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Deeper than Atlantis

As Confederate Monuments Fall, A Vinyl 'Trump Rat' Statue is Erected to Honor 1st Rat American President in NYC

The Rat Race. Much like the real rats of New York City, it appears the “Trump Rat” that sprang up near Trump Tower on Monday will be making Manhattan its home for the long haul.

The 15-foot-tall vinyl rat made to look like the president, with its coiffed blond hair and signature hand gestures, remained outside Trump Tower near 59th Street Tuesday. Although it will come down later in the evening, fans of the Trump Rat will likely see it again (and soon) in Chelsea, according to John Post Lee, who commissioned the inflatable. Lee co-owns the BravinLee art gallery in Chelsea. [MORE]

As explained by Doc Blynd in FUNKTIONARY  

Race - a totally artificial theologically-driven, biologically-based, and scientifically-invalid "European" ideology of human genetic evolution and classification coiniciding with the emergence of colonialism and the rise of the transatlantic slave trade. 2) hue-man's greatest and most manipulated myth—just a pigment of your imagination. Race is not real but the psycho-socio-economic effects of racism surely is. Race as a biological construct has been created to be wrongly confused with ethnic identity in order to establish the sense of "otherness" and de-humanization of melanated peoples around the globe. Europeans are racing to thwart genetic annihilation and genetic diversification (human biological variation) in the form of "government" created and sponsored microbiological genocide and cloning.

Races are not biologically real, nor can humans be divided into scientifically valid, biologically distinct groupings or races based on subjective, arbitrary and superficial observable criteria (genetic traits). If scientists were true to the scientific reality, we would have to map millions of genetic traits that would translate into millions of "races." Scientifically there is no such thing as "race" but as a social construct for divisiveness and exploitation, there are only three races, the rat-race, the ego-race and the hue-man race—i.e., Homo sapien sapien. (See: RAT RACE, Special Operation "X," Contemporary Insanity, Biosemiotics, Mentacide, WHO, AIDS, White Supremacy Racism, Melanin, Europe & Hue-man) RACE - Ruling Aristocratic Class Exploitation. 2) Repressive Anglo Covenants Enforced. (See: Manifest Density, White Supremacy, Opposition Imaging, Racism, Capital Punishment, URBAN, Commodity, Imperialism & Yurugu) racehorse - the only animal that can take several thousand suckers for a ride all at the same time. (See: Race Track) 


Republican State Lawmakers Propose Anti-Protest Bills to Protect Drivers That Run Over Protesters

From [HERE] A number of state legislatures have considered bills that shield drivers from liability if they run over protesters, who are “obstructing” traffic.

These anti-protest bills from Republican lawmakers reflect a political climate in which far-right activists increasingly find it permissible to mow down Black Lives Matter protesters and other anti-racist demonstrators.

James Fields, a 20-year-old neo-Nazi, drove a Dodge Charger at high speed into the back of a vehicle and through a crowd of people opposing white supremacists in Charlottesville. Fields very quickly threw the car into reverse and injured more people as he left the scene. Bodies flew into the air, and Heather Heyer, a bankruptcy attorney, was killed.

He was charged with second-degree murder in addition to “three counts of malicious wounding and failing to stop at an accident that resulted in a death.” He was denied bond.

Counter-protesters, who witnessed the act, call it terrorism. The video makes it clear Fields deliberately targeted demonstrators.

Proposed bills have not excused conduct intended to target protesters deliberately, however, lawmakers like Republican State Representative Keith Kempenich of North Dakota find the legislation to be a necessary response to protests that cross the line and become “terrorism.”

Kempenich specifically introduced the bill to curtail demonstrations by indigenous activists and opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He said when protesters are on roadways and challenge motorists, “that’s an intentional act of intimidation—the definition of terrorism.” [MORE]


FBI & DHS Warned Trump White Nationalists Posed A Terror Threat Months Before Charlottesville

From [HERE] According to an internal document obtained by Foreign Policy, domestic intelligence agencies warned President Trump of white supremacists' threat back in May. The document, which reviews white supremacist activities in 2016, said that the faction “likely will continue to pose a threat of lethal violence over the next year.”

The news of the document came in the days following the deadly violence at a "Unite The Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA., where white supremacist demonstrators clashed with counter-protestors. The violence came to a peak when a car slammed into a crowd of counter-protestors, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer. The man suspected of driving that car into the crowd is 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr., was reportedly a member of the white nationalist group demonstrating to prevent the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

President Trump's initial statement regarding the attack — that there was violence "on many sides" — has been fiercely criticized because some believed that Trump was unwilling to critique the white supremacists who claim they support him. Trump finally issued a pointed condemnation on Monday, a whole two days after Charlottesville. “Racism is evil,” Trump said. “And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

The document from the FBI and DHS also stated that since 2000, white supremacists have killed more people than any other domestic terror group in the United States. They caused 49 deaths over the course of 26 attacks. Furthermore, according to the bulletin, "racial minorities have been the primary victims" of white supremacist violence.

The report also recounted several gruesome attacks carried out by white supremacists in 2016. In February of that year, a lone white supremacists allegedly attacked an 18-year-old Asian woman with a hatchet. She was taking photographs for a school project in Nashville, Indiana, and survived the attack, fortunately. The man who faces charges related to the attack said, according to court documents, that he is a white supremacist and "wanted to kill the student because of her race." The man is in custody and awaits trial. [MORE]


White Evangelist Russell Moore says 'White Supremacy Angers [the white] Jesus & his [white] father, God' 

"Racism does not serve God" -Neely Fuller. Above Bruce Levell, a Sambo from the MoTeaSuh Tribe [mo' tea sir?] defends massa Trump from any criticisms from do-gooder, white evangelistic pastor who drops a few "revelation sandwiches." Segment is prior to Devil Trump's meltdown. Neely Fuller says that most white people have made racism/white supremacy their religion and have made themselves the God of that religion.

From [HERE] Leading US evangelical and Southern Baptist Russell Moore has offered blistering critique of white supremacy following the events at Charlottesville, calling the ideology 'terrorism, Satanism and devil worship.'

'White supremacy angers Jesus of Nazareth. The question is: Does it anger his church?' Moore asked yesterday, writing for the Washington Post, after incendiary white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia saw one person killed at the weekend. [MORE]

Interesting, but what does Moore mean when he says "white supremacy?"

Racists like to confuse with language. The terms "racist,""racists," nazi, nationalist, white supremacy and racism are used interchangeably or confusingly by racists or persons confused by racists -- with what is actually best described as bigotry or just name calling. 

In reality, to be a racist is to be an "upholder, supporter and perpetrator of the institution of the White Supremacy Dynamic in a system of oppression (structured and perpetuated injustice—racism.)" 

There is no system of Black supremacy. Nelly Fuller has observed that there is only one functioning form of racism in the known world- White supremacy. He challen­ges his readers to identify and then to demonstrate the superiority or functional supremacy of any of the world's "non-white" peoples over anyone. Concluding that since there is no operational supremacy of any "colored" people, Fuller reveals that the only valid operational definition of racism is white supremacy.

He observes that in spite of any and all statements the world's "non-white" peoples may make about themselves having economic and/or political independence and the like, in the final analysis, they are all victims of the white supremacy process. He places major emphasis on the present realities of the world that can be verified and tested, rather than on what one could imagine to be the case (such as a black or yellow supremacy). He further emphasizes that, instead of focusing on individual cases or on specific locations, a perspective that examines the patterns of relationships between whites and "non-whites" worldwide must be developed. [MORE]

Racism is white supremacy and white supremacy is racism'Everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Chicago or Zimbabwe, the Whites are in control. This extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every known statistical law of probability is rarely questioned by African Americans (90% of the world is non-white)'. [MORE]

Anon explains: 

Q: Why is it called “Racism/White Supremacy?”

A: Because this describes exactly WHO is practicing racism. For one group to practice racism that group must have MORE POWER than another group. Since whites control ALL the major areas of human activity in America — housing, education, health, entertainment, economics, politics, law, and religion — it is accurate to define all “racism” as “white supremacy.” We must be accurate so the victims of racism do not become confused. 

Q: Isn’t all racism the same, regardless of who is practicing it?

A: There is only ONE kind of racism: white supremacy. White people are the only group in America with the POWER to discriminate (deprive or punish other ethnic groups), and the systems and institutions to maintain the imbalance of power.

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White Chicago Cop Might Lose his Job After Lying Over & Over to Cover Up the Murder of Darius Pinex

From [HERE] and [HEREChicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has moved to fire an officer accused of lying about the circumstances that led him and his partner to fatally shoot a motorist on the South Side more than six years ago.

Johnson's decision comes about six months after the Independent Police Review Authority found that Officer Raoul Mosqueda violated Police Department policies in the 2011 fatal shooting of 27-year-old Darius Pinex. IPRA had recommended to Johnson that Mosqueda be fired.

In a 34-page report issued in February, IPRA noted discrepancies between a police dispatch recording and the testimony repeatedly given by Mosqueda about how the shooting unfolded.

In its report, IPRA concluded that Mosqueda lied on three occasions — during his initial statement to IPRA investigators immediately following the Jan. 7, 2011, shooting, at a 2013 deposition for a lawsuit filed by Pinex's family and then on the stand at trial in 2015 over the lawsuit. Even after the trial, Mosqueda stood by his version while giving another statement to IPRA investigators last September, the report said.

On Monday, a police spokesman said Mosqueda was suspended without pay Saturday. He had been stripped of his police powers when IPRA made its recommendation in February.

Days before IPRA recommended his firing, Mosqueda was promoted by the the Police Department to field training officer at a ceremony at Navy Pier.

His case will now be heard before the nine-member, mayoral-appointed police board, which will decide whether he should be fired.

The city settled the lawsuit with Pinex's family in December for about $3.5 million.

Pinex was fatally shot by two police officers during a traffic stop in 2011. Mosqueda and his partner, Gildardo Sierra, fired into a moving car at Pinex even though he had not displayed a weapon.

The first trial had concluded with a jury finding in favor of the city and the officers.

But the case erupted into controversy in January when U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang ordered a new trial and found that Jordan Marsh, then a Law Department lawyer, had intentionally withheld crucial evidence. Marsh resigned, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel hired longtime Chicago lawyer Dan Webb to conduct a third-party review of the department.

In taking the rare action of striking the city's motion for summary judgment from the record, the judge said a reasonable jury could conclude that officers Gildardo Sierra and Raul Mosqueda "lied and covered up" their reasons for stopping Pinex's car the night of the shooting.

Chang wrote in his four-page order that the officers had given inconsistent statements about an emergency dispatch they allegedly heard describing Pinex's Oldsmobile as wanted in an earlier shooting. When the recording finally was produced at trial in April 2015 — after years of city lawyers denying it existed — there was no mention of a shooting or a gun, the judge said.

Chang said a jury could "reasonably reject the lawfulness of the stop."

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Freedom of Movement or Negro Removal? Gang of White Maplewood Cops Attack & Remove Black Teen From Town - Suit Filed

From [HERE] A Black New Jersey teenager has filed a lawsuit after he claims he was following a white police officers' orders when he became the victim of brutality.

Recent high school graduate Jason McDougal said he was doing what police told him to when a gang of white Maplewood officers suddenly slammed him to the ground, sprayed him with mace, and punched and kicked him, all while using racial epithets.

It happened early in the morning on July 5, 2016, after the then 16-year-old and his friends had been out watching fireworks, and the incident was caught on camera.

The video shows the encounter between police and the group on teens, and the community had to go to court to get it released after the teens complained they were surrounded by cops and forced into the neighboring community of Irvington.

"Maplewood police officers herded children," attorney Robert Tarver said. "He was 16 years old at the time. In the dead of night. Away from their homes."

McDougal and his family are filing a federal civil rights claim, since they say their past efforts to get justice have been unsuccessful.

"He was punched in the head no less than 13 times while on the ground and while being restrained by all these officers," Tarver said.

Officials in Maplewood have asked for the police chiefs resignation in light of the case.

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Family Seeks Help from Dept of Racism [Justice] after Unaccountable MS Cops 'Mistakenly' Murder Latino Man

From [HERE] An attorney for the family of a Latino man shot and killed last month by police is opening up about a new request for a federal investigation into his death.

“The family’s still in shock,” said Lopez family attorney Aaron Neglia. “From day one, the only thing they wanted to do was clear their father’s and husband’s name.”

Ismael Lopez, 41, was killed when officers mistakenly went to his house on a domestic violence call. Police even shot his dog.

But the suspect they were looking for actually lived across the street.

The story made national headlines and sparked protests.

“We have to stop that and see if we can bring light to the matter of corrupt police departments,” said Pastor Rolando Rostro at a July 27 protest in front of the Southaven Police Department.

Family attorneys Friday wrote a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, requesting a federal investigation into the case and pointing out what they call a lack of transparency by the Southaven Police Department.

“They didn’t release the information on the police officers who were involved, they haven’t released any relevant information as to how this could have happened, most importantly they haven’t offered any condolences or apologies for killing an innocent man,” Neglia said.

Attorneys also argue that both Lopez’s wife and a neighbor say police never announced themselves when they knocked on his door that night, something Neglia said police are required by law to do before taking any action.

“All he heard was pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, and then pop, pop, pop of the gunshot,” he said.

Investigators insist Lopez cracked the door and pointed a gun at them, although attorneys said evidence photos from the scene prove he was shot through a closed door.

“Mr. Lopez was about six to eight feet away from the door when he was shot in the back of the head,” Neglia said. [MORE]


Fed Court Says TX Discriminated against Black & Latino voters when it Created State Congressional Districts 

From [HERE] A federal court has ruled that the Texas Legislature intentionally discriminated against black and brown voters when creating state congressional districts in 2011 — and then failed to fix this racist line-drawing in 2013. 

In a long-awaited 107-page decision, the three judge panel ruled that the GOP-led Texas Legislature had drawn two congressional districts to favor the votes of white, conservative voters — and not reflecting the growing population of Latino and African-American (and predominately liberal) voters. The districts at fault are 27, represented by Corpus Christi Congressman Blake Farenthold, and 35, a district including parts of San Antonio represented by Congressman Lloyd Doggett.

The judges write that Doggett's district, which runs up I-35, touching parts of Austin and San Antonio was drawn using "race as a tool for partisan goals."

"What Republicans did was not just wrong, it was unconstitutional," Doggett wrote in a Tuesday press statement.

In Corpus Christi's District 27 district, the judges write, "Hispanic voters were intentionally deprived of their opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice." 

And even when the Legislature was given an option to fix the problem in 2013 — after voting rights groups sued the state for discriminatory redistricting — they purposefully decided not to, the court concluded.

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Supreme Court to Decide Whether Government Make Can Seize Your Cell Phone Location Records w/o A Warrant

From [HERE] The question to be answered by the Supreme Court regarding privacy is "Whether the warrantless seizure and search of historical cell phone records revealing the location and movements of a cell phone user over the course of 127 days is permitted by the Fourth Amendment." The petition was filed by groups like the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation on August 7, 2017. The case was filed is asking the court to reverse the judgement of the Sixth Circuit Court. You could review the full brief filed with the court here.

According to a new report posted today, a 44-page amicus brief was filed and signed by more than a dozen prominent tech companies such as Apple, Verizon, Facebook, Google and others.

The report further noted that "Cell phone location data has become increasingly important to investigations in recent years, as it can pinpoint a suspect's location by triangulating the signal among cell towers. Cell phone companies regularly get requests from police and other government agencies tied to investigations.

The issue is central to the appeal filed by Timothy Carpenter, who was convicted in 2011 of a series of armed robberies in Ohio and Michigan with the help of past cell phone location data. Officers dug through 127 days' worth of data provided by MetroPCS and Sprint. From that, they pulled together about 12,898 different locations for Carpenter during the time of the robberies.

Carpenter's conviction hinged on his cell phone location data, and he lost an appeal at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals last April. In the appellate decision, the judges ruled that cell phone location data didn't merit Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and that the officers didn't need a warrant, as Carpenter's lawyers argued."

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Trump Hates Freedom of Speech: US Government Demands Details on All Visitors to anti-Trump Protest Website

From [HERE] One of the core principles enshrined in the Fourth Amendment is a prohibition on general searches — meaning, the government cannot simply go fishing for a wide range of information in the hope that some kind of useful evidence will turn up. But that’s exactly what the government appears to be doing with a newly revealed search warrant seeking reams of digital records about an Inauguration Day protest website that could implicate more than 1 million users.

We first learned yesterday that within days of President Trump’s inauguration, the web server hosting company DreamHost received a subpoena from the government seeking records about a website hosted on its servers. Now the government has followed up that initial demand with a search warrant seeking a huge array of records “related to” the website. Those records would include the IP addresses of over 1.3 million visitors to the site.

The demand would've been concerning no matter what, but the particular website being targeted rings serious alarm bells: an organizing website, called, intended for individuals planning to stage protests at the inauguration of President Trump in January. After DreamHost raised objections to the warrant, which it sees as overbroad under the Fourth Amendment and potentially chilling under the First Amendment, the government went to court in July seeking to compel DreamHost’s compliance. A court hearing on the matter is scheduled for this Friday. 

This is not the only time the government has gone after Inauguration Day protesters with unusually aggressive means. The protests have also been at the focus of a major investigation by D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department. So far, more than 200 protestors have been charged with crimes such as “property damage” and “felony riot,” and the D.C. Police seized and searched hundreds of protestors’ cell phones.

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Suit says Extreme Overcrowding in Uncivilized Nebraska Prison has Caused Needless Suffering & Inmate Deaths

Gender Annihilation and Family Destruction Center At 159% Capacity. From [HERE] After months of threats, the ACLU of Nebraska filed a lawsuit early Wednesday, alleging that “extreme” overcrowding in the state’s prison system has caused “needless suffering and death” of inmates, as well as unsafe conditions for staff.

“For over twenty years, Nebraska state prisons have been overcrowded, under-resourced, and understaffed. The result is a dangerous system in perpetual crisis,” stated the civil rights lawsuit, filed electronically just after midnight to the U.S. District Court.

The lawsuit names the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, its director, Scott Frakes, and the Nebraska Board of Parole among its defendants.

The 87-page suit alleges that inmates, especially those with disabilities and mental health problems, are denied adequate health care and that some inmates spend months and years in solitary confinement, sometimes shackled, particularly harming those with mental illnesses.

Those conditions, the ACLU claims, violate inmates’ constitutional rights to “a community standard” of health care and violate federal statutes governing care for inmates with disabilities.

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Racist Trump Blows Off Funeral of "Fantastic Woman" Assassinated by Terrorist

From [HERE] “RACISM IS EVIL,” declared Donald Trump on Monday, “and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

OK, “declared” may be too strong a word for what we heard from the president. “Stated” is perhaps a better descriptor. “Read out” might be the most accurate of all. Trump made these “additional remarks” with great reluctance and only after two days of intense criticism from both the media and senior Republicans over his original remarks blaming “many sides” for the neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The words were not his own: they were scripted by aides and delivered with the assistance of a teleprompter. The president reserved his personal, off-the-cuff ire on Monday for the black CEO of Merck, not for the white fascists of Virginia.

Much of the frenzied media coverage of what CNN dubbed “48 hours of turmoil for the Trump White House” has overlooked one rather crucial point: Trump doesn’t like being forced to denounce racism for the very simple reason that he himself is, and always has been, a racist.

Consider the first time the president’s name appeared on the front page of the New York Times, more than 40 years ago. “Major Landlord Accused of Antiblack Bias in City,” read the headline of the A1 piece on Oct. 16, 1973, which pointed out how Richard Nixon’s Department of Justice had sued the Trump family’s real estate company in federal court over alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act.

“The government contended that Trump Management had refused to rent or negotiate rentals ‘because of race and color,’” the Times revealed. “It also charged that the company had required different rental terms and conditions because of race and that it had misrepresented to blacks that apartments were not available.” (Trump later settled with the government without accepting responsibility).

Over the next four decades, Trump burnished his reputation as a bigot: he was accused of ordering “all the black [employees] off the floor” of his Atlantic City casinos during his visits; claimed “laziness is a trait in blacks” and “not anything they can control”; requested Jews “in yarmulkes” replace his black accountants; told Bryan Gumbel that “a well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market”; demanded the death penalty for a group of black and Latino teenagers accused of raping a jogger in Central Park (and, despite their later exoneration with the use of DNA evidence, has continued to insist they are guilty); suggested a Native American tribe “don’t look like Indians to me”; mocked Chinese and Japanese trade negotiators by doing an impression of them in broken English; described undocumented Mexican immigrants as “rapists”; compared Syrian refugees to “snakes”; defended two supporters who assaulted a homeless Latino man as “very passionate” people “who love this country”; pledged to ban a quarter of humanity from entering the United States; proposed a database to track American Muslims that he himself refused to distinguish from the Nazi registration of German Jews; implied Jewish donors “want to control” politicians and are all sly negotiators; heaped praise on the “amazing reputation” of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has blamed America’s problems on a “Jewish mafia”; referred to a black supporter at a campaign rally as “my African-American”; suggested the grieving Muslim mother of a slain U.S. army officer “maybe … wasn’t allowed” to speak in public about her son; accused an American-born Hispanic judge of being “a Mexican”; retweeted anti-Semitic and anti-black memes, white supremacists, and even a quote from Benito Mussolini; kept a book of Hitler’s collected speeches next to his bed; declined to condemn both David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan; and spent five years leading a “birther” movement that was bent on smearing and delegitimizing the first black president of the United States, who Trump also accused of being the founder of ISIS.

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Belk Store in North Carolina Arranged Mannequins to Resemble Nazi Salute

From [HERE] Racial and anti-Semitic symbolism appeared to rear its ugly head Sunday in North Carolina, when rows of mannequins at a Belk department store were rearranged with outstretched arms reminiscent of Nazi salutes.

Belk, Inc. is an American department store chain founded in 1888 by William Henry Belk in Monroe, North Carolina with 300 locations in 16 states. Belk stores and offer apparel, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings and wedding registry. [MORE] Fuck them too. Stop supporting white supremacy.

The incident happened at a Belk location in Cary Towne Center. A customer inside the store took the photo and posted it to social media, saying, in part, "How many people walked by this and didn't notice, oblivious, or saw it and did nothing? Awestruck, I watched about twenty before I couldn't take it. It's about action, and when it comes to racism and inequality, no act of defending love and equality is small."

The arms have since been reset to their normal positions.

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Full Transcript & Video: Devil Trump’s News Conference Meltdown in New York

President Trump gave an update on the administration’s efforts on infrastructure on Tuesday at Trump Tower, and then held a combative question-and-answer session that touched on the violence in Charlottesville, Va., his view on removing Confederate statues, Stephen K. Bannon’s role in the White House and more.

Following is a transcript of those remarks, as prepared by The New York Times. It has been lightly edited for clarity.

TRUMP: Great to be back in New York with all of our friends and some great friends outside the building, I must tell you.

I want to thank all of our distinguished guests who are with us today, including members of our cabinet: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, O.M.B. Director Mick Mulvaney, and of course our transportation secretary, who’s doing a fabulous job, Elaine Chao. Thank you all for doing a really incredible and creative job on what we are going to be discussing today, which is infrastructure. We’ve just had a great set of briefings upstairs on our infrastructure agenda.

My administration is working every day to deliver the world-class infrastructure that our people deserve, and that frankly our country deserves. That’s why I just signed a new executive order to dramatically reform the nation’s badly broken infrastructure permitting process.

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Photo Shows Racists Trying to Beat Black Man to Death Next Door to Charlottesville Police Station

Gang of Racists in Charlottesville Feloniously Assault Local School Teacher w/ Deadly Weapon Over Skin Color Difference. 

From [Greg PalastDon’t look away.  Four white neo-Nazis are beating a Black man, crawling on the ground, with their metal poles and a yellow hunk of lumber. The beating continues – there’s blood on the pavement.

Our photographer, Zach D. Roberts, continues to shoot – even as a white militant raises a 9mm pistol to his face.

Zach got a shot of the gun and gunman, too. Luckily, the gunman didn’t shoot back.

One photo has gone viral internationally.  These others we bring you here because they must be seen.  Including, for the first time, the gunman.

Welcome to Charlottesville, USA.  Trump’s America, month eight.

The young victim is De’Andre Harris, a special education teacher in Charlottesville. 

According to the President, the violence was perpetrated on “many sides.”  The only sides I see are the beaters and the beaten; Deandre on the ground with the alt-Right storm troopers with weapons.

Zach D. Roberts is an investigative photojournalist who has been with the Palast investigations team for eleven years.

Here is Zach’s report.  De’Andre Harris, the school teacher, was walking down the street with friends, trading taunts with the white supremacist demonstrators. 

Harris’ jibes were hardly fighting words.  “Go home!  Leave town!”  Locals like Harris resented the jack-ass invasion.

That’s when fists flew and Harris was slammed by one of the white guys straight into a parking lot barrier so hard the yellow wooden arm broke.

Now De’Andre fell to the ground, “alone, surrounded by all these white guys—and they started beating him with the poles that almost all the white supremacists were carrying.”

In the photos, you can see one white guy picking up the yellow barrier arm and raising the three foot hunk of lumber high over his head before he brings it down on Deandre—who is being kicked by another white man’s boots while two others bring down metal rods on the prone man.

And no, that’s not a cop on the left in the photo—that’s a neo-Nazi in full riot gear.  (Where were the cops?  Good question:  this parking garage is next to the Charlottesville Police Station.)

De’Andre was saved when some gutsy young Black men—with no weapons—ran into the underground garage– and the white posse scattered. 

Except for one.  The gunman.

He pulled out what looks to be a 9mm pistol, maybe a Glock semi-automatic, and positioned himself to fire on the rescue squad. But then he heard the click of Zach’s camera, just three feet away, and realized he was getting photographed.

Simultaneously, Zach realized he’d left his bullet-proof vest in his car.  (I’ll have that discussion with him later.)

In this strange stand-off, the camera proved mightier than the bullet. In his tiny little brain, the would-be shooter figured it would be wiser to quickly conceal the weapon and flee.

De’Andre “ran into the garage’s staircase and collapsed bleeding profusely from the face.” Zach waited with him and his protectors for half an hour but no ambulance arrived for him or the other people who were injured. 

So, that’s the news from Trump’s USA.  Nazis marching in the street, nuclear war with Korea, the “military option” for Venezuela.  And it’s only Monday.

I was going to write about Korea, then Venezuela, but then the Armed Alt-Righteous exposed themselves to Zach’s lens.

The Virginia story is not over.  We will be going back to Virginia on September 9 to the capital, Richmond, to fight for the right for Black folk to arm themselves with the one weapon these white punks fear most:  the vote.

Between snapping photos of America gone mad, Zach has been working these past four years with me on a story of how Trump’s henchman, one Kris Kobach, now head of Trump’s so-called, “Election Integrity Commission,” conceived of a secretive program to remove hundreds of thousands of Black Americans from the voter rolls.

Virginia removed an astonishing 41,637 voters based on Kobach’s accusation they could have voted twice.  Not one of the accused was arrested—but, you won’t be surprised to hear, the list of the “scrubbed” was filled with African-American names.

And Virginia is removing tens of thousands more with this Jim Crow tactic—despite a nominally Democratic Governor, Terry McAuliffe. 

Virginia refused us their “scrub” lists.  But Zach Roberts, by stellar investigative work, obtained a copy—half a million names in all--much to the state’s dismay.  And those lists are every bit as obscenely racist and, in the long run, far more wounding, than the iron rods of the neo-Nazis.

So, thank you, Zach, for the photos that bear witness and inside documents that reveal their secret schemes.

For the rest of us, our job is simpler:  not to look away.