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Family Of Shot Black Teen says Fort Lauderdale Police Shot Unarmed 15 Year Old in the Back


(CBS4 [HERE]) FORT LAUDERDALE The family of a teen that was shot during a struggle with a police officer is pondering whether or not to file a lawsuit against the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

The family has hired the law firm of Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley to investigate the actions of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Lawyers held a news conference on Tuesday to discuss a significant case that they are investigating on behalf of Dwuan Crooms and his family.

The 15-year-old boy, who remains in critical condition at the Broward General Medical Center, was shot during a struggle with a Fort Lauderdale police officer Jason Hersh late Friday night following a two county car chase.

"There does not seem to be any evidence that there was any struggle and that there was any necessity for the police officer to us force, deadly force, to shoot Dwuan the way he did," said Darryl Lewis, an attorney for the Crooms family told reporters on Tuesay.

Police say the chase, which led to the shooting, began when an officer spotted a car matching the description of the one that was used in a car dealership robbery on Friday.

Police say officers tried pulling the car over, but it didn’t stop. The chase stretched into Palm Beach County. At Yamato Road, the suspect's car turned around and started going south on I-95.

The chase ended shortly after 11 p.m. near the Cypress Creek Road exit. That's when police say a struggle between Hersh and Crooms began and a shot was fired. Another passenger in the car was subdued with a Taser and taken into custody.

"These two individuals driving the vehicle were brazen enough, they tried to run the officers off the side of the road," said Fort Lauderdale Police Sgt Frank Sousa on Tuesday. "At the end of the violent and excessive pursuit, there was a violent struggle and as a result of the struggle, an officers firearm was discharged."

Police say Officer Hersh shot Crooms in the shoulder area during a struggle, but the family is claiming the 15-year old was shot in the back while lying on the ground.

In an interview with CBS-4's Art Barron on Saturday night, Melissa Sands said friends of her son told her police shot him while he was lying on the ground.

"His friends say he was lying down on the ground and they shot him in the back," said Sands. "He's only 15-years-old. He didn't have no weapon and I still can't imagine why you shoot him."

Melissa Sands spoke to CBS-4's Art Barron by phone on Sunday and reiterated the same beliefs. She also told Barron that she has hired an attorney.

Fort Lauderdale Police denied this accusation during their press conference on Sunday. They also revealed that Croom's was not shot in the back, as previously reported.

"At this point in the investigation, we can confirm that the shot entered through the top of the suspect's shoulder area, not in the back," said Sgt. Sousa.

Dwuan Crooms remains in intensive care at Broward General Medical Center and is hooked to a ventilator.

Officer Hersh was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the an investigation.

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    [...]The BrownWatch: News for People of Color - Police Brutality Watch - Family Of Shot Black Teen says Fort Lauderdale Police Shot Unarmed 15 Year Old in the Back[...]

Reader Comments (10)

When you publish these stories it just makes black male teenagers look STUPID!
(Maybe becaue most of them acually are STUPID?)

I think publishing these stories is backfiring on you.

It does not engender sympathy to read about black male teens who fight with the police or who run from the police and who then suffer the obvious consequences.

No sympathy for the perp. He must be really stupid.

Advice to black male teenagers: Think before you decide to fight with or run from the police, especially if you are a supposedly "innocent" black male teenager.

Smart people know that fighting with or running from the police can easily get you shot.And you all know that if you are guilty you should be BLASTED. Just like IRAQ. I wish we had their government and Constitution - NO RIGHTS for Blacks YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Smart people also know that fighting with or running from the police makes you look guilty.

Non-black Americans of all other races are getting sick of all your stupid "blackxcuses".I know I'm a pollster. Blacks are stupid because their skin is black. Im smart Im white. YEEEEEHAWWRRRRRR!!! WHiteyyy.

Take some responsibility for your own stupid actions!!!!!!
May 16, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDemetrius
Anyone stupid enough to try to escape a police pursuit, then -- really stupid -- struggle with a man with a gun AND the authority to use it needs to be removed from the gene pool. I'm a bitch I know.

May 22, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterIdiotBoyz
Maybe if this wannabe football star good for nothing kid would not have struggled with the police " a round would have not been discharged. This 15 year old took his and the life of others, including mine and my family on the night of Friday May 4th, when my family and I where returning home from a memoral service, which is the only reason my family was out at 11:00pm. This 15 year old piece of crap passed around our car at a high rate of speed then cut in front of us wreaklessly. At the time I was more upset at the police that were in puruit of these two teens because there were at least 15 Maimi Dade, and Broward County police cars traveling also at a high rate of speed jetting from lane to lane around other cars sometimes off the side of I-95 into the grass. But now I'm more angry with the teen, his mother and the rest of the NAACP community. As the news stated these "BRAZEN TEENS" attempted to push others off the highway while traveling over 80mph. Now the mother wants to sue! Melissa Sands tells a different story the news reports. She says friends of her son told her "police shot him while he was lying on the ground". What friends of his were there? The one that was in the car? Ya, lets take his word for it! Was this the same friend that was in the car last year (June 2006) when the bright, professional athlete hopeful, ran from the police after a traffic stop in Ft. Lauderdale. Ya, again, lets listen to that piece of crap! Oh ya, the mother says Dwuan's friends said he was lying on the ground. The report says there were two teens in the vehicle. His friends were waiting for him on the side of I-95 to be caught? I think I'm going to sue the mother for being a dumbass and letting her 15 year old behind the wheel, not once but twice we know about! And for the NAACP wanting answers about the shooting, and the black radio stations getting involved in the story, guess it was a good week for ratings. Haven't heard much else from the family as to how Dwuan is doing, only that they are going to sue, and the NAACP wants a formal investagation. Lets take bets on this teen if he survives that he'll either be a upstanding African American, or end up in another police chase involving the lives of others. Ya cuse anyone who goes on a police chase should be put death!!!and all people who go on police chases are LIARS!!I LOVE IRAQ before SADDAM - we should have laws like they did - NO Constitution, NO RIGHTS FOR DEFENDANTS -yeeeeee HAWWWRRR!!! us white poeple are a BLAST!!!

!! The comment below was added by another person other than the author!!

Ya cuse anyone who goes on a police chase should be put death!!!and all people who go on police chases are LIARS!!I LOVE IRAQ before SADDAM - we should have laws like they did - NO Constitution, NO RIGHTS FOR DEFENDANTS -yeeeeee HAWWWRRR!!! us white poeple are a BLAST!!!


Who cares. He put is nigger self in this position..STUPID NIGGER..worthless race of sub-humans
August 13, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJosh
People like the above just prove how stupid white people are!!"yeeeeee HAWWWRRR!!! us white poeple are a BLAST!!!" Bitch shut the fuck up you dumb cracker bitch!! Go fuck your cousin and have some fucked up babies!! And then America is just full of white crackers, for example, the above I just mentioned and George W. Bitch... I mean Bush! Demetrius,Josh,Idiot Boyz and the faggot that says he is involved in deerfield are all the same fucking cracker redneck! It is not different people, it is just the same faggot!
October 12, 2007 | Unregistered Commentercracker
Dang niggers are just a worthless race. If wasn't for sports what else can a worthless nigger do?
October 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJosh
And people doubt the existence of evil.
October 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRo-Makeda
Public safety for American civilians has become more of a threat these days and not only by international terrorists and national criminals, but at the hands of law enforcement officials. These are people who vowed to protect and serve our communities.
The increase of excessive force by police officers on all people violates human right laws. It may be me today, but it could be you tomorrow. Become proactive in the struggle against unjustified brutal abuse on American people.

Together let's put an end to police brutality!
Visit my website to see how (encourage your family and friends to sign as well):

December 1, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAndre
My name is Marta Veronica Carrera ; I would like to file a lawsuit against the police officers and the entire department of Delray Beach for police brutality on the day of my arrest. I have since been cleared of all charges.

I would like to tell you about the most horrible day of my life .I was arrested and treated worse than a criminal. The arresting officer seemed to have a hatred toward me discriminating against me because. I’m Hispanic at that moment I didn’t understanded what was happening .My mind couldn’t process the scene happening in front of me .At that moment .I entered a state of panic; I didn’t understand who this man was or why he was treating me like this. His hateful look and forceful voice are implanted in my memory. The worse part is that his masculine brutality marked my body with trauma and pain . He wasn’t dressed like a police officer not did he show any credentials such as a badge. He scared me so much .I thought it was a robbery.
He showed a lot of hatred towards me like ,I disgusted him .He was like a nazi. The way he treated me . He threw me up against the glass of a store. I fell down on a small rock that punctured my hip which left bruises .When I fell he was screaming at me and with one of his feet I’m not sure which one he kicked me in my waiste and was screaming racial slurs and for me to get up. But at no time did he say he was a cop. I thought it was a robber and that he was going to kill me. I don’t remember how I got up but he then brought me to a gray car and aggressively ordered me to get in the car .I thought I was going to die . I feel pain in my chest. Im the car there was another man who told me that I better collaborate with them and do exactly what they told me to do or they were going to deport me or it wasn’t going to go very well for me I couldn’t stop crying, I was in shock and paniked and he didn’t care. I was terrorized .He continued screaming at me.
I thought I was having a near attack .With so much fear I asked who they were and one of them finally told me .I was arrested ; I asked why since I knew I hadn’t done anything. They started laughing. One of them, not the one who hit me but the other one , answered “ you are going to find out stupid” now tell us who your boss ? I told him she was just leaning so the other one van to arrest her while the other registered my clothes. He took out of my bag , my keys , my cell phone and he continued with the threats. I told him that I would heep him but didn’t know what they wanted from me or why I was being arrest.. More men arrived .They didn’t let me out. I felt really bad I was crying and my pressure was out of control I thought I was going to faint . That day they arrested the owner and 3 other employees .They took us in separate cars to the police station. When we went in separate elevators and later they reunited everyone, there was only female officer present.
I looked at the owner and asked her why was this happening .At that moment a detective entered and told me he wanted to speak to me first. They took off all my belongings jewelrys. They took me to a small room where I almost passed out. The cop brought me water and started talking to me but I entered a state of more panic and hysteria I couldn’t speak in English or Spanish .He spoke to me but I didn’t understand. All I remember is cry uncontrollably. I was so confused ; I was scared because the guy in the car said if I didn’t do what they said they make my life so haid . I didn’t know what to say ;that day marked my life forever , they took advantage of my condition by inventing arguments that never happened . They put words in my mouth .They said I admitted to committing acts of prostitution that never happened . Later they told me to take off all my clothes and put on a blue uniform.

When the female officer saw the marks on my body she asked me what happened .I told her the abuse I endured and she advised me to keep and not accuse anyone of anything to get out and see a doctor .That’s exactly what I did she took pictures of me. They did many exams on me, put me on antidepressives and I have undergone therapy. I was treated inhumanely. I have always tried to maintain a clean and orderly existence. I worked so hard to demonstrate my innocense . I asked to see their proof that they said they hade being videotapes . It took them 3 months to give me the tapes. When I reviewed them tapes ;I saw myself on camera doing normal things , no illegal activity whatsoever. I appear on camera talking on my cell phone; laughing with my boyfriend who was on the other line ,basically everytime I appeared on camera I was doing normal everyday things and the videos they said they had of me were his or just more mind games and psychological manipulations. Afterwards I tried to get together again with the detective that interrogated me to ask him why did he lie about what I said . He declined speaking to me but said jokingly “ that ‘s why you have a lawyer I told him.” My lawyer wasn’t there at the time I was and I never said those lies. My lawyer told me that he was friends with the prosecutor and that he would do everything possible to clear up this situation . My lawyer charged me $ 10.000 for my case and wanted his money before the case was closed. He (lawyer) asked for$ 5000 more and I told him I wouldn’t be able to continue paying him. He said he would get the prosecutor to drop the charges against me and I finally told him to stop with the garbage. I told him I wanted to speak to the judge to speak to him and tell him my story. I explained that we are here in America –The United States. The greatest country in the world where justice should be important .This couldn’t be happening to me . My lawyer explained to me that was impossible .I would not be able to talk to the judge .I became depressed to make matter worse , I developed pancreatitus and removed 8 stones . I didn’t sleep I was always vomiting I gained 20 lbs at night was awake and couldn’t sleep remembering what happened to me.
My doctor prescribed me more medicines for antidepression , to sleep and for pain. She said I was too young to be experiencing these ailments I couldn’t talk to anyone in my family ,I was so embarrassed .I am currently in physical therapy. I have my good and bad days. One instance I was shopping , called my lawyer to find out about my case and he told me it was the same . I passed out in the store he also informed me that I had to wait longer because I didn’t have a judge , 6 months with no word . I was unable to concentrate on life.
Finally the day that I had been waiting for came . I was declared completely innocent. The whole time I was wondering if they knew ,I was innocent why did they make me go through all of this . A year later , I’m affected physically and mentally. My body is no longer the same . My question now is how does a person claim to be guilty then cleared of all charges . (Because there never existed proof of guilty)
How does a person who is supposed to represent the law in such an important country commit an act of violence against a woman making himself look like a delincuent.
I never offended him, the way he dealt with me was not necessary.


Cell: 786-316-8175
June 18, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterangela

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