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Camden Cops say Black Man Slipped, Fell & Broke his Own Neck: Lawyer Demands Release of Complete Video of Incident

From [HERE] A spokesman for Camden County issued the following statement on Ingram's allegations Friday night: "Today's theatrics were put on by a lawyer who know's she cannot win in the court of law so she is trying to manipulate public perception of this incident. The undeniable facts are that the officers were lawfully pursuing a suspect who was running away from them after attempting to hide a stolen gun. While running from the officers, Mr. Ingram fell causing his injuries. The undeniable facts are that the officers did not tackle Mr. Ingram, nor was any excessive force used when pursuing or arresting him. Because of Mr. Imgram's injury, the department asked the Camden County Prosecutor's Office to investigate the incident, and the prosecutor's office has already indicated that the evidence shows there was no misconduct by the officers. What occurred is an unfortunate accident that would have been prevented had Mr. Ingram not resisted arrest by running from officers."

The attorney representing a Black man claiming his neck was snapped under the feet of officers during a June 12 arrest is demanding the immediate release of the "full version" of police video footage documenting the incident.

Attorney Beth Baldinger, representing 21-year-old Camden resident Xavier Ingram, filed a lawsuit in September against the city and county of Camden, as well as the Camden County Police Department and several officers alleging police brutality resulting in paralysis. During a press conference in Camden Friday morning, she stated the Camden County Prosecutor's Office, which has been investigating the incident, has failed to respond to her requests to release the full video, or to give an update on their investigation.

"On the portion of the video we have, we see Ingram is on the ground during the arrest, lifeless and limp," said Baldinger. "He told officers, 'I can't feel my legs,' after they stomped on the back of his neck. Ingram actually heard his neck break, and felt excruciating pain."

The attorney said she expects the rest of the video to refute the official police statement of the events, which is that officers stabilized Ingram and alerted EMTs. Baldinger said she has eyewitness testimony claiming officers instead "forcibly moved" Ingram after the arrest, and later sat him up while "his head and neck dangled."

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Syracuse Citizen Review Board says Cops Acted "improperly" when they Attacked Black Man in his Own Home after he Called 911 

From [HERE] The Citizen Review Board told Alonzo Grant they found two officers used excessive force and arrested him improperly. They then tried to cover up what happened. 

Police arrested Grant in June after he called for help involving a dispute between his daughter and a neighbor. The charges (resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment ) against him have since been dropped. Now he's suing the City of Syracuse for police brutality and then lying about their conduct in police reports. 

Due to being struck repeatedly by officers, Grant, a Black man suffered a broken nose, concussion, split lip, cut on his eye, a twisted arm, numerous cuts and serious post-concussive syndrome, including nightmares flashbacks and fear of the police department, his claim stated. His attorney, Charles Bonner also said Grant also suffered brain damage. 

The incident started after Grant called police to report an argument between his daughter and a neighbor in the front yard. But when officers arrived, the dispute had ended.

An officer ordered Grant out of his house to talk to another officer. As he left, Grant opened (prosecutors say "punched") the screen door. That appeared to trigger officers to bring Grant under arrest (breaking his own screen?). "Almost immediately following Mr. Grant's action, the police decided to arrest for him disorderly conduct," the DA's office stated.

According to his attorney, Charles Bonner, Grant started walking down his front steps, an officer behind him violently, without warning, charged Mr.. Grant from behind and flung him viciously across his wrought iron railing face down to the ground.  He says the second officer put on his black leather gloves, dropping his knees on Mr.. Grant's back.  During the scuffle, Bonner claims one of the officers held Grant in a choke hold, pulled back his arm and struck him repeatedly in the face. [MORE]

In July Black college student, Elijah Johnson, 20, said white Syracuse cops beat him and used racial slurs against him during a wrongful arrest after a party. [MORE] and [MORE]

"It’s clear that he and his family have suffered a great injustice and I think it's time for the mayor and the police chief to recognize that and at the very least implement the recommendations of the CRB,” says Jesse Ryder, Grant’s attorney.

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NPR Asks 'Why do We Have So Many Terms For 'People Of Color?' [Answer] to Practice Racism & Maintain Control of Non-whites

Surrounded by a Non-White Global Majority, White People Struggle with what to call Non-whites. The following article from NPR entitled "Why We Have So Many Terms For People Of Color" is about Canada's recent decision to identify non-white people as "racialized people." This article as with all others concerning people of color should be considered in the context of racism/white supremacy. Decontextualizing issues pertaining to us is a dangerous form of deception. Through such a lens the title of the article could be properly decoded to say, "Why White People Have So Many Terms for People of Color." In the video below, Neely Fuller teaches that racists always do the classifying. The victims of white supremacy (non-whites) cannot classify themselves without their approval. Where do you think the terms "Africa", "African", "Latino," "Burma", or "Redskin" came from?  

According to Dr. Blynd, race is an artificial "European" invention with real consequences. Race is not real but racism is. Race has been created to be wrongly confused with ethnic identity in order to establish the sense of "otherness" and dehumanization of melanated peoples around the globe. [MORE] The only purpose of race is to practice racism. Racism is a conventional reality than non-whites must deal with and eventually confront. 

Racism is white supremacy. White supremacy is the only functioning form of racism there is- as there is no place in the world where non-whites dominate whites or are operationally or functionally in control of white people.  'Everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Chicago or Zimbabwe, the Whites are in control. This extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every known statistical law of probability is rarely questioned.' [MORE] and [MORE]

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's Color Confrontation theory explains that white people are motivated to practice racism due to their numerical inadequacy and color deficiency or color desire. White people are vastly outnumbered throughout the world and they can be genetically eliminated by intermingling or having sexual relations with non-white people. That is - White plus Black equals Colored. White plus Brown equals Colored. White plus Yellow equals Colored. Her theory also explains that consciously or subconsciously whites do not like their physical appearance (lack of melanin and skin color) which causes great anxiety, inferiority complex and inner hate or hostility - they compensate for this perceived inadequacy in various ways. [MORE]  

White people are the vanishing majority in the U.S. and are surrounded by a non-white global majority - whites now represent less than 10% of the world's population --and their numbers continue to diminish. 90% of the world is non-white. [MORE] and [MORE] and [MORE]. These characteristics of whites have remained constant and fuel white supremacy. White people practice racism to survive.

Divide, frictionalize and conquer through confusion & deception. Welsing states, "the Color-Confrontation theory further postulates that whites are vulnerable to their sense of numerical inadequacy. This inadequacy is apparent in their drive to divide the vast majority of non-whites into fractional, as well as frictional, minorities. This is viewed as a funda­mental behavioral response of whites to their own minority status. The white "race" has structured and manipulated their own thought processes and conceptual patterns, as well as those of the entire non-white world majority, so that the real numerical minority (whites) illusionally feels and represents itself as the world's majority, while the true numerical majority (non-whites) illusionally feels and views itself as the minority.

Interest­ingly, the white collective, whenever discussing the question of color [for example see article below], never discusses any of its own particular ethnic groups as minorities, but constantly focuses on the various ethnic, language and religious groups of non-white peoples as minorities. Then great efforts are made to initiate conflict between these arbitrary groups. This is one of the key methods by which a minority can remain in power. The "divide, frictionalize and conquer" pattern, observable throughout history wherever non-whites are confronted by whites, results primarily from whites' sense of color deficiency and secondarily from their sense of numerical inadequacy. This pattern, then, is a compensatory adjustment to permit psychological comfort through dominance and control. [MORE] Without further ado, below is the NPR article:

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Airbrushed Campaign Message to the Black Votary: "You Ain't Getting Nothing No Way So You Might as well Get Nothing From Me"

The Necessary Illusion of Voting. From [HEREA white Pennsylvania governor has Photoshopped a black woman into his campaign picture.  Tom Corbett, who was fighting for re-election, has struggled to court Black and Latino voters in the past. Last year he was forced to apologize after telling editors of Al Dia newspaper he didn't have any Latino cabinet members - adding 'if you can find us one, please let us know'.

Now it has emerged the image of a black woman beaming over Corbett's shoulder is in fact a fake. In an investigation by Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski, the same picture of the woman was found on a stock image website. Her shirt color has been tinted and the image has been flipped.

But in the posed photograph - titled Financial Advisor Talking To Senior Couple At Home - her grimace expression is identical.

His campaign issued a statement: 'Governor Corbett has a strong record of inclusion, while our opponent, Tom Wolf, was even criticized by members of his own party for his ties serving as the campaign chairman for a candidate that Wolf knew was an admitted racist arrested for murder, in addition to yelling 'white power!' and handing out ammunition at a race riot.' In other words he doesn't know one single Black woman in the entire state of Pennsylvania willing to stand next to him for a photo op. 

From [HERE] In LA, Civil-rights leaders called for an investigation into what they described as a racially offensive campaign against Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Posters featuring a black-and-white illustration of Waters bordered with the words “Poverty Pimp” have been plastered on streets and near freeways and businesses throughout Los Angeles, Inglewood and the South Bay.

The ad portrays a wrinkled caricature of Waters depicted with red dollar signs in her eyes and the words “Niggas Betta Have My Money!” behind her. How about a sign that says "White Supremacy/Racism Causes Poverty"? [MORE] and [MORE]

Like Obama racism, this of course is directed @ YOU. White folks just dont know what to do with themselves do they? White folks undercover think this shit is funny because most white people hate black people. If you don't know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you. The silly poster had no strategic effect on her campaign. She was re-elected Tuesday to represent California's 43rd Congressional District. Waters, who was first elected in 1990, defeated Republican challenger John Wood, a writer and musician. Waters is the ranking member on the House Financial Services Committee.[MORE] and [MORE] The poster only serves to demean Black people - its true purpose. Just an excuse for a racist to write the word "nigga" about 30 times and put it all over the city.  The word Nigger means victim of white supremacy. Anon explained, "in the absence of white supremacy, niggers would not exist." [MORE

Racism/White Supremacy Not On the Campaign Agenda.  An estimated 37 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot in the midterm elections, said Michael McDonald, an associate professor at the University of Florida. If that projection holds, it would be the lowest turnout since 1942, when Americans busy fighting a war let the level drop to 34 percent. This year’s electorate was largely older, whiter and more male than is often the case in presidential years. Exit polls suggest that black voters made up about 1 in 8 voters nationally, similar to the last midterm in 2010. Young people were also just over a tenth of the electorate [MORE

Racism/white supremacy was not on the agenda in any election. Its not a complicated issue - just Cause and Effect. White Supremacy/Racism is the cause of problems such as poverty, economic inequality, lack of economic development, unemployment, drug addiction, infant mortality, AIDS, chronic welfare dependency, lack of affordable housing, homelessness, servant education, the unequal administration of justice, police brutality, jim crow like incarceration and much more. Yet no candidates are talking about racism/white supremacy and neutralizing or challenging white power. When its all said and done both parties function to service the interests of the ruling white male corporate and wealthy elite. These puppetician folks are playing games with your mind and doing little of tangible benefit for non-white people.

How do we achieve real power to neutralize white people from practicing racism and dominating us? How do we attain collective economic well being and strength? Neely Fuller explained "survival without justice is meaningless." Are any candidates talking about this today? 

Voting is a necessary illusion of the white supremacy system. Under the present circumstances voting is just symbolic token participation in democracy. Amos Wilson explained "to Democrats and Republicans (White Party) Black people and their welfare are not the end of the electoral process but merely the means for winning. For both parties electioneering is more of a social device for selling to the public, for shaping its opinion than for standing to account for past behavior and receiving instructions from the public regarding governance and policy decisions." [MORE]

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explained, "Black people throughout the world, live under the power of the white supremacy system of total oppression and domination, implying the absence of any true power to determine ultimately what happens to their individual and collective lives. This is the major and only problem facing Black and all other non-white peoples throughout the world. [MORE]

George Clinton explained, "We're in a state of mental diarrhea. Talking shit a mile a minute. Or in a state of constipated notions. Can't think of nothin' but shit." Above, Black Android Muriel Bowser, who was elected Mayor of DC and below Black Android, "Popeyes Annie," in Popeyes commercial. Looking Black and sounding Black but Neither do anything constructive for non-white people.

Always endeavoring to undeceive you, Dr. Blynd breaks down voting and the illusion of choice as follows;

VOTE - Vulnerable Oblivious Thoughtless Electorate. 2) Vicarious Ownership Through Elections. 3) Vendetta Of The Elite. 4) Victory Of The Elite. 5) Voices Of The Encumbered 6) Vice Of Token Elections (See: Votescam) 

VOTER - Victim Of The Electoral Returns. Returning fat-cat phallocrats back to the scene of the(ir) crimes.

voters - customers of beggars (politicians). A voter is born every second. (See: Secret Ballot, Voting Hoax & Control)

voting - a pacification (sucker) process which allows the votary to make choices provided to her/him, not decisions. 2) a “privilege” of U.S. citizens to do it behind a curtain-as long as they do it alone. 3) political masturbation exercises for those who can’t cop real power. 4) a habitually accepted imposition that gives the votary-vassal-suckers an illusion of inclusion or participation, 5) an act of self-abuse (See: Voting Booth, Elections, Politicians, Politics, Voting Hoax & Ho Reps) 

voting booth - the PIT - a place where one takes a Political Ineptitude Test. Haven’t you heard or come to realize that secret ballots beget secret “government” Until they pay you for your vote, you will pay for (casting) your vote. (See: Elections) 

voting hoax - “Help Slave America.” (See: Freedom Technology, Ph.F. Degree, NWO & University of Chocolate City)

voting power - an oxymoron. 2) a transitory form of illusory power. 3) the appearance of power without the juice. [MORE]

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