Amid Bigotry Expose Ralph Northam Admits He Darkened His Skin to Deal w/Color Deficiency Anxiety & “Resemble Michael Jackson," a Negro who Recreated Himself in the Image of Caucasians

From [CNN] Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said he does not believe he is either person in the racist photo that appeared in his 1984 yearbook but that he did once darken his face to resemble Michael Jackson during a dance contest in 1984.

In a remarkable, hour-long news conference at the Governor's Mansion in Richmond, Northam defended himself from the cacophony of calls for his resignation, but acknowledged that he had made mistakes on race in his past, like when he darkened his face for the dance contest.

"I believe now and then that I am not either of the people in this photo," Northam said, denying that he had ever worn a KKK robe and hood or been drunk enough to forget a moment like this. "This was not me in that picture. That was not Ralph Northam."

The racist photograph, which was obtained by CNN, appears in the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook and shows one person dressed in blackface and another in the KKK's signature white hood and robes.

michael jackson moon guy.jpg

White Supremacy Paradox. Scholar Anthony Browder explains that ‘Michael Jackson was obsessed with an age old mental disorder called artificial assimilation - the overwhelming desire to recreate oneself in the image other than one’s own. He perfected the meaning of crossover.’ He was what FUNKTIONARY describes as a “negro” -see below.

Similarly, but from the other end of the imaginary hierarchy based on lack of skin color and melanin, Mr. Northam must have been in undercover great anxiety in the presence of color, proximately causing him to darken his skin, momentarily changing what he also hated about himself - back in the day that is.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explained that racists suffer from color deficiency and numerical inadequacy. She stated,

“The difficulty whites have in according non-whites socio-political and economic equality within the white supremacy structure stems neither from a moral issue nor from political or economic need, but from the fundamental sense of their own unequal condition - in regards to their numerical inadequacy and color deficiency. They can compensate for their color inadequacy only by placing themselves in socially superior positions. The color inadequacy of whiteness necessitates a social struc­ture based on white superiority. Only tokenism can be tolerated by such a motivational psychological state, wherein the evolution of the myth of the exceptional non-white is used, again, as a defense mechanism.”

Nevertheless bigotry is not a system of racism white supremacy. Contrary to the outrage by The Moteasuh Tribe [more tea sir?] Although it is unlikely he will survive the media fallout, It remains to be seen whether Northam, a racist suspect, actually practices racism in the right now. That is, seen through his actions. As explained by Neely Fuller the question is not ‘why did you call me NGHR? but rather what do you plan to do with a NGHR or do to a NGHR? The Moteasuh Tribe’s politics revolve around Yurugu “doing the right thing.” Said somnesiacs could create a Bigot Jail & Rehabilitation Center and fill it with bigots and yet the system of racism/white supremacy would continue unabated as the primary source of all Black people's problems & their ‘continuous state of checkmate.’ Anyone can be a bigot regardless of color but there is no system of Black supremacy anywhere in the world. Thus, there are no Black racists practicing racism. As explained by Dr. Blynd in FUNKTIONARY;

bigot - one who manifests and expresses self hatred and self inferiority. Not to be confused with racism

Bigotry - manifestation of the self-alien(h)ated and self hatred projected towards others, especially those of a different so-called race. Bigotry is personal, whereas white supremacy racism is an institutionalized group power dynamic and impersonal. 

Negro - a man or woman of Afrikan descent living in pathological mental state of cultural abstinence and historical amnesia— one who wants to impress his or her oppressor while ignoring the effects and plight that his or her accommodationist posture inures. 2) a Hanky-head. 3) an indigenous-to-the-land (American) Afrikan who does everything in his or her power to suppress or pretend that he or she is other than someone of recent Afrikan descent. 4) ethnicity-denying, assimilated and confused Afrikans indigenous to America. 5) one who truly believes he or she is white American—masquerading in black face. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's a Negro after all? (See: Snigger, Rentellectual, McNegro & Negropolitan)