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Deeper than Atlantis

A UN backed construction authority has said rebuilding Gaza’s battered and neglected housing stock will take at least 20 years as thousands of houses were razed or suffered damage in Israel’s Genocidal operation

From [HERE] A UN backed construction authority has said rebuilding Gaza’s battered and neglected housing stock will take at least 20 years as thousands of houses were razed or suffered damage in Israel’s Protective Edge operation.

Shelter Cluster, an international organization involved in assessing post-conflict reconstruction, which is co-chaired by the UN refugee agency and the Red Cross, says that 17,000 houses were destroyed or severely damaged during the seven week war between Israel and Hamas.

An additional 5,000 homes still needed work after previous wars, while Gaza with its 1.8 million people squeezed into 5046/km2 of land has a housing deficit of 75,000 houses.

Palestinian officials have put the cost of rebuilding Gaza at $6 billion, but any reconstruction efforts will be hampered by a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt since Hamas seized power in Gaza in 2007.

Israel has severely restricted the import of concrete and other building materials into Gaza fearing that they could be used to reinforce bunkers and cross border attack tunnels, which Hamas uses for its rocket attacks on Israel. [MORE]


Police cameras do not Stop White Supremacy/Racism - [neither do teddy bears, candlelight vigils or praying to the white jesusss]

From [HERE] The tragically familiar story that has been unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri — as it has elsewhere [its global], over and over and over again — has Americans searching for answers. In the weeks since Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, the spotlight has once again fallen on police violence — including how officers’ version of events are too often presented as the authoritative truth. The national outrage suggests a day of reckoning may finally be at hand. But whether or not it results in a convicted cop, it will almost certainly mean more surveillance cameras.

There have been repeated calls for police officers to wear body-mounted cameras in the weeks since the Brown shooting. On Monday, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill proposed withholding federal funding from police departments that don’t implement the cameras. After all, many rightly wonder, what would have happened if Wilson had been wearing a camera during the encounter, which ended with Brown being shot at least six times, his hands reportedly raised in surrender? And what of the subsequent spectacle, in which hordes of anonymous, military-clad cops aimed sniper rifles at crowds of protesters, threatened and arrested journalists and fired copious amounts of tear gas and rubber bullets into the streets and even residents’ front yards? 

Demands such as McCaskill’s have an undeniable appeal. But systems meant to monitor the police are not a panacea for police aggression and must be implemented properly in order to be fair and effective. [anyway]

[according to Dr. Blynd] Racism -  White Supremacy. Racism is a power group dynamic, i.e., a defined group cooperatively via legacy institutions exerting structured, systematic injustice and power over another group. Racism is not individualistic, but institutional, cultural, economic, political, linguistic, self perpetuating and systematic. Racism is economic discrimination by a group against another for the purpose of subjugation and/or maintaining the imbalance of power through cooperative control and oppression. The socioeconomic and cultural bequest of colonialism and neo-Colonialism. Racism has its bio-physiological origins in the immune response of primitive life-forms to foreign matter and has its geo-psychological roots in the response of primitive humans encountering more intelligent ones based on the meme of scarcity and the fear of genetic annihilation through genetic assimilation. "Racism destroys men - and women- as much by what it denies them as by what it metes out to them " - Isiah Thomas. "It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting moral suasion on a people who have no ethics or morality where race is a variable." Bobby Wright"If you don't understand racism white supremacy, everything else you think you know will only confuse you." Neely Fuller, Jr. (See White Supremacy, Yurugu, Ma'afa & Caucasion). 

[according to Dr. Welsing] RACISM (white supremacy), is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet earth – a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as non-white (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people.”

  • People who classify themselves as White, who wish to be taken seriously, and who are righteous and responsible, will only talk about ending White Supremacy (Racism) and replacing it with Justice.

Black Lawyers For Justice file $40 Million Lawsuit against Ferguson and St. Louis for "militaristic displays of force and weaponry" [expect white supremacy]

From [HERE] and [HERE] Six people brought a lawsuit on Thursday against the city of Ferguson , Missouri, and several officials for the use of unnecessary and unwarranted force [complaint, PDF] by St. Louis County Police and Ferguson Police against demonstrators protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown. The complaint describes the experiences of five protesters who were arrested during or immediately following demonstrations, some of whom suffered extensive injuries as a result of the use of excessive force by their arresting officers. Specific charges in the complaint include false arrest, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent supervision, assault and battery, deprivation of civil rights, and failure to train, supervise, and discipline. The plaintiffs have asked for $40 million in actual damages, with punitive damages as determined to be appropriate by a jury.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, says law enforcement met the broad public outcry over the Aug. 9 killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown with "militaristic displays of force and weaponry," and engaged U.S. citizens "as if they were war combatants."

The lawsuit, filed by D.C.-based Black Lawyers For Justice (BLFJ), seeks a total of $40 million on behalf of six plaintiffs, including a 17-year-old boy who was with his mother in a fast-food restaurant when they were arrested. Each of the plaintiffs was caught up in interactions with police over a period from Aug. 11 to 13, the suit alleges.

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Wrongful Death Suit says East Point Cops “acted with malice and a deliberate intent": Handcuffed Black Man Shocked with Taser 14 times 

From [HERE] and [HERE] More than four months after a 24-year-old Black man died following an arrest in which the police used Taser devices on him up to 13 times, his family Thursday filed a wrongful-death suit against the Atlanta suburb of East Point and two of its former officers.

The family of Gregory L. Towns Jr., who was arrested on April 11 after he fled on foot from officers who wanted to question him about a domestic dispute, said in the lawsuit that police officers in East Point had “acted with malice and a deliberate intent to cause grievous bodily injury, pain and death” to Mr. Towns.

Amid national attention to police shootings involving black men, Mr. Towns’s death seemed certain to provoke new discussion about the use in law enforcement of Tasers, which critics have implicated in hundreds of deaths nationwide. The lawsuit came ahead of a decision by a prosecutor here over whether to pursue charges against any police officers in connection with Mr. Towns’s death. Mr. Towns was black, as were both of the officers named in the lawsuit.

But lawyers representing Mr. Towns’s family said they believed they had already gathered enough evidence to file a civil case against the officers, Sgt. Marcus Eberhart and Cpl. Howard J. Weems Jr., and East Point, a city of about 35,500 just south of Atlanta. The lawsuit, filed in the name of Mr. Towns’s estate and his infant son, contends that officers abused and eventually killed a handcuffed Mr. Towns after his arrest by using Taser devices on him up to 13 times in a 29-minute period.

“East Point needs to pay for what they did to my brother because he didn’t deserve to be electrocuted 13 times, or anything more than one time,” Tiarra Towns said Thursday at a news conference. The family declined to say how much compensation they would seek.

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White Prosecutors Recommend Humane, Minimum Sentence for White Man who Murdered Unarmed Black Woman Seeking Help [shot in face w/shotgun] 

b/c "White Life is More Valuable the Black Life" and Harsh Sentences are Reserved for Non-whites who Victimize Whites in a White Over Black System [MORE] From [HERE] and [HERE] White Prosecutors are recommending at least 17 years in prison for a Detroit-area man who killed an unarmed Black woman on his porch, while his lawyer is urging a judge to go as low as six years. [in photo, prosecutor Athina Siringas]

Theodore Wafer, 55, a racist suspect from Dearborn Heights returns to court next Wednesday, about a month after he was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting of Renisha McBride.

In a court filing, Wayne County prosecutors said Wafer's sentencing guidelines for murder call for a minimum punishment anywhere between 15 and 25 years in prison. That would be in addition to an automatic two-year sentence for unlawful use of a gun.

Prosecutors said they would be comfortable with a sentence within the guidelines. Wafer, like other convicts, could be released by the Michigan parole board after he serves whatever minimum sentence is ordered by Judge Dana Hathaway. The guidelines for his sentence are enhanced because the jury also convicted Wafer of manslaughter, assistant prosecutor Athina Siringas said. He is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 3.

Wafer, a white Dearborn Heights resident, admitted to blasting Renisha McBride in the face with a shotgun, killing her instantly as she stood on his front porch early during the morning of Nov. 2, 2013, allegedly seeking help after a car accident. He shot her through a locked screen door. [MORE


Court: 'Brutal' Cavity Search by Long Beach Police Violated Black Man's Rights

From [HERE] The “brutal and physically invasive” removal of a package containing cocaine during a body-cavity search of a suspected drug dealer without a warrant violated his Fourth Amendment rights, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Mark Tyrell Fowlkes, a Black man, appealing his conviction on drug charges, claimed that police officers lacking medical training or a warrant forcibly removed a plastic bag of cocaine during the search at a jail in Long Beach, Calif., in violation of his right against unreasonable searches and seizures.

On Monday, a split panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the officers should have had a warrant and that the actual search was unreasonable.

“The lack of a warrant coupled with the unreasonable and dangerous methods used during the body-cavity search compel our conclusion that this search violated Fowlkes’s Fourth Amendment rights and that the district court should have suppressed the evidence,” Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw wrote in the majority opinion.

Thomas Sleisenger of the Law Offices of Thomas P. Sleisenger in Los Angeles, who represents Fowlkes, said the decision should have a “sobering effect on the techniques and protocols the jails use.”

“Hopefully, they’ll look to this case and be more circumspect before they attempt to extract something from someone’s body cavity without considering obtaining a warrant,” he said.

He said the decision, which reversed a portion of his client’s conviction stemming from the jailhouse search, could reduce the eight years of supervised release imposed during sentencing. Fowlkes already has served his prison sentence of three years and 10 months.

The majority opinion contrasted the case with the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2012 decision in Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders, when the court said that warrantless strip searches didn’t automatically run afoul of the Fourth Amendment.

Following his arrest, Fowlkes was taken to a small room with five Long Beach Police Department officers. One officer said Fowlkes was attempting to push drugs into his body cavity just before the search, so he stunned him with a Taser gun. Then the officers handcuffed Fowlkes.

Claiming he could see a plastic bag protruding from Fowlkes’ anus, the officer put on protective gloves to remove it, according to the opinion. The bag, once removed, was covered in blood.

“This case dealt with an actual extraction, so it was definitely unreasonable, if not barbaric,” Sleisenger said. “The problem is that they could see some object, but they didn’t know how large the object was. Turned out the object was a lot larger than they thought.” [MORE]


Black Man was Helpless after the 1st Taser Shot: Jury Finds White Charlotte-Mecklenburg Cop Liable in Wrongful Death Suit [cop still has job]  

From [HERE] A federal jury decided on Thursday that a white Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officer used excessive force in the 2011 death of a Black man who died after being twice shocked by the officer’s Taser.

After a day and a half of deliberations, the jury awarded the parents of La-Reko Williams $500,000. Williams died July 20, 2011, after being shocked twice by CMPD Officer Michael Forbes. The five women and three men on the panel voted not to award punitive damages.

However, the award marked the third time this year that the city or police either paid to settle a weapons case or lost in court. Another CMPD officer faces criminal and civil charges from the fatal shooting of Jonathan Ferrell a year ago. The jury’s award against Forbes will be paid by the city.

Williams’ parents, Temako McCarthy and Anthony Williams, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Forbes, asking for $3.5 million in damages. The lawsuit accused the officer of causing the death of the 21-year-old Williams three years ago when Forbes responded to a call about a fight at a light-rail station.

The complaint originally named the city, police Chief Rodney Monroe and Taser International Inc. as other targets. But they were either dropped by the plaintiffs or granted immunity by U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn before the trial.

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'Damage Beyond Imagination' - Israeli Genocide of [non-whites] Palestinians on Pause with "Ceasefire"

"We are in a State of Self Defense" From [HERE] Israelis and Palestinians have agreed to an indefinite ceasefire, ending Israel’s 50-day assault on the Gaza Strip. Palestinian health officials say 2,139 people, most of them civilians — including more than 490 children — were killed in the Israeli offensive. Israel’s death toll stood at 64 soldiers and six civilians. The ceasefire deal was mediated by Egyptian officials in Cairo and took effect on Tuesday evening. It calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities, an opening of Gaza’s blockaded crossings with Israel and Egypt, and a widening of the territory’s fishing zone in the Mediterranean. In video above award-winning Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer reports, "there are more and more people in the different parts of the Gaza Strip who are trying to resume their life and just bring it back to normal, but I must say that the damage is beyond imagination," Omer says. "We are talking about thousands of homes that have been completely and partially demolished, and over 130 mosques and over 140 schools." Hospitals were also targeted by Israelis. 


"A Mockery of Justice": Black Man seeks compensation from Louisiana for 16 years Spent in Prison for Crime he didn't Commit [the murder of a white woman]

Thousands of Black men are Serving Life or Near Life Sentences Based on Single Witnesses Testimony. From [HERE] Nearly three years ago, Michael Williams was exonerated of second-degree murder in Louisiana. According to the American Lawyer, Williams is now seeking compensation from New Orleans and the state for the more than 15 years he spent in prison for a crime he did not commit.  

In 1996, a young white woman was stabbed to death and then dumped onto a road. A single eyewitness testified that he had seen Williams and the victim arguing in Williams’ car on the night of the crime, and that he saw Williams push the victim’s body out of his car and onto the street. The eyewitness — whose testimony served as the primary evidence that led to Williams being convicted and sentenced to life in prison — recanted in 2009. Lawyers at Innocence Project New Orleans took on Williams’ case and through investigation were able to prove that police had actually talked to another witness of the crime, but never shared that additional information with the defense. [MORE] and [MORE]

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European clothes company withdraws ‘Nazi concentration camp’ pajamas with Yellow Star [no star is necessary for non-whites. Your skin color makes you a target]

From [HERE] European or racist suspect clothes giant Zara has removed a striped baby shirt with a sewn-on badge identical to the Star of David, after shoppers were outraged by its similarities to a Nazi death camp uniform. (do you think Jews will continue to support these folks the way Blacks support racist companies like Twitter, Fundforme, Barney's or Macy's?)

“The item in question, part of the Cowboy Collection for babies, was inspired by the character of the sheriff in Wild West movies,” said a statement from the fashion label after the controversy erupted within hours of the shirt going on sale. 

In its color and placement, the “sheriff’s badge” – the word Sheriff barely visible in the negative space embroidering – is a one-for-one copy of the Jewish Star. This was supplemented with a striped design, echoing the patterns on the robes worn by imprisoned Jews in SS death camps. [MORE]

In Nazi Germany , as part of the destruction process of the Jews, Hitler created an elaborate system of movement restrictions and identification measures that included personal Jew identification cards, passports marked with a J, assignment of names and the outward marking of persons with a yellow star. Jews age six years or older were allowed to appear in public only when wearing the Jewish star. The star enabled the police to pick up any Jew, anywhere, anytime.

Sound familiar to "stop and frisk" or "papers please?" or "get out the street!" In a white supremacy system there is no need for any star; non-whites are targeted because of their skin color.  [MORE] and [MORE]. 


Black Man Catches Beat Down from St. Petersburg Cops for Refusing to Roll Down Window - on video 

From [HERE] A horrifying video has emerged showing St. Petersburg police forcing a man out of his car before pouncing on him, leaving him hospitalized with several injuries, all because the cop claimed he was in fear for his life.

According to his report:

I exited my marked patrol cruiser and walked towards the vehicle and I noticed the driver staring at me with a blank stare as he continued revving the engine louder and louder. I thought by his actions the subject was going to attempt to hit me with his car.

The video, however, shows it was Curtis Shannon, a young Black man from Florida who was probably fearing for his life during the arrest. He was stopped one block from his home. Shannon is a Marine Corps Corporal. 

[Stop Pretending you are in a post-racial utopia. Forget what you believe and have in confidence in what you see and know to be real. Non-white men, especially Black men, must understand the reality that they are dealing with. This is not a benign environment and you can be killed at any time in the name of racism/white supremacy. That is reality - truths about legal rights will be of little value in the present moment of a one-on-one encounter with a racist white cop or a Black Android [programmed in service of white domination] cop. It is not fair -  but nothing is the way it should be in this white supremacy system. You are not white and are also not in a position to make demands to cops. In reality you are powerless. On the street all you should be thinking about is how to avoid 1) death, 2) injury and 3) greater confinement (avoid arrest and do not incriminate yourself) when dealing with these cops. Anything else is probably not constructive - as we see above.] 

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NYC TV Stations Give Lopsided Coverage to Black Crime: Black Suspects Were Overrepresented in Newscasts On WCBS, WNBC, WABC, And WNYW

Coverage Of Cases Involving Black Suspects Outpaced Historical Arrest Rates From NYPD Statistics. A Media Matters analysis found that four major broadcast television stations in New York City gave disproportionate coverage to crime stories involving African-American suspects over the past three months. The stations' late-night news broadcasts on weeknights covered murder, theft, and assault cases in which African-Americans were suspects at a notably higher rate than the rate at which African-Americans have historically been arrested for those crimes in New York City.

From [HERE] In stories where race could be identified, the percentage of African-American suspects in murders, thefts, and assaults covered by WCBS, WNBC, WABC, and WNYW was well above the percentage of African-American suspects who have been arrested for those crimes in New York City. According to averages of arrest statistics from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for the past four years, African-American suspects were arrested in 54 percent of murders, 55 percent of thefts, and 49 percent of assaults. Meanwhile, over the past three months, the suspects in the four stations' coverage of murders were 68 percent African-American, the suspects in their coverage of thefts were 80 percent African-American, and the suspects in their coverage of assaults were 72 percent African-American. [MORE]


White Oklahoma City Cop Charged with Rape and Serial Sexual Assault of 7 Black Women

From [HERE] A white police officer in Oklahoma has been jail in lieu of $5 million bond after being charged with serial sexual assault on multiple black women in the dilapidated neighborhoods he was assigned to patrol.

Officer Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, a racist suspect, is accused of raping one woman and either fondling others or forcing them to expose themselves, investigators said Friday. He allegedly forced others perform sex acts on him. Three were assaulted in his car and one was taken to a school in the Spring Lake Division where he worked, according to the affidavit. All the victims were Black women. 

According to the district attorney, Holtzclaw was able to camouflage his behavior because he worked a dilapidated section of the city, about two miles north of the stat house, that few care to venture into, particularly at night. He reportedly began picking some women up off the street, pulling others over at traffic stops and in one case taking a woman to a nearby school, police documents show.

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Right. Now a Black Rapper, Douglass McCain aka "Duke ThaslaveofAllah" was Undercover Jihad -- [no witness accounts or other evidence such as documents, photographs, videos, statements -- but who needs proof in this Racist Climate?]  

 Any Pre-text Necessary to Identify Black Men as the Enemy. Such an identification is a precondition for genocide - like Jews in Nazi Germany. From [HERE] and [MORE] White House officials on Monday confirmed the death of an African American reported to have been fighting for the Islamic State in Syria. Nevertheless there appears to be no actual proof of it. The media has cited Tweets and his Facebook page as evidence that he joined a group hellbent on murder and terror. 

"We were aware of U.S. Citizen Douglas McAuthur McCain’s [allegedly no relation to John McCain] presence in Syria and can confirm his death," said a statement released by Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council. 

McCain's death was first reported by the Free Syrian Army and NBC News. State Department officials earlier had declined to confirm that McCain was fighting for the Islamic State at the time of his death.

The fight in which Mr. McCain was killed allegedly occurred in the northern city of Marea, where ISIS and the rebels had been fighting for control in recent weeks, according to members of the Free Syrian Army.

Mr. McCain and two other ISIS fighters — a Tunisian and an Egyptian — sneaked up on a group of Free Syrian Army rebels, killing two of them. The other militants responded, killing Mr. McCain and dozens of ISIS fighters. When the rebels went through Mr. McCain’s clothes, they found his American passport and several hundred dollars in cash. (b/c that is where undercover terrorists keep their ID's and he had all that flow b/c he was going to do some shopping later at the mall?). His alleged death was first reported by NBC News.

NBC reported that McCain, 33, was one of three foreign fighters aligned with Islamic State forces killed in a battle in Syria. There seems to be no actual evidence of this assertion; that is no witness accounts or other tangible evidence such as documents, photographs, videos etc. But wait there is more meaningless info the media has to share:  

After growing up in Minnesota, McCain moved to San Diego and attended San Diego City College. College officials confirmed his attendance but declined to provide additional details.

On a Facebook page identified as belonging to McCain, he referred to himself as Duke ThaslaveofAllah. The Facebook page has since been taken down. On a Twitter account identified as belonging to McCain, he used the name Duale Khalid and wrote, “It’s Islam over everything.”

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[How White Folks Do] Water Shut Offs to Begin Tuesday -- although Detroit was founded on a river, draws its name from a French word for "strait," and lies between two of the Great Lakes - - Water Denied to those Unable to Pay bill 

Access to water is such a fundamental human right that it should be denied only to people who are able to pay for it but refuse to do soFrom [HERE] and [MORE] Detroit can expect more controversy as a monthlong moratorium against shutting off water for those behind on their bills expires at the end of the day Monday. 

Nearly 19,500 Detroiters have had their water service interrupted since March 1. The Water and Sewerage Department, under pressure to reduce more than $90 million in bad debt, ordered shutoffs for customers who owed at least $150 or had fallen at least two months behind on their bills. The decision to take such drastic measures, done with little warning, ignited a controversy that prompted protests and arrests, more bad publicity for the struggling city, global dismay, and a warning from the United Nations. More than 80 percent of Detroiters are African-American.

As unusual as it is for the U.N. to raise public health concerns in a country like the United States, these are unusual times in Detroit. The fortunes of this once-prosperous home of the auto industry have plummeted so far that last year it became the largest city ever to file for bankruptcy. The population has dropped from nearly 1.8 million a half century ago to fewer than 700,000 today. Democratic rule was suspended last year when Michigan's racist suspect Republican governor appointed an emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, a coin operated Black Android, to take control.

[Pay no attention to Kevyn Orr or the other Black Android in the above clip - like potted plants they are just there for show or the appearance of fairness. Their real purpose is to shadowbox Black people. According to Neely Fuller, Racial Shadow Boxing occurs when victims of racism (non-white people) are directly or indirectly, "assigned", bribed, coerced, and/or otherwise influenced, by the racists (white Supremacist), to speak or act to do harm to other victims of racism. A victim of white supremacy programmed in service of white domination. White Supremacists oftentimes hide behind others whom they use as shadows of themselves. MORE]

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