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Always Comply with a White Maniac Cop? Are You Out of Your Mind Yet? 

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Nothing to Lose But Your Head. Many victims of racism preach that you must always comply with cops. This bullshit will get you killed. A black uncle once explained that late one night while drunk driving - slowly driving down the road deep in southern Virginia he was pulled over by a white cop. During the stop he told the cop, "I've been beat by a white cop before but I've never been beat by a faggot cop like yourself." The white cop just laughed, told him to be safe and let him go home.

You never know who are dealing with in the street. If you are indeed dealing with a psychopathic racist cop it would be stupid to expect him to treat you humanely. Robotic compliance with his incriminating questions and orders would be mindless. 

Will you comply with a maniac cop while he is beating your woman or mother on the side of the road? Will you robotically comply with them when you have a good reason to believe that you will be killed? What are you living for? Are you a slave in a prison camp? Do you want to go out like a compliant Jew on his way to the oven during Nazi Germany?

If you are looking for some kind of formula for how to deal with racist police you are lazy or confused. The internet is filled with how to do shit like how to bake pecan cookies, fix your hard drive and whatever. Motherfuckers like the mf's that killed Tamir Rice, Phillandro Castro and Alton Sterling are maniacs – or psychopathic race soldiers. There can be no set plans for dealing with a maniac. It is like making a plan to deal with falling out of a tree.

The problem is not compliance. It is robotic, automatic, "always" compliance - having some set pre-made plan or code and script ready to go. Its not that guides or rules are never useful. They may be but there can be no robotic application of them.

During an encounter with a racist cop your thoughts are swinging back & forth like a monkey. "Why the fuck did this cop stop me? this is some bullshit; I did not do anything wrong, I am sick of this shit, Is there anything wrong with my license, my car? What is this fool going to do now? What the fuck! Why am I still waiting? I have rights!" This deep monologue or "thoughting" prevents you from paying attention to the present moment. You are thinking about the past (why you were stopped) or worried about the future (what will happen). You are really not present in this moment with that maniac cop and you are missing what is happening in front of you. You are split - and you are trying to listen to two people at once - the cop and your own stream of thoughts. 

In this state of mind you are an enemy to yourself. There is no such thing as just “be calm” or forcing calmness. That is acting. It is only a mask, soon it will wear off and when you speak you reveal what is really going on inside. You are not really conscious in this state of repression, you are also not alive - you are a walking corpse in a very provocative situation. If you have gotten through these encounters doing shit like this without getting arrested or injured - it had nothing to do with your skills. Consider the following rules:

1. If you are dealing with a white officer presume that you are dealing with a racist cop

2. Assert your rights but comply with cop orders

3. Do not incriminate yourself by word or action [do not respond to statements]

4. Do not consent to any searches.

Overstand that life is not concerned with your logic and generalities - it has its own rules and it cannot be scripted. What is true in one circumstance may be false in another. Legal truths give way to reality on the street. (Magic legal phrases and arguments are only enforceable in a courtroom LATER ON– as in the future, perhaps after you are gone). Life is not a video to pause and rewind. Shit happens quick, your valley of decision will be unique. The misapplication of the above rules could get you killed, injured or placed in greater confinement. So how will you know when and what to do? 

The only rule for dealing with cops is awareness. You must be consciously present in the moment, completely aware of what is going on internally and externally. You must be able to think clearly, to spontaneously respond like a windshield to what is in front of you based on a clear unfiltered perception of what's really real, right now  - plans, a set script of what to say and what to do is bullshit. Constitutional scholars and persons who memorize codes also will miss what is present in the moment inside them and also misperceive cop demeanor, tone of voice, body language, communicated words and environment. In fact, unless you are aware, the more knowledge you carry like that will slow you down.

Anything you do or say while you are unconscious will be stupid. Dr. Blynd offers the following definition in the Funktionary:

unconsciousness: "that which lacks any integration within itself - instability; uncertainty and confusion. 2) the rejected suppressed and uncharted part of the ego. It is the unconscious that goads us to most of our activity. A divided mind, with the an unconscious and a conscious one, can never apperceive things as they are. "Truth is adulterated with falsehood in the same proportion to which one is unconscious" -  Osho (See Mind, Truth & Reality Laundering).   

If you can be alert, present in the moment when you are dealing with that cop you will be calm. Calmness is a by product of your awareness. This awareness can only be cultivated through meditation. Meditation enables you to be "the center of a cyclone." No matter what chaos is going on externally, you can remain centered. [MORE] Only in a state of mindfulness will you have the wherewithal to correctly apply or evaluate any knowledge. Even still your mindfulness must be strong to deal with racism during a prolonged or intense traffic stop. Otherwise the forms, feelings, perceptions and thoughts that pop up in your mind will take over- making clear thinking or perception of reality impossible. 

Meditation is not thinking, concentration or contemplation. Meditation is just silently witnessing what your mind and body is doing, thinking and feeling. Like watching a game on TV, there is nothing to do - just sit and watch your mind and body. Unlike watching a game you must watch without reacting to what you observe; don't judge what you observe, just witness it. Vipassana meditation is such a simple thing that even a small child can do it. Learn about it [HERE

Quite simply, in a state of awareness you will automatically know what to do and do it spontaneously. Whatever you do will be the right thing to do - as it will be a response not a reaction.  

Prior to any traffic stop consciously do the following: 

Obey traffic laws

Keep the inside of your car and trunk clean

Organize your car papers in a binder. Keep papers up to date. 

Organize your wallet so that you can easily pull your license out

Try not to pull over in a poorly lit area

Turn the lights on inside your car when you pull over and make hands visible 

Be prepared to die

Be prepared to defend yourself

1. Meditate on a regular.


Maybe an "Ex-Military/Dead Terrorist" Broke Freddie Gray's Spine or Did He Fold Himself Up Like a Crab? Only "Imagined" Proof that White Cop Murdered Black Man 

Yet Another High Powered, Super Aggressive and Relentless, Hard Fought Prosecution Fails. If Blacks & Latinos were prosecuted with this lack of zeal then the prison population would probably be cut in half! (think of the limp wristed prosecution of George Zimmerman. White prosecutors go after Black kids who snatch I-Phones like their lives depended on it!). Nevermind What You See & Hear on Video. Just Believe Whatever the White Media & Cops Tell You. Repeat over & over. 

From [HERE] and [HEREProsecutors in Baltimore have failed for the fourth time to secure a conviction in the Freddie Gray case, with Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams acquitting Lt. Brian Rice of all charges related to Gray's arrest and death.

The prosecution “failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was the defendant’s failure to seatbelt that led to the death of Mr. Gray,” said Judge Williams, methodically dismantling the case against the officer, Lt. Brian Rice, as he read his decision calmly and quietly from the bench in his cavernous downtown courtroom. “Failing to seatbelt a detainee in a transport wagon,” Judge Williams said later in his ruling, “is not inherently criminal conduct.”

Lieutenant Rice, 42, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct while in office. It was he who first called in the foot chase after Mr. Gray, who had fled after he saw Lieutenant Rice while he was walking with friends in downtrodden West Baltimore. And it was he, prosecutors said, who climbed into the van with Mr. Gray but failed to secure him with a seatbelt, which they said set in motion of chain of events that led to Mr. Gray’s death.

“Lieutenant Rice was on notice that he was to seatbelt a prisoner,” Ms. Bledsoe said. “He was on notice that you had to use extreme caution.”

“If he had broken that chain, taken one small measure of compassion or humanity, Freddie Gray would still be alive,” said Janice Bledsoe, a prosecutor, during closing arguments here last Thursday, who argued that Lieutenant Rice’s high status in the department meant that he should have been aware of rules about transporting prisoners.

Judge Williams said prosecutors failed at several levels to prove its allegations. The prosecution wanted the court to presume Rice had read a general order mandating that officers seat belt prisoners, Williams said, but failed to prove it. There was also no evidence that Rice was aware that failing to seat belt a prisoner might result in injury or death, the judge said.

And while the prosecution was able to prove that Rice made the decision to shackle Gray, and to transport Gray to the police department's Western District rather than central booking, the state presented no indication as to why.

"There are a number of possibilities the court could entertain, some that are innocent and some that are not. However, the burden of proof rests with the state, and the court's imaginings do not serve as a substitute for evidence," the judge said. Like the 'imagined evidence' in the Dallas and Baton Rouge episodes played out in the court of mainstream white media? No proof necessary with "dead terrorists" who confess to their murders prior to the crime and post online accounts of their criminal plans. 


Is Your Gov. Lying to You? Baton Rouge Police Shooting Conspiracy Gavin Eugene Long Fake Black Conscious Puppet

From [HERE] and [MORE]


What is White Collective Power? When a Gang of White Cops Murder a Black Man in Broad Daylight in Front of Cameras; White Prosecutors Refuse to File Charges & White Media Hides the Fact that the Entire Grand Jury was White in the Blackest City in U.S.

2 Years Since White NYPD Cops Murdered Eric Garner — Only Person Punished is the Latino Man Who Filmed It. From [HERE] Two years have now elapsed since New York City Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo along with several other white cops who pounced, smothered and choked Eric Garner to death for the apparently egregious crime of being a Black man - but the only one facing any punishment for what many believe to be a cold-blooded murder is the man who filmed it. 

“I can’t breathe,” Garner pleaded eleven times — caught on film by Ramsey Orta — though the white cops refused to release his grip on the Black man’s neck. Garner’s plea for his life became the rallying call of Black Lives Matter and police brutality activists across the nation and around the world — though the inhumanity of having to beg for one’s life after committing a nonviolent, victimless crime remains sadly all-too-common.

Defying all reason, Pantaleo remains on the force — having faced no penalty for killing a nonviolent man who ccommitted a crime under only the strictest legal definition of the term. And Orta, who filmed the gang of white cops has just accepted a plea deal for four years on unrelated charges. 

Orta claims he’s been constantly harassed by the cops and repeatedly arrested since that day — almost certainly retaliation for exposing the brutal incident to the world. [their message is if you try to help Black people you run the risk of losing your liberty, livelihood or getting injured or killed.] 

Orta, who was a witness at the grand jury, also revealed the fact that the entire grand jury in the Garner case was all-white. Yes, an all white jury in NYC, the Blackest city in the country. [NYC is also the mecca for democrats and liberals. What are these white folks doing for you?] A fact that the white mainstream media ommitted from history.

The white jurors were presented with 28 eyewitnesses and had every camera angle - jurors saw his Youtube video, NYPD video, store surveillance video and City street camera video. Their mind prevented them from seeing reality. 

 After white NYC prosecutors decided not to prosecute any of the white cops who killed Garner, Orta told the NY Daily News the grand jury was rigged. He said, “I feel like it wasn't fair at all,” he said. “It wasn't fair from the start.” (see video above)

“When I went to the grand jury to speak on my behalf, nobody in the grand jury was even paying attention to what I had to say,” Orta said. “People were on their phones, people were talking. I feel like they didn't give (Garner) a fair grand jury."

“People was on their phones, people were having side conversations, like it was just a regular day to them,” he said of the jurors. Orta, 22, said his appearance before the panel started two hours late because some of the jurors had not shown up. 

A man he described as a prosecutor “wasn’t even asking no questions about the police officer, he was asking all the questions towards Eric,” Orta said. “What was Eric doing there? Why was Eric there?”

“Nothing pertaining to the cop choking him,” he said.

Only a few jurors asked any questions.

“Maybe three, that’s all,” he said. “The rest of them, they weren't even worried about nothing.”

Those that did pose questions were also more focused on Garner than Pantaleo, he said.

“One grand juror asked me, ‘If you knew he was selling cigarettes why didn't you tell him the cops was there?’” he said.

Another grand juror asked Orta if he had ever been arrested.

“I said, ‘Miss, what does my criminal history have to do with Eric?’” he said. “I said we shouldn't be sitting here talking about me, we should be talking about Eric now. And we shouldn't even be talking about Eric, we should be talking about the cop.”

But the question on the minds of prosecutors and the jurors, Orta said, was “Why was Eric standing there?”

“The whole thing was just about Eric — why was he selling cigarettes, did you know he was selling cigarettes? It was bulls--t,” he said. 

Click to read more ...


[mostly white] Houston Prosecutors Used Bootleg Drug Tests Taken by Cops to Obtain Bootleg Plea Deals: 298 wrongful drug convictions identified in audit 

A Voluntary, Knowing and Intelligent Guilty Plea? From [HERE] A Houston police officer pulled Barry Demings over as he headed to work in Beaumont and plucked a spot of white powder off the floorboard of Demings' year-old Ford Explorer.

Demings had just detailed the SUV - and wondered later if a speck of soap upended his life.

"I never even saw it," he said, explaining how the officer dropped the speck into a small test kit and said "it came back for cocaine."

Demings was charged with felony drug possession based on the results of the primitive test that costs about $2 and has been found to have a high error rate. He was told he could face a sentence as long as 30 years based on old prior convictions - no one mentioned waiting for a crime lab to verify the officer's roadside result.

He insisted he was innocent but got scared and accepted a plea deal. He lost his job, his girlfriend and his Explorer. Upon release, he decided to leave Texas behind forever.

In 2015 - seven years later - the Harris County District Attorney's Office notified him that Houston's crime lab found no cocaine in the sample. He filed a writ of habeus corpus with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and was finally exonerated.

He is among 298 people convicted of drug possession even though crime lab tests later found no controlled substances in the samples, according to a far-reaching audit of drug cases by the Harris County District Attorney's Office. So far, 131 of them, like Demings, have had their convictions overturned in cases that go back to 2004. About 100 other cases remain under review for potential dismissal.

In all 298 cases, prosecutors accepted both felony and misdemeanor plea deals before lab tests were performed. The $2 roadside tests, which officers use to help establish probable cause for an arrest, cannot be used at trial as evidence under Texas law.

So far, only a few of the exonerees have been deemed "actually innocent" by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals - a necessary step to win compensation from the state for being wrongfully convicted. [in photo Devon Anderson, The Harris County District Attorney. Notice how they always seem to have non-white cops standing next to them - like potted plants.]

Click to read more ...


[Believing (Not Seeing) is Always Dangerous] Here's a Guess about Baton Rouge. There Will be No Actual Video, His Dead Body Will Never Be Seen & Lots of Unauthenticated, Unverifiable Statements from Social Media will be Attributed to the "alleged terrorist"

False Flag from Uncle Sham in Baton Rouge? Once again, No Criminal investigation, No Criminal Process and No Trial where actual evidence and witnesses can be rigorously tested, cross examined and authenticated in front of a jury. Maybe it's just conicidence. From [HERE] and [HERE] An alleged "Black" gunman fatally shot three law enforcement officers and wounded three others here on Sunday before being killed in a shootout with the police. The attack’s motive was unclear as of Sunday evening, leaving an anxious nation to wonder whether the anger over recent police shootings had prompted another act of retaliation against officers.

Some details about the gunman began to emerge late Sunday: Officials identified him as Gavin Long, an African-American military veteran. According to military records released by the Marine Corps, Mr. Long served as a data network specialist and was a sergeant when he left the Marines in 2010. He enlisted in his hometown, Kansas City, Mo., in 2005, and was deployed to Iraq from June 2008 to January 2009, his records show. They also show a number of commendations, including the Good Conduct Medal.

Officials initially believed that there might have been other possible suspects involved in the attack, but the superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, Col. Michael D. Edmonson, said at a news conference that it was the act of a lone gunman. 

Colonel Edmonson said a call came in to police dispatch early Sunday reporting “a guy carrying a weapon” in the vicinity of the Hammond Aire Plaza shopping center on Airline Highway — a commercial thoroughfare dotted with carwashes, car dealerships and chain stores that cuts through a leafy residential neighborhood. 

People Heard it but Nobody Saw it. On Sunday, around 8:40 a.m., law enforcement officers observed the man, wearing all black and holding a rifle, outside a beauty supply store, the colonel said. In the next four minutes, there were reports of shots fired and officers struck, said Colonel Edmonson, whose agency will take the lead on the investigation, helped by local and federal investigators.

Mark Clements, who lives near the shopping center, said in a telephone interview that he was in his backyard when he heard shots ring out. “I heard probably 10 to 12 gunshots go off,” he said. “We heard a bunch of sirens and choppers and everything since then.”

Avery Hall, 17, who works at a nearby carwash, said he was on his way to work when the gunfire erupted. “I was about to pull in at about 8:45, and we got caught in the crossfire,” he said. “I heard a lot of gunshots — a lot. I saw police ducking and shooting. I stopped and pulled into the Dodge dealership. I got out and heard more gunshots. We ducked.”

On the police dispatch radio, a voice could be heard shouting: “Shots fired! Officer down! Shots fired. Officer down! Got a city officer down.” 

Around 8:48 a.m., officers fired at the suspect, killing him, Colonel Edmonson said.

On Sunday afternoon, officials said that two of the slain officers were Baton Rouge city police officers, and that the third was from the Sheriff’s Department. One city police officer and two sheriff’s deputies were wounded, including one who was in critical condition. [MORE] 

Now, over the next week observe more talk about taking away gun rights, more white media promotion of Black Lives Matter [as if anyone who protests against getting beat down by cops and having their human rights ignored is somehow affiliated with this "group," which basically is benign with its organized, traditional, lawful protests] and of course loads of anecdotal information information that would never be admissible in court- such as statements about the alleged terrorist by anonymous persons and unverifiable and unauthenticated statements attributed to the alleged terrorist [and victims] in social media. Anybody, anywhere can tweet, post comments or blog and claim to be anybody they want to be. In court during an actual contested criminal trial such information is very difficult to verify and authenticate - that is, for information to be accepted by the court for what the government claims it to be an evidentiary foundation must be laid. Instead the elite white media can just use our own conditioned imagination for us to accept [whatever] at face value because they said so. Recently the media and government even claimed [in the media of course never in court] that a dead rapper was jihad based solely on his Facebook page and tweets! [MORE] Also, look for a 'let's focus on the victims approach' instead of a presentation of actual facts about what occurred -9/11 style. Maybe the cops will even find a "manifesto" or "murder journal" where the terrorist's detailed plan to walk to a gas station, wait for cops to arrive and then have a shootout will be revealed. It's early, it doesn't mean that this is not real and that innocent police did not die- but it smells like a manufactured inside job. 

Sound like real fear or a government agent or bad acting from Hollywood actress? And still no one saw a murder. Anyway, where is the gas station video? But he wore a mask so.... Belief is cheap. These terrorists never seem to intefere with each other's news cycle. Believe what you want and at your own risk. 


Liar White Cop in Atlanta Charged with Murder. Randomly Shot Unarmed Black man: Devaris Rogers was Not a Suspect - No Evidence Any Theft Took Place  

From [HERE] A white Atlanta cop charged with murder over the shooting of a 22-year-old unarmed black man has turned himself in. James R Burns was arrested on Saturday on charges including felony murder in the June 22 shooting of Devaris Caine Rogers. 

The incident occurred when Burns, who had been called out to help an off-duty officer catch a suspected car thief, first blocked, then opened fire on a car being driven by Rogers.

Burns claimed he was scared the car was going to hit him, but a report released earlier this week said Burns put himself in harm's way and fired at Rogers without knowing if he was even the suspect they were looking for, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Worse, it was later concluded that there hadn't even been any car break-ins in the area that night. 

Atlanta Police Department (APD) fired Burns on July 1, with police chief George N Turner telling the officer that the shooting was an unnecessary and excessive use of force.

'As the vehicle approached you, you were in your vehicle,' said a memo written by Turner. 'The driver of the vehicle posed no immediate threat to you... You did not have probable cause that the driver posed a threat of serious physical harm either to yourself or others.'

Burns had been called to the Monroe Place Apartments on Monroe Drive in northeast Atlanta at around midnight on June 22 to help an off-duty cop who believed a man seen near vehicles might be a car thief.

An investigation later concluded that there was no evidence car break-ins - or any illegal activity - had occurred that night before the officers arrived on the scene.

The suspect had fled the first officer on foot, the Internal Affairs report said. There is no evidence that this was the same person as Rogers.

As he drove into the complex, Burns saw a silver sedan parked on the wrong side of the road pulling away from the curb and heading towards his cruiser.

The officer had initially told investigators: 'I didn’t know to block that particular car. I shot at the car who was trying to run me over and kill me.'

But according to investigators, dashcam video from two vehicles showed that he had indeed positioned his car to block the sedan's path.

Burns also turned on his lights and used his siren to indicate the driver should slow down.

That driver, Rogers, continued to drive towards and around Burns's cruiser on the passenger side, the report claimed.

The report says that Burns then exited his own vehicle, slammed his door and shouted for the driver to stop. Instead, Rogers gunned the engine.

At this point, Burns was near the front headlight of Rogers' vehicle. Burns told investigators that he was initially blinded by the light. 

He fired once on Rogers, hitting him in the head. Rogers' car continued on down Monroe Place before entering the parking lot of Cirque Daiquiri Bar and Grill on Monroe Drive and colliding with an SUV.

The young Black man was pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital, three miles away.

Turner's office concluded that Burns's decision to block the car of a person who wasn't even a suspect, to exit his own vehicle, and to subsequently fire on Rogers constituted breaches of department policy.

'You did not have reasonable suspicion that the driver of the vehicle engaged in, or was about to engage in, criminal activity,' Turner said in his memo. 

'Yet rather than allow the driver to drive past you, you exited your vehicle and ultimately prevented the driver from driving away through the use of deadly force.' 

Media had initially reported the incident as Burns firing on a suspected car thief, but the report rebukes those claims: Rogers was not the suspect and there was no evidence of a theft having taken place.

Burns's case is now being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, as have all APD shootings since January, per Turner's orders.


Black Researcher Craig Steven Wilder Finds Slavery Saved Georgetown University and Enabled the Catholic Church to Expand 

From [HERE] In 1838, Georgetown sold 272 enslaved African Americans belonging to prominent Jesuit priests to help secure the future of the Catholic institution. The school has recently established a working group to determine what, if anything, is owed to the descendants of these slaves. We speak to Craig Steven Wilder, author of the book "Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities."

The conversation is very brief. Goodman has to cut dude off to address the broken stain glass window race controversy at Yale. Instead of focusing on the white psy-ops of the window they get stuck on this brother. 

AMY GOODMAN: Before we end, the controversy at Yale comes as Georgetown University struggles to come to terms with its past involvement with the slave trade. In 1838, Georgetown sold 272 enslaved Africans belonging to prominent Jesuit priests to help secure the future of the Catholic institutions. The school recently established a working group to determine what, if anything, is owed to descendants of these slaves. Craig Wilder, what is your response?

CRAIG STEVEN WILDER: You know, I think that Georgetown has been quite an interesting case. Georgetown is actually one of the few—to give it some credit, one of the few historically white universities that’s dealt with this issue as something more than a public relations problem. They’ve actually taken it as a challenge to their Catholic identity and to the Jesuit identity of the institution.

AMY GOODMAN: Slavery saved the institution?

CRAIG STEVEN WILDER: Slavery saved the institution. Slavery—

AMY GOODMAN: When they were going bankrupt.

CRAIG STEVEN WILDER: Well, you know, they were in financial trouble. A lot of Catholic institutions were. But the Catholic Church was also in a period of dramatic expansion during that period. And so, I don’t want to leave the story at "slavery saved Georgetown." It did. The sale rescued Georgetown. But it also allowed the Catholic Church to expand out of Maryland into the Northeast. The first Catholic college in New England, Holy Cross, is established by one of the Jesuits who sold the 272 people in 1838. The university I went to here in New York, Fordham, is actually established by a bishop who paid for his college tuition in Maryland by becoming the overseer of the slaves in the college garden. And it expands westward to St. Louis and the first—the first American university on the west of the Mississippi River, St. Louis University, is established by slaveholding Jesuits from Maryland.


False Flag in France? Like the "alleged brother" in Dallas. Dead "Terrorists" Cannot Talk but White Media Can Speak their Dying Declarations & Confessions for them 

From [HERE] and [HEREAnother terror event in France. On Bastille Day; 14th of July, the day commemorating the French Revolution of 1789, the most important French National Holiday. This time in Nice, killing at least 84 people, many children – and leaving scores injured.

President Hollande will eventually achieve his objective – being the first country in Europe with permanent Martial Law. He has already declared to extend the current State of Emergency for another three months, when it expires on 26 July.

“Odd that the ‘terrorists’ didn’t bother to drive 8 miles up the road to Monaco, where they would have found plenty of elites to run down!”

For some reason, “ISIS” has no interest in attacking people in power, including the people responsible for the war on Islam that has killed millions of Muslims since 9/11. Nor do they attack Israelis or Zionists.

Instead, they slaughter random civilians—almost all of them Muslim—and do everything they can to make Islam, and the concept of an “Islamic state” (a concept supported by a majority of Muslims worldwide) look bad.

Over 95% of ISIS’s victims, probably closer to 99%, are Muslim; attacks in places like France are statistically the exception. Yet the media frames it as “Muslims attacking the West.” This does seem “odd,” Keith—until we wake up and realize that “ISIS” stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

*The trucker, conveniently shot dead, will never be able to reveal who put him up to it. How hard would it have been to disable the truck, say by shooting out the tires, and then try to capture the “terrorist” alive so he could be interrogated and his network taken down?

There are ways of rendering people unconscious, or unable to fight, without killing them. For some reason, though, the authorities NEVER want to capture any “terrorists” alive.

*Barbara Honegger, one of the greatest activist-researchers in the 9/11 truth movement, writes:

“The Nice truck attack happened the day that France’s state of emergency from the last attack was to have ended.  In response, Hollande extended the state of emergency for another three months. The area where the truck hit the crowd had been blocked off by police barricades, so it either got through or was allowed through.  Police reported finding firearms, explosives and grenades inside the truck, and there was an initial report that there was more than one attacker in the truck … The below are key reports from CNN’s initial coverage of the Nice attacks mentioned in the 12 (as of now — they  keep adding others) sequential video clips that come up, one after the other [HERE];: Brexit is being called ‘Britain’s Independence Day’. The Nice attacks were on France’s Independence Day. Coincidence?

From [HERE] What happened? – During last night’s celebration of the French National Holiday, around 11 PM, a speeding truck plowed into a crowd of thousands who were watching the fireworks along the Mediterranean Boulevard Anglais.

The driver of the truck, was simultaneously and indiscriminately shooting into the crowd. He was able to run for 2 kilometers before being stopped by police, which instantly shot and killed him.

All indications signal the Big Script of yet another false flag; yet again in France; a horrendous terror attack, killing hordes of people, spreading pain, misery, fear and outrage in France, Europe – the world over.

The young truck-driver was identified as a 31-year-old Frenchman, resident of Nizza, with Tunisian origins. As in previous cases, ‘coincidence’ has it that his identity papers were found in the truck.

The young man is instantly killed by the police. Dead people cannot talk. A pattern well known by now.

The man’s Tunisian roots may soon pin him to a terrorist Jihad group – if not de jure, then de facto, as the propaganda machine will spread the news and instill yet more Muslim hatred among the western population.

It is not clear how the truck was able to breach the barriers to the promenade closed for pedestrians and spectators during the 14th July celebration. According to eyewitnesses, it took the police and firemen about half an hour to get to the scene.

How is it possible that such a crowd is not ‘protected’ by patrolling police and military? And that in a country under effective Martial Law?

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The 'Big Payback' in Dallas Smells Like Hollywood Bullshit: With Few Verified Facts White Media Presents a Narrative White Folks are Conditioned to Believe 

Yet Another Murder Confession from a Dead Man who was a so-called Terrorist & "former" military. In video Chief David Brown says 5 officers were klled as payback because a negotiator said so. And whatever the police say must be true - so that's a wrap. Is Chief Brown real or is he a black probot in service of white domination? Never trust a Probot. According to the Funktionary, a probot is a propagandizing programmed robot. A probot is one who disseminates lies, distortions and convenient mass truths composed by a superior overruling elite. 

From [HERE] A Black man accused in a fatal shooting spree that killed five police officers and wounded nine other people in Dallas was a former army reservist who served a tour in Afghanistan. Police used a "bomb robot" on Friday to end the hours-long standoff in a downtown Dallas parking garage and kill a suspect identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, a Dallas-area resident who officials claim he said he "wanted to kill white people."

According to the white media "the heavily armed sniper specifically set out to kill as many white officers as he could, officials said Friday. He was a military veteran who had served in Afghanistan, and he kept an arsenal in his home that included bomb-making materials." [MORE]

Right. Another so-called terrorist criminal who confesses to multiple murders, tells law enforcement where all the evidence is and prior to committing the crime tells random people he is probably going to commit crimes. Once again, prior to any criminal investigation, process and criminal trial where actual evidence can be rigorously tested and cross examined in front of a jury, he is killed or commits suicide. Closed case. No forensic evidence will be necessary. Believe what you want but this shit sounds like a Hollywood script:

* Recorded Statements. During the standoff at a garage, Mr. Johnson told police negotiators that “he was upset about Black Lives Matter,” Chief Brown said. “he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. He stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” Then 2 days later (today) he added that Johnson was singing, laughing and taunting officers during prolonged negotiations. [MOREHow did he say this - on a cell phone or out loud? Did they call him? Who exactly did he say this to? Did anyone else hear it? He "taunted officers" - plural; how many did he talk to? what were the taunts? And none of it was recorded by any police or city camera or police device? Did any cops take notes of his exact statements? "Upset about Black Lives Matter" - wtf does that mean?

yup see that's definitely him. 

* Confession. According to the New York Times, Mr. Johnson planned the whole thing. Well kinda. Investigators found a “fairly voluminous” journal in the home of Micah Johnson. While the journal did not specifically lay out plans for that assault, officials said, it "showed how the gunman planned to adapt the combat tactic." Did the cover of the journal state "My Murder Plans. By Micah Johnson?"

* Gift of Prophecy like an oracle. Police said the journal described “what we call ‘shoot and move’ tactics — ways to fire on a target and then move quickly and get into position at another location to inflict more damage on targets without them being able to ascertain where the shots are coming from.” The tactic described reflects the approach Mr. Johnson used in Dallas, moving from one vantage point to another, leading the police to believe at first that there were multiple gunmen. RightRight.  A specific plan about shoot and move tactics from unknown locations? Did he know Alton Sterling would be murdered on Tuesday and then Castille would get murdered on Wednesday and then on Thursday an unplanned protest would be held where it was held in Dallas? Volumes of plans about a non-specific assault at an unknown time and location? How many pages were these voluminous plans on? Sounds like Dorner's manifesto! In case they caught him he wanted to make his own conviction simple and easy.  

As you can clearly see, that's definitely Micah Johnson. 
According to Clay Jenkins, Dallas County’s chief executive, his journal,  “it’s talking not only about how to kill, but how to keep from being killed,” said Mr. Jenkins, who also said he had not read the journal, but that he had read and heard summaries. [good enough]. 

* A Simple Pan. So what were the so-called details in the elaborate, voluminous plan again? During the next protest, wherever and whenever that might be in the future I will go to some unknown building somewhere in Dallas and kill white cops by shooting and moving from one unknown place to another unknown place. Only a mind already conditioned to hear this shit would just automatically believe it.[PDF] Unconscious white people are easily manipulated and believe almost anything foul about Blacks. Elite whites define the domain of discourse in the media and control what we talk and think about. They have changed the subject. [MORE]  

* Watch for Racialized Facts. "Neighbors have told investigators that Mr. Johnson, a 25-year-old Army Reserve veteran who served in Afghanistan, had an interest in weapons." A former military person interested in weapons - as opposed to a military person afraid of weapons? Oh, a Black man with gun is the point. According to the New York Times "he is also said to have practiced military exercises in his backyard." Like how? crawling around on the ground with a fake tree branch on his head in camouflage? Please explain this. Look at his crib (below). In that neighborhood, nobody called the cops when they saw a black man playing with guns in the backyard? K. 

how does an army guy afford a crib like that? 

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[Nigger Give Me Your ID When I Ask for It] Confused White Savannah-Chatham Cops Tased Wrong Black Man. [Never Asked him for ID]  

Nigger is what is being done to you. Nigger means victim of white supremacy. From [HERE] and [HERE] Earlier this year, police in Georgia tased a 24-year-old man named Patrick Mumford outside his home — and it turns out he wasn’t even the guy they were looking for.

Via The Daily Beast, a new police body cam video posted by Mumford’s attorney Will Claiborne this week shows officers with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department approach Mumford and ask for his name. Patrick replies that his name is Patrick, but the police don’t seem to believe him.

They tell Mumford that they have a warrant for his arrest — despite the fact that they actually have a warrant for a man named Michael Clay.

Mumford insists on seeing a warrant and resists the officers’ demands to get out of the car he’s sitting in. They eventually tase him twice with 2,000 volts of electricity.

After they have him handcuffed and pinned to the hood of a police car, they open up his wallet and pull out his ID, only to discover that he isn’t the man they’re looking for,

Instead of being apologetic about this case of mistaken identity, one of the officers scolds Clay for not handing over his ID when he was asked. As Mumford’s attorney points out, the police never actually asked Mumford for his ID before they tased him.

What makes this particularly distressing is that Mumford was subsequently charged with violating his probation for a non-violent drug offense after this incident, and he could spend an additional seven years in prison if found guilty.

“Patrick is arrested for obstruction,” Claiborne explains. “As a non-violent drug offender serving in a first-offender probation program, a pending probation violation could cost him his job, his college education, and seven years in prison: all for sitting in his own car, minding his own business, and telling the truth.” [MORE]


Baltimore to Pay $150 K: Black Man was Compliant with Cops but Dragged and Beaten before he was handcuffed - arrested for no reason

From [HERE] Baltimore's Board of Estimates on Wednesday unanimously approved a $150,000 payment to settle a lawsuit alleging police brutality.

The five-member panel awarded the money to Tiyon Williams, who filed suit in 2014 against Lt. Joel Fried, Det. Maurice Ward and Det. Robert W. Mitchell for alleged battery and false arrest, among other claims.

"This was not a pretty set of facts," said City Solicitor George Nilson, a member of the board.

The incident stems from May 19, 2012, when Williams was talking with a friend in the 900 block of N. Mount St. when officers approached and arrested his friend, according to the city. Williams ran and Ward chased him and tackled him. Williams said he was compliant with the officer's orders, but nonetheless was "dragged and beaten" before being placed in handcuffs.

Williams alleged he suffered injuries to his head and face as the result of being "punched," "stomped," and having his head hit a cement sidewalk during the arrest.

Police determined he had committed no crime and he was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Mitchell was charged with second-degree assault and misconduct against the police as a result of the incident, but those criminal charges were later dropped. This means the cops lied. The cops wrote police reports which included made-up facts that Mitchell assaulted them. Apparently, the cops then submitted the information to prosecutors who papered his case. Former Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts called the allegations against Mitchell "reprehensible."

Baltimore has agreed to pay out $12 million to settle civil claims of police misconduct since 2010. In these settlements the officers are not required to pay a penny and rarely face prosecution or sentencing. Settlements may help to make the victims more whole but they do nothing to stop the terror imposed on Blacks & Latinos in this bullshit police state. Police brutality is an effect of white supremacy/racism. 


What to do with all the Niggers Piled Up in Prison from the 90’s by the [White] People's [Revenge] Courts? One Black Man's 3 [three] Life Sentences for Robbery  

Nigger is what is being done to you. Nigger means victim of white supremacy. From [HERE] and [HEREThe New York Times tells the story of Lenny Singleton, a Black man who was charged with robbery at the age of 28 and sentenced to 100 years and two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

To fuel his crack habit back in 1995, he walked into 13 stores over eight days and either distracted a clerk or pretended to have a concealed gun before stealing from the cash register. One time, he was armed with a knife with a six-inch blade that he had brought from his kitchen.

Mr. Singleton accepted a plea deal (must have been an outstanding plea offer negotiated by a top notch barrister), fully expecting to receive a long jail sentence. But a confluence of factors worked against him, including the particularly white judge who sentenced him and the zero-tolerance ethos of the time against users of crack cocaine. His sentence was very long: two life sentences. And another 100 years. And no possibility for parole.

No one was harmed in his case. Singleton said, “I was out of my mind on drugs, but I wasn’t going to hurt anybody,” he said. “I was just after the money.” 

Mr. Singleton had served in the Navy. Now he works in a furniture plant at the prison and earns 80 cents an hour building furniture used in Virginia’s universities. But a percentage of his pay is subtracted for court costs and fines, and he still owes the state $1,800.

Mr. Singleton’s prison term, which makes it likely that he will die behind bars, attracted little attention in 1996. It was [and is] common for the mostly white judges in Virginia and the mostly white judiciary in the rest of the country to impose long prison terms for crack-related crimes against Black people. 

William F. Rutherford, the white judge who sentenced Mr. Singleton, has been retired for years. During a recent series of interviews, he said he had no recollection of the case, but after he reviewed Mr. Singleton’s court files, he said he had no regrets about how he handled it.

“Under the circumstances,” he said, “it would not be unusual for me to give out that kind of sentence.”

As the prison population has increased sharply over the past 30 years, so too has the number of those sentenced to life. Mr. Singleton is among nearly 160,000 prisoners serving life sentences — roughly the population of Eugene, Ore. The number of such inmates has more than quadrupled since 1984, and now about one in nine prison inmates is serving a life term, federal data shows. 

According to the New York Times 'there is a growing consensus [among white people] that the criminal justice system has incarcerated too many Americans for too many years, with liberals and conservatives alike denouncing the economic and social costs of holding 2.2 million people in the nation’s prisons and jails. 

America imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation on earth by far, including countries with far greater populations. The United States has less than 5% of the world's population. But it has almost a quarter of the world's prisoners. One in four Black men is likely to be imprisoned.  And Congress is currently debating a criminal justice bill that, among other provisions, would reduce mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders.'


[The First Crime is Theirs. Check out when white folks discuss systematic racism they talk about it like it is a thing of the past. White supremacy is based on deception. The refinement of white supremacy requires changes or system updates to occur particularly at times when the victims begin to see their chains - where chains are visible the victims will want to escape from bondage -so this must be prevented. The over-incarceration problem has been obvious to many Blacks for a while. The System of White Supremacy Requires a Substantial Number of Non-Whites to be Incarcerated [more]. All the statistics are necessary for whites. We already know [not believe] what it is. If you are confused about it go to your local courtroom and see for yourself. If you live in an urban, diverse environment the first thing you may ask is where are all the white defendants at? Another subsequent refinement of white supremacy are the addition of many more Black prosecutors, judges and courtroom staff. Think about it, without them present, the courtroom would look racist. Consequently, your belief would be shook; our belief is all that binds the system together. Entirely all white judges, lawyers and courtroom staff are the visible chains of the old model of white supremacy/racism. It had to be updated for Blacks to maintain their belief in the system. The only product the criminal court produces is the appearance of justice. Black persons in the courtroom are filtered in (and out) with the correct programming in service of white domination of course- they, along with most black defense attorneys, are all believers in the court system. Such belief is a pre-requisite for their participation - without it, court would simply not look real to the black public - which would defeat its purpose.  

Dr. Blynd explains that "courts mainly exist to put a veneer of legitimacy over crimes against the poor by the rich and to ensure the privilege of private property over personal property." 

A story told by Baghwan Rajineesh may help illustrate the above mentioned points;

It happened in China, twenty-five centuries ago...

Lao Tzu became very famous, a wise man, and he was without any doubt one of the wisest men ever. The emperor of China asked him very humbly to become his chief of the supreme court, because nobody could guide the country‘s laws better than him. He tried to persuade the emperor, ”I am not the right man,” but the emperor was insisting.

Lao Tzu said, ”If you don‘t listen to me... Just one day in the court and you will be convinced that I am not the right man – because the system is wrong. Out of humbleness I was not saying the truth to you. Either I can exist or your law and your order and your society can exist. So let us try it.”

The first day a thief was brought into the court who had stolen almost half the treasures of the richest man in the capital. Lao Tzu listened to the case and then he said that the thief and the richest man should both go to jail for six months. The rich man said, ”What are you saying? I have been stolen from, I have been robbed – and what kind of justice is this, that you are sending me to jail for the same time as the thief?”

Lao Tzu said, ”I am certainly being unfair to the thief. Your need to be in jail is more, because you have collected so much money, deprived so many people of money that thousands of people are down and you are collecting and collecting money – for what? Your very greed is creating these thieves. You are responsible. The first crime is yours.”

Lao Tzu’s logic is absolutely clear. If there are going to be too many poor people and only a few rich people, you cannot stop thieves, you cannot stop stealing. The only way to stop it is to have a society where everybody has enough to fulfill his needs, and nobody has unnecessary accumulation just out of greed.

The rich man said, ”Before you send me to jail I want to see the emperor, because this is not according to the constitution; this is not according to the law of the country.” Lao Tzu said, ”That is the fault of the constitution and the fault of the law of the country. I am not responsible for it. You can see the emperor.”

And the rich man said to the emperor, ”Listen, this man should be immediately deposed from his post; he is dangerous. Today I am going into jail, tomorrow you will be in jail. If you want to save yourself, this man has to be thrown out; he is absolutely dangerous. And he is very rational: what he is saying is right – I can understand it – but he will destroy us.”

The king understood it perfectly well. ”If this rich man is a criminal, then I am the greatest criminal in the country. Lao Tzu will not hesitate to send me to jail.”

Lao Tzu was relieved of his post. He said, ”I had told you before, you are unnecessarily wasting my time. I was saying I am not the right man. The reality is, your society, your law, your constitution are not the right constitution, not the right law. You need wrong people to run this whole wrong system.”

The problem is that the forces that we created to keep man from falling apart into chaos are now so powerful that they don’t want to leave you free to grow – because if you are capable of growing, becoming an individual, alert, aware and conscious, there will be no need of all these people. They will lose all their jobs, and with their jobs, their prestige, their power, their leadership, their priesthood, their popehood – everything will be gone. So now those who were in the beginning needed for protection, have turned into the enemies of humanity.

My approach is not to fight against these people, because they are powerful, they have armies, they have money, they have everything. You cannot fight with them, you will be destroyed. The only way out of this mess is to silently start growing your own consciousness, which they cannot prevent by any force. In fact they cannot even know what is going on inside you. [MORE]

While some groups in the criminal justice reform movement have prioritized the release of people convicted of non-violent offenses, other voices — including The Sentencing Project — have maintained that ending mass incarceration will require significant reforms for people convicted of violent offenses, as well.

People convicted of non-violent drug offenses make up only about 17 percent of state prison populations across the country, while people incarcerated for violent offenses make up more than 50 percent.

“People are celebrating the stabilization of the prison population in recent years, but the scale of mass incarceration is so substantial that meaningful reduction is not going to happen by tinkering around the edges,” said Marc Mauer, the executive director of The Sentencing Project, a Washington-based nonprofit that advocates changes in sentencing policy.

But a divide has opened within the reform movement over how to address prisoners who have been convicted of violent crimes, including people like Mr. Singleton, who threatened shop owners but did not harm anyone. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union favor a swift 50 percent reduction in prison populations, while conservative prison reform organizations like Right on Crime prioritize the release of nonviolent offenders and worry that releasing others could backfire and reduce public support.

Nonviolent drug offenders make up only about 17 percent of all state prison inmates around the nation, while violent offenders make up more than 50 percent, according to federal data.


Painting about reality by Unknown Black Student @ North Oldham High School, KY 



‘I was just reading a book’: Racist Suspect calls cops on #DangerousNegro reading C.S. Lewis in his car - in Canada [worldwide White-Over-Black System] 

From [HERE] After the blue and red police lights flashed behind his car, Louizandre Dauphin figured he may have added another “prohibited” item to the list of things you can’t do while black: Reading.

Dauphin, 33, a former high school English teacher, had decided to relax last week with a few books at Stonehaven Wharf, a parking lot for fishing boats that’s frequented by tourists to the Canadian province of New Brunswick. He sat inside his Volkswagen Golf hatchback watching the waves and poring over “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis and another book by theologian Timothy Keller.

As he drove home afterward, Dauphin recounted on Instagram, an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pulled him over, saying someone nearby had called authorities “because … a suspicious black man in a white car was parked at the Wharf for a couple hours. My response, Really? I was just reading a book.”

He snapped two photos that he’d later use for the Instagram post, which says Canada experiences some of the same racial tension that has made headlines in the United States.

In the post, he tells his countrymen “not to get too comfortable on their high horses.” He hashtagged the post #DangerousNegro.

Dauphin, the director of the department of parks, recreation and tourism in the small New Brunswick town of Bathurst, told The Washington Post that he didn’t feel threatened by the officer, who seemed bemused about the situation before letting Dauphin go without incident. Still, he said, the encounter and a handful of previous ones show “we’re not immune to situations like this.”

“There’s still intolerance and suspicion,” he told The Post. “I’ve been pulled over for driving in my own neighborhood.  I’ve gotten asked where I’m from and when I tell them I’m from my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, the question is where are you really from? As if I can’t actually be from here.”

A spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police wouldn’t provide details about the call that prompted the officer to stop Dauphin or name the constable involved.

“There was no arrest and no charge in that incident,” said Constable Derek Black, media relations officer for the RCMP in New Brunswick province. “We received a report of a suspicious vehicle. We stopped the vehicle, spoke with the driver and the report was unfounded.”

Since Instagram post went viral, Dauphin has posted a more detailed post on Facebook

He states:

I do not know the true motivations behind the individual who called the police to report my presence at the Stonehaven Wharf, but I struggle to understand why my actions of driving my vehicle to a public space, reading a book, and never once exiting my vehicle was cause for a level of suspicion which prompted this individual to call the police. Be it my vehicle (a white Volkswagen Golf) or the colour of my skin, which I believe was a contributing factor, there was something that prompted an individual to consider my presence threatening enough to warrant attention by the police. If all are truly welcome at this location, why would a person acting in a non-threatening manner have the police called on them? And, after such an incident, why would this person feel any motivation or desire to return to that location? I never once identified this person who called the police as racist, but I do suspect there is some degree of bias, fear, and ignorance-based suspicion which lead to the reality that the police were alerted to my presence at the wharf.