What is Anarchism?


anarchism - the revolutionary idea that no one is more qualified than you are to decide what your life will be and who you will voluntarily cooperate, plan, work, and play with. 2) opposition and/or resistance to coercive behavior and oppressive societal control and obsessions with truth and law devoid of reality. 3) Self-governance. In anarchism, the fictitious entity "Corporate State" does not entirely disappear; it simply dissolves into the people. The people absorb the state and take up its funktions (turn its functions into funktions and its functionaries into funktionaries) as a part of their everyday existence. So, as Outkast, sung by Macy Gray would say, "Get up, get out and do something.. .don't let the days of your life pass you by, because you and I got to do for you and I." The intelligent goal of anarchism is not to abolish "government," i.e.. Corporate State, rather make it so obviously obsolete as a construct for sane human development and the evolution of consciousness. Anarchism postulates: Live your life however you see fit as long as you don't injure (hurt or harm) others. "The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws." -Tacitus (55-117 A.D.) Anarchism is about Living Large Now. (See: Hierarchy, Chump Change, Dumbmocracy, Living Large, Statutes, Symbiocracy, Lovesign, Corporate State & Mutual Aid)

anarchist - one to whom Liberation (Freedom via Se/f-government) is not only the goal but also the means of achieving it. 2) one who lives the hierarchy-free philosophy of Anarchy as a more practical and enlightened approach to life without violence or using the threat of violence to achieve individual, social and economic ends. 3) one who believes that humans are capable of educating themselves to a level of social consciousness sufficient for self-government. An anarchist is anyone who puts his or her real conscience above the unreal (legal fiction) known as "the State." "Anarchists do it with freedom." 

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anarchy - (originating from the Greek)—a condition opposite to that of rule(rship), i.e., without rule(rs). Commonly misunderstood to mean to be without order or within an atmosphere of terror and social disorder. 2) a philosophy of resistance to, and criticism of, all statist laws and authoritarianism whose power derives from force; the theory that all forms of so-called "government" rest on violence, and are therefore wrong, limiting, and harmful, as well as unnecessary. 3) equality in freedom— equal freedom (absence of force, ergo rule over) for all. 4) order without rule. 5) human energy systems and the relationships between them organized organically from the bottom upwards and from the center (Self) outwards, with wider voluntary arrangements (mutual aid) being agreed upon via negotiation between autonomous men and women. 6) the social expression of freedom and voluntary action as a way of life. 7) hue-man ecology. 8) Natural World Order. 9) the refusal to be ruled by as well as a refusal to rule over. 10) individual autonomy. Anarchy is a nobler condition of the law of nature attuned to reality, not subject to the deification of absolute truth and the codification of coercion (legislation and law). Anarchy is ending imposed coercion while eliminating hierarchies—the goal of which is to allow an ordered society to organically form through voluntary agreements wherein men, women and children are free from coercion—imposed, implied or tacit. Anarchy, like jazz; is the continuous creation of social forms through contact and mutually beneficial interaction. Anarchy is not chaos; it is a natural economy—a spontaneously order(ing), not unlike funk(adelic). The real threat to authoritarianism is knowledge, not crime. Anarchy arises with the liberation of individuality and freedom from the mind; chaos arises, erupts, or builds up from the repression of individuality and misidentification with the mind and attachment to the thoughts passed through the mind. Judges 21:25 states: "In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit." In the Old Testament, it is written that God not only preferred that we live without a government; he actually saw government as a curse. In the New Testament, we only need to refer to Luke 6:31, widely known as the ethical golden-rule, to see that anarchy is held with high esteem on high. Sleep through the facts and the truth filtered through another well-established lie retracts. (See: Amorphy, Isonomy, Authoritarianism, Platinum Rule, Isocracy, Crimethlnc, Justice, Equality, Authoritarianism, Control, Golden Rule, Government, Citizens, Liberty, Liberation, Hierarchies, Freedom, Violence, Voluntary Exchange, Economies, Complyometrics & Acephalous)

"Government Hoax" is the belief in non-existent "states" and "nations" and that "government" is both legitimate and necessary - FUNKTIONARY


government hoax - next to money, the biggest hoax of them all. "The government hoax is probably the oldest, most pervasive and stubborn of hoaxes. It's the belief in non-existent "states" and "nations" and that "government" is both legitimate and necessary. In the geographic area of the North American continent commonly referred to as the "United States," it's claimed only "government" can provide the service of protecting "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." This is nonsense if only for the reason "government" has no duty to protect anyone and their property. Another reason is: no service or product should y be provided at the barrel of a gun. It's that simple. There are no exceptions unless one believes people have no rights. If one believes people have no rights then "government" is not "necessary" to "protect" what doesn't exist. If you believe people have rights, then you don't "protect" them without their freely given consent. Also, protection is not submission to the violent unaccountable control of another nor is violent domination a legitimate method of doing business. Would you hire people who don't acknowledge you have property, to protect your property? I wouldn't." -Marc Stevens. "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called "ownership" is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and that use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State." -Senate Resolution #62, April 1933. (See: Rights, Money, Property, Idea, Allegiance, Statism, Duty, Citizens, States, Ownership, Government, Corporate State, Authority, Freedom, Voluntiered Slavery, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Notion, Courts & Slavery)

government paradox - Government is men and women providing services on a compulsory basis—pay and obey or get shot. "To be legitimate they would have to drop their guns and provide their services on a voluntary basis. However, the moment they do so, they cease to be a government. That's quite the conundrum." —Marc Stevens. (See: Statism, Nations, Slavery, Standing, Jurisdiction, State, Unalienable Rights, Freedom, Predictive Programming, Education & Citizens)

Governments - transitory mental contrivances (repressive fictions) established ("conjured") by the dominant minority elitists (conniving few) as a covenant (belief system) for the sole and tacit purpose of creating the systematized mechanisms and smokescreens to ensure living off the labor-energy of (and therefore amass wealth and out-live) the many (masses) without their overstanding of the theft and violence taking place, or with sufficient patriotic brainwashing and fascist propaganda, that any theft or enslavement has taken place at all. (See: Corporate State, Taxtortion, Statism, Property, Labor, "Credit" & Crimethlnc.)

The definition of “Democracy" in FUNKTIONARY

From "FUNKTIONARY, THE KEY HOLDERS ENPSYCHLOPEDIA" Copyright 2016 Chocolate City Press. Resonated & Orchestrated by Dr. Blynd, Ph.F.

democracy - a commercial form of "government" (exploitation and theft via force, deception and involuntary participation) of the mob, by the mob, and/or the mob, i.e., Mob-Rule. 2) a guise rubber stamping of an alternative royalty into overruling power. 3) the worst possible form of government because the majority rules whether they be good, evil, or misled by a minority. 4) slavery of the people, by the people, for the people. 5) equality achieved through force. 6) a system where only the majority need to befooled. 7) advertised equality. 8) a parody of a free society that only ethical anarchism or voluntaryism can usher into existence.

"Democracy has always been seen (and is still seen today) as equality of rights (granted privileges), not conditions. To the hypothetical equality of rights there has always corresponded a substantial inequality of conditions. And instead of being related to the nature of their individuality, differences between people have always been those marked by the different basic conditions they live in as they struggle against the suffocating artificial divisions imposed on them by power." —Alfred M. Bonanno. Democracy is a euphonious term created mainly to serve as sheepskin for Leviathan, Doggy and the Crimethlnc. All-Stars. 9) Dictatorship camouflaged as freedom 10) a whitewashed plutocracy with a pastel eggshell finish. Democracy, next to "monetized debt," and direct taxation (on labor) is the biggest con-game perpetrated on a population. Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain and sustain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that lie, they make wonderfully submissive and self-maintained slaves.

"There are those who maintain that at bottom what is called democracy, (whenever and wherever it is supposed to have existed), is merely the mask for the rule of capitalist and/or bureaucratic minorities over an ignorant and deceived majority whose franchise signifies only the right to choose or tc change its masters." -Max Nomad. As long as mob rule is allowed through secret ballots, operational and organizational transparency will evade us and vice (vested interests controlling economies) will continue to forsake us and break us. Democracy is a powerful synthetic ideology of recuperation. Democracy goes against the emancipation of desire. Democracy allows for A to band together with B (majority rule) to rip off C. Democracy and citizenship are the chains that filter your pursuit of happiness and the happiness in your pursuit. Democracy in America has been checked and balanced, or gone unchecked and unbalanced—depending on one's indoctrination—to the point (extent) of collapse. Only the improper is left to prop it up aright as if it were still standing on its own ideological efficacy and edifice. "Democracy (the political ideal) is just a dream, it has not happened anywhere, it cannot happen. And wherever it happens (in practice), it creates trouble, the medicine proves more dangerous than the disease itself." -OSHO. "If the people of a democracy are allowed to do so, they will vote away freedoms that are essential to that democracy." -Snell Putney. As H.L. Mencken so aptly observed, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard." In a democracy, scum rises to the top; otherwise it starts there. Democracy is a specific instance of stationary rogue State power. Under the rubric of democracy, justice can be attained only by begging, buying, milking and taking.  

A gang is an embryonic democracy in the making. Keep in mind that Hitler was elected in a full, free and fair democratic election. Democracy is a sweet-sounding word that offers freedom but delivers illusions. It has no other choice—it isn't what it appears and never could be what it advertises. There has never been a democracy where the public was consulted for input or consent before statutes and policies detrimental to their interests were already completed and or implemented by the shadow, invisible or parallel government (the Pathocracy). The ruse of democracy and fake elections stalls rebellion.   It's a placebo fed to the public so the ruling dominant elite can execute their plans for a global society—a New World Order.  

"Already American democracy and freedom are in their to throes, hemorrhaging from years of corporatist mutilation. Elections have become a sham, a farce. Freedoms are disappearing becoming extinct. The enemy within wishes for nothing more than an authoritarian, fascist nation, the easier to make decisions the easier to implement their vision, the easier to control the population. The enemy within detests democracy, and this we must understand. Democracy and freedom are enemies.

Ask yourself who has been the organization destroying our democracy and freedoms, our civil rights and liberties?  Who has enacted Patriot Acts I and II, who has destroyed due process, right to an attorney, habeas corpus? Who has tried to silence truth, dissent, protest and free speech? Who has made torture legal, faise imprisonment necessary, confessions by torture legal and evidence concocted through hearsay or torture legal? Who has made it legal to spy on American citizens, opening our email accounts, overhearing our phone conversations, and looking into our lives It has not been the dreaded Arab evildoers. It has been the Bush administration. It has been your own government." —Manuel Valenzuela. 

The noted author, Alex Carey, an Australian, states with prophetic clarity that: "The twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy." I am 50 years old and have never known any government but fascism and take it as a matter of course that they are out to get me for exposing the truth (See: Mobocracy, Federal Constitution for the United States, Pathocracy, Fascism, Promises, Servitude, Enforcement, Disaster Capitalism, VICE, COP, Nine-Eleven, Patriot Act, CRIME, Statism, Doggy, Demarchy, Crimethlnc, Corporate State, Majority Rule, Voting, Formal Democracy, Colonialism, Communism, Conformity, Economatrix, SOS, Popular Sovereignty, Executive Orders, Bush Family Crime Syndicate, Cooperative Federalism, Self-Maintained Slavery, New World Order, Understanding Herd Management, War, LOFTY, Anarchy, Communism, MOS DEF, Capitalism, Parallel Government, Rebellion, Media, Motion of Alimni, "Government" & Authoritarianism). 

"Corporate State" and "Corporate Police State" defined in FUNKTIONARY

According to FUNKTIONARY:

Corporate Police State - the enforcer of the commodification of life within the Spectacle Surveillance Society. Anyone who thinks that he or she is immune to the baseless destruction of his or her life (including immediate family members) by a "government" or corporation does live in a happy menagerie—enjoy your illusions. (See: GUPI & Judicial Victimization)

Corporate State - an asexual, amoral, fictionalized group-entity "created" and operated by thieves (territorial gangsters) who endeavor via illusion and coercion to enforce slavery in the guise of "civilization," form over reality, and law over humanity. 2) Enfranchised crime. 3) The "Law" of Club & Fang. 4) a Shakedown Racket. 5) "A territorial monopoly of compulsion. As soon as you grant it anything, you have given it everything." -Hans Herman Hoppe. All Corporate States are rogue states by nature. Corporate State is hierarchy institutionalized as the only acceptable and unquestionable decision-making paradigm of rule by the compelled consent of the ruled. Corporate State is created by criminals who use deadly force if you don't comply with their dictates of compelled conformance and you have no other choice than to leave and become domiciled in another similar Rogue State. "The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws." -Tacitus (55-117 A.D.) "The State is basically a protection racket. The fact that it incidentally provides a few beneficial services merely camouflages its essential role as enforcer of the money-commodity (sic) economy, without which most of the artificially maintained conflicts of interest that now provide a pretext for the State would lose their rationale." -Ken Knabb. With respect to taxes and taxation by the Corporate State, the lucid anarchist-activist, Kenneth Rexroth, had this to say: "The state does not tax you to provide you with services. The state taxes you to kill you. The services are something which it has kidnapped from you in your organic relations with your fellow man, to justify its police and war-making powers." (See: Formal Education, Territorial Gangsters, Hierarchy, Democracy, Crime, Stationary Bandits, Monopoly Capitalism, Cooperative Federalism, Corporation, Fascism, Granfalloon, Reification, Constitution, Declaration of Undie-Pendence, Nations, Terrorism, Taxtortion, Crimethlnc., "Credit" & Group-Entity) Corporate States - alleged fictions of law created by the International (Intergenerational) Financial Community for the purposes of furthering the exploitation of man divided against man and deadly cartoon against man.

"What Anarchy Isn't" - Larken Rose


Written by Larken Rose

Many people, when they hear the word "anarchy” think of chaos and mayhem. And they therefore assume that anyone who calls himself an "anarchist" must be in favor of disorder and violence. But that is the complete opposite of the truth

Just as the word "monarchy" means "rule by one person," the word "anarchy" literally just means, "rule by no one." But even that idea—the idea of a society without a government—makes some people imagine a primitive, savage type of existence, full of violent conflict, and without compassion or organization. But that too is a completely inaccurate picture of what anarchists want.

In fact, most objections and complaints about anarchism are the result of people misunderstanding what the philosophy is all about. The truth is, most people who are scared of "anarchy" are scared of things that anarchists don't want and don't advocate.

In order to correct such misunderstandings, we will consider the example of two fictional islands: Authoritania, where there is a ruling class or government; and Anarchia, where there is no ruling class of any kind. This will be used to illustrate what "anarchy" and "anarchism" actually mean, and especially what they do not mean.

One common misconception about anarchy is that it means "every man for himself' or "survival of the fittest," where everyone has to be selfish and self-sufficient, where people don't cooperate with each other, where there is little or no organization, and where people all behave like violent, selfish animals.

This comes from the false assumption that without government, there can be no order or structure to society—that without some sort of governing political body, people couldn't and wouldn't find ways to get along, cooperate and organize.

But in reality, government is never about true cooperation. Whether it is a republic, a democracy, a dictatorship, or some other form, government always constitutes a ruling class which gives commands called "laws," and uses violence to punish anyone who disobeys. That is not cooperation. That is domination. It is one group forcing its will on everyone else, and forcing them to obey.

Government forces people to fund its ideas by way of "taxation," and forces people to cooperate with its plans by way of "regulation" and "legislation." Ultimately, both are enforced by men with guns.

In contrast, true cooperation is about people voluntarily working together, of their own free will, without anyone else forcing them to. And people already do this, in thousands of different ways every day, without politicians or "law enforcers" making it happen. So no, obviously cooperation does not require the existence of political power.

And while it is true that authoritarianism and government power can be used to force people into various forms of organization, that does not mean that people are incapable of organizing without being forced, which they obviously already do, in many different ways.

In fact, the most productive examples of organization are already anarchistic in nature. Consider, for example, your favorite grocery store. Everyone involved in the hugely complex operation of growing, processing, transporting, displaying and selling food, participates voluntarily.

Customers choose where to shop and what to buy, and all the other people involved—truck-drivers, stock boys, check-out clerks, administrators, etc.—do what they do in exchange for getting paid. This purely voluntary arrangement allows for an amazingly complex degree of organization and cooperation without anyone being forced to participate. This is literally anarchy in action.

In contrast, whenever government does something, a very small group of people (politicians) comes up with an idea, and forces everyone else to go along with it. In the authoritarian version of a supermarket, the ruling class would tell people what to produce and how much, and would tell customers what they must buy and what they must pay for it. Anyone who did not comply would be punished in some way. That is always how government does things.

(Some anarchists prefer the term "voluntaryism" because their philosophy is based on the idea that all human behavior should be based upon voluntary interaction, not violence.)

Another common but incorrect assumption is that if there were no government, people would have no way to defend against criminals or foreign invaders. But one does not need a badge or special "authority" to have the right to defend himself, or others, against attackers and thieves.

Everyone already has the right to use defensive force, by himself or with others for mutual protection. Anarchy means no one has the right to rule (i.e., no one has special rights); it doesn't mean people can't get together to exercise rights that everyone already has. In a stateless society, even profession protectors would only have the same rights as everyone else.

Another concern that some people have is that, if there wasn"t a government, then smaller, private gangs would spring up to rob, oppress and enslave people. There are a couple reasons this fear is misguided.

First of all, even private street gangs and organized crime today exist mainly because of government, not in spite of it. Notice how many gangs today get their funding from trading in illegal ""black markets""—drugs, gambling, prostitution, guns, etc.—which were all created by government ""laws."" In a free society, thugs and thieves—individually or in gangs—wouldn"t have any ""black markets"" to take over.

More importantly, people who fear "warlords taking over" if there were no government are ignoring how much people's perceptions matter. A criminal gang that everyone recognizes as illegitimate and immoral has far less power than a gang whose aggression is perceived to be legitimate and "legal"—its commands and demands being called "laws" and "taxes," and any who disobey being seen as "criminals."

In other words, a population is far more likely to be oppressed by a gang which the people themselves image to have the right to rule, than by some gang that everyone knows is bad, and that everyone would feel perfectly justified in disobeying and resisting, even forcibly.

Imagine a private gang trying to do what government now does —extorting and bossing everyone around—but imagine if they tried it without any aura of legal authority. Then imagine how a well-armed population would respond. The gang would fail, quickly and dramatically, and all those who resisted them would be viewed as righteous heroes.

But when the people feel morally obligated to obey the politicians' "laws," any who resist are viewed as "criminals" or "tax-cheats," even by their own friends and neighbors. Most people see government domination as necessary and valid, and so they cooperate with their own victimization.

That is why government gets away with far more oppression and extortion than private gangs ever could: because most of the victims of "legal" aggression and theft see it as necessary and legitimate. Millions of people tolerate the confiscation of a huge portion of their earnings, and tolerate having many of their choices and behaviors forcibly limited and controlled by way of "legislation," as long as the people giving the orders are seen as a legitimate political authority.

But in a situation where the people don't accept the idea that someone else has the moral right to rob them and rule them, the people stop cooperating, and start resisting.

This is why the presence of government drastically increases the chances of people getting robbed—in fact, increases the chances to 100%, since every government "taxes" the people it claims to represent—while the lack of an authoritarian ruling class makes the people far less susceptible to being extorted and dominated, and far more likely to disobey and resist any would-be thieves and thugs.

To put it another way, warlords already did take over, called themselves "government," and convinced their victims that it was righteous and necessary for the warlords to dominate and exploit everyone else, "for their own good."

Relying on government to prevent theft and oppression is completely ridiculous, since government is the biggest thug and thief there is, confiscating far more wealth than all other crooks and criminals combined.

And government ""protection"" is always hypocritical. Government ""law enforcers"" may sometimes find and lock up some private thugs and thieves, but every government also commits ""legalized"" theft and extortion itself, and calls it ""taxation,"" while insisting that it needs to do that in order to protect the people from theft and extortion. As patently absurd as that is, most people still accept it without question.

When someone first considers the idea of a stateless society, he may also worry that the people who are truly malicious, destructive and sociopathic (and there are such people in the world) would be free to do anything they wanted, with no one to stop them. But this concern is again based on a basic misunderstanding of human nature.

People who are willing to victimize others, by their very nature, don't care about morality, or right and wrong. They don't care if what they are doing is right, and they also don't care if what they are doing is legal. They care only whether they can get away with harming others.

In some instances, a would-be crook or thug might be deterred or stopped by force (or by the threat of force) whether by someone with a badge, or by someone without one. But what makes this deterrence work is not the legislation or the official badges, but the simple threat of harm to the sociopath.

A sociopath doesn't care about laws or social rules; he cares only about avoiding pain and hardship for himself. And that is true regardless of whether government exists or not. It makes no difference whether the threat comes from the police, or another citizen, or even another criminal.

Discouraging nasty people from hurting others does not require special authority only the ability to use defensive force. If the intended target of a would-be car-jacker pulls out a gun, it doesn't make any difference to the car-jacker whether that person has a badge or whether there's a "law" against taking people's cars.

Without a ruling class, decent people would still have every incentive, and every ability, and every right to organize and cooperate to defend against thugs and thieves, and they wouldn't need any badge, any official title, any "legislation," or any special authority to do so.

Now, some people might assume that if people organize for mutual protection and defense, then that is government. But that is not at all the case. Political authority is not about people coming together to do something that everyone already has the right to do; political authority is about one group of people claiming the right to do things which normal people do not have the right to do, such as taxing and controlling everyone else.

Organized defense can be very effective without anyone claiming any special right to rule—in other words, without having "authority" and without being government.

Even when there is government, there are still freelance thieves and thugs who are not deterred by the laws of the politicians anyway But the ultimate irony is that, while so many people hope that government will protect them from common criminals, government itself always ends up being the biggest thug and thief around.

To be blunt, creating a huge gang—one far too big and powerful for the average person to resist—and giving that gang societal permission to control and extort everyone else (by way of "law" and "taxes"), in the hopes that that gang will prevent theft and thuggery, is an absurd idea.

Another common objection to the idea of a stateless society (a world without government) is the notion that, if not for a group of law-makers telling the rest of us how to behave, we would all behave like stupid, irresponsible, violent animals.

This claim implies one of two things: either we normal people have no idea what is right and wrong unless and until politicians tell us, or the only reason we want to do the right thing and co­exist peacefully is because politicians command us to. A quick examination even just of your own motivations and behaviors will show you that neither of those things is actually true.

To argue that only government can make people behave in a civilized manner is particularly odd in a society where politicians are voted into power. If the people themselves have no moral code and no conscience, and are just stupid, violent animals, why does almost everyone want government to keep the peace and protect the innocent?

Would a population of vicious, heartless, evil people try to elect good people to keep the evil people in line? Obviously not. Human goodness, and the desire for order and peace, already comes from the majority of the people, not from the law-makers they vote into office.

The same holds true of everything government does. If people are so short-sighted and selfish that they can't be trusted to voluntarily organize and fund whatever they deem important, then how can those same people be trusted to decide who should be in power? The implication is that the average person can't be trusted to run his own life, but can be trusted to choose someone to run everyone else's lives.

To argue that government is necessary to keep society peaceful and civilized is to claim that normal people can't wait to commit evil, but also can't wait to vote for politicians who will force them do the right thing.

Contrary to what most of us were taught, government and politics are not a civilizing influence at all. Indeed, political authority is the arch enemy of peaceful coexistence.

People who would never personally rob their neighbors themselves constantly vote for the government to do it for them. People who would never dream of trying to control every detail of their neighbors' lives think it's just fine to ask politicians to do exactly that. The game of politics constantly encourages people to use the violence of the state to rob and control other people, without any risk or feeling of guilt for the one who votes for that to happen.

Government, rather than serving as a check against the imperfections of our nature, instead drastically amplifies our greed, resentment, irresponsibility and malice, by giving us a ''legal/' risk-free way to forcibly interfere with the lives and choices of our fellow man. In short, politics brings out the bully and meddling busy-body in everyone.

In contrast, without a ruling class, people wouldn't be forever asking "law-makers" to interfere with their neighbors' lives, and thugs and thieves wouldn't be able to deny responsibility for their evil deeds by claiming that they were "just following orders."

Throughout history, far more theft, assault, oppression and even murder has been committed by those acting on behalf of "authority" than by anybody else. Even basically good people, when they believe in government, condone things, and do things, which they know would be wrong if they did them on their own.

Most people know that theft and assault are bad, but they imagine that controlling their neighbors and forcing them to pay for things they don't want is perfectly fine when done by way of the political process. Wrong becomes right when it's called "taxation," "legislation," "regulation" and "war."

Anarchists know better. They know that human society will never be perfect, but that it would be a whole lot better if evil deeds were committed only by genuinely nasty, sociopathic people, rather than being advocated and committed by many millions of basically good people who have been taught to believe that violent aggression is morally acceptable when it's called "taxation," "law enforcement" and "national defense."

Using yourself as an example, how many things have you voted to have government do to your neighbors, that you know you would have no moral right to do to them yourself?

The fundamental principle of voluntaryism (a more specific term for anarchism) is very simple: it's wrong to initiate violence against any other person, regardless of badges, laws or alleged authority The only time the use of force is justified is to defend against aggression.

The vast majority of people understand this on a personal level, but they've been taught that this basic rule of social living does not apply when it comes to the game of politics and government. Without shame or guilt, everyone who votes asks the ruling class to do things to his neighbors which he knows would be wrong if he did them himself.

Most people know how to get along, and want a peaceful and just society Giving up the belief in government doesn't suddenly turn someone into a violent animals, because our morality doesn't come from legislation, and our ability to organize and cooperate doesn't come from any ruling class.

Our ability, right, and desire to be productive, to help each other, to protect the innocent and stop the wicked, does not come from government. In fact, it is threatened by government more than by anything else. Indeed, most oppression and violent strife—most of man's inhumanity to man—is a direct result of authoritarian political power.

Contrary to what politicians pretend, ruling classes do not produce peaceful co-existence. Instead, they intentionally cause perpetual conflict and violence, exploiting our compassion, virtue and good intentions, and turning them into wealth and power for the worst people in the world, while crushing the freedom and prosperity of everyone else.

Of course, the people who benefit most from the political racket will do their best to convince you that it's a social necessity. But ask yourself this: have the thousands of laws, regulations and taxes imposed on you made you a better, more productive and more caring person?

Is the world better off with the politicians taking your money and telling you how to live your life? Or would things be better if you were allowed to spend your own money and make your own decisions? Is society really best served by a small class of people forcibly imposing a centralized master plan on everyone else? Can the orders and threats of a ruling class make the world what it should be? Or would society be better served by freedom, a respect for individual rights, voluntary cooperation and peaceful organization? If this second option sounds better to you, maybe you should learn more about anarchism and voluntaryism.

People are not perfect, and some are downright malicious and dangerous. And some people mistakenly view anarchism as a Utopian idea that would only work if everyone were generous and compassionate. But if people are too stupid, greedy and malicious to be free, aren't they also too stupid, greedy and malicious to be trusted with power? If you don't trust some stranger to have control over his own life, why would you ever trust him to have control over yours?

Whether people are inherently good, bad, or some of each, giving a small group of people power and control over everyone else is never the answer.

Many still insist, "We need government because people can't be trusted!" as if government is anything other than people (some of the worst people around, in fact). And many still believe that obedience to authority is what makes us civilized, when in reality, it does the opposite. Far more evil has been committed in the name of "law" and "authority" than has been committed in spite of it.

The ultimate irony is that most people are still desperately hoping to achieve a fair, just, free and prosperous society by way of the very institution that has been responsible for more theft, thuggery, extortion, terrorism, torture and murder than all others combined: "government."

Everyone knows that governments can be corrupt, abusive, inefficient, counter-productive, even tyrannical. But most people assume that, if only the right people were in charge, that would fix the problem.

But over and over again, regardless of who was in power, and regardless of the particular arrangement or structure of the political power—a democracy, a republic, a dictatorship, a collective, etc.—history has demonstrated that power corrupts, and that freedom is far more conducive to peace and prosperity than any political solution ever has been, ever could be, or ever will be.

People have spent centuries trying to create a good society using different kinds of ruling classes, different legal structures, different ways of choosing the rulers, and so on. But without exception, every authoritarian governmental construction has resulted in freedom and riches for a small few, and oppression, violence and poverty for others.

What if, instead of deciding what the throne should look like, and who should sit on it, all people of good-will embraced the non-aggression principle? What if, instead of looking to a ruling class to forcibly impose our values on society, we embraced the concept of self-ownership?

Anarchists want you to have complete control over your choices, your money, and your life. As long as you are not using force or fraud to inflict harm onto others, they want you to have absolute freedom. All they ask is that you treat them the same way.

You own yourself.

Your neighbor owns himself.

Committing aggression is wrong.

These principles are simple and obvious, to the point of being self-evident. And yet they are diametrically opposed to the authoritarian principles that most of us were taught.

At the end of the day, you need to choose which you want to advocate: peaceful coexistence among equals (//anarchism,,)/ or authoritarian domination, with some ruling over everyone else ("government"). The two are mutually exclusive.

Despite what would-be rulers want to scare you into believing, anarchism does not mean chaos and violence, or every man for himself, and having no government does not mean having no morality, no organization and no cooperation. Simply put, anarchism means that no one is your master, and no one is your slave. And that's all it means.

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For a more thorough understanding of why a stateless society— based upon voluntary cooperation and organization rather than government violence and authoritarian control—is the only moral or rational choice, read The Most Dangerous Superstition.

If you pay attention to the mainstream media, Hollywood movies, or the usual political pundits, then hearing the word ""anarchist"" probably makes you think of a gang of mask-wearing, bomb-throwing punks—angry, violent vandals doing whatever they can to destroy civilized society And these days, those who wield political power are going to great lengths—including by making up stories and instigating conflicts—to demonize and mischaracterize what ""anarchism"" really means. The purpose of this little book is to counter the spin and misconceptions.

Regardless of your age, education level, income level, or views on culture or religion, don"t be too surprised if, after learning what ""anarchy"" actually means, you end up thinking, "Wait, that's exactly what I want!"

Obedience is “slavery sold to both children and adults alike deceptively packaged in a respectfully sounding label"

According to FUNKTIONARY

obedience - a Self-Other irreversible relationship in which there is only communication (mind-to-mind), i.e. no contact, and an imbalance of power. 2) the highest form of the power-fear systemic. 3) slavery sold to both children and adults alike deceptively packaged in a respectfully sounding label. 4) reverse terrorism. You can compel obedience but you cannot compel responsibility or respect. Everyone should have a say in waking-up to (or waking up from) whatever they have been programmed to obey. It is difficult to reduce to obedience anyone who has no wish to command. If you can't read very well and follow it up with the absence of critical thinking skills, then obey your masters and oppressors until you can—for your own survival. Life is more trouble-free when you obey. If you speak TV-English, by all means obey the beast, if you like freedom of movement with your slavery. TV's ought to have warning labels: "Use of this device can be hazardous to your freedom.'" How can you take a man seriously who watches T.V. obediently, drinks habitually and desires freedom too? The historian Howard Zinn is clear on the role obedience has played on our conditions throughout the centuries. "[Civil disobedience] is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions of people have been killed because of this obedience. ...Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war and cruelty. Our problem is people are obedient while the jails are full with petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem." More atrocities are commited in the name of economics than in the name of hate, ideological or religious intolerance. (See: Authority, God, Atrocities, Conditioning. TV, War, The COMB, Control, Power, Violence. Religion, Should. Duty, Hatred, Other, Inhumanity, Communication, Programming, Indoctrination, Poverty, Gangbanking, Education, Unlearning. Force. Orderlies, Police, Force Continuum. Judicial Tyranny, Residency, Labor, Property, Servitude, Critical Thinking, Holodeck Court, Questioning, Pulpit. TUFF. Authenticity. Fear & Authoritarians).

Statism Defined in FUNKTIONARY

blm protest.jpg

According to FUNKTIONARY:

Statism - the belief "citizens"' and "states" exist and the memetic thought patterns supporting such beliefs. 2) the religion of oppression and domination coupled with the science of exploitation and sociopathic control. 3) the opiate of the so-called Elites. 4) a philosophy that idealizes majority rule gang force (authority) over individual authenticity (autonomy). 5) servitude over liberty and statutes over humanity. So long as "states"' are viewed and accepted as natural, normal, reality-based and inevitable, they will continue to violently abstract humans into extinction. Statism is mind control; people both unwillingly and willingly surrender their property (labor being one's most inviolable property) to men and women pretending to be "governors,"" "commissioners," and "presidents" etc. because they believe they are "citizens" of a so-called "state" and must pay their proverbial "fair share" to support such abstractions or fictions of law. Just using statism against itself proves bureaucrats never have a case regardless of what they "charge" someone with. "Statism and it's supporting political theology do not exist in people's minds to promote freedom or protect 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:" it's pure mind control to divert our attention away from the actions of anti-social individuals (sociopaths) who are so desperate to "protect" us they are willing to kill us and steal our property." -Marc Stevens. (See: DOME. Beliefs, Landmine Legislation, Scrapitalism, Standing, Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Judicial Victimization, States. Holodeck Court, Allegiance. Anarchy, Society, Civilization, Citizens, Monopoly Capitalism The Golem, Government Paradox, Granfalloons, Corporate State. Government, Servitude. Stalinize, Property, Standing & Monopoly).

The Definition of Authority

As defined in FUNKTIONARY:

authority - (from the root word author)—which means to originate. Only you have authority over your Self...anything else. i.e.. to accept any authority external to one's Self once of discriminating age, is the very definition of irresponsibility. There is no freedom in the presence of so-called authority, i.e. outside of one's Self and Self-Nature.) 2) the handmaiden of autonomy. 3) internal power. 4) Nommo. All authority, like the kingdom of heaven, is within. Be an authority unto yourself as all authority should come from your own authentic experience—that is the only source or wellspring of authority. Authority is the means by which society uses to control its population. Ignoring or belittling authority does not mean people are either good or bad, whether or not they are punished for their insubordination. Healthy people do not need authority figures to tell them what to do, but only the knowledge of themselves. You can teach a parrot to quote from either scripture or statute, but a parrot is not an authority. Only by you becoming truth do you have authority to speak—and then only on your behalf (i.e., your inner truth), your innerstanding. An authority is an eyewitness or an I-witness. and to picture the dynamic truth no proofs or negatives are needed nor possible—as reality isn't certain or static. When you are dead to sin and Alive to the God-Self-Divine, you become the Buddha, the Christ, the true authority within. (See: Obedience, Predictive Programming. Autonomy, Anarchy, Nommo, Sin, Alive. Authentic, Responsitivity, Dharma, Follower, Spontaneity, Conditioning, Conditions, Freedom & Responsibility) 

"authority" - (so-called)—a cartoon, an alleged image of the Law. 2) a cartoon clothed in flesh and blood. 3) the notion of an implied right and application of that "right" of individuals or groups of same to control or exercise external power over others, which has no meaning in reality. 4) power over...which is thoroughly institutionalized. 5) ruling through coercion. So-called "authority" is the justification for remaining impotent. The real threat to "authority" is the masses overcoming info-gaps and verigaps through self-knowledge and the proliferation of symbols of opposition, not crime or destruction of property.

"Authority-" is not a force but a farce! "Every great advancement in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority." —Aldous Huxley. Government is the hefty price we pay for our lack of being further evolved as humans. "The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority." —Stanley Milgram Regarding obedience to authority and carrying out "orders" Milgram states, "Thus there is a fragmentation of the totai human act; no one man decides to carry out the evil act and is confronted with consequences. The person who assumes full responsibility for the act has evaporated. Perhaps this is the most common characteristic of socially organized evil in modern society." At its root, government is based on violence and coercion. Without violent authority, studies show that violent behavior will all but disappear in its wake. Authority breeds the violence that it combats and perpetuates. Violence perpetrated by individuals is learned through noxious social experiences typically suffered under some assumed "authority." "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today [is] my own government." —Dr. Martin L. King. Jr.. 1967. Read "Obedience to Authority" by Stanley Milgram, and "Constitution of No Authority" by Lysander Spooner. (See: Violence, Government. Yurugu, BOG. "The Law," Hierarchy. Obedience, Duty, Defiance, Disobedience, Compliance Priests, Preachers, Citizens, States, Involuntary Taxation, Tax Invasion, Behavior, Orders, Allegiance. Internal Revenue Service, Corporate State, Anarchy. Taxtortion, Power, Experts, Doggy & Neuropeans)

FUNKTIONARY defines "Government" as "an abstraction (hoax) created for the sole purpose of making theft respectable and mind-control acceptable"

According to "FUNKTIONARY:

"Government" - Latinized Greek ("Gubematlo" = control; and from the Latin "menre" = mind; "The control of the mind." 2) an abstraction (hoax) created for the sole purpose of making theft respectable and mind-control acceptable. 3) the societal manifestation of mass individual psychological reversal, i.e., the statutes, regulations, agencies, and agents (so-called bureaucrats) needed to threaten and shrink one's comfort zone. 4) a granfalloon. 5) a fiction supported by those who kill on command and steal on demand under the guise of "protecting" their victims.

The outworking of history consistently demonstrates that government will, in spite of the Bill of Rights, arrogate all power to itself eventually, if the people don't act to prevent it. You have rights alright, just don't get caught exercising them, O.K.? "Government" is simply, unequivocally, and always initiation of force or coercion and nothing else.

Official "government" is disorganized, politicized; centralized; canonized and revered initiation of force, but it is no less initiation of force and coercion than any unofficial singular action of the same offensive or violent content.

uncle brother.jpg

"Government" is an abstract infinite entity acting as a possessive noun. There is not a single line in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or any governmental document that states that a natural person will be left alone as long as she or he does not impose upon another or others.

By commission and omission, all official decrees make clear that a human is regarded as owned property or resource of the god called "Corporate State." It is controlling the lives, energy and property of others that requires coercive force and this is its sole function. Endorsing the lie of an imagined abstract collective interest supports the very concept that gives rise to all covert and overt oppression.

"The government never of itself furthered any enterprise, but by the alacrity with which it got out of the way. It does not keep the country free.

The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more, if the government had not sometimes got in its way." -Kirkpatrick Sale. The wayward notion that government redistributes wealth is widely held as sacrosanct as it is patently false. There are redistributes aspects, sure, but that's as close as it gets. "As long as government is allowed to exist, it will everywhere keep growing and getting worse.

Nearly everything that "governments" do (i.e., those with wholly symbolic roles "running" it, and who perform acts in its name) is grounded in fear. Government will cease to exist when people cease to grant it legitimacy—in other words stop believing in it, stop looking to it for solutions to problems in their lives, and stop supporting it." -Fred Woolworth.

Government has failed at every attempt in 6,000 years of recorded history.

Government atrocities—carried out by irrational functionaries, economic hit men, soldiers, diplomats, emissaries, etc., under every possible flavor or form of government—have littered the bloody pages of recorded history. Government is the indisputable greatest purveyor of murder, mayhem, genocide, exploitation, rape, forced starvation, pillage and chaos in the annals of humanity.

Government does not need to be abolished; merely rendered obsolete through seeing it for what it truly is—a prime manufacturer of poverty, brutal oppression, violence, coercion, conformity and fear.

The monetary genius E.C. Riegel once wrote that petitioning to government is like writing to Santa Claus.

Government has created its own necessity by making people (its fictitious subject-citizens) fearful of the violence it creates by the effects of its very existence— in the form of violent criminals and external aggressors. "Government is men and women providing services on a compulsory basis; pay or get shot. To be legitimate they would have to drop their guns and provide their services on a voluntary basis. However, the moment they do so, they cease to be a government. That's quite the conundrum." -Marc Stevens.

Government is at the root of the cycle of violence—you run to it for protection and run from it out of fear for your life. The Slaughterhouse is to cattle as "government" is to people.

"Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem." -U.S. "President" Ronald 'McDonald' Reagan.

"The only idea they have ever manifested as to what is a government of consent, is this—that it is one to which everybody must consent, or be shot." - No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority, Lysander Spooner.

Men and women calling themselves "government" violently impose themselves on victims labeled "citizens," and "ordain" scriptures called "laws" that define the way "government" sanctions business as a crime by providing services over the barrel of a gun.

What exactly is "government?" Have you ever seen a "government?" While there are varying degrees, "government" very simply is "one man violently controlling the life and property of another man." In some places this violent control is "decreed" to be for the latter's "own good" and "protection" and hailed as the "best system in the world." Because it's based on violence, there are no "states" or "nations," "states" being "voluntary associations."

You may recognize that violent control over a man's life and property is what we like to call—slavery. Slavery is a form of "government," and in most cases, if not all, synonymous with "government."

Govern means control, not protect. Have you ever noticed the word "protect" is mysteriously not included in any definitions of govern? "govern." To direct and control; to regulate; to influence; to restrain; to manage. State v. Ream, 16 Neb 681, 683." -Ballentine's Law Dictionary, page 530.

Just as there are no legitimate governments (power, jurisdiction and control over), there is no political "money" or currency (token) that isn't counterfeit (by its very nature). With government ("stationary bandits"), the final assessment is always: "Pear for your life and pay tribute to the overrulers or else." For subjugated people, given the choice of losing your wealth or your life, most choose to sacrifice their wealth in the form of exactions, i.e., tribute-cum-taxation. Government everywhere fastens itself on the backs of its victims. Rulers sustain their predation at the reluctant and fearful consent of the victim (garnering faux legitimacy)—a direct vestige of the Divine rights of kings trickbag.

(See: Fear, Slavery, Conquest, Anarchy, Granfalloon, Political Money, Public Service, Jurisdiction. Subjugation, RICO, Violence, Standing, Statism, Oppression, Fascism, Citizens, Authority, State, Gangs, Stationary Bandits, U.S. citizen, Taxtortion, TIN-Man, States, Allegiance, SSN, Power, Authority, Hierarchy, Holodeck Court, Constitution, Taxation, Corporate State, Murder, Ecocide, Political Monetary Units, Taxtortion, Control & Citizenship)


Government - (as commonly misunderstood)—a communal exchange of autonomy for appearance of order (peace via coercion), expanded over time, with the option of exercising violence being reserved to those who define and provide an illusion of order through force and fear. 2) a coercive institution—dysfunctional force and veiled violence. 3) the compelled enforcement of involuntary society. The Corporate State)—a fictitious entity (mental aberration or abstraction) and thus a non-producer of wealth, but masquerading as the prime merchant. 4) human failure programs that stay (hold off) maximumissness and depend on the support, (stealing then redistributing wealth) of its subject-victims. 5) 'organized' coerced support of selected monopolized services. 6) licensed, sanctioned and legalized criminal activity. 7) a sticky residue on your shoe. The whole idea of government is this: If enough people get together and act in concert, they can take some and not pay for it.

Any government represents a crucial compromise with freedom and distortion of reality, and no reified abstraction (however crafted by crafty corporate cartoonists) can protect anyone from any and all danger. The feudal subject-King relationship is exactly the same as the federal citizen-Government relationship. "That government is best which governs not at all; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. Government is at best an expedient; but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes, inexpedient. The objections that have been brought against a standing army, and they are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail, may also at last be brought against a standing government. The standing army in the U.S. is only an arm of the standing government put into action only after the economic hit men and "jackals" (wet-ops) return home unsuccessful in their missions to earn their booty off dirty intrigue commissions.

The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before people can act through it." -Henry David Thoreau (slightly adapted). Government was formed with one major and one minor purpose—the major purpose, being to protect the wealth of the wealthy; and the minor purpose being to prevent the non-wealthy from becoming wealthy and subjecting them to the dictates of statutes (written laws—not common law).

Government is itself an evil—an abstraction given artificial life for the ostensible purpose of preventing certain conditions from arising, these conditions being the product of injurious behavior (actual injury) on the part of other persons as well as autonomous freedom (ownership of one's body, mind and labor) of those subjugated to force, exploitation, jurisdiction and control.

Government is that group of people who hold the generally tolerated monopoly on acceptable violence.

"It is a function of government to invent philosophies [and sophistries] to explain the demands of its own convenience." -Murray Kempson.

Until people wake-the-spell up to a higher level of individual and collective consciousness, government so-called will remain an unnecessary, yet banefully suffered evil to battle the evil that itself breeds as a matter of course.

The creation and imposition of government is the compelled pressure to conform to what is common, established, unoriginal, unacceptable, and ultimately inimical to all, whether reinforced by law, lethal force or acculturation.

Throughout history many intelligent thinkers all around the world have tried to contemplate or design some way to have "government" and freedom too. Failing miserably and repeatedly to find one either in practice or in theory, it is time for intelligent human beings to give way to beings of higher consciousness using sagacity and sapience to finally realize that:. 1) "government" itself is a deadly mental contrivance and immanent threat to their freedom; 2) there is no way to prevent "government" from constantly increasing its power and eroding freedom; 3) "government" itself being a reification (deadly cartoon) will vanish when the illusion on which it rests dissipates.

This goes for all brands and flavors of "government" across the ideological spectrum.

Violence (against statists) makes government appear government legitimate. Non-violence and non-cooperation exposes government for what it is: a gang of killers, thieves and liars. Governments do not protect the people they subjugate and control; on the contrary, they control, kill, maim spray from the skies, lie, steal, harass, wrongfully imprison, torture and spy on them.

It is high time for the nature of "government" itself (not any particular brand on the violence spectrum) to be fully and plainly overstood and be regarded as an enemy—for it is truly our enemy. Freedom is the enemy of the State and our enemy is the State.

Government is deadly force deified and reified then superimposed (falsified) on non-consenting, clueless and passively willing duped-victims alike.

"The concept of some people telling other people what to do results in corruption of a fundamental kind the instant it is enacted into reality. All officials of government are corrupt because they draw their pay from people who are forced under dire threats to pay them." -Fred Woolworth.

The "agents" of "government" have in mind for you what you have in mind of it.

I find it odd that people trust the "government" when the "government" doesn't even trust them. How does it feel to get "felt-up" in a "pat-down" while opting out of the pervert's dream full electronic undressing body scan at airports?

The only true government is self-government.

"There's no government like no government."

Grow up and let Freedom Reign like it never has before in the history of the world. But until then, we get the government we deserve—New World Order—same old lies.

"This monstrous lumbering murder machine known as the government has become a self-service operation. It services itself. The people representing you are representing themselves or the vampires who own them.

Your government is not just inefficient, venal and a crack whore for the corporations. Your government is dangerous and out to get you. These people aren't fooling around and we shouldn't be either." -Les Visible.

"Government is always the most successful gangster." -Alan Watts, (cognitive dissident Anglican Priest).

"I am 44 years old and have never known any government but fascism and take it as a matter of course that they are out to get me. That is their job." -Don Smith, (cognitive dissident freedom activist) R.I.P.

(See: Violence, Voluntiered Slavery, Holodeck Court, Pathocracy, Technique, Self-Government, Cooperative Federalism Slavery, Taxation, Labor. "Money," Anarchy. Privilege, Eugenics, Force Continuum, Capital Punishment, "Wet Jobs," Corporate State, Nation-State, Granfalloon, Soldier, Citizen, Human Resources, Screwed, Constitutional Protections. Backside Economics, Territorial Gangsters, Property, Liberty, Freedom WHO, Merchant, Tort-Feasor, Bureaucrat, Taxtortion. Exaction, Conformity, Voting, Rights, Declaration of Independence, Private Services, Elections, Declaration of Interdependence & U.S. Constitution)