counts crimes that aren’t reported to police in addition to those that are. BJS data show that violent crime and property crime rates fell 26% and 22%, respectively, between 2008 and 2015 (again, the most recent year available)." [MORE]

Dr. Amos Wilson offers the following to explain the disconnect with reality: 

White American Paranoia

To look at the world or a segment of it with a rigid, hyper-alert, and all-consuming expectation — to search reality repetitively only for confirmation of one's suspicions while ignoring aspects of that reality which disconfirm those suspicions; to pay no attention to opposing rational arguments, cogent, well-founded evidence, except to find in them only those features that seem to confirm one's original views; to examine reality with extraordi­nary prejudice, rejecting facts, information and alternative possibilities while seizing on and exaggerating any scintilla of often irrelevant evidence that supports one's original expectations — denotes a driven need: a psychoneurotic, psychopathological need to defend an ego perilously in danger of disintegration and to defend it regardless of cost to oneself and others. Such a suspicious and paranoid orientation speaks to the need to rigidly construct and control reality so as to maintain self-control, to empower the ego and to gainfully exploit a relevant situation. This rigidity of attention, stereotypical viewing of the world; this chronic condition of hyper-alertness, hypersensitivity; this need to create the world according to one's own deluded images, to subject others to one's paranoid views, to exploitatively have them serve that need, bespeaks the greater need to gain ego satisfaction and enhancement, self-definition and material gain through manipulating the behavior and consciousness over others. Paradoxically, this greater need bespeaks a fundamental dependency on a world and others and simultaneously, of a protest against and denial of that dependency. It expresses an ego vulnerability which must remain defensively hidden, an ego weakness which must appear to itself and others as strength, an extremely tense, unstable ego whose tenuous equilibrium can only be maintained by projecting that tension and vulnerability into the world and others. Thus the keeper of law comes to need the outlaw. And needing him, creates him. The keeper of the disturbs the peace by projecting hallucinated hostile threats where they do not exist.

That the White American must see virtually every Black male as criminal or as a potential criminal regardless of facts to the contrary, bespeaks an intense psychic need of White America to perceive him as such.

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[Cops Sensitive Like Condom] Trump's executive order is based on a myth. Police are the safest they've been in decades

From [HERE] Dummy Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday vowing to aggressively enforce existing laws and develop even harsher penalties for "crimes of violence" committed against law enforcement officers. 

The attorney general will "review existing federal laws to determine whether those laws are adequate to address [officers'] protection and safety," the order reads. "[Following] that review, [the attorney general will] make recommendations to the president ... including, if warranted, legislation defining new crimes of violence and establishing new mandatory minimum sentences for existing crimes."

The executive order gives new credence to the false narrative of police officers under siege, and calls for action to fight this fake scourge in partnership with the newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The order comes during the safest period for U.S. law enforcement in decades. Although officer fatalities in the line of duty rose to 135 in 2016 — compared with 123 in 2015 — those numbers don't even come close to what they've been for most of the last 60 years.

Here are some figures: The average number of officer deaths since 2012 is 124 per year. From 1961 through 2011, it was 182, peaking at 280 in 1974. Even during the most fatal year of the past decade and a half — 2011, when 177 officers were killed in the line of duty — only 73 were killed by firearms. Traffic-related incidents have been the leading cause of on-duty officer fatalities during this period, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

But Trump's decision isn't based on data or necessity. Trump won the White House on a wave of anti-protester sentiment and antipathy toward the Black Lives Matter movement. He's stood by police even as demonstrators nationwide have rallied against law enforcement racism and violence. In September, Trump secured an endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police union in the United States. The president's "law and order" platform hinges largely on the false claim that crime is skyrocketing nationwide.

Police unions across the country, meanwhile, have peddled the myth that U.S. law enforcement officers are in unique danger today. They cite two high-profile fatal shootings — that of five police officers in Dallas in July and of three in Baton Rouge the same month — as evidence, but mostly, they've levied their complaints against protesters and former President Barack Obama, who they claimed, without any evidence, was anti-police.

The difference is that the protesters' grievances are supported by actual statistics: According to the Guardian's police killing database, law enforcement officers killed 2,238 people between Jan. 1, 2015 and Dec. 31, 2016. In each of those years, black victims were killed at more than twice the rate of whites. Protesters who've tried drawing attention to this disparity have been routinely dismissed by police, right-wing pundits and politicians alike.

On the other hand, the fears expressed by police officers and their unions are rooted primarily in myth. Many states already have increased penalties for crimes against officers, for one thing. And unlike the epidemic of police shootings of civilians, police deaths have yielded proactive legislation. In Louisiana, a "Blue Lives Matter" bill was adopted in May that made police officers a protected class under the state's hate crime statute. Other states have considered similar bills. And in early 2017, at least five other states introduced or passed laws that criminalize nonviolent protest.

Of course, Trump's executive order should come as no surprise, considering the fabricated notion of America as a crime-ridden hellscape has been central to his rise. But as police are given increased protections, civilians' rights are being slowly eaten away. For a president who claims to be an advocate for "the people," Trump has certainly proven himself a much fiercer fighter for the state. [MORE]


Thief Trump says there is “no reason” to reform the civil forfeiture practices of Police Stealing from the Public 

From [HERE] The technique has been called (by this columnist) “immunity through profusion.” By keeping the molten lava of falsehoods flowing, the volcano that is Donald Trump can inundate the public and overwhelm his auditors’ capacity to produce a comparable flow of corrections. This technique was on display the other day when the president met with some sheriffs.

He treated them to a whopper that is one of his hardy perennials, market-tested during the campaign: He said the U.S. murder rate is “the highest it’s been in 47 years.” (Not even close: The rate — killings per 100,000 residents — is far below the rates in the 1970s and 1980s.) This Trump Truth (Sen. Eugene McCarthy’s axiom: Anything said three times in Washington becomes a fact) distracted attention from his assertion to the sheriffs that there is “no reason” to reform law enforcement’s civil forfeiture practices.

There is no reason for the sheriffs to want to reform a racket that lines their pockets. For the rest of us, strengthening the rule of law and eliminating moral hazard are each sufficient reasons.

Civil forfeiture is the power to seize property suspected of being produced by, or involved in, crime. If property is suspected of being involved in criminal activity, law enforcement can seize it. Once seized, the property’s owners bear the burden of proving that they were not involved in such activity, which can be a costly and protracted procedure. So, civil forfeiture proceeds on the guilty-until-proven-innocent principle. Civil forfeiture forces property owners, often people of modest means, to hire lawyers and do battle against a government with unlimited resources.

And here is why the sheriffs probably purred contentedly when Trump endorsed civil forfeiture law — if something so devoid of due process can be dignified as law: Predatory law enforcement agencies can pocket the proceeds from the sale of property they seize.

The Constitution’s Fifth Amendment says property shall not be taken without just compensation, and the 14th Amendment says it shall not be taken without due process of law. President Trump, 18 days from having sworn to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution, sympathized with the sheriffs’ complaint that they are being pressured to reform civil forfeiture practices.

These practices are a textbook example of moral hazard — of an incentive for perverse behavior. They give law enforcement a financial interest in the outcome of cases.

It is conceivable that Trump’s studiousness has been stretched too thin to encompass the facts of civil asset forfeiture. He says he would like to “look into” it. Meanwhile, however, he is for it because he assumes “bad people” are behind the pressure for reform. And speaking of a Texas state legislator who favors reform, Trump said, “We’ll destroy his career.” Just another day on America’s steep ascending path back to greatness.


Fabricating Evidence to Lock Up Latinos & Blacks: Austin crime lab mistakes linked to cases of 2,200 convicts


Travis County prosecutors as early as Friday will begin notifying about 2,200 convicted criminals — including people in prison for murder and rape — that forensic evidence in their cases may have been flawed because of faulty testing at the Austin police crime lab, and that they may be entitled to an appeal.

The first batch of letters will be mailed to 642 people who have addresses that prosecutors and investigators have been able to recently verify, and officials said they are pressing forward to locate the other 1,559 defendants in coming days and to notify them as soon as possible. [MORE]


White Supremacy System is the Opposite of Justice: White Marion County Cop Who Struck Surrendering Black Man Over 20 Times Not Guilty

Stop Resisting! Liar White Cops Add Audio on Bodycam. From [HERE] A surveillance video on Aug. 7, 2014, showed a Black man running into a business parking lot with his hands in the air and a pickup truck with four white deputies following behind. The man, Derrick Price, can be seen kneeing down, Then he lies down, with his arms outstretched, showing he was surrendering. The four Marion County Sheriff's Office deputies in the truck got out. One sat on the man's legs and the other three kneed, kicked and punched him. A fifth deputy, the last to arrive, stood by and did nothing. There is no doubt deputy Jesse Terrell helped beat Price and there is no doubt Terrell's blows -- more than 20 by prosecutors' count -- to Price's head were injurious.There is no doubt Price had surrendered and was compliant when Terrell and his four Sheriff's Office colleagues unleashed their fury on him. There is no doubt about any of this because it was all caught on security camera video. But not in a system of racism/white supremacy. A system of injustice. To end white supremacy we must end white power.    

Despite shocking surveillance video showing Jesse Terrell and four other white Marion County deputies kicking and beating a Black man in 2014, it took a jury an hour to find Terrell not guilty.

“I just thank the jury for everything they did,” said Terrell afterwards. After the reading of the verdict, and with red eyes, Terrell said he was very happy that the trial was over.

"One time should have been enough," he said, referencing his federal trial. He said he now plans to go to Disney World. [MORE]

Terrell and his girlfriend were both visibly emotional after the verdict was read. The surveillance video shows the now ex-deputies beating Derrick Price after he surrendered. The video shows him lying on the ground, his arms out, appearing not to resist.

“The question is: is what Jesse Terrell did to Derrick Price reasonably necessary to protect himself or to protect someone else as he claims?” asked Chief Assistant State Attorney Richard Ridgway.

The defense countered Terrell never saw Price surrender. They argued he only saw Price struggling with deputies and he jumped in to help protect them.

“This is a case about what Jesse Terrell perceived,” said his attorney, Bill Rampiti. “And what he did to protect his fellow deputies and the community in arresting a fleeing felon.”

It is the second time Terrell has been acquitted in a case connected to the 2-year old attack on the Black man. Last year, he was acquitted by an all white jury on federal civil rights charges. The other four deputies pleaded guilty and were sentenced to around a year in jail. In the previous case, of the 75 potential jurors, only two were black, both were male. The two lawyers said one of the men, they later learned, was excused because he had received information that his brother had a serious health crisis and the court decided to exclude him due to extreme hardship. They said they felt the court was proper in leaving him out. The second man was excluded by the two of them because his wife is an attorney who litigated cases against the government, and also because he was friendly with corrections officers. Holloman said leaving that juror out had nothing to do with race and that he and McCallum were extremely disappointed they did not have any African-American juror who would hear the case. [lol] 

The racial make up of the jury in the present case has been kept a secret by the mainstream media. 

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Suit Says Race Soldier Chicago Cops Attempted to Murder Black Man After Unlawful Traffic Stop – IPRA Ruled Shooting Unjustified

From [HERE] A Black man has filed a federal lawsuit against the city, and five Chicago police officers, accusing the officers of using excessive force when they shot him during an unlawful traffic stop two years ago. During the traffic stop he called 911.

The Independent Police Review Authority ruled the shooting of Antwon Golatte on Feb. 7, 2015, was unjustified, but his lawsuit accuses the city of dragging its feet on disciplining the officers until December 2016, nearly two years later.

The officers claimed Golatte tried to run them down after he was pulled over in the 300 block of West 115th Street, but the bullet holes in his car were all in the rear, and Golatte was acquitted of aggravated assault charges. The officers allegations were found to be baseless

On February 7, 2015, Golatte said he was out running errands traveling in his vehicle near 310 West 115th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60628 when Police Officers Jaime Gaeta and Harry Matheos notified Defendant Police Officers Matt Dercola and James Whigham by mobile phone, to conduct a traffic stop on Plaintiff.

Police Officers Jaime Gaeta and Harry Matheos arrived at the scene minutes later and the Officers without probable cause, or any other lawful basis seized Plaintiff for an excessive period. Golatte recognized Defendants Gaeta, Matheos, Dercola, from February 5, 2015, when they unconstitutionally searched and seized him by dumping his pizza onto the ground, made him stand barefoot in the snow, placed him in handcuffs, and searched his vehicle without his consent or a lawful basis.

“Then when I see their faces, I knew who they was. Fear came automatically,” he said.

On February 7, 2015, Golatte, fearful for his safety, called 911. As a result, Officers began yelling, using profanity, threatening violence, and pointed their firearms at him. Golatte lowered his driver’s side window in an attempt to communicate with Officers, to no avail.

Officer Gaeta then stood on the running board his car, grabbed the inside of his driver side window, pulled, and shattered the glass. was completely unarmed, had not committed any crime, and posed absolutely no threat to the Officers, or anyone else.

Nevertheless, Officers Gaeta and Matheos shot at Golatte at least five (5) times, injuring him. Three of the bullets entered Plaintiff’s side and pierced his stomach and rib cage, barely missing his lungs. To this day, bullet fragments remain trapped in Plaintiff’s body near his vital organs.

Golatte was transported to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois after being shot, where he underwent lifesaving surgery.

Golatte, who had done absolutely nothing wrong, was neither arrested nor charged with a crime between February 7-10, 2015.

While in Christ Hospital, Plaintiff filed a complaint with the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) against Defendants and on July 14, 2016, IPRA found that “Officer Gaeta’s and Matheos’ use of deadly force was therefore objectively unreasonable and a violation of policy.” 

After realizing the severity of Plaintiff’s injuries, the cops each conspired to cover up the unconstitutional use of excessive force by Defendants Gaeta and Matheos. In this manner, Defendants, acting in concert with each other, conspired and acted together to cover up and prevent disclosure of the misconduct alleged above by engaging in the following non-exhaustive conduct: completing false, misleading and incomplete official reports; giving of false statements regarding the circumstances of their detention of Plaintiff; providing false testimony at trial; and inventing false claims to justify the use of excessive force.

To protect their fellow officer, and pursuant to a code of silence, each officer initiated and/or continued the false and malicious prosecution of Plaintiff although they knew they lacked probable cause.

According to the lawsuit the cops sole purpose in causing and continuing the false charges against Golatte was malicious in that it was done to cover up their wrongdoing. He was arrested and later incarcerated at the Cook County Jail, from February 14, 2015 until April 1, 2015.


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Cleveland Settles Suit for $2.25 Million: White Cops Crushed Mentally ill Black Woman to Death, Left Her in the Street & Refused Medical

From [HERE] The family of a mentally ill Black woman who died during an encounter with white Cleveland police officers in November 2014 has settled its lawsuit with the city for $2.25 million, according to a news release from the family's attorneys.

Tanisha Anderson, 37, died on the pavement outside of a police cruiser with her hands cuffed behind her back. The settlement ends more than two years of litigation.

Anderson family attorney David Malik said in an interview that while negotiations during mediation with a federal judge failed, the city and family negotiated separately and reached an agreement last week. 

The settlement is one of the largest the city has ever agreed to pay in a case involving allegations of police misconduct. Officers Scott Aldridge and Bryan Myers remain under criminal investigation for Anderson's death. A Cuyahoga County Probate Court judge must approve the settlement before it is final.

On 13 November, a cold night in Cleveland, her younger sister Jennifer said Tanisha was having one of her "bad days". Anderson suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and was suffering from a breakdown. Wearing only in a nightgown, with no shoes on, Tanisha was disoriented and kept trying to leave the house. Joell Anderson was the one who made the first 911 call. He wanted her taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

Two sets of police officers arrived instead of an ambulance. Anderson seemed calmer for a time, but then the family called again. The second set of cops, they claim, were ruder and more brusque. They were Detective Scott Aldridge, a seven-year veteran of the force, and his partner Brian Meyers. They told the family to stay in the house and walked Anderson to their patrol car.

She died after Aldridge and Myers cuffed her hands behind her back and placed her in the back of a police car following a struggle. On the night Anderson died, the Cleveland police department released a statement claiming the officers had handcuffed her because she was resisting them. They said that once in the car, she began kicking them.

"A short time later," the statement continued, "the woman stopped struggling and appeared to go limp."

That version of the story does not appear to account for the prone position, nor for the multiple abrasions and contusions the coroner found on Tanisha's body, nor for her fractured sternum.

The family says in its civil lawsuit against the city and the officers that they watched and listened from the house as Tanisha, who was afraid of confined spaces, cried out for her mother and brother. They heard her recite the Lord's Prayer.

Then after Anderson got out of the car, the family explained, the senior of the two officers, Detective Aldridge, "slammed her to the sidewalk and pushed her face into the pavement. He placed his knee onto her back, placed his weight on her and placed Tanisha in handcuffs."

The family says that Aldridge's partner, Brian Meyers, helped him hold her down.

After she stopped moving, the family claims, the police did not call an ambulance for some time and left Anderson’s half-naked body exposed to the public (with her nightgown hiked up around her hips), didn’t provide her with medical care and told her family that she was “sleeping.”

In its reply to the lawsuit, the city concedes only that emergency medical services were not called until 45 minutes after the officers arrived, and that Anderson was handcuffed when the paramedics got there.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office ruled Anderson's death a homicide-"sudden death in association with physical restraint in a prone position in association with ischemic heart disease and bipolar disorder with agitation". She asphyxiated while being restrained in a prone position. Obesity and other health factors also contributed to her death, the office said.

An expert hired by the Anderson family said in a report released in July that Aldridge and Myers acted "contrary to generally accepted police practices" and that their actions were "unreasonable and excessive for the circumstances."

The expert, former Deputy Los Angeles Police Chief Lou Reiter, said both officers also failed to provide adequate medical care to Anderson.

Aldridge and Myers have been the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. One of the two officers was involved in a 2012 police chase of a Black couple through the streets of Cleveland that ended fatally in a hail of 137 bullets into the couple's car. The cops claim they couple fired a gun at police but no gun was ever found or seen. Must have been the muffler. 

The case is now in the hands of the Ohio Attorney General's Office. The family has expressed frustration that the criminal investigation has dragged on for more than two years.

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Suit Says White Cops in Lima, Ohio Tasered a Pregnant Black Woman in the stomach after Unlawful Seizure & False Arrest

From [HERE] White police officers in Lima, Ohio, shocked a black woman in the stomach with a stun gun after she repeatedly told them she was pregnant and then arrested her to cover up the incident, she claims in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Brittany Osberry was forcefully arrested by Lima police officers on Aug. 10, 2016, while trying to pick up her friend’s children from a house that was under police surveillance, according to her complaint filed in Toledo federal court.

Osberry sued Lima Police Chief Kevin Martin and three Lima police officers – Zane Slusher, Aaron Montgomery and Mark Frysinger – for claims of civil rights violations, excessive force, assault and failure to train.

According to incident reports from the Lima Police Department, several Lima police officers had set up a perimeter around the house prior to Osberry’s arrival because they believed a suspect in a drive-by shooting was barricaded inside.

When Osberry pulled her vehicle into the property’s driveway, Frysinger allegedly approached her with his gun drawn and ordered her to leave.

She says she asked why she had to leave and told the officers that she was there to pick up the children, at which point Frysinger forcefully removed her from her vehicle, slammed her against the side of the car and placed her under arrest.

Osberry repeatedly told the officers she was pregnant as Frysinger and Montgomery physically restrained her, the complaint states.

Slusher then approached the vehicle and shocked Osberry in the stomach with his stun gun despite her warnings about the pregnancy, according to the lawsuit, causing her severe physical and emotional injuries.

The officers then allegedly denied Osberry medical treatment and charged her with resisting arrest, obstructing official business and disorderly conduct.

“Plaintiff was wrongfully detained, at the direction and training of defendant Martin, to cover up the abuse and intentional and/or reckless assault and harm caused by the other defendants,” the complaint states. “Plaintiff was further denied medical treatment for her tasing, in the stomach, and medical treatment for her in utero child, by defendant Martin.”

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Fed Court May Grant Immunity to Plainclothes [White] Border Patrol Cops Who Burned Latino Man To Death After Chase in Unmarked Car

From [HERE] The Ninth Circuit indicated Wednesday that though it may grant qualified immunity to four white San Diego Border Patrol agents who Tasered and "accidentally" killed a Latino motorist when his car caught fire, it could hold the federal government accountable for his death.

Two of the three judges on the panel asked whether tort claims against the United States brought by the parents of Alex Martin, the 24-year-old man who was killed, would remain intact if qualified immunity were granted to the agents.

“It appears to me that there is at least a triable question of fact as to whether the amount of force used was excessive,” Ninth Circuit Judge Susan Graber said. “If qualified immunity is nonetheless available because of a lack of clearly established law, what survives of the tort claims? Would that leave the assault and battery claim in place?”

The family’s attorney Gene Iredale said Martin had been driving for 22 hours on his way back from Texas when he got lost in Pine Valley, California, in March 2012. Border Patrol agents tried to pull him over for driving the wrong way on Interstate 8. However, the pursuing agents were all in plain clothes and unmarked cars, so Martin did not stop. For about three minutes, Martin led the agents on a high-speed pursuit that ended when he drove over spike strips that deflated his tires.

Martin, who had pulled over on the side of the road, had no way of knowing the men approaching him were law enforcement, Iredale claims.

“These agents approached in unmarked cars, in plain clothes and never identified themselves by the display of badges or even the simple statement ‘Border Patrol,’” the attorney said.

Martin’s family claims the agents pointed guns at him and failed to identify themselves as officers.

Martin, believing they were thieves, sped away, eventually blasting through the Highway 80 Border Patrol checkpoint, where he swerved off the road to evade spike strips another agent had placed on the road to stop him, and drove off a second time.

The chase is described in the family’s brief to the Ninth Circuit, and in the government’s answering brief.

When the agents finally forced him to stop, the cops claimed Martin reached for something near the center console of his car. Believing Martin was reaching for a weapon, one of the agents broke a window and Tasered him. No gun was found. 

The Taser touched off gasoline that had spilled from a canister inside the car and the car exploded, burning Martin to death.

In the video, a plainclothes agent is seen using a flashlight to break the passenger side window. He then raises up his Taser and shoots inside. Immediately, an explosion rocks the car, throwing the agent against the hillside behind him.

Martin burned to death. The video shows that instead of trying to save him, all of the agents pulled their vehicles away from the scene.

“All three of those cars had large fire extinguishers in them and standard equipment,” Iredale said. “Not one of these agents ever even tried to spray any of the fire extinguisher solution on that car.” [MORE]

Martin’s parents said their son was so badly burned his skin was charred black and the underlying tissue and bone exposed.

The Martins sued in June 2013, alleging excessive force, assault and battery, wrongful death and Bivens civil rights claims against the agents, and negligence, wrongful death, assault and battery and excessive force against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

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[Fear Creates a Need for Security] Racist Trump To Create New [Non-white] Immigrant Jails & Turn Local Cops into de facto deportation forces

From [The Intercept] ON JANUARY 25, Donald Trump signed two executive orders calling for a series of dramatic new measures aimed at hardening the country’s domestic immigration enforcement apparatus. Despite their grave implications for millions of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., the measures were largely overshadowed by a particularly high-profile component of the directives — the construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico — and receded further into the background two days later, when Trump signed another order banning travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

As the world’s attention was occupied with the chaotic implementation of the travel ban and its dramatic domestic and international impacts, the Trump administration and the Department of Homeland Security has quietly moved forward with elements of the earlier executive orders, according to internal communications obtained by The Intercept.

Trumps orders on border security and public safety in the interior of the U.S. resurrect some of the most controversial immigration enforcement programs of recent years, seek to deputize state and local law enforcement as immigration officials across the country, and threaten major cuts to federal funding for cities that fail to fall in line with the administration’s vision.

In order to address the massive strain those efforts would place on the nation’s already overburdened immigration system, Trump has called for the construction of new immigrant detention facilities along the U.S. border with Mexico — including through private contracts — as quickly as possible. Trump has also directed DHS to “allocate all legally available resources to immediately assign asylum officers to immigration detention facilities” for the purpose of conducting so-called credible fear hearings for asylum seekers. According to internal DHS communications obtained by The Intercept, this latter step is already underway.

In an email sent to personnel on Monday, Kathy Valerin, chief of staff at the Arlington Asylum Office for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, put out a call for asylum officer volunteers to conduct screening interviews at two for-profit immigrant detention facilities in Arizona as part of an ongoing effort to support the president’s orders beginning this week.

“In response to the recent Executive Orders, asylum offices have been instructed to immediately begin sending employees to conduct in-person CF and RF interviews [at] several detention facilities,” Valerin wrote, referring to “credible fear” and “reasonable fear” interviews, which are legally required in asylum cases, depending on the status of the individual. Specifically, Valerin added, USCIS was looking for volunteers to take up posts at private immigrant detention centers in Eloy and Florence, Arizona, “for two-week minimum increments through mid-March.”

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Judge Rules NYPD Must Turn Over Info On Black Lives Matter Surveillance

From [HERE] A state judge has ruled that the NYPD cannot keep secret information related to surveillance operations it carried out several years ago on Black Lives Matter protests at Grand Central Terminal, a victory for civil libertarians who had claimed the NYPD was ignoring state freedom of information rules.

The suit, brought by protester James Logue, had sought to compel the NYPD to release information on video and audio recordings collected at protests from the fall of 2014 through January 2015. Logue had originally filed a Freedom of Information Law request for the data, but the NYPD rejected the request, claiming that it needed to keep the information proprietary to protect law enforcement strategies.

Logue was in attendance at a BLM protest at Grand Central in November 2014 when he noticed uniformed and plainclothes police officers recording the proceedings. Believing these actions infringed upon protesters' First Amendment rights, he filed his FOIL request.

The NYPD had said that releasing information about surveillance would reveal information about counter-terrorism activities, particularly related to potential activities by ISIS, but the presiding judge, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez, ruled that the department's claims failed "to provide a causal connection to the protesters and are insufficient to state a generic risk." He also noted that redaction could mitigate any legitimate departmental concerns about sensitive operations.

David Thompson, Logue's attorney, told the Daily News that the NYPD frequently ignores transparency laws. "Their practice is to simply deny all the requests," he said.

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