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White Cop to Black Man, "Who the Hell Do You Think You're Talking to?" Nine (9) Months Later Eunice Police "investigate" Videotaped Assault on Unarmed Black Man

From [HERE] Eunice Police Chief Ronald Dies (in photo below) said an investigation by outside agencies into a dashcam recording of a white police officer appearing to use excessive force on a Black man could begin as early as Monday.

Dies said Wednesday he would bring in Louisiana State Police and the FBI into his own investigation of the videotaped assault of an unarmed, handcuffed Black man. Archillus Hebert, 24, was eventually charged with driving while intoxicated, no driver’s license, no proof of insurance and resisting an officer (how many lies will be acceptable to a jury?).

The video, which surfaced in media reports Wednesday, shows a Feb. 10 (as in 9 months ago) traffic stop initiated by Officer Richard Abadie. The officer pulled over Hebert, 24, in his white ’90s-model Oldsmobile Cutlass at 1:15 a.m. after he observed him swerve several times as he drove down U.S. 190. It was recorded using the camera mounted to the front of Abadie’s police cruiser. There were no passengers in the car. 

Abadie, after telling Hebert he smelled alcohol on Hebert’s breath and noticed his bloodshot eyes, ordered Hebert exit his car for a sobriety test. After Hebert stood behind his car as he was ordered, he raised his right arm as if shielding his eyes from the police car lights or inserting something in his mouth. Abadie and two other officers wrestled Hebert to the ground and, after a struggle, handcuffed him after he did not surrender whatever he was apparently holding.  That is, he did not say or do anything to threaten the white officers before he was slammed down to the ground. 

After cuffing Hebert, Abadie stood him up and began frisking and asking him incriminating questions (no Miranda given) . He repeatedly ordered him to say what he had put in his mouth or was holding. After Hebert said, “No, I ain’t had nothin’ in my hand, sir!” Abadie immediately grabbed him by the neck and slammed his head against his car.

“Quit yellin’ at me! You understand?!” Abadie shouted. “Who the hell do you think you’re talkin’ to?!”

One of the officers assisting in the arrest can be heard telling Abadie to “chill out” at that point. None of the other officers present did anything to intervene. Abadie brought Hebert into his police cruiser after that.

Hebert, having failed a subsequent breathalyzer test, was arrested on driving while intoxicated, no driver’s license, no proof of insurance and resisting an officer charges. He bonded out of Eunice City Jail shortly after the arrest.

He was unarmed. No drug charges were filed. No drugs or drug paraphernalia were found in the car and officers did not report smelling any drugs in the car or on Herbert's clothing. If officers reasonably believed Herbert was on drugs they could have given him a urine or blood test to detect drug impairmant instead of the breathalyzer -BW.

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Warrantless Search: White Chicago Police Officers Sued for "Raping" Iraqi-American Man

From [HERE] ABC7 Eyewitness News had an exclusive interview with an Iraqi- American man accusing the Chicago Police Department of excessive force and a hate crime. Wasim Rashan's attorney says his client was essentially raped by officers. Six Chicago police officers are named in this federal lawsuit. It alleges they targeted Rashan because he's Muslim and his Middle Eastern background. The lawsuit also claims some of the most troubling allegations happened inside this building.

It's a disturbing allegation. Rashan says police officers brought him to Area Central in May and searched his anal cavity for drugs.

"Without any lubrication or anything, he puts both his fingers in my butt. He had gloves, but he didn't have any lubrication," said Rashan. "These officers committed a hate crime, they violated him, and it's tantamount to a rape," said Michael Oppenheimer, plaintiff's attorney.

So Rashan's lawyers have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, alleging it's a hate crime because he's Iraqi-American. "They said, 'Go back to where you're from, you don't belong here,'" said Rashan.

Rashan says that day he was on his way to an auto parts store in Bronzeville when police stopped his car a few blocks away. He says they searched him on the street, and then later threatened to Taser him if he didn't do the anal cavity search.

"State law requires that if you're going to do a body cavity search there are very, very, strict guidelines that include getting a warrant, which was absolutely not done here," said Oppenheimer.

When Rashan was released, his mom brought him to Norwegian American Hospital.

"I could see all the bruises in his chest and I have to take him immediately to the emergency room," said Imam Hussein, plaintiff's mother.

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The Penalty for Shoplifting at Walmart? Photos of Black Teen Taken after Arrest Raise Questions - But Not for White Prosecutor

White supremacy/racism is carried out through violence and/or deception. From [HERE] A picture of a 14-year-old’s bruised face taken after a recent shoplifting arrest is raising questions as to whether officers brutally assaulted him or if he sustained the injuries from a bad fall while escaping from them, reports.

Authorities arrested Joseph Williams (pictured) for shoplifting at a Walmart in Bucks County, Pa., last Tuesday. He managed to escape from custody while still in handcuffs. During the arrest, one of the officers shot him with a stun gun; one of the barbs struck the boy in the face.

Williams’ mother posted the picture of her son on Facebook Friday, believing he was a victim of police brutality. ”The picture speaks 1,000 words. They brutally beat him,” Marissa Sergeant said. She refuted claims the bruises were caused by Williams falling face first. The photo has been shared more 53,000 times.

“If he did fall on his face, why does he have scrapes and bruises all over his whole face, everywhere. Why is his nose broken? Why is his nostril lifted off his face? Why is both of his eyes black and swollen?”

“I’m left with a child who’s going to be physically damaged for the rest of his life,” she added. The boy says he is so embarrassed by his injured face that he covers it up when he goes outside. “Everywhere I go, everyone is staring at me,” Williams said.

Bucks County DA David Heckler (racist suspect in photo) said he believes the officers acted appropriately in this instance. ”He should have stopped when police told him to,” Heckler said.

He also explained how the face-first theory is plausible.

“You take off running at a full clip and someone pulls your legs out from under you, and you’re cuffed from behind, you’re going to break your fall with your face,” he said. “I could well believe that you’d have fairly substantial bruising, cuts and scrapes.”

Heclker shared that there are eyewitnesses and police dash cam footage his office may look through. When informed of Heckler’s explanation, Sergeant rebuked, ”That’s impossible. Did he get up and fall 15 more times?”

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(1 way of dealing with racism is to expect it from all white people, everyday) Black cop settles racial discrimination lawsuit with Hoboken for $99K

White people are genetic recessive, they suffer from color deficiency and numerical inadequacy. These characteristics cause them to act genocidally towards non-whites. White people practice racism to survive. For your own mental health, expect racism from them everyday. [MORE] In photo, Hoboken Lt. Angelo Andriani is seen in a photo with a napkin in the form a KKK hood over his head during a trip to New Orleans with the Hoboken SWAT unit after Hurricane Katrina.

From [HERE] A Hoboken police officer who claimed in a 2010 lawsuit that he was a victim of racial discrimination received $99,000 in a settlement of the suit, according to court papers. William James, a black Hoboken police officer who lives in Jersey City, had brought the suit against former Hoboken Mayor David Roberts, former Police Chief Carmen LaBruno and former Director of Public Safety William Bergen for discriminating against him in 2008 when the time came to promotions to the rank of sergeant.

The settlement was at least the second time in the last three years that the city has agreed to pay Hoboken police officers in order to end racial discrimination claims. In 2011, the city agreed to pay five Hispanic officers $2 million to settle claims that a former lieutenant wore a Ku Klux Klan hood and forced them to do manual labor at his house. [MORE]

In exchange for the $99,000, James dropped the lawsuit and will remain on the force until May 1, when he will retire with credit for 25 years on the force, according to the settlement agreement.

After James was certified for promotion in January 2008, Roberts, Bruno and Bergen assured him he would be promoted before his certification expired three months later, they failed to keep their promises, James said the suit. James associated his failure to get promoted with "an open and hostile work environment"  and used as an example images he saw in June 2008 of Hoboken police officers wearing napkins on their heads made to resemble Ku Klux Klan hoods, the lawsuit stated.

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'How Many Black People Must Get Dissed?' SF Protests after Cops Knock Out Black Student

If you don't understand white supremacy/racism, what it is and how it works,  the issue of police brutality will only confuse you. [MORE

From [HERE] San Francisco police have been accused of using excessive force in a bloody incident that escalated after officers allegedly beat a Black man for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. New video of the arrest is above.

Video footage of the event has also surfaced showing multiple arrests, including one that occurred after a white plainclothes officer confronted a man and began fighting with him. The man is soon arrested and led to a police car with a bloodied face.

The incident at the Valencia Gardens apartments began when 20-year-old D’Paris “DJ” Williams was told by police to stop riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Both Williams’ family and law enforcement agree that Williams did not listen to the undercover, plainclothes officers’ commands, but the family said it was because Williams was listening to music and did not hear what police said. [MORE]

Williams kept riding, and officers detained him as he tried to enter his apartment. Police said he resisted arrest after refusing to comply with their orders. Williams was forced to the ground when his sister, Christina, says that police used excessive force on a man that was just trying to get into his house.

“One choking him, one pinned all his weight on him, leaning on him and the lady over there trying to put the handcuffs on him,” she told the local KPIX station. “And he started beating on him for no reason.”

At this point, multiple residents came outside and the situation escalated. According to police officer Gordon Shy’s account to the San Francisco Examiner, “multiple subjects came out of the home and created a hostile situation for the officers.”

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$10 Million Lawsuit says Bridgeport Protected Cops Not Citizens 

From [HERE] A $10 million federal lawsuit claims Bridgeport police officials closed their eyes to a rampage by three rogue officers allowing them to leave a nearly two-year trail of abuse and brutality.

"This was a deliberate indifference to the rights of citizens," said Gary Mastronardi, who with Robert Berke filed the lawsuit Friday against the city, Mayor Bill Finch, Police Chief Joseph Gaudett and members of the city's Office of Internal Affairs. "They didn't protect the citizens, they protected these cops. Gaudett is going to have some explaining to do."

The lawsuit alleges that since 2010, Sgt. Ronald Mercado and officers Robert Lawlor and Elson Morales were given a free hand by their superiors to beat up and abuse citizens. The suit lists nine specific incidents. "We believe there are many more," Mastronardi said.

Mastronardi stated that the OIA's investigative process intimidates citizens from proceeding with their complaints against officers. He said prospective complainants are told they could be prosecuted if they lie in their statements. He claimed detectives don't actively investigate claims, but instead send registered letters to the complainants asking them to come in and give statements.

"The system is set up so that the citizen is never believed unless a video is made public," he said.

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Witnesses say San Francisco Cops Beat Black College Student Unconscious after stopping him for "Bike Violation" - then mini-riot starts

From [HERE] and [HERE] According to the Uptown Almanac, 21-year-old D'Paris Williams, a.k.a. "DJ," a City College student, was assaulted Friday afternoon for what appears to be no reason. 

Yesterday afternoon, while riding his bicycle home, DJ was confronted by two undercover narcotic police officers in an unmarked vehicle at the Valencia Gardens Apartments in the City's Mission District. Apparently, the officers said something to DJ about riding his bicycle on the sidewalk as he was pulling up to his home in the complex.

It is unclear whether the officers identified themselves or not, but did proceed to get out of their car and approach DJ. As he was questioned an officer grabbed DJ and shoved his head into his front door.  DJ's sister, who was holding a newborn baby, was witness to the entire scene.  When she approached the door where DJ was being assaulted, a second officer pushed her.

They then dragged DJ into the street and punched him in the head until he was knocked out.  Others in lock-up with DJ report that he blacked out and has no recollection of what happened.  DJ is still in custody and not being allowed to speak to anyone; however, criminal charges are yet to be filed. A police search uncovered a cupcake and juice that DJ had just purchased from the corner store. 

Currently two of the other three men who were arrested have been released.

A man who was holding the cane in the video is a gay, HIV-positive man who needs his cane because of medical complications.  The police are continuing to hold him in custody, allegedly because his cane is being considered a "deadly weapon."

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Worse than Disney. Psychopathic Grosse Pointe Officers Forced Black Men to Sing and 'Dance Like Chimps' - then Shared Images 

What is the cure for the psychopathic racial personality? There is no police training that will cure this disorder and an apology is not a solution. "It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have no morality where race is a variable." [MORE]

From [HERE] and [HERE] White Grosse Pointe Park police officers are under investigation after photos and videos allegedly showing them harassing and humiliating African-American men surfaced.  The pictures and footage were alleged to have been shared between members of Grosse Pointe Park police and their families. 

According to the Motor City Muckraker one of the main culprits is Officer Mike Najm, a racist suspect who texted a picture of a black man in the back of a trailer and typed, “Gotta love the coloreds.” In one video, Najm can be heard telling a mentally ill black man to sing.

Most of the videos are shot from squad cars while African American men are told to sing or “dance like a chimp.” Some of the subjects are even in the back of police cars.

This image was circulated with the text message: 'Got to love the coloreds'

They were released on the blog Motor City Muckraker written by a former Detroit Free Press reporter, Steve Neavling. on Thursday, who says he received them from an anonymous source.  

He also published an image of a man riding in a trailer, that an officer allegedly forwarded to others in a text that read: 'Got to love the coloreds'. According to the Huffington Post, Neavling had access to more footage, but said he wasn't willing to make it public because of its 'humiliating nature'. 

Several officers are alleged to have been involved in the demeaning videos, but the blog named only Mike Najm as an officer who may have taken some of the images and videos. According to the Huffington Post, Officer Najm's ex-wife may have distributed the material. 

Grosse Pointe Park Captain David Loch had been skeptical of the claims at first, saying that the Najms had been through a contentious divorce.  But when he was shown more of the films and images, including footage of Office Najm allegedly telling a man with learning disabilities to sing, he ordered an internal investigation. 

Neavling reached out for comment from Officer Najm but didn't receive a response. The police said they opened an internal investigation after viewing the video clips and photo. In photo, director of public saftey, David Hiller. 


Judge Won't Release Video of White Charlotte Cop Killing Black Man: Shot 10 Times while Seeking Help

From [HERE] After the shooting death of a former college football star who was killed by a Charlotte-Mecklengburg, North Carolina police officer in September, Civil rights activists are calling for the dashcam video to be released.

Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old Black man, was seeking assistance after what was described as a “serious” car wreck. He knocked on a nearby resident’s door, who then promptly slammed it shut. The homeowner called the police, and when they arrived on the scene, one officer saw Ferrell running toward them, so he shot him ten times with his firearm.

"The shooting of Mr. Ferrell was excessive,” the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said in a statement. “Our investigation has shown that Officer Kerrick did not have a lawful right to discharge his weapon during this encounter.”

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Bloomberg asks Court to Vacate Stop & Frisk Ruling [No Need for a Jewish Star, Non-whites are Targeted by Skin Color]

Stopping, Frisking and Demanding Identification from Non-whites for No Valid Legal Reason From [HERE] and [HERE] On a Saturday New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the aggressive move to ask the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to vacate the decisions of US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin, who ordered sweeping changes to the New York Police Department (NYPD) [official website] stop-and-frisk program . It is speculated that Bloomberg seeks to ensure that Scheindlin's changes to the program are permanently prevented before he leaves office. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio [personal website] has indicated that he would drop the city's appeal when he takes office in January, allowing Scheindlin's changes to come into effect.

The decisions by Scheindlin had already been halted by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit while it considered the city’s appeal. 

The city’s filing, which came shortly after midnight, seemed aimed in part at ensuring that Judge Scheindlin’s rulings disappeared before Mr. Bloomberg leaves office, and did not detract from his legacy. But if the Second Circuit rules in favor of the city, there would be a more immediate ramification: Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, could take office without a Police Department under court supervision. [MORE]

In order for the police to stop you the Supreme Court has ruled that police must have a reasonable articulable suspicion that there is criminal activity afoot and the person detained is involved in the activity. In order to frisk you the Supreme Court has ruled that police must have independent, reasonable articulable suspicion that the person is armed and dangerous before they may touch you (a cursory patdown of outer clothing for weapons). Police may not act on on the basis of an inchoate and unparticularized suspicion or a hunch - there must be some specific articulable facts along with reasonable inferences from those facts to justify the intrusion.[MOREClearly, these rules are only intended for white people. [MORE]

In a white supremacy system all white people should be suspected of being racists. To the extent that you might be dealing with a racist police officer, attempt to comply with orders. In face to face confrontations with police, white supremacy is your reality. All of your so-called rights may be dealt with later in court - should they allow it. Nevertheless, avoid incriminating yourself or participating in your own oppression. Victims are rarely in a position to make demands - defense attorneys and civil libertarians should keep this in mind. 

In Nazi Germany , as part of the destruction process of the Jews, Hitler created an elaborate system of movement restrictions and identification measures that included personal Jew identification cards, passports marked with a J, assignment of names and the outward marking of persons with a yellow star. Jews age six years or older were allowed to appear in public only when wearing the Jewish star. In a white supremacy system there is no need for any such star - you are targeted because you are non-white. 

According to Raul Hilberg: "the whole identification system, with its personal documents, specially assigned names, and conspicuous tagging in public, was a powerful weapon in the hands of the police.

First, the system was an auxiliary device that facilitated the enforcement of residence and movement restrictions.

Second, it was an independent control measure in that it enabled the police to pick up any Jew, anywhere, anytime.

Third, and perhaps most important, identification had a paralyzing effect on its victims. The system induced the Jews to be even more docile, more responsive to command than before. The wearer of the star was exposed; he thought that all eyes were fixed upon him. It was as though the whole population had become a police force, watching him and guarding his actions. No Jew, under those conditions, could resist, escape, or hide without first ridding himself of the conspicuous tag, the revealing middle name, the telltale ration card, passport, and identification papers. Yet the riddance of these burdens was dangerous, for the victim could be recognized and denounced. Few Jews took the chance. The vast majority wore the star and, wearing it, were lost." (11) [MORE]


North Chicago Officers Involved in the Death of Darrin Hanna Accused of Lying About Another Violent Arrest of a Black Man

Bogus Arrest Triggered Parole Revocation and Loss of his Child From [HERE] A Black man claims he was beaten, harassed, Tasered and jailed on trumped-up charges. Jerrad McGill, 32, of North Chicago, filed suit Oct. 28 in U.S. District Court in Chicago against the city of North Chicago and the police officers involved in his arrest on Oct. 26, 2011.

Named as defendants in the suit are officers Arthur Strong, Johnny Parasain and 19-year veteran of the force, Sgt. Sal Cecala (in photo), who both wrote and signed-off on a use-of-force report on the arrest. The report alleges that McGill was wanted on two warrants, under different names, when he was spotted by patrol officers near Tee Pee Liquor Mart, 1801 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, and took off running. Officers tackled McGill and used an arm bar on him in wresting his arms and hands from under his body.

The report says nothing about use of a Taser and stated that McGill showed no visible injuries.

But the complaint tells a different story: that McGill did not run or resist, that he was forced to the ground and placed in a arm bar after insisting the warrants were for his brother and that he was Tasered while in the arm-bar hold. McGill also alleges that, after his arrest, Cecala entered his cell and ripped the Taser prongs from his back. His attorney, Kevin O’Connor, hopes to prove taser use through video evidence on all 24 stun guns owned by the department, which a federal judge recently ordered the city to turn over, he said.

The suit alleges that the city looked the other way despite a pattern of excessive force by certain officers; that the police administration under former police chief Michael Newsome actively discouraged truthful use-of-force reporting and failed to implement remedial steps recommended under a 2007 Memorandum of Understanding agreement it made with a citizen coalition that included the NAACP. It also alleges that city “maliciously” filed felony charges against McGill, knowing that he was a parolee and the charges, which were later dropped, would trigger a parole violation and send him back to prison.

Both Strong and Cecala have been implicated in other excessive force suits, most notably one involving the death of Darrin Hanna on Nov 13, 2011, a week after he was taken into custody. Strong, who has served on the force since 2005, one of six arresting officers, was suspended 30 days without pay for falsifying a report on the incident. Cecala was supervising officer during the arrest. “Cecala was supervisor on all these night crew cases,” O’Connor said. “He’s the guy signing off on his own use-of-force form.”

The Hanna case sparked a four-month long investigation by the Illinois State Police Integrity Unit, followed by a finding of “reasonable force” by the Lake County State’s Attorney Office. An autopsy found that Taser use and physical restraint contributed to the death.

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Called to break up a fight Mobile (Ala) Police Attack Black Kids at High School 

From [HERE] Mobile Police are conducting an investigation to take a look at how police handled breaking up a fight at Leflore High School. Four Black people were arrested including two juveniles after a fight broke out after school earlier this week.

Authorities said police officers suffered minor injuries after trying to break up the fight. Parents and Leflore students told a different story. Leflore Student Shante Hamilton said Mobile Police were unfair. "His face was just scrubbing the ground I'm like oh my God," Hamilton said.

Lefore parents called it excessive. "It was unnecessary the way it was handled as kids," said Leflore parent Vernon Clemons. Police claim it was necessary after a fight erupted after school Tuesday. The video showed a white police officer pick up a female student and slam her to the ground. Another clip showed one police officer with his knee on a students stomach and leg, while one warns others with a Taser. Just a few feet away, another handcuffed teen is dragged across cement and face down.

Mobile Police Spokesperson Sgt. Chris Levy, who is white,  said, "From my initial assessment of watching the video I don't see anything where tools were used inappropriately." [MORE]


Black Man says Dover Police Searched his Store for No Reason, Detained him and Beat him


Two African American men. Two legal cases that are re-igniting questions about possible Dover police brutality.

Antonio Barlow and James Wilson are at the center of two separate lawsuits filed against Dover City Police.

"I'm already on the ground like this and he hit me again," said Wilson as he describes his ordeal.

Wilson says an officer hit him in the head with a blunt object twice. He says this all started when police initiated a search warrant of his downtown store in April. Wilson says investigators were looking for drugs.

"I supposedly sold (drugs) to a confidential informant, which produced probable cause. The police chief said when we had a police meeting that I sold to two undercover cops. I never got a charge for none of this. Somebody is lying," said Wilson.

Wilson says he is now suing Dover PD for $50 million.

According to a lawsuit filed by Wilson in the U.S. District Court, he names 10 law enforcement officials he's suing, including those from probation and parole.         
Police say they won't comment on a pending lawsuit.

Wilson says he initially got a call that someone may have robbed his store. He says he arrived to find another man being handcuffed by police. He says, while sitting in his vehicle, officers dressed in all black approached his car. He says one officer used his patrol car to block his vehicle, while another approached with his gun drawn.  

"First, I just had my hands up. I saw the officer pointing the gun towards my face and walking towards me, my thought was, I know about black and black crime and about officers shooting unarmed victims, so I panicked out of fear," said Wilson.

He says he panicked and tried to speed off, but he says he hit a building and then ran into another vehicle, injuring people inside. Wilson says he also suffered injuries from the crash.

Wilson admits he's been in trouble with the law before, but says this time, he did nothing wrong.

"In a situation like this, it only creates a greater rift between the black community and the police department," said Wilson.

Interestingly, Wilson and Antonio Barlow are cousins.

A court date has not yet been set for Wilson. 


Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Alleges Baltimore Police Killed Unarmed Black Man: Slammed on Head, then Handcuffed & Beaten by Cops

From [HERE] The family of a Black man who died in the custody of a Baltimore police officers is suing the Ba;timore Police department for wrongful death. Their multi-million dollar lawsuit claims officers used excessive force on Anthony Anderson, 46, and died from police brutality.

In September 2012, police confronted Anderson in East Baltimore, suspecting a drug deal. Officers said Anderson refused to follow orders and put drugs in his mouth. They said an officer then bear hugged Anderson and tackled him to the ground. At first police attempted to say that he died from asphyxiation after choking on drugs. Police changed their story after an autopsy showed otherwise. 

An autopsy report provided by the family showed that he suffered fractures to eight ribs, contusions to his left lung and a ruptured spleen. The state medical examiner ruled his death a homicide.

Witnesses who saw the arrest have reported that he was slammed on his head by a plainclothes officer who approached him from behind.. “Picked him up and slammed him on his head,” one witness explained. “Guy never looked back or anything. He didn’t even see the police coming,” Keith Johnson, who witnessed the arrest, said. Witnesses say Anderson was leaving a bar on Biddle Street, walking across the lot when he was confronted by plainclothes police. [MORE] Witnesses also say the plainclothes police never announced themselves or ordered him to stop. 

"Tthey grabbed him they pinned his arms to the side, and they came straight up, and slammed him on his neck, collar-bone like,” said Dereck Jackson of East Baltimore. Other witnesses have given similar acounts of Anderson being slammed down on his head. [MORE]. They say he went limp, and believe he already was dead when an ambulance picked him up. [MORE

The 86-page complaint alleges officers handcuffed Anderson then kicked him “in the ribs, stomach, back and chest for several minutes maliciously and sadistically for the very purpose of causing harm.”

The family wants their loss to spur changes in the police department. “There’s no discipline. There’s no accountability. They fail to train. They fail to supervise. And as a result, the citizens are placed in peril,” said Gordon.

In January, Baltimore State's Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein, racist suspect in photo, decided not to file charges, saying officers did not use excessive force. Anderson’s family was outraged. 

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Black Man Coming Home after 20 yrs: White NYPD Overseer (officer) may have Beat Confession Out of him & Framed him for Murder

From [HERE] A Black man convicted of shooting and killing a 4-year-old girl nearly 20 years ago in Brooklyn was granted parole this week after doubts were raised about the tactics used by the detective who interrogated him. That detective, Louis Scarcella, is the focus of a continuing investigation by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, which reopened 50 of his trial convictions after it was revealed that he might have helped frame an innocent man and used the same witness over and over again.

The New York State Board of Parole decided to release Sundhe Moses, 37, after his lawyers documented flaws in his prosecution in the child’s killing — a sharp departure for the board, which historically required inmates to admit guilt and express remorse to be set free.

The decision was the first time since the district attorney’s review of the 50 cases commenced in May that a defendant investigated by Mr. Scarcella, who is retired, had been ordered released.

“I’m forgiving, but I’m also angry,” Mr. Moses said on Friday by phone from Bare Hill Correctional Facility in Malone, near the Canadian border. “I lost a lot of time in prison.”

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