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« Austin Sued over Documents Related to Fatal Police Shooting of Black Man | Main | Long Beach Police Caught on Video Stomping Handcuffed Black Man, Destroying Cameras During Pot Raid »

Cicero (IL) Police Accused of Murdering Unarmed Latino Man, Covering Up Shooting

Police Marred Funeral with Searches & Helicopter Surveillance

From [HERE] and [HERE] and [HERE] Cicero police shot a man in the back as he rode a bicycle and let him bleed to death, then planted a gun by him, "threatened to kill" a witness, and intimidated and arrested other witnesses, the dead man's father claims in Federal Court.  G. Cesar Munive, father of the late son Cesar Munive, sued [complaint] the Town of Cicero, its "police Officer Dominick Schullo "and other unknown Cicero police officers for conspiracy, recklessness, excessive force and other charges. Schullo is  the son of former Cicero Police Chief Emil Schullo who was sentenced to nine years in prison for mob-linked corruption schemes during the town’s Betty Loren-Maltese scandal a decade ago.

The suit states: "On Thursday, July 5, 2012, Cesar Munive was riding his bike at the corner of 13th Street and 57th Avenue. A police officer drove at a high rate of speed, and pulled onto the curb and parkway at the corner. He jumped out of his car and without lawful cause or justification shot the unarmed decedent, Cesar Munive, once in the back.

After being shot the decedent screamed in pain and yelled that he had not done anything. The decedent fell down to the grass, bleeding. As Mr. Munive lay on the ground bleeding, the defendant officers forcefully handcuffed him with his hands behind his back and dragged him on the ground and delayed seeking medical attention. As a result of defendant Schullo's unlawful use of force, Munive suffered pain during his last conscious moments. The fatal police shooting was totally unjustified. Mr. Munive never did anything which could have justified the use of deadly force." Munive says his son "bled to death on the scene."

And he says that was not the end of the police abuse/ "Following the shooting, Defendant Schullo and other unknown members of the Cicero Police Department took actions designed to conceal and cover up the fact that Defendant Schullo shot an unarmed citizen, including planting a weapon at the shooting site and engaging in a pattern of intimidating witnesses, arresting witnesses without cause, calling witnesses on the telephone in the middle of the night, shining lasers into the windows of the home of a witness, Pedro Dominguez, threatening to kill Mr. Dominguez, and stopping vehicles and detaining relatives approaching Mr. Dominquez's home," the complaint states.

CBS News reported the night of the shooting that Cicero police shot a suspected gang member after police broke up a gang fight and a fleeing gang member pointed a gun at an officer.

Munive adds: "The misconduct described ... was undertaken pursuant to the policy and practice of the Cicero Police Department in that:"As a matter of both policy and practice, the Cicero Police Department directly encourages, and is thereby the moving force behind, the very type of constitutional violation at issue here by failing to adequately train in the use of excessive force, including deadly force, and failing to supervise and control its officers, such that its failure to do so manifests deliberate indifference and as a matter of both policy and practice, the department facilitates the very type o of constitutional violation at issue here by failing to adequately punish and discipline prior instances of misconduct, including 'repeater' offenders who exhibit patterns of abuse and misconduct, thereby leading Cicero Police Department officers to believe that their actions will never be scrutinized and, in that way, directly encouraging future abuses such as those affecting decedent and plaintiff."

Munive seeks punitive damages. He is represented by Daniel Stohr. “The Cicero police, with the cooperation of the Berwyn police, have been engaging in a pattern of harassment,” Stohr said Friday.

Police Ruined Funeral

Stohr also alleges that police have since intimidated the family to coerce them not to testify against the department, including during Thursday’s wake when a police helicopter circled above Parkwyn Funeral Home, 6901 Roosevelt Road in Berwyn.

On Friday morning before Munive's funeral, police pulled over vehicles traveling on Roosevelt Road, just as they had done the previous evening during Munive's wake. After the funeral service, mourners drove to Forest Home Cemetery where they passed two Forest Park police cars at the entrance and several squad cars and undercover police vehicles parked throughout the cemetery.

The police helicopter hovered overhead for part of the ceremony. Several squad cars from Forest Park were parked on the east side of the cemetery bridge. Also, three large police SUVs with armed officers inside were parked on the burial-mound hill in the middle of the cemetery.

His mother, Wanda Colon, said they were marred by police presence.

“I think that was just so disrespectful. They did not give us any time to mourn,” she said. “He’s already dead. What more do they want?”

Berwyn City Administrator Brian Pabst said in a statement that more than 10 law enforcement agencies banded together to suppress gang activity at the wake after receiving credible, specific threats that gang members were going to target police officers and firefighters.

On Thursday night, during Munive's wake, police were actively making their presence felt in Berwyn and south Oak Park after police received intelligence of an alleged threat to shoot a police officer in retaliation for the man's death, according to Weitzel.

"That information was obtained by the Cicero Police Department, so I don't have details," he said.

A group of at least 14 police officers and several marked and unmarked police vehicles pulled over vehicles driven by known gang members attending the evening wake.

"[WEDGE] was requested by the Cicero and Berwyn police departments. Our purpose is to maintain a physical presence, because we know who the players are," said Weitzel.

"Our officers recognized active gang members that were coming there and members of other gangs who might show up to pay their respects. We knew that could escalate," Weitzel said. "We were there to identify them and insure that there wasn't any other spill over as a result of the wake and funeral."

Weitzel said the Cook County Sheriff's Gang Unit also participated, as did police departments of Berwyn and Cicero. Police searched vehicles and gave some drivers traffic tickets. Weitzel didn't know exactly how many traffic stops police made.

A Chicago Police Department helicopter hovered over Harlem Avenue near Roosevelt Road for several hours on Thursday afternoon and evening. The dead man was "self-admitted" gang member, according to Weitzel. A Facebook page for the Almighty Insane Cicero Latin Counts mentions the death of one of their members on that date.

At no point, Pabst said, did any emergency personnel attempt to harass or intimidate family members at the wake. “We took a very low-key approach to this wake for multiple reasons, therefore police activity was not observed by most people in the area,” Pabst said Friday. “If it were (an attempt at harassment), we wouldn’t have had undercover folks out there. We would’ve had everybody in uniform on the street.” Pabst added that the police operation yielded two arrests for warrants and valuable intelligence.

Although Stohr would not comment about Munive’s alleged gang affiliations, the 22-year-old did have a record.

“He had a background, but none of that matters,” Stohr said. “So you’ve been to prison, and the police can just shoot you in the back? That’s the issue here.”

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Reader Comments (13)

I feel very heart broken because, he ( Cesar Munive) was my daughter's fiancee. Anne the cops really.did harass US's throughout the whole funeral.its just very sad that.they did the things they did. May God rest His sole! Amen
July 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjennylee
Hope all the police involved get locked up raped &executed prison style!!!fuck the Cicero police they are all a bunch of Cowards that got picked on in h.s.,that's y they are "big badass cops now"specially bitch schullo...just like his corrupt bitch dad!!!
July 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterfuck cicero police
...and the community service and police officers are bragging about killing him and threatening other supposed gang members, saying they are going to do the same to them. They are also harassing people for no reason. Starting problems just because then calling for Back up for a problem they started. Instead of serving and protecting they are the ones starting the problems!
I think that it was unnessasary unproffesional n wrong they always threating us m harrasing us but never thought they would take a innocent kids life away yea its ok to do your job but the kid had no weapon n procedure is shoot below da waist if he is armed or points anythibg the kid was on a bike n turned around dat was unnessasary dat was using your power fausly n bullying a person azz always n yes they did harass us police was everywer never did I c a funeral like dat in my life plus da way they lookd at us staired n laughd at us dat wasent right how kan we say our blessings wen were getn laughd at follwed as if we wer criminals n taunted by da ppl dat took my friends life away dat is not ok there using da law as a power that they really think they kan do wutever they want they raid our hoyses wit np warrants they take us to jail for no reason they shoot r moms they shoot our dogs they stay takin out cars they look at us treat n talk to us how ever they want witch is always disrespectful cicero is corrupt sumone needs to stand up to them they suppose to protect n serve not threatn us harrass us n do wut they do now they triena get away wit murdering one of us oh no we might b gangbangers but we do have rights n we r human n dat was a false move on da cops behalf no reason to take dat boys life away no reason in da world hope justice cums knoking at dat door amen love u zar rip c u soon frm a friend deep lonng lost brother a cicero resident dat deals wit there bull crap n harrasment every single day a guy dat lost his friend before his eyes for no aparent reason I think over n over y did dat cop shoot y?????i dnt get it y him y??
July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCKAOS12
kinda funny how they put that innocent babyface pic of this guy up instead of his most recent mugshot photo! maybe not so innocent! im not a fan of cicero police but the guy had a gun, no one planted anything! scary ass kid should have shot the cop but instead he never had the heart and thats why he's 6ft deep! i know if im uppin on the cops im firing! but war with police ain't good! time for them counts to push out cicero! THE 12ST PLAYERS NEVER DESTROYED THAT AREA! WE OWN THAT AREA AND ITS TIME FOR THE LATIN COUNTS TO CALL IT QUITS! YA'LL AINT ON SHIT ANYWAYS BUT DESTROYING A ONCE NICE AREA!
July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCKAOS12
I believe this with out a doubt and us as latinos instead of fighting each other should get together against injustice like this one, the police do about anything to cover each other up and the police in the Cicero, Berwyn area get worse and corrupted by the day because no body is putting a stop to, im not affiliated with any gang but i still get harass when i walk to work or friends house and Berwyn pulls over and stops every Latino they see. Who knows how much worst this will get my condolences for the family of this man and hopefully there will be some kind of justice in this case to prevent thigs like this from happening again and so the berwyn, Cicero police realize they can't get away with braking the law so much
July 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjustice
Cicero Police officer Dominick Schullo was NOT the officer who shot Munive but I don't think anyone care about the truth around here. The parents of gangbangers are as responsible for the death of their children as anyone else. But it is so much easier to file a lawsuit and blame someone else than it is to assume responsibility for letting a child join a gun-toting street gang.
August 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJust Want the Truth
Sar had the gun because Pedro Dominguez gave it to him and now Pedro is lying about it to the lawyers and the family. Pedro is trying to get paid..Pedro is a junkie scumbag. Sar was a Latin count that was on security that day and ultimately paid the price for it. Don't carry or pull a gun if your not going to use it. They claim this shullo guy shot him but it was another white guy. All these tough guy gangbangers saying "the police harass me" and think that all the nonsense that they do is ok. Cops harass those who deserve to be harassed and without them there would be a lot more of your boys dead. That would be ok though cause its gang violence. Cops cannot do what they want, there is an internal investigation being completed by state police and they will later tell the truth.. lesson learned, get out the gangs, don't carry a gun and chances are you won't get shot.
August 12, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermarcelo cruz
the guy above me must be racist or a cop himself because guest what im not in a gang and have a job and i get harass a lot by this berwyn and cicero cops either cause im Hispanic or young who knows but it's alright for a cop to do his job but this guys do a lot of unnecessary shit to innocent people..
August 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterneutron

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