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Deeper than Atlantis

Like the pretty white lady said, 'I don't give a fuck about Trump okay. Trump & Clinton are Both Dangerous' [staged dumbocracy election hoax]

html5 video converter by v3.9.1

Always endeavoring to undeceive, Dr. Blynd, defines election as follows in the Funktionary, The Key Holders Enpsychlopedia. (Copyright 2004 Chocolate City Press) 

 Elections - the advanced auction of stolen goods. 2) rituals where periodically citizen-subjects are called upon to "participate" in the staged-hoax ratification of one group of state managers or another, which provides the comforting illusion of "democracy" where none exists. 3) Dumbocracy in action; stage prop to enable the puppeteer and his puppeticians to pull the strings of you and me. 4) show and shell games. 5) the orchestration and preservation of the illusion of choice and open competition. Elections merely determine how you will get screwed, i.e., either with a Democratic Phillips or with a Republican Flathead. Stop repeat offenders—don't re-elect them! Can someone find the one million votes that got dumped during the presidential election originating from Black area in state of Florida? Why do we accept ATM machines that will provide us with verification of a transaction by way of physical receipt but not with an electronic voting machine made by the same company? Why the brother (Athan Gibbs) who invented an auditable electronic voting system was all of a sudden a victim of duocide in his home town? (See: VoteScam, Secret Ballots Electionomics, Selectorate, Sheeple, Republicrats, Duocide, Crimethlnc, Bush Family Crime Syndicate, Electoral College, Candidates, Territorial Gangsters, Tyrant-Paradigm, Hadrians, NERVOUS & VNS)

Super polarized people believing they are participating in and influencing this rigged system. Like having an argument with police on the street. For what? Who will decide who wins your debate? 

Alex Jones from InfoWars and Cenk Uygur from YoungTurks above have a meaningless battle about nothing. Allegedly representing the radical extremes of both parties respectively (these are the established parameters of dissent - or "the box"; selected and established for you by white elites - "don't go outside the box") or one party. Unknowingly these folks are actually system legitimizers.

Really Doing Nothing. Like BK, selling you nuggets of dogshit and pretending its chicken. This week the Democrats' (the other white party in Philly for the crack) messaging to non-whites: "Fear Trump" and "You're getting nothing now. You might as well get more nothing from Hillary." [MORE] and [MORE] Nice pic though. 


Racist Suspect Reporter [Diana Moskovitz] Attacks Jim Brown with Racist Smear Article on [fuck them too]  

From [HERE] Out of nowhere reporter, Diana Moskovitz, a racist suspect, wrote an article on Deadspin trashing Jim Brown about allegations that he beat women over 12 years ago. She then detailed other allegations of abuse going back 50 years ago - including details from a 911 call from 1999. She writes:

For decades, Jim Brown has served sportswriters as a kind of shorthand for the type of activist an athlete should be. Just yesterday, Brown was upheld as an inspiration in William C. Rhoden’s farewell column in theThe New York Times; name-dropped for helping receiver Josh Gordon return from his indefinite suspensionfor weed and alcohol (even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell got in on the action); and cited by The Undefeated as an example of when athletes “were outspoken on the country’s problems, particularly the status of African-Americans.” Meanwhile, one SportsCenter segment had Brown blessing Carmelo Anthony’s recent activism, while another was devoted to Brown calling in to praise Jordan’s $2 million donations to address police-involved shootings.

He is also a man who has been accused of and investigated for beating or raping women at least six times over several decades, a period of time spanning from the 1960s through 2000. Of those cases, three resulted in charges that were tried before juries; the three other cases were dropped when the women said they didn’t want to pursue charges or witnesses stopped cooperating. 

Brown is an emblematic figure who’s presented the way he is because he stands, as much as anyone now living, at the intersection of the athletic and political. He is also a man who has been accused of and investigated for beating or raping women at least six times over several decades, a period of time spanning from the 1960s through 2000."  

She then implies he is a rapist still on the loose,

"Similarly, a rapist can be the exact picture of what’s considered a fine model citizen until getting caught." [MORE]

huh? Never mind the fact that all the abuse charges were either dropped or dismissed by courts after jury trials (not plea deals), her point is let's trash Jim Brown today, a Black man, because he is Black. For real, there is no other point. If she wanted to make a point about domestic violence surely there were other ways to do this. That is, its not news; there are no new allegations pending against Brown and he has not interjected himself into new projects involving violence. Her topic here is pretextual. Racists simply attack to destroy anyone that Blacks might look up to - especially anyone who cannot be filtered out or away properly [free thinking negroes, non-robotics] and anyone who tries to help Black people.

Why do such a thing? Neely Fuller explained that "most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." [MORE] and [MORE]. 

Moskovitz's out of the blue regurgitation of facts no longer in dispute also fits in with the white supremacist logic of criminalizing all Black males - to justify treating them criminally. Racists are deeply attached to beliefs in fantasy like this. This logic is being discussed by whites now to justify the overpolicing and oppression of Blacks by its bored, heavily equipped and revenue generating police forces. The idiocy behind this stupidness is that "there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted." [MORE] Like Jim Brown, who apparently is just a thug with cash who beat charges in court. White people don't think of themselves like this. White folks are naming milkshakes & burgers after Ben Roethlisberger

This criminlaization of all Black men logic makes this article OK to put on its website for Deadspin. As Amos Wilson has explained this kind of labeling is necessary to dehumanize Blacks in this refined system of  white supremacy. The same logic was used to justify slavery in a less refined system of white supremacy. It "is a prelude for the rationalization of his economic exploitation, and ultimately, a prelude to the Eurocentric murder of the African population." [MORE

We do not control anything in a system of white supremacy but ourselves and our minds. Do not participate in or support anything that degrades, demeans or destroys Black and Latino people. Fuck   


affirmative action = Another Super Overpaid, Mediocre White Man: Ryan Fitzpatrick [aka burger king], Jets agree to 1-year, $12 Million deal

Mediocre white guy, Ryan Fitzpatrick tossed three fourth-quarter picks, including two in the final two minutes, as Rex Ryan's Bills ruined the Jets' playoff hopes last year. Only a white man in a racist system could screw up this bad and get a $12 million dollar raise. 10 years no playoff appearances. 

From [HERE] The New York Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick ended their five-month contract dispute on Wednesday. The two sides finalized a one-year, $12 million contract on the eve of the team's first training camp practice, sources told ESPN.

Fitzpatrick, playing for his sixth team, arrived last year in a trade with the Texans. His career record as a starter is 43-61-1 in 11 seasons, including no playoff appearances in 10 seasons. He was on the verge of breaking the postseason slump last year, but he tainted his storybook season by throwing three interceptions in a season-ending loss to the Buffalo Bills.


[by and large, white people treat each other humanely] John Hinckley, who Tried to Kill President Reagan, Will Be Released from Pscyh Hospital 

From [HEREJohn W. Hinckley Jr., a white man, who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981, will be allowed to live permanently with his elderly mother in Williamsburg, Va., leaving the psychiatric hospital where he has been imprisoned for several decades, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday.

Judge Paul L. Friedman (who is white) of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia wrote in his opinion that Mr. Hinckley, 61, no longer posed a danger to himself or others. The release should begin no sooner than Aug. 5, the judge said. [MORE

By and large white folks treat each other humanely but in their relations with non-white people, racists function as psychopaths. [MORE] With regard to non-whites, particularly Blacks and Latinos, the only product U.S. revenge courts produce is the appearance of justice. 


[Some racist cops are sophisticated, masterful liars] Black Teen Shot in the Back in Fort Wayne While Running Away from White Cop who "thought he saw a [unfound] gun" after the chase started


"The Mystery Surrounds [your belief in] the Gun." An experienced trial attorney will tell you that it is very difficult to get a judge to believe a cop is lying. The "inaccurate statement(s)" almost have to be totally outrageous before most judges will go there. A better strategy, especially if the defendant is Black, is to get the judge to believe the cop is incompetent in some way or just mistaken. Reality or anything too real (such as racism) in court is simply unbelievable to judges in the fake world created in court. Many racist cops are sophisticated, masterful liars who are taught how to testify and create persuasive, detailed police reports. Mixing actual facts with nonsense sounds & looks real in court. White prosecutors and the white media are also eager and programmed to believe anything foul cops say about Blacks. In a case involving a "missing" weapon and no video, like this one, the evidence would simply consist of a credibility contest between a sworn white police officer and a Black teenager[s]. Prediction: in this case, a white jury or judge will believe that a gun existed - though not a single detail about the gun will be provided. Why would a cop make it up? Because they will believe it.

From [HERE] A Black mother has sued a white Fort Wayne police officer in federal court, alleging he used excessive force when he fired at her 17 year-old son as he chased him and two other Black teens last month on the city’s south side.

Gina Dodson filed the complaint in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana on Wednesday. The suit names Officer Robert Hollo as an individual and claims he used excessive force “in violation of the U.S. Constitution” when he fired off four shots at the boy just before 1:30 p.m. June 21 in the 2800 block of Smith Street, near the Whitney M. Young Early Childhood Center at East Pontiac Street.

Hollo said he was investigating reports of gang activity in the area, in an unmarked car, when three teenagers approached the vehicle. As the teens walked up, Hollo reportedly got out of the squad car.

At that point, Hollo reported the teens noticed he was an officer, and they ran off. As Hollo chased after them, Police Chief Garry Hamilton said witnesses heard him order them to stop repeatedly and they did not comply.

At some point then, Hollo said he thought he saw a gun on one of the teens. He then fired four shots, one that struck the teen in his lower back. The other two teens ran off.

No gun was found on the teen, who has not been named. He was seriously hurt.

Right Right. First of all running away from the cops when you are not under arrest or legally stopped is not a crime. In most jurisdictions, flight alone from police without any other circumstances is not a basis for a valid Terry stop. However, flight along with other specific factors may imply consciousness of guilt. So far, no other circumstances exist in this case.  

1) Here, the teens began running when they saw the cop. Prior to them running they had not been stopped by the cop. When this white cop encountered them he had no information that any of them had committed any crime at any time. When he first encountered them they were not under arrest and there was no particularized, reasonable suspicion to stop them.

Apparently, the cop began chasing them simply because they were running. He was unaware of any crimes that any one of the teens had committed. 2) The white cop then ordered them to stop. Yet they had committed no crime and he had no reasonable, artuclable suspicion they had done so. At this point a stop would have been unlawful (at least as the 4th Amendment applies to white folks) and no alleged gun had been seen before he yelled stop. 

3) Next, the white cop claims he saw a gun. Which one had the gun? Did he describe each teen? No details were provided as to how far away the cop was when he saw the gun (he obviously was not close enough to catch them) or how he observed the teen holding the gun and where the gun was. Remember, he did not see a gun at first -- so did the cop witness the teen pull the gun out as he ran? What part of the gun did the cop see? It was broad daylight so he should have some information. No details were provided about whether this cop saw the teen discard the gun - of course such detail would mean the cop knew the teen was not armed though when he shot him. Then the cop shot the teen in the back. Did he fire at all three? Like the white reporter said, "the mystery surrounds the gun?" or your own belief in the gun based on what the white cop said. Don't worry about the deceivers, they will always find suckers - just drop the belief.  

Hamilton said the gun police said was found at the scene was inside a car that pulled up next to the squad car after the incident unfolded. The driver of that car admitted he had a gun in the car and had come to the scene after he heard gunshots, Hamilton said. [this irrelevant information is used by the white media to confuse. Read it again.]

Hamilton said he held the press conference Wednesday to remain fully transparent with the public.


Ishmael Reed - And the Maligning of the Male [and another whitenology lesson] 

Dummies Playing For their Own Sandwich. From [HERELast week at the Republican National Convention, racist suspect Rudy Giuliani riffed on the evening’s theme of Make America Safe Again. The 2008 presidential candidate simultaneously mongered and captured white American fear. “I’m here to speak to you about a very serious subject, how to make America safe,” he said. “The vast majority of [white] Americans today do not feel safe. They fear for their children, they fear for themselves. They fear for our police officers, who are being targeted with a target on their back. It’s time to make America safe again.” And Trump — you guessed it — is the guy do to it. But let’s look at the data. 

In describing anxiety among [white] Americans, Giuliani is correct: Pew research indicates that since the early 2000s, every year a majority of white Americans surveyed have felt that crime has increased since the year previous. According to a 2014 Gallup poll, 70 percent of white Americans think that the crime rate is increasing, up from 63 percent in 2013. 

But the reality is that America is getting safer. The national crime rate is about half of what it was at the peak in 1991. Crime is way down and too many cops have little real crime fighting work to do and their budgets are out of control. They are also overstocked with weaponry and equipped like an army after a big war is over. 

What’s tremendously stupid is that Giuliani, and, in turn, the [other] White Party [gop], speak about making America safe “again.” He said that Trump “will make America, like the president I worked for, Ronald Reagan, once again be the shining City on the Hill.” But here’s the thing: During Reagan’s presidency, which lasted from 1981 to 1989, America was way more dangerous than it is today. In that era, there was an average of 20,377 murders a year in the U.S. There were 14,249 in 2014, the latest year with official FBI data. Meanwhile, the U.S. population has grown from 229 million to 310 million, a 35 percent increase, driving down the per capita rates. There’s also never been a safer time to be a child in America, and while an average of 101 police officers were intentionally killed every year during Reagan’s presidency, the annual number is just 62 under Obama — the lowest recorded amount. [MORE]

This is the essence of America's bullshit politics and "staged hoax" elections by state managers who supply the illusion of choice in an "open competition." This racist puppetician (Guiliani) is selling something the white votary already has: safety. The security sold to them is based on their fantasized fear of Blacks. And these dummies will do almost anything to their own freedom to obtain this "safety." Voting for nothing. Call this reverse "whitenology" or "playing for your own sandwich."  Never play for your own sandwich. [MOREWhite people's mindless programming prevents them from seeing things as they are - racism is their prison. In the fevered mind of White America the Black man is cosmically guilty. His guilt is existential. [MORE] He is to blame for imagined crime. 

Amos Wilson explains that white people's perception of us is apart of their superficial identity and personalities they create for themselves. He states, "the perpetual domination of African Americans by White Ameri­cans psychically requires the White American criminalization of the African male, i.e., the White American perception of the African male as inherently criminal. In the context of White American domination there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted." [MORE] Ishmael Reed wrote the following piece sometime in the early 80's. It is rare but seems on point with all this.  

In the old McDonald's commercial it was Bird vs MJ. If Larry Bird wins he gets Michael Jordan's sandwich. And if Michael Jordan wins he gets...? 

By Ishmael Reed 

Being a black man in America is like being a spectator at your own lynching. Everybody gets to make a speech about you but you: white supremacists, feminists, conservatives, liberals, sociologists, psycholo­gists, demographers—all manner of experts, editorial writers and colum­nists, many of whom seem to live in cozy places like Georgetown or Palo Alto.

Every time you try to tell your story, you're interrupted or called para¬noid. As a black male writer, sometimes you have to be strident to get your point across, to get somebody to pay attention. You feel like the man yelling fire in a crowded theater. You just can"t seem to get the gag off, so you engage in what to society is muffled incoherency.

If people only knew the truth, they wouldn't prejudge you, you think. If they only knew the statistics that puncture the lies that are circulating about black men, they wouldn't get you mixed up with the one percent with whom the media are so thrilled—the bums and deadbeats. Every time you see footage of a drug bust on TV you see black males. Yet the Drug Enforcement Administration has said that a number of ethnic groups, including Orientals and Israelis, are involved in drug trafficking. The news shows don't show the Chinese gangs that now supply 40 percent of the heroin in New York.

As with the persecuted Jews in Germany, somebody is always trying to pin the Star of David on your clothes, but in this country it's very convenient. You wear the Star of David on your skin. Your style disturbs people— Bernhard Goetz says he shot the black teenagers on the subway because he was threatened by their body language. Even the white avant-garde shares this view. Norman Mailer's "white negro" in his infamous essay of that title is an irresponsible psychopath who lives constantly on the edge.

When Susan Brownmiller, in her money-making book on rape, Against Our Will, wrote that to foster his manhood the black man contributes to the "specter of the black man as a rapist," she was indulging in group libel. You know that the majority of convicted rapists in the U.S. are white males. At the university where you work, the student newspaper for several years carried stories about black rapists, but then, thanks to the feminist movement, it was revealed that the most frequent type of rape occurring on campus was date rape—white fraternity guys who were refusing to take no for an answer.

You don't live in a true pogrom, but if you are caught in a neighbor¬hood where you don't belong, you might be placed under surveillance or you might be killed. You've read a number of accounts of professional black men who've been taken for muggers. The Reverend Floyd Flake, a black congressman whose district includes Howard Beach in New York City, went into a store there and had a hard time convincing some whites that not only wasn't he a threat to them, he was actually their federal representative.

In The Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen said that shopkeep¬ers were perfectly justified in denying all young black men entrance to their stores on the basis of the actions of a few. So, when a local merchant complained about the behavior of a particular black customer, you told him that the next time all the black people in the world had a meeting, that black man's conduct would be the first item on the agenda.

Despite this daily slander, most black men hold down jobs, however menial, and many have proved their loyalty to their country. During the first years of the Vietnam war black men were 13 percent of the grunts but took a  quarter of the casualties. In today's Vietnam movies you don't see these men or, if you do, they're dope-smoking buffoons.

On a television talk show in San Francisco you spoke of some of the emotional land mines that a black man has to traverse each day. You cannot really communicate what it feels like to look into your rearview mirror and see a cop pull in behind you. It's the little hurts that build up. After the show, black men came up on the street and shook your hand. They stopped their cars on the freeway and yelled over to you. You had hit a nerve.

These are the cartoon images presented of black men: the criminal, the athlete, the clown, the entertainer, the good nigger, the brute. (Harold Ross, the first editor of The New Yorker, seemed to sum it up for the media when he said, "Coons are either funny or dangerous.") These images create ten¬sion, literally. Black men suffer from high blood pressure, they get strokes and cancer more often than whites. If you don't have a sense of humor, you become a scowling time bomb, striking out at people who are dear to you. James Baldwin told of how his father punished his family for the humilia¬tions he received each day at work in the white world. A lot of black men, hating themselves, turn their aggression on one another in the streets.

As a novelist and essayist, you believe that black kids should be ex¬posed, not only to you and your writing, but to black scientists, inventors, engineers, architects, generals. How many children know that 5,000 black men fought in the Revolutionary War, and how many are aware of the black Indian fighters who helped conquer the West, and how many know about the blacks who fought in the Civil War, those immortalized in Robert Lowell's beautiful poem "For the Union Dead"?

How can the United States become a truly great society if it continues to cling, like Linus to his blanket, to the racist idea that black men somehow are at the root of all social problems? You proposed in a magazine article that white men and black men should meet in a national conference to discuss their differences and common interests, but nobody took you up on the sug¬gestion. It's almost as if they don't want the situation to change. You think that Jimmy the Greek shouldn't have been fired by CBS for what he said about the breeding of black athletes. He should have been made to take a year's course in ethnic studies at some university instead. Better still, there could be a College for Racists, maybe along the lines of the "reeducation" camps North Vietnam set up for the defeated generals of the South.

For all of the wounds, for all of your humiliation, it could be worse. You could be a white man. You feel sorry for the good, decent and fair white men in this society. While you might be associated with creepy crack merchants, small-time hustlers and gold-chain thieves, nobody is associating you with perpetrators of genocide, or with the people who created slavery and invented the Bomb. Crowds in world capitals aren't shaking their fists at you and calling you the great Satan, nor are they hanging you in effigy. When you suffer a setback in life, you can always claim that it's because of racism, and most of the time you will probably be right. What's a white man's excuse for failure? You used to joke that, with all of the opportunities that white men have in this society, any one of them who ended up less than President of the United States should be considered a flop.

You don't have that kind of pressure. You hear every day on the news that the public will never elect a black President. Nobody expects you to be a white savior, a James Bond, an Indiana Jones or Superman. Imagine how that kind of pressure feels. Women and all the minorities in this country, not just the blacks, seem to have the same grievances about white males, lumping the good ones in with the bad with such epithets as "power structure." You wonder how white men are able to withstand it. Maybe that's why they're the group with the highest suicide rate. And so as a black man you are beleaguered, but at least you're not Atlas, carrying the world on your shoulders.


['the criminalization of Blacks is prelude to murder'] Liar White Cop in Austin Body Slams Black Woman Teacher, then says 'blacks have 'violent tendencies' 

Eyes filled with thoughts. According to the Austin police chief, Ms. King [112 lbs] was pulled over for driving 15 mph over the speed limit [MORE]. Speeding 15 mph is not a criminal infraction or an arrestable offense and carries no jail time. Traffic codes are used to target Blacks & Latinos. [MORE] The average traffic cop generates an annual average revenue of $200,000 for the government he serves. [MORE] and [MORE]. Here we have an unreasonable reaction from a white public servant. What kind of service can you provide to people you have contempt for? In the presence of Blacks, racists always feel inferior and can be easily overwhelmed by their lower selves. See "inferiority complex" in the Funktionary]

Question: Should I always comply with maniac cops? Answer: Should you always wear a raincoat? Question: [Like salmon approaching a bear] What stories were put inside Ms. King's head that enabled her to believe that she could have an arms-length conversation and make demands upon a white cop in a system of white supremacy? 

Labelling you Criminal to Justify Treating You Criminally. From [HERE] Officials in Austin are investigating the violent arrest of a black elementary school teacher who was body-slammed by a white police officer during a traffic stop. The investigation comes after the emergence of police video footage showing not only the June 2015 arrest but also a scene afterward, when another white officer told the teacher that officers are wary of blacks because of their "violent tendencies" and "intimidating" appearance.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time. . . it is the black community that is being violent," the white officer tells her in the video. "That's why a lot of white people are afraid. And I don't blame them." White prosecutors said they will likely present the case against the cops to a grand jury. [don't hold your breathe!] [MORE

In reference to racists Amos Wilson has explained, "projection is the ultimate put-down. Through projection the projecting party demotes and degrades his projective target as he enhances his own self-perception and self-image." Always endeavoring to undeceive, Dr. Wilson offers the following: 

"THE CRIMINAL IS one to whom an opprobrious label has been successfully attached. Labeling not only prescribes the behavior of others toward the one labeled criminal, or only negatively seeks to characterize him. It also tends to transform his self-concept and behavior in such ways that incarnates or substantiates the criminal appellation.

If to be criminalized, especially when the objective basis for such a designation does not exist, is to be dehumanized and to be related to as such by "significant others," then the criminalization of the African American male can be arguably said to have begun with the need of White Americans to justify their enslavement of Africans, and continues concomitant with their need to capitalize on unending African politico-economic subordination.

The cursing (a form of labeling) of another is tantamount to his dehumanization. It is usually a ritualistic prelude and justification for the other's subordination, or assault, or murder of another. The criminalization of Black people, particularly of the Black male, is a prelude for the rationalization of his economic exploitation, and ultimately, a prelude to the Eurocentric murder of the African population.

The American Dilemma

In its oppression of Black America, White America faces a major dilemma. The White ruling class seeks to project a self-image and public image which are liberal and nonviolent. It wishes to assume the appearance of being faithfully committed to protecting the constitutional and civil rights guarantees of all residents — regardless of race, color, creed, or condition of previous servitude — and to be perceived by them as inherently humane. At the same time the ruling class wishes to retain its power to rule, to maintain its tremendous wealth, power, hegemony and privileges. Thus it is confronted with a major contradiction: it cannot actualize its projected image and commitments without destroying the bases of its identity and power. Since this class is not committed to its own destruction we must logically infer that its projected self-image, public image, and sociopolitical commitments are false and hypocritical. Social equality and privilege across classes and ethnocultural groups cannot exist simultaneous with White American sociopolitical and economic dominance. Class privilege and advantage require the subordination of other classes and groups. For these reasons, American institutions operate in opposition to their publicized missions when dealing with the underclasses and subordinated groups. Consequently, the major social institutions which seek to project an image of objectivity and neutrality, in actuality operate in the oppressive interests of the society's ruling groups and against the interests of its subordinate groups. [MORE]


'Billionaires Off of Black Despair' [Black Dollars Matter in System of White Supremacy] Boycott Against White Corporations Seeks to Harness Black collective purchasing power, an estimated 1 Trillion dollars. 

#NoEqualityNoEconomy. From [HERE] Black dollars matter.

That's the message from activists bringing the fight against police brutality to corporate America to hit them at the cash register.

The group, under the banner, #NoEqualityNoEconomy, has launched a seven-day economic boycott to protest the recent deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and others at the hands of police. The protest will be from July 18 to 25. 

Organizers are asking consumers to avoid white owned shopping malls, department stores, fast food chains and major retailers — including Target, McDonald's, Walmart and Verizon.

They say that corporate America has been silent on the issue and even benefited from prison labor supplied through arrests of young blacks.

"We need to be talking about how the police interaction is just one part of the larger system," said Tamika Mallory, the former executive director of the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network, which is steering the boycott that ends Monday. Accoding to their webiste "black spending power is estimated at $1.3 trillion, alone. When profits are on the line, corporations will be motivated to adopt behavioral changes to repair the relationship with thir consumers."

In theory, a successful boycott can empower Blacks and simultaneously disempower elite whites and change the relations and structure of social power." White supremacy/racism is a two way master servant system of vast unequal power that primarily relies on deception and your cooperation and submission. In what ways do Blacks and Latinos participate in the system of white supremacy? [MORE]


Providence to Pay $210k in Mendonca Case: White Cop Free & Won't Pay a Penny After Beating Handcuffed Latino Man into Coma with a Flashlight

From [HERE] The city of Providence, Rhode Island has agreed to pay $210,000 to settle a police brutality lawsuit filed by a Latino man who was beaten in 2009 while in handcuffs and left in a coma.

WPRI-TV reported that the City Council Committee on Claims and Pending Suits met briefly before approving the payout to Luis Mendonca. It was publicized Tuesday.

The beating by white Providence police Det. Robert DeCarlo was caught on video. The lawsuit singles out DeCarlo for allegedly violating Mendonca’s civil rights and assault and battery. DeCarlo claims he used necessary forced to subdue Mendonca, because he was resisting arrest. He said he did not know he was handcuffed.

The grainy, black-and-white video shows a gang of white police officers struggling with Mendonca in a parking lot off Benefit Street on the city’s East Side while he is lying on the ground near a parked car.

It shows the officers dragging Mendonca from under the car and into the center of the parking lot, after he has apparently been handcuffed. The video then shows DeCarlo entering the fray, kicking Mendonca and following up with a number of blows to the victim’s head with a flashlight.

During his criminal trial, prosecutors argued that DeCarlo, 46, attacked Luis Mendonca deliberately and out of anger, knocking the 22-year-old unconscious with a flashlight blow to the head. Mendonca had run from police after he was stopped on the night of Oct. 20, 2009, on suspicion of theft and trespassing at the Rhode Island School of Design. He struggled with officers when they caught up to him in a nearby parking lot but was ultimately detained.

The video, which has no sound, ends with a visibly limp Mendonca being dragged by police officers up a flight of stairs leading to Benefit Street.

Mendonca was knocked unconscious and suffered a severe gash in his head that was closed with eight staples. He was in a coma for two days following the incident. 

After the attack by police his attorney said, "he's suffering from a lot of headaches. He's throwing up. His vision is still not there and he's having a difficult time seeing," said attorney Alberto Aponte Cordona. "A guy is beaten by police, brought into the hospital, his family can't get in to see him for several days. The police put him under a pseudo name. It's not that difficult to add one and one. [MORE] and [MORE

DeCarlo was convicted in 2011 of assault but that was later overturned by a white judge. He ultimately pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and resigned.

Two public safety officers at the Rhode Island School of Design were also named in the suit. RISD will pay $45,000.


US Kills as Many Civilians as France "Attack" but Get No Front-Page Headlines from Elite White Media

From [HERE] A coalition airstrike reported on Tuesday that killed at least 85 civilians—one more than died in the Nice attack in France last week—wasn’t featured at all on the front pages of two of the top US national newspapers, the New York Times and LA Times, and only merited brief blurbs on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, with the actual stories buried on pages A-16 and A-15, respectively.

According to the London Telegraph (7/19/16), the airstrike killed “more than 85 civilians” after the “coalition mistook them for Islamic State fighters.”

Eight families were represented among the dead, with victims “as young as three.”

The Intercept (7/19/16) reported the death toll could end up being well over 100.

The Pentagon has not denied the reports, saying an investigation is underway, according to Stars and Stripes (7/19/16), a media outlet that operates inside the Department of Defense.

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Provocative White Cop Tasers Black Man in the Back During Illegal Arrest on 4th of July in Arizona  

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Arizona Code 13-2412. Refusing to provide truthful name when lawfully detained; classification A.

It is unlawful for a person, after being advised that the person's refusal to answer is unlawful, to fail or refuse to state the person's true full name on request of a peace officer who has lawfully detained the person based on reasonable suspicion that the person has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime. A person detained under this section shall state the person's true full name, but shall not be compelled to answer any other inquiry of a peace officer.

Under Arrest for What? White Cop had no warrant to arrest and no warrant to enter Black Man's apartment. At the time of his arrest he had committed no crime so he was under no legal obligation to give white cop his name under Arizona law. The silly cop says "Give me your name because I'm probably gonna end up doing theft charges on her behalf." Your meditation must be strong to deal with a provocative white person in a prolonged racial situation [see full video below]. No magic phrases (legal or otherwise) will help you under such circumstances. 

From [HERE] and [HERE] In a lawsuit filed this week, a white Blytheville police officer is accused of using excessive force against a black man on the Fourth of July, including subduing him repeatedly with a taser as he lay on the ground.

Attorney James W. Harris filed the case Wednesday in Mississippi County Circuit Court on behalf of Chardrick Mitchell, who faces charges of obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct and refusal to submit to arrest.

The lawsuit states that on July 4, Mitchell denied his ex-girlfriend re-entry into his apartment to retrieve what she said was clothing left inside, prompting the woman to call police. Apparently her name was not on the lease and she did not live there. 

A responding officer later ordered that Mitchell allow his ex-girlfriend to get her left-behind belongings and to show his identification — requests that Mitchell “politely refused,” according to the document.

The Blytheville police officer, Stephen Sigman, became increasingly provacative and threatened to charge Mitchell with obstruction.

The lawsuit accuses Sigman of later using a taser when Mitchell walked toward the apartment's front door, with Sigman telling Mitchell that he was under arrest “either at the moment the [taser] was fired or just as the [taser] was striking Mr. Mitchell in the back.”

"At no time did Mr. Mitchell resist arrest, especially since he had already been [tased] when he was first told he was under arrest, even though he had at that point committed no possible criminal act," the document reads in part.

Harris said the incident was recorded on Sigman’s body camera and that a written report from police does not match the video evidence.

"I am appalled at the actions of Officer Sigman, as well as the inaction of Chief [Ross] Thompson in correcting this officer's gross misconduct," Harris said, adding that Sigman remains on the police force. The full video is [HERE


According to NY Times, Porno Watching is Way Up in Cleveland During White Party Convention [voting = a political masturbation process for people with no real power]

From [HERE] and [HERE] and [MORE] The Republican Party platform warns that pornography has become a “public health crisis.”

But rank and file Republicans seem unlikely to take on the mammoth industry any time soon. According to xHamster, one of the leading aggregators of online porn, traffic from users in Cleveland spiked significantly this week as the Republican National Convention got underway. Viewership in the city shot up by 184 percent from its pre-convention average, surpassing traffic the site gets from people in large cities including New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

“This increase is unprecedented,” said Mike Kulich, a spokesman for the web site. “They’re making porn great again.”

According to Dr. Blynd voting power is an oxymoron. Video from RedSilverJ, who keeps it hot. 

This isn’t the first time xHamster has involved itself in Republican politics. After North Carolina passed a discriminatory law that banned transgender people from using public restrooms consistent with their gender identity, the web site banned users in that state from accessing the site for a day. After access was restored, North Carolina users were required to state in a pop-up box that they were opposed to the law before being allowed to access videos.

Earlier this month, the site published a map with the top search terms in states that traditionally vote Republican. The prevailing one was “cuckold.”

Mr. Kulich said the company is analyzing and publishing data from Republican states in an effort to “show the hypocrisy of what’s going on in this country.” He said people in the porn industry were not concerned about a government crackdown, but that if that were to happen, “you’d have to put a lot of people out of work and send those jobs overseas.”

In its press release about the Cleveland traffic, xHamster noted that Donald Trump has become a leading search term because Trump porn parodies have become crowd pleasers. Others popular search terms in Cleveland this week: “teen, cuckold and granny.”


False Flag Data Crunch: Muslims have been victims in 82-97 percent of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years

From [HERE] and [MORE] Out of the 84 victims who died in the Nice attacks on France’s Bastille Day, at least 30 were Muslims, figures based on the types of funerals required by relatives released by local Nice authorities revealed Tuesday.

The Muslim victims came from or had roots in many different countries including Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, according to Otmane Aissaoui, head of a Nice mosque and president of the Union of Muslims of Alpes-Maritimes.

In response to the attack in Nice, Aissaoui called for calm and social unity. “I fear the rise of anger, with politicians conflating all issues together,” he warned in comments made to local media.

“Everyone in our country has some share of responsibility: political and media elites, associations, imams, everyone needs to question themselves.”

One of the victims, Fatima Charrihi, 62, was a mother of seven and was born in Morocco. Aissaoui said she was a regular visitor of mosques. “What I can say is that she wore the Muslim veil, she practiced a balanced and fair Islam, a genuine Islam—not the Islam of the terrorists.”

“The authors of the attacks could not be Muslims because the very first victim was Muslim,” one of Charrihi’s daughters told public TV channel France 3.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the French-Tunisian driver responsible for the truck attack, was not known to French intelligence as a radical despite the Islamic State group’s claims that he was “one of (their) soldiers.”

Bouhlel had previously been convicted of road rage. His father said the attack was possibly due to a nervous breakdown and had nothing to do with religion. “He didn’t pray, he didn’t fast, he drank alcohol,” the father told AFP.

Many reports have documented that Muslims are more likely to be the victims of terror attacks than non-Muslims.

A 2011 report by the National Counterterrorism Center, a U.S. government organization, found that Muslims have been victims in 82-97 percent of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years.

Meanwhile, the U.S.-led war on terror launched after 9/11 has killed between 1.3-2 million civilians in Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to a 97-page report in 2015 by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning doctors’ group Physicians for Social Responsibility.


Leslie Jones is Black, Female, and in ‘Ghostbusters’ - So All the Hate Must Be About Ghostbusters 

After Racists Harass Leslie Jones Off Twitter, the Site [owned by racist suspects] Finally Acts. From [HERE] and [HERE] "Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." -Neely Fuller and [MORE] and [MORE]


[b/c their lives in service of white domination matter more than yours] White Lawmakers Propose Cop-Protection Laws that could Send Thousands to Prison

From [HERE] A bill introduced in response to the fatal shooting of five policemen in Dallas would impose strict mandatory minimum sentences for attacks on law enforcement, reports U.S. News and World Report. The Back the Blue Act, introduced by Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, includes a 30-year minimum sentence for killing a federal judge, federal law enforcement officer or a “federally funded public safety officer.” The legislation would also federalize and establish mandatory minimums for the much more common offense of assaulting an officer.

“You could see why a senator from Texas would feel inspired to do something, but it’s very clear now mandatory minimums are not the way to go,” says Ashley Nellis, a senior research analyst at The Sentencing Project.

“These assault pieces are very vague and could potentially bring in thousands of more people who are in an altercation with a police officer and give them a little scratch on their arm,” she says. “We want everyone to go peacefully under arrest, but we know that doesn’t happen. It’s naturally a complicated situation.”

From [HERE] Additionally Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Monday that he plans to propose a law providing for additional punishment for crimes against law enforcement officers. The proposed Police Protection Act (PPA) would extend hate crime protections to law enforcement officers, organize a "campaign to educate young Texans on the value law enforcement officers bring to their communities" and "increase criminal penalties for any crime in which the victim is a law enforcement officer" even if the crime would not otherwise qualify as a hate crime. Abbott used assault with bodily injury as an example of a crime subject to the proposed enhancements, from the current third degree felony to a second degree felony under the proposal.