Old Dumb MF Can't Even Talk or Spell: Dumbentia Trump Wrote "No Achomlishments" on Notes for His Prepared Tantrum [spelling out “White Presumacy" as the Ultimate Affirmative Action]

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white supremacy - White Presumacy. (See: Racism, Windigo, Yurugu, Western Civilization & White Presumacy)

White privilege - an invisible package of unearned assets bequeathed to all Caucasians. 2) an invisible weightless knapsack of advantages including but never limited to: special provisions and dispensations, over-passports, code words, maps, signs, codebooks, visas, clothes, vistas, tools, etc. of which most Caucasians are oblivious to wearing or utilizing. 

white propaganda - a game two can play—which consists simply in repeating '"I am better than you" and "you are utterly unlike (opposite to) me" over and over again; despite the historical record to the contrary.    (See: Black Propaganda, Intoxification, Oppositional Imaging, Oppositionalism, Neuropeans, Superiority Complex, Caucasian & Disinformation)