In Radio Ad Targeting the Non-Suppressed Black Vote, the GOP [the 'Can You Prove It?' Party] Warns: 'If You Vote for Dems Black Men will Face Rape Accusations from White Women’



  • voter suppression

  • rigged trump election

  • raping ladies

  • murdering kashogi

  • puppet trump collusion

  • being racist

  • excluding immigrants based on skin color, religion

  • promoting hate crimes

  • supporting police brutality

  • and much more

From [HERE] and [MORE] A political action committee said Friday that it won’t pull radio ads in hotly contested races in Arkansas and Missouri that suggest African American men will face rape accusations if Democrats win midterm elections.

An ad from Black Americans for the President’s Agenda in an Arkansas congressional race features a woman saying “white Democrats will be lynching Black folk again.”

In Missouri, the radio ad favoring Republican challenger Josh Hawley and attacking Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, does not mention lynching. Instead, the woman says that if Democrats prevail in mid-term elections, “Black folk will be catching hell again” and that Black men could face allegations of rape. Hill and Tucker are both White. The 2nd District is about 23 percent Black, according to U.S. Census estimates.

About 12 percent of Missouri’s residents are Black. [MORE] Among those in the Black votary who are allowed to participate in the agreed upon illusion [election], as always they will choose between a nicer master [Dems] or a mean cracker master [GOP]? [MORE]

white supremacy chart.jpg

WHITE PLUS BLACK = “YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US.” The above ad also parrots Yurugu’s fears of non-white men intermixing with white women. As stated by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, white people are vulnerable to their sense of numerical inadequacy. Most white people consciously or subconsciously understand the following;

  • White plus Black equals Colored.

  • White plus Brown equals Colored.

  • White plus Yellow equals Colored.

The declining white population is not a new or reversible trend - the decline has only quickened. Although rarely discussed, white people are genetic recessive. It is scientific fact that Black is a genetically dominant trait. Whenever Black mixes with White, which is a recessive genetic trait, Black will dominate. In general, this means "whites" cannot reproduce a white child when they have sexual relations with non-whites. The so-called white "race" can and eventually will be replaced or "genetically annihilated" through such assimilation or social intermixing with non-whites. As white populations have been consistently declining, Black and Brown populations are surging. And this causes racists to practice racism or act genocidally by engaging in such activities as rigging elections and much more as recent events reveal on a daily basis.

The above formula is also the meaning of what "you will not replace us" and "‘Europe Will Be White." It also is what "Clean Blood’ is referring to - clean white blood. [MORE]