Racist Business: Hot Mama

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Information: Hot Mama is a national retail chain store that sells women's clothing. Hot Mama has 43 stores nationwide, including three in Colorado. It is owned by a racist suspect. [MORE]

Offending Merchant:  Hot Mama, upheld, supported or perpetrated the system of racism when it allegedly encouraged employees to follow non-white customers around the store and make them feel uncomfortable as part of an anti-theft guideline, according to the ACLU The complaint is [HERE]. 

Potential thieves are defined as people who do not “look like typical Hot Mama shoppers.” The store’s written policy specifically acknowledges that some customers will recognize that they are being followed “because of [their] race” and instructs employees not to “worry about making them uncomfortable.” According to the policy, “That is your goal in this situation. The more uncomfortable they become, the quicker they leave… forever.”  “Hot Mama’s policy gives the company’s blessing to racial targeting,” the ACLU said. [MORE