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Cleveland Cops No Longer Investigating themselves in Cop Killing of Black Child - [12 yr old Shot in 2 seconds. Toy Gun not visible when white cops arrived. No people present. No crime going on. No imminent danger. No legal basis to stop, seize & Kill]

The Black Male as Inherently Criminal When white Cleveland cops arrived information from the police radio run was not corroborated. 1) No "guy" or grown man was present - only a 12 yr old child. 2) There were no people around - the child was alone. 3) No gun was visible - apprently the toy gun was in the childs pants and out of site when police arrived = no legal basis to stop, seize or kill.

From [HERE] The Cleveland Police Department has formally handed over its investigation into the fatal police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department, the city announced Friday. 

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said the decision was made to “ensure transparency” and establish “an extra layer of separation and impartiality,” the Northeast Ohio Media Group reported.

On Thursday, the city said that Michael McGrath, the city's safety director and its former police chief, has been in talks with Cuyahoga County officials for the sheriff's office to handle the inquiry.

Until now, Cleveland police investigators had been collecting evidence and conducting interviews related to the Nov. 22 shooting of Rice. 

The boy had an airsoft gun that shoots nonlethal plastic pellets when a rookie officer shot him at a Cleveland playground.

Surveillance video released by police shows Rice being shot less than two seconds after the patrol car stopped near him. Officer Timothy Loehmann told the boy to put his hands up, but he didn't comply, according to police.

According to police,he reached for a gun in his waistband. The toy gun was in his waistband -- that is he was not holding in it. [MORE] The police chief said there was no confrontation between the boy and the cops and he did not threaten the officers with the gun or otherwise. See video above.  In other words, when the cops arrived no crime was being committed in their presence and no visible danger was present. As such, there was no legal basis to order him to stop or to pull out their loaded weapons and point them at him in the first place. When they arrive they see a Black kid, alone. 

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Black Man Grabbed Master's Whip: White Prosecutor Says No Charges Against White Milwaukee Cop who Shot Black Man 14 times  

Immunity for White Cops who Murder Black Men. From [HERE] and [HERE] In one of the most highly anticipated legal decisions in recent memory, white Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm announced Monday that white Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney will not be charged in the fatal shooting of Dontre Hamilton at Red Arrow Park.

Chisholm determined that Manney's use of force was justified self-defense.

Hamilton's family has repeatedly called for Manney, who has since been fired, to face criminal charges.

Speaking to supporters outside the federal courthouse in Milwaukee, Hamilton's brother Nathaniel said he and the other family members would not waver in their determination. "We deserve justice," he said. "Justice is our right."

U.S. Attorney James Santelle confirmed Monday afternoon that the U.S. Department of Justice will undertake a federal review of the case. The FBI and U.S. attorney's office already have the investigative materials, Chisholm said. "We were informed that they were conducting their own review, but they can give us no timeline for when they'll come to their decision," Chisholm said. "As I said, I anticipate the venue will move from the state level to the federal level next."

Manney shot Hamilton 14 times on April 30 during a confrontation at Red Arrow Park.

Before the encounter, a pair of officers responding to a call that Hamilton was asleep in the park checked on him twice and found he was doing nothing wrong. When Manney arrived, he was not aware that other officers had preceded him.

Police Chief Edward Flynn fired Manney in October, saying he ignored department policy and treated Hamilton as a criminal by frisking him. Flynn has said Hamilton resisted arrest and that he and Manney exchanged punches before Hamilton grabbed the officer's baton and hit him with it. Manney then shot Hamilton 14 times.

Manney then shot Hamilton repeatedly.

However, a Starbucks employee who witnessed the incident said, "[the cop] lunged at Dontre to retrieve his weapon but missed. I never witnessed Dontre attack Chris. Dontre only reacted to Chris’ lunge, in what appeared to be, a purely defensive way. After missing, Chris was frozen for a second, then reached down for his side arm. When he pulled this weapon out, I had a sickly feeling about what was going to happen next. Chris didn’t say anything to Dontre.  Nothing like “calm down”, or “back away”, or anything of the sort, with his brandished firearm. He had his gun pointed at Dontre from about 10 feet away for a couple seconds.  That’s when I heard the shots."

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White Cops and their "Deliberate indifference" to Non-whites: Family of Latino man killed by Salinas Cops Claim Racial Targeting in Shootings of 4 Latino men

Racist Suspect Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin displays the gardening shears Carlos Mejia held at the time two white officers fatally shot him in May. He was backing up, retreating. Watch the video for yourself. 

From [HERE] The family of a man fatally shot in May by police in Salinas, California, have filed a federal lawsuit against the city, claiming racial profiling has played a part in police killings of four Latino men in the space of five months.

The family of Carlos Mejia, killed by Salinas police on May 20, filed the federal lawsuit on December 23, in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. They claimed Mejia’s death and the fatal police shootings of three other men signified "an entrenched posture of deliberate indifference" to Latinos.

Mejia was the third man fatally shot by law enforcement in the string of four shooting deaths after Angel Ruiz, killed on March 20, and Osman Hernandez on May 9. Frank Alvarado was shot dead by police on July 7, according to the complaint.

On May 20, police were called after Mejia allegedly broke into a home, exposed himself to a woman, and attacked her dog, according to the Monterey County Weekly. Mejia’s family has claimed he was going door-to-door looking for work.

The Mejia family said when officers Danny Warner and Josh Lynd, both named in the lawsuit, confronted Carlos he walked away. After two failed attempts to use a Taser on Mejia, according to KSBW, the officers drew their weapons.

Carlos faced police from a distance of about 5 to 10 feet holding the backpack and gardening shears, his family said. When he made a “slight movement,” he was shot, they said in the suit, according to Courthouse News. Carlos Mejia died at the scene.

"The decedent's [deceased’s] body lay on the street uncovered for several hours in plain view, intimidating witnesses and the community alike," the complaint stated. "[Mejia] complied with the officers’ commands," says the lawsuit, filed by civil rights attorney John Burris, according to the Monterey County Weekly.

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[The Rule of a Barbarous Society] Other Victims of White Supremacy Executed by White NYPD Cops

Jose (Kiko) Garcia

July 3, 1992

During a struggle with police officers in the lobby of an apartment building,Mr. Garcia, a 23-year-old Dominican immigrant who the police said was carrying a revolver, was shot twice by Officer Michael O’Keefe.

What happened: Later that year, a grand jury cleared Officer O’Keefe, supporting the officer’s assertion that Mr. Garcia reached for a gun before he was shot.

Ernest Sayon

April 29, 1994

Mr. Sayon, 22, was standing outside a Staten Island housing complex when police officers on an anti-drug patrol tried to arrest him. Mr. Sayon suffocated because of pressure on his back, chest and neck while he was handcuffed on the ground.

What happened: A grand jury declined to file criminal charges against any of the three police officers involved, apparently concluding that the officers had used reasonable force in subduing Mr. Sayon.

Nicholas Heyward Jr.

Sept. 27, 1994

Nicholas, 13, was playing cops and robbers with friends in a Gowanus Houses building stairwell when Officer Brian George, mistaking the teenager’s toy rifle for a real gun, shot him to death.

What happened: The Brooklyn district attorney decided not to present the case to a grand jury, saying the real culprit was an authentic-looking toy gun.

Anthony Baez

Dec. 22, 1994

Mr. Baez, 29, a security guard, was playing football outside his mother’s Bronx home when a stray toss landed on a police car. Mr. Baez died after an officer applied a chokehold while trying to arrest him.

What happened: Francis X. Livoti, who had been dismissed by the force for using an illegal chokehold, was convicted on federal civil rights charges and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison, two years after he won acquittal in a state trial.

Amadou Diallo

Feb. 4, 1999

Mr. Diallo, a 22-year-old immigrant from Guinea, was killed by four officerswho fired 41 times in the vestibule of his apartment building in the Bronx. They said he seemed to have a gun, but he was unarmed.

What happened: In February 2000, after a tense and racially charged trial, all four officers, who were white, were acquitted of second-degree murder and other charges, fueling protests.

The city agreed to pay the family $3 million.

Patrick Dorismond

March 16, 2000

Mr. Dorismond, 26, an unarmed black security guard, was shot dead by an undercover narcotics detective in a brawl in front of a bar in Midtown Manhattan, after Mr. Dorismond became offended when the detective asked him if he had any crack cocaine.

What happened: By late July, a grand jury declined to file criminal charges against the detective, Anthony Vasquez, concluding that the shooting of Mr. Dorismond was not intentional.

The city agreed to pay $2.25 million to his family.

Ousmane Zongo

May 23, 2003

Mr. Zongo, 43, an art restorer, was shot and killed by a police officer during a raid at a Chelsea warehouse that the police believed was the base of aCD counterfeiting operation.

What happened: In 2005, Officer Bryan A. Conroy was convicted at the second of two trials and sentenced to probation. The judge placed the blame for the killing primarily on the poor training and supervision by the Police Department.

The city agreed to pay the family $3 million.

Timothy Stansbury Jr.

Jan. 24, 2004

Mr. Stansbury, 19, a high school student, was about to take a rooftop shortcut to a party when he was fatally shot by Officer Richard S. Neri Jr., who was patrolling the roof.

What happened: A grand jury decided not to indict Officer Neri. In December 2006, he was suspended without pay for 30 days, permanently stripped of his gun, and reassigned to a property clerk’s office.

The city agreed to pay the Stansbury family $2 million.

Sean Bell

Nov. 25, 2006

Five detectives fired 50 times into a car occupied by Mr. Bell, 23, and two others after a confrontation outside a Queens club on Mr. Bell’s wedding day. He was killed.

What happened: After a heated seven-week nonjury trial in 2008, the judge found Detectives Gescard F. Isnora, Michael Oliver and Marc Cooper not guilty of all charges, which included manslaughter and assault.

In 2012, Detective Isnora was fired, and Detectives Cooper and Oliver, along with a supervisor, were forced to resign.

Ramarley Graham

Feb. 2, 2012

Mr. Graham, 18, was shot and killed by Richard Haste, a police officer, in the bathroom of his Bronx apartment after being pursued into his home by a team of officers from a plainclothes street narcotics unit. Mr. Graham was unarmed.

What happened: A grand jury voted to indict Officer Haste on charges of first- and second-degree manslaughter, but a judge dismissed the indictment a year later. Prosecutors sought a new indictment. In August 2013, a grand jury decided not to bring charges in the case.

Eric Garner

July 17, 2014

Mr. Garner, 43, died after Officer Daniel Pantaleo restrained him using a chokehold, a maneuver that was banned by the New York Police Department more than 20 years ago. The officers were trying to arrest Mr. Garner, whose death was attributed in part to the chokehold, on charges of illegally selling cigarettes.

What happened: A white grand jury, impaneled in September by the Staten Island district attorney,voted not to bring criminal charges against Officer Pantaleo.

Akai Gurley

Nov. 20, 2014

Mr. Gurley, 28, was entering the stairwell of a Brooklyn housing project with his girlfriend when Officer Peter Liang, standing 14 steps above him, shot Mr. Gurley in the chest. The police described the fatal shooting of Mr. Gurley, who was unarmed, as an accident.

What happened: The episode is the subject of investigations by the Police Department and the Brooklyn district attorney.


Protecting & Serving White Supremacy: White Prosecutor Declines to File Charges Against Seattle Cop who Punched Handcuffed Black Woman in the Eye

"You Aint Shit"  From [HERE] and [HERE] A white King County prosecutor announced that a Black Seattle police officer who punched a handcuffed Black woman will not be criminally charged. 

Seattle police released the digital in-car video of a police officer punching a handcuffed woman after she assaulted him. 

On June 22nd, Officer Adley Shepard responded to a call of domestic violence at a Seattle home. Miyekko Durden-Bosley was involved in the dispute and was handcuffed and placed into the backseat of the police vehicle. According to the Shepard, Bosley kicked him which prompted him to respond with a punch to her face. The blow broke her eye socket. In the video after the  Black cop is kicked he is under no immediate threat of violence because Bosley had been thrown into the backseat and her feet were on the floor of the car - her hands were handcuffed. [MORE]

At an evening news conference, Gerald Hankerson, president of the Seattle King County NAACP, sharply criticized King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg over his finding that Officer Adley Shepherd acted within legal bounds when he punched the woman and fractured two bones in her right eye orbit.

“That punch was a retaliatory act, not a tactical act,” Hankerson said.

Hankerson likened the case to the deaths of two black men, Eric Garner in New York and Mike Brown in Missouri, and the decisions of grand juries not to indict white police officers for their killings.

However, Shepherd, 38, is African American, as is the woman he punched, Miyekko Durden-Bosley, 23, who was initially arrested for investigation of domestic violence. She later was booked for assaulting a police officer but never charged. [MORE]


FBI Failed to Record Over 500 Police Killings Between 2007 and 2012

BlackListed News

Hundreds of homicides committed by police officers in the United States between 2007 and 2012 had not been recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

After the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, talks of bringing more transparency to police killings have been in the spotlight. It turned out that more than 550 police killings from 2007 and 2012 were missing from the national tally, making it impossible to determine precisely how many people the police had killed during the reported period of time, Fox News said.

1,825 police killings were recorded internally by the 105 departments studied, but FBI data over the same period shows only 1,242 gun deaths, a difference of 47 percent, according to research conducted by the WSJ.

In addition, most police agencies are not obliged to provide the information about the police killings. From 2007-2012, 753 police agencies registered 2,400 killings by on-duty police officers, however another 18,000 police agencies did not provide the FBI with any data on police killings, according to the WSJ.

The killing of felons by law enforcement officers in the line of duty are known as “justifiable homicides”, indicated USA Today.

In 2013, the FBI published the Uniform Crime Report, which revealed that the police killed 414 people in 2009, 397 in 2010, 404 in 2011 and 426 in 2012. However, since the FBI did not count a number of police killings between 2007 and 2012, the true number is much higher, the Washington Post reported.

In contrast, police in other countries are less trigger-happy. Canada averages a dozen police shootings per year; Germany only had eight police killings over the last two years; while cops in Britain did not have a single “justifiable homicide” last year, according to the Washington Post.

Out of nearly 400 “justifiable homicides” per year, an average of 96 cases involved a white police officer killing a black person, the Washington Post reported. Other ethnic minorities and mentally ill people have much greater chances of becoming victims of police killings, the CNN said.


[Racism = pretense/manipulation] New NYPD Body Cams Will be Used to Monitor, Record and Stop You. Facial Recognition & Numberplate Searches Tied into Natl Database

Racism is carried out through deception. Such as pretending to promote justice while working to continue, and refine, the practice of injustice. Manipulating the call from the powerless to monitor cops, the whites in charge of NYC [Dept. of Pre-Crime] have seized this oppoturnity to use technology against you; to monitor you and justify stopping you on the street. What is the risk of racist error? 

From [HERE] and [MORE] The recent killing of a young black man by a police officer in Ferguson has led to amazing new opportunities.  The White House is eager to promote new initiatives like this one in New York: The NYPD Will Start Wearing Body Cams Wednesday.

New York took its first step toward outfitting its 34,500 uniformed police officers with body cameras in an experimental program announced today by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. The largest U.S. police department will begin testing devices this week that [among other things] digitally record street encounters between officers and civilians. Beginning Wednesday, the pilot program will test different cameras on 60 officers from six precincts.

Engineers in the new Utah datacenter run by the National Security Agency have prepared special stream collection servers to provide realtime processing of the new videofeeds. Automatic numberplate and face recognition together with GPS data will be used to create data records for future analysis. "We are usually not allowed to collect or use such data of American persons," a NSA spokesperson said. "But this is simply legal administrative assistance for the FBI and the local police," the spokesperson added. "We are just a bit further along with this than they are."

On the fly comparison of the video data with existing databases will allow to alert the policemen of searched-for automobiles. The cameras will also make make discrete noise should the officer approach persons who have their face-features stored in the national deviating person database. An additional feature utilizing Google glass and yet to be tested will provide the policemen with the name, date of birth and additional data like medical records of each person in their field of view.

The real power of the system is the almost instant translation of photographic data into digital data, and the capture of the same into a database.  Using fixed installation of this system, it is possible to locate a vehicle within a city simply by searching the database for the license plate number.  

Some of the video streams will be shared with the public. FOXNews signed a sponsoring contract with the NYPD that will allow it to exclusively use the streams. "Just imagine the possibilities," Mr. V. O. Yeur, FOXnews vice president for business development, explained. "We will have the most goring night-programs from these feeds. Live and for nearly zero cost. Car accidents, marriage fights, murders each and every night - all without expansive additional equipment and personal in the street. The advertisers and shareholders will love this."

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DOJ to investigate death of Eric Garner


US Attorney General Eric Holder [official website] announced [press release] Wednesday that the Department of Justice (DOJ) [official website] will launch a civil rights investigation into the death of Eric Garner, the unarmed black man who was killed last summer after being placed in a choke hold by a white New York City police officer during an arrest. The announcement was made shortly after a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict [NYT report] the officers in Garner's arrest. Garner died July 17 after being placed in a choke hold by Officer David Pantaleo. The incident was caught on tape, and shows Garner was unarmed. After Garner was taken down by Pantaleo, Garner can be heard on tape saying, "I can't breathe." Holder said that DOJ prosecutors "will conduct an independent, thorough, fair and expeditious investigation," as well as a complete review of information gathered by the local investigation. "We have all seen the video of Mr. Garner's arrest," said Holder:

All lives must be valued. Mr. Garner's death is one of several recent incidents across the country that have tested the sense of trust that must exist between law enforcement and the communities they are charged to serve and protect. This is not a New York issue or a Ferguson issue alone. Those who have protested peacefully across our great nation following the grand jury's decision in Ferguson have made that clear.


Immigration Agents Trick Mom Into Giving Up Her Rights 


Federal investigation finds reckless use of force by Cleveland police

From [HERE] A week after surveillance footage was released showing Cleveland police officers shooting a black 12-year-old, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday said that the city's police officers use excessive and unnecessary force far too often, are poorly trained in using firearms and endanger the public and their fellow officers with their recklessness.

The findings, the result of a 20-month investigation into the city's policing standards, were presented at a press conference by Attorney General Eric Holder. As a result of the investigation, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson signed an agreement with the Justice Department to have a court-appointed monitor oversee reform.

The DOJ investigation found a systemic pattern of reckless and inappropriate use of force by officers and concerns about their search-and-seizure practices. It also said officers frequently violate people's civil rights, blaming faulty tactics, inadequate training and a lack of supervision and accountability. The result is a deep mistrust of the city’s law enforcement authorities, especially in the black community, the report concluded.

The report found that Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) officers "engage in excessive force far too often, and that the use of excessive force by CDP officers is neither isolated, nor sporadic."

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Grand Jury Witness who filmed Eric Garner Chokehold said the Entire Grand Jury was White. "Nobody in the grand jury was even paying attention to what I had to say”  

"It was Bullshit." White Jurors were asking about Cigarettes. From [HERE] Ramsey Orta — who recorded the July 17 incident in which Officer Daniel Pantaleo (along with several other white cops who pounced & smothered) put Eric Garner in a chokehold shortly before he died on his cellphone — told the Daily News the grand jury ‘wasn’t fair from the start,’ and claims his testimony only lasted 10 minutes. "I think they already had their minds made up," he said.

The Staten Island man who took the cellphone video seen around the world of a cop killing Eric Garner with a chokehold said Thursday the grand jury was rigged. He also said all the jurors were white. See video [HERE] [nyc has the largest number of Blacks in the country.]

“I feel like it wasn't fair at all,” he said. “It wasn't fair from the start.”” Ramsey Orta told the Daily News a day after the panel voted not to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo with a crime.

Orta said he arrived at the Richmond County courthouse on Sept. 1 prepared to be grilled for hours about what happened on July 17, when cops confronted Garner on a Tompkinsville street for selling unlicensed cigarettes.

Ten minutes later, Orta said he was done.

“When I went to the grand jury to speak on my behalf, nobody in the grand jury was even paying attention to what I had to say,” Orta said. “People were on their phones, people were talking. I feel like they didn't give (Garner) a fair grand jury."

“People was on their phones, people were having side conversations, like it was just a regular day to them,” he said of the jurors. Orta, 22, said his appearance before the panel started two hours late because some of the jurors had not shown up. 

Then someone turned on the disturbing video of Pantaleo subduing Garner, which was first obtained by The News, and which shocked New York and the nation.

“They were asking me piece by piece — where I was, where I was standing at, if I was the one who shot the video,” he said of the prosecutors.

A man he described as a prosecutor “wasn’t even asking no questions about the police officer, he was asking all the questions towards Eric,” Orta said. “What was Eric doing there? Why was Eric there?”

“Nothing pertaining to the cop choking him,” he said.

Only a few jurors asked any questions.

“Maybe three, that’s all,” he said. “The rest of them, they weren't even worried about nothing.”

Those that did pose questions were also more focused on Garner than Pantaleo, he said.

“One grand juror asked me, ‘If you knew he was selling cigarettes why didn't you tell him the cops was there?’” he said.

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What You Need to Know About Body Cameras [they do not stop racism/white supremacy]

Black & Brown People Can be Legally Executed by White Cops Anytime, Anyplace. In a system of White Supremacy White Governors, attorney generals, chiefs of police, other white cops, prosecutors, jurors, judges, and the white media will support, finance and ultimately uphold the white cop's decision or "right" to kill you. That is what recent decisions in Ferguson and NYC have taught us. The only thing a camera will do is take a picture of it - making this reality more clear to us. For example, to the extent that you are dealing with a racist postman do you think your mail will be delivered properly? This system cannot work properly or produce justice for non-whites if racist white people are controlling everything. Stop playing mind games with yourself, we must confront the actors behind these racist actions once and for all. 

From [HERE] President Obama promised yesterday he would respond to the “simmering distrust” between police and the communities they serve with concrete action. Among the most substantial of his initial proposals to improve police accountability is a plan to buy 50,000 new body cameras for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

The equipment – which will cost an estimated $75 million of the $273 million Obama has pledged for the community policing initiative – will be a boon to a budding industry. It is more than seven times the revenue earned from the devices in 2013 by one major body-camera producer, Taser, and it will nearly double the roughly 70,000 cameras in use. [MORE] Would a body cam have produced justice for Eric Garner? The white cops knew they were being recorded. [MORE


"Can't Breathe" in Racist System: Angry Protests Mount Over Lack of Power to Deal with Problems Caused by Racism/White Supremacy

From [HERE] Protesters enraged by a grand jury's decision not to indict the white officer whose chokehold killed Eric Garner took to the New York City streets Wednesday, bringing traffic to a standstill. Hundreds of people chanting 'I can't breathe' or holding signs reading 'black lives matter' poured onto the city's West Side Highway and through Midtown Manhattan where they snarled traffic Wednesday night. [MORE]

Powerless Class. Its not about "hooded sweatshirts," chokeholds or whether a bodycam could have helped, its not about stop and frisk laws, 'papers please' laws or stand your ground laws. Its not about "secret grand juries" - which work fine when Blacks are suspected of a crime (folks if you are confused by how easy the low standard of PC can be established then go to your local courthouse and sit and watch the preliminary hearings calendar. There you will see nigger after nigger come and go after live testimony establishes PC, all day, everyday - for real, go see for yourself).

This is about racism. And that means white people practicing racism against us and our lack of power to do anything about it. The devastating problems Black and Brown people face are caused by racism/white supremacy in this operating system of vast unequal power that most white people participate in or benefit from. Racist white people seem to be in control of everything of material value. Would the white Governor of Missouri have had the same reaction to an unarmed white teenager being shot to death by a Black cop in broad daylight? Would a Hasidic Jew have been strangled to death in the first place by the NYPD in HD video? We have no power right now to stop white people from practicing racism, no real power to solve our problems. So we beg and plead with them but that is not power. 

"You Are in Prison and You Think You Are Free"

It is time to stop playing these mind games and get down to business.  Black people should stop pretending they have power they do not have -  like they are in charge of this or that. It is not true. Understanding this reality may be a path to actually do something about our zero status. Belief that we have some illusional power is actually submission to and/or cooperation with white supremacy. [MORE] How gullible are we to believe that "legislation" created & funded by white legislators, administered/enforced by white prosecutors & Gov workers and remedied by white judges and jurors would actually produce justice for Black & Brown people? 

Black people are shook about dealing with the reality of confronting racism/white supremacy. We are scared to even say the phrase white supremacy. That means scared to confront white people in order to neutralize their ability to practice racism against us. We need some power. Gay people got some power unapologetically being themselves. Is it easy for an elected official or corporate entity to disrespect or ignore gay people nowadays? No courtrooms, elections or legislation are necessary. It is time to transform our fear and anger into pure energy.  

It is time to start asking questions such as how do we get some power? what kind of power do we need to solve our problems? What kind of consciousness do we need to have to acquire this power? How do we develop this consciousness? 

According to Amos Wilson, 'our salvation requires that we perceive White supremacy as the major social, political, economic, and spiritual problem to be resolved by Afrikan peoples, and that we ask and answer definitively the questions: What kind of culture must we construct in order to overthrow White Supremacy? What kinds of social identities, relations, arrangements, alignments, institutions, values, etc., when actualized, will allow us to attain and protect our liberty?; enhance our quality of life? What kinds of socialization practices must we institute in order to empower ourselves to become the kinds of people we must become if we are to secure our rights to be free?" [MORE


[Message to Blacks: 'We Can Legally Execute You Anytime, Any Place'] No Indictment for White Cops in Deliberate Death of Eric Garner 

White Media Stop Playing. Its Not Just About One. In video a GANG of White Cops pounce and smother defenseless Black Man. [Grand Jury Protecting and Serving White Power & Control Over YOU]. No - Bodycams do not stop white supremacy/racism.  

From [HERE] and [MORE] A Staten Island grand jury has voted not to bring criminal charges in the death of Eric Garner, a black man who died after being placed in a chokehold by a white police officer.

The decision was reached on Wednesday after months of testimony including from the officer who used the chokehold, Daniel Pantaleo. Mr. Garner died after the violent confrontation. The grand jury reached its decision less than two weeks after a grand jury in Ferguson, Mo., declined to bring charges against a white officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown.

Of the 23 members of the Garner grand jury, 14 are white, nine are non-white and at least five are black, according to two people familiar with the grand jury's racial makeup.

No Justice in Racist System of White Power & Control. You Can be Legally Executed Anytime, Any Place by White Cops. 

Jonathan C. Moore, a lawyer for the Garner family, said “We’re astounded by the outcome of the grand jury process and that after hearing months of evidence and having deliberated that they would find no true bill as to any potential criminal charge,” Mr. Moore said in a brief phone interview. [MORE]

For days, the New York Police Department has been readying for a new round of protests, which began in the city after the Ferguson decision and were expected to continue and possibly grow if the grand jury declined to bring charges against the officer.


Question: What does Tamir Rice's father's criminal record have to do with the boy's tragic killing at the hands of White Cops? And why was Tamir's father's mug shot included in a news article about Tamir being shot by the police while playing in the park? 

[Answer: What is White Collective Power?  When white cops kill a 12 yr old Black boy and his fellow white officers and the white media support and defend that white police officer’s “right” to do so. MORE]

From [HERE] "Tamir Rice's father has a history of violence against women."

That was the opening sentence of a November 26 news article posted at, the web portal that outlet shares with its sister company the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Together, the storied newspaper and its more recent offshoot comprise one of the largest news organizations in Ohio. The story was written by racist suspect Brandon Blackwell (in photo)

Tamir Rice was the 12-year-old African-American boy who days earlier had been shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer outside of a city recreation center. Rice had been brandishing an air gun, reportedly waving it around, when a neighbor called the cops. The caller described Rice as a "probably a juvenile," and repeatedly suggested the gun was "probably fake." But that information was never relayed to the Cleveland officers who responded to the call. One of them immediately exited his patrol car upon arriving at the park and shot Rice in the stomach from close range.

Question: What does Tamir's father's criminal record have to do with the boy's tragic killing at the hands of a police officer? And why was Tamir's father's mug shot included in a news article about Tamir being shot by the police while playing in the park? (The site's reporting was meant to "illuminate," according to one newsroom executive.)

[Shot in 4 seconds. Gun not visible. No people present. No imminent danger present. No legal basis to stop and seize.]

Baffled critics, readers and even some Cleveland Plain Dealer staffers are still searching for answers to newsroom questions, such as why, in the days right after the killing, did provide more critical reporting about Tamir's parents than it did about the rookie officer who killed the 12 year old?

 "Depicting black/brown boys and men as violent criminals from poor upbringing is an established media narrative that Tamir didn't quite fit. But, the website of the city's former paper of record,  tried to make him fit into the narrow narrative anyway, by reporting on the criminal misdeeds of his parents instead," wrote former Plain Dealer reporter and columnist Afi Scruggs. "It's an old, but tired trick used by the news media, especially when it comes to a black or brown person being killed by law enforcement."

In the wake of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the subsequent grand jury decision to not indict the white police officer who shot the unarmed teen, Tamir Rice's death has taken on national interest. And's reporting has come under intense national scrutiny.

The outrage arrived just a few weeks after the news outlet became embroiled in controversy when the site suddenly yanked the video of an unflattering interview the state's Republican governor, John Kasich, gave to Plain Dealer editors in the final days of his re-election campaign. Not only was the video of the Q&A taken down without explanation, but the news site threatened to sue anyone who posted it for voters to see online. (You can watch portions of it here.)

So yes, it's been a troubling month for people concerned about newsgathering in Cleveland.