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Cress Welsing: The Definition of Racism White Supremacy

Dr. Blynd: The Definition of Racism

Anon: What is Racism/White Supremacy?

Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality

The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)

What is the First Step in Counter Racism?

Genocide: a system of white survival

The Creation of the Negro

The Mysteries of Melanin

'Racism is a behavioral system for survival'

Fear of annihilation drives white racism

Dr. Blynd: The Definition of Caucasian

Where are all the Black Jurors? 

The War Against Black Males: Black on Black Violence Caused by White Supremacy/Racism

Brazen Police Officers and the Forfeiture of Freedom

White Domination, Black Criminality

Fear of a Colored Planet Fuels Racism: Global White Population Shrinking, Less than 10%

Race is Not Real but Racism is

The True Size of Africa

What is a Nigger? 

MLK and Imaginary Freedom: Chains, Plantations, Segregation, No Longer Necessary ['Our Condition is Getting Worse']

Chomsky on "Reserving the Right to Bomb Niggers." 

A Goal of the Media is to Make White Dominance and Control Over Everything Seem Natural

"TV is reversing the evolution of the human brain." Propaganda: How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don't Know It.

Spike Lee's Mike Tyson and Don King

"Zapsters" - Keeping what real? "Non-white People are Actors. The Most Unrealistic People on the Planet"

Black Power in a White Supremacy System

Neely Fuller Jr.: "If you don't understand racism/white supremacy, everything else that you think you understand will only confuse you"

The Image and the Christian Concept of God as a White Man

'In order for this system to work, We have to feel most free and independent when we are most enslaved, in fact we have to take our enslavement as the ultimate sign of freedom'

Why do White Americans need to criminalize significant segments of the African American population?

Who Told You that you were Black or Latino or Hispanic or Asian? White People Did

Malcolm X: "We Have a Common Enemy"


Deeper than Atlantis

Do White People Know What it Means to be A White Person?

From A white woman practicing racism/white supremacy on a black mail man. She breaks it down to him, "the black women are against the black men because they have been exploited so much. They're with the Hitler (inaudible) people, they're with the white people. They work against Black men underneath it all. There are very few white women who have the strength to work with the Black man. . ."


Malcolm X: "The Ballot or the Bullet" - The Growing Debt that Democrats Owe to Non-White Voters - without us they are nothing 

Three Democrats have become president since Lyndon Johnson — Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Obama — but none of them has won a majority of white votes. [MORE] How did they become president? By picking up enough white votes along with enough "minority" votes to build a winning coalition.

In 2008 Obama got 43 percent of the white vote, 95 percent of the black vote, 67 percent of the Latino vote and 62 percent of the Asian vote.  In 2008 when Obama captured 43% of the white vote - it was the highest percentage of white votes garnered by a Democratic presidential candidate since Lyndon Johnson (President Clinton also received 43% of the white vote in his 1996 re-election campaign). [MORE]. 

In other words, without the non-white voter, Democrats would be nothing. In his speech, "The Ballot or the Bullet?"[HERE] and [HERE], Malcolm X, who was neither Democrat or Republican asked "what do you get out of supporting Democrats?" What is the product of their politics? 'If you put them first and they put you last - then you are a political chump.' He implored us to demand justice in return for our vote - over 40 years ago.

A major difference today is that the white population is shrinking while the non-white population is surging. Whites are projected to be the minority of the US population by 2042. [MORE] What does that mean for black politics? If people of color stop settling for less we can begin to make decisions about our future - instead of merely selecting choices provided to us as part of an illusion of particpation. 


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The True Size of Africa


White Party (GOP) Customer's New Slogan: "Put the White Back in the White House"

The 'Don't Re-Nig in 2012' Party Rolls On: This white man was photographed while attending a Mitt Romney campaign rally in Lancaster, Ohio over the past couple of days. His shirt reads "Put the white back in the White House." [yeehhaawwrrr]. Do you think this racist man really cares what Romney's policies or plans are about? His message is 'I support white supremacy/racism, it is my religion.' Thanks to his shirt, unlike other whites or racist suspects, at least we know where he is coming from. In what other ways does he practice racism? Perhaps he is a loan officer, a supervisor, a teacher, real estate agent, teacher, juror or police officer? Or maybe he is a just a white person who benefits from others being racist and/or knows others who are racist but refuses to identfy or stop them. It is too bad he cannot wear this shirt everyday. [MORE]  

The Republican party is a racial identity party. It is designed to appeal to white people as white people... not as union-members or as unemployed people or as home-owners... as white people.  It is a crude racial-identity party and the numbers bear that out. It is an almost exclusively white party. Many white people vote Democratic, but the Republican party is pretty close to all white. (A fact that is soft-pedaled in out national dialog because it makes the modern Republican party sound like a racist institution, which it is.) [MORE] In fact, the White Party (GOP) now depends on white voters for fully 90 percent of their votes in presidential elections. [MORE]. 

Like Patricia Carroll (the black CNN camera woman who was pelted with peanuts at the Republican National Convention and then told, 'This is how we feed animals.' [MORE]) said 'Blacks and all other non-whites need to wake up.' [MORE]  We should expect racism from these people every single day - that is what they are all about. It is unintelligent not to do so. 

(In photo, "Watermelon" the new White Party mascot for 'Don't Re-Nig 2012"). Racism is not primarily based on ignorance or hate - it is based on white people's survival. Do you really believe, Romney, Rove, Cheney and the RNC delegates are all ignorant and just in need of the proper information to liberate their thinking about non-whites or that they are basket cases in an emotional state of racism? Not likely- racism is a strategy.  

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White women are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action yet it is still seen as a “black program ” by most Americans --including white females 

MYTH #1 : Affirmative Action Is An Entitlement Program Created By Blacks For Blacks

Black people did not create affirmative action, the terminology, or the where, when, or how it became a policy. Blacks do not control Corporate America’s or the US government’s hiring or affirmative action policies. Blacks do not have the power to implement any policies, just or unjust, at any white owned corporation, college, or university.

MYTH #2: Blacks Benefited The Most From Affirmative Action.

According to the US Labor Department, the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action were white women. Between 1972 and 1993:

* women architects increased from 3% to nearly 19% of all architects

*  women doctors more than doubled from 10% to 22% of all doctors

* women lawyers grew from 4% to 23% of all lawyers

* female engineers went from less than 1% to nearly 9% of all engineers

* female chemists grew from 10% to 30% of all chemists

* female college faculty went from 28% to 42% of all college faculty

White women are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action yet it is still seen as a “black program ” by most Americans --including white females ( ! )

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Neely Fuller on on White Supremacists Using History to Keep Non-Whites Apart 


Majority of White Americans Racist – AP poll (republicans & democrats)

From [HERE] The election of Barack Obama failed to usher in a "post-racial" US, with a new poll showing that 51 percent of Americans hold explicitly anti-black views. That figure is up from 48 percent in 2008, the year America elected its first black president. The poll also found that a majority of respondents (57 percent) held implicitly negative views about Latinos, up 51 percent from an AP poll taken last year.

­Those expressing implicit anti-black attitudes also spiked from 49 percent to 56 percent over the same four-year period, the Associated Press found in a poll released Saturday.

Racial prejudice against blacks cut clearly across America’s left-right political divide, despite perceptions to the contrary. While 79 percent of Republicans willingly expressed racial prejudice when answering questions measuring explicit racism (as opposed to 32 percent among Democrats), the implicit racism test showed that a majority of Republicans (64 percent) and Democrats (55 percent) held implicit anti-black feelings.

According to the survey, political independents were the least racist, with 49 percent exhibiting implicit anti-black feelings. 

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Anthony Browder: Racism and White Supremacy are the Most Persistent Problems Confronting People of Color  

Race, racism and white supremacy are ideologies which are the by-product of a xenophobic consciousness that has been imposed upon the majority of the inhabitants of the planet. Terms such as the white man's burden and manifest destiny express the Europeans' belief in their God-given right to conquer the world and introduce "civilization" to people of color. According to this doctrine, the whiter your skin, the greater your intelligence and the more privileges you are entitled to. To this end, racism and white supremacy are the power behind the most destructive forces the world has ever witnessed. Racism and white supremacy are synonymous and must never be confused with acts of prejudice—they are as different as night and day.

All people have prejudices; this may be considered to be one of humankind's great failings. However, for a group to be legitimately classified as racist, it must possess the power to impose its prejudices on members of other ethnic groups.  Power transforms a "pre-judged belief" into an ideology that is popularized, legitimized, and finally, incorporated into the legislative, judicial, religious, and social system designed to control the powerless.

The system of racism/white supremacy was created to sustain the white minority global dominance over the colored majority populations. Racism/white supremacy insures its control by influencing the thought and behavior of those who benefit from the perpetuation of this ideology, as well as its intended victims. Dr. Welsing has researched this subject extensively and has identified "nine areas of people activity" that are controlled by racists and white supremacists that exert wide ranging influence on society. The nine areas include: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.

By understanding the origins and development of humanity, the evolution of mankind, and the conditions which led to the creation of the European, Africans can begin to see the world from a truly different perspective. By looking at world events from this point of view, there can be no doubt that the presence of Africans in the Americas and the current conditions of Africans in Africa are the direct result of survival strategies implemented by racist white supremacists over five hundred years ago. The events cf the past do not dissipate; they set into motion a chain of events that transcend time and space and shape the present.

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Stephen A. Smith Chopped and Anon on Eliminating the Conditions that Created N*****s all over the world 

Slowed down & chopped it does not sound like Stephen A. Smith used the n-word last week on ESPN - but what he actually said is a mystery. More mysterious is the faux shock from whites & ESPN about his alleged remark - pretending to be so hurt about possibly hearing the n-word. On television Smith presents himself as an intelligent, confident Black man with an overdose of swag - racist white people hate that and eventually make Blacks like him disappear. [MORE]  The following is an excerpt from Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation. By Anon. Published by Trojan Horse Press, 2009. Available [HERE

"If America didn't have niggers, they'd have to invent them." -  James Baldwin (1924-1987)

"Nigger" is the most debated and misunderstood word in the English vocabulary. As long (and as often) as this word has been used, most people do no understand it at all. For those who are uncomfortable with the word, it's time to take the NIGGER out of the closet and strip away its power to devastate us.

The Definition Of "Nigger" In A White Supremacy System:

1. "Nigger" is NOT a racial identity.

2. ALL non-white people are niggers  -  by default - in a system of white supremacy.

3."Nigger" is NOT a personality defect.

4."Nigger" is a political term that defines a social, economic, and political REALITY.

5. A nigger cannot decide who is a nigger and who is not.

6. All black people are niggers but all niggers are not black people.

7. All non-white people are niggers (in a system of white supremacy). 

8. There is no place on earth called "Nigger Land," therefore niggers are NOT born (niggers), they are CREATED.

9. White people cannot be niggers in a system of white supremacy.

10. There is NO racial slur for whites that is the social, economic, or political equivalent of "nigger" in a white supremacist system.

11. There is no such thing as "acting like a nigger."

12. Being a nigger has nothing to do with being ignorant, backward, country, poor, or uneducated. Those qualities are found in every ethnic group.

13. No amount of education, professional achievements, or fancy table manners will transform a nigger into a white person in a system of white supremacy.

14. Nigger is not a lifestyle or behavior, it's a condition. Accusing someone of acting like a "nigger" is like saying, "Stop acting poor!" If you're poor, you act poor. In other words, your behavior reflects your conditions NOT your race.

15. If we eliminated poverty and white supremacy, there would be no poor folks or niggers.

16. "Nigger" should never be a term of endearment. This is like greeting a friend who just lost his job by saying, "How you doing, you 'out of work person'?"

17. In the absence of white supremacy, niggers would not exist.

18.  In the absence of white supremacy, there would be no need for niggers.

19.  A moral and just society is "nigger-proof." (because there would be no need to invent niggers).

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How Europeans Sliced Up Africa; The Interests of Africans were never a factor

Fourteen western nations attended the three-month session. Conspicuous by their absence were those who had the most at stake -- the Africans. But there was little hypocrisy: no one pretended the lines were drawn for any interests other than those of the countries at the table. The interests of Africans were never a factor.

"The Europeans came and assumed command of African history," wrote British historian Basil Davidson, "and the solutions they found were solutions for themselves, not for Africans."

The Africa of a century ago consisted of several hundred independent states, some large and powerful and well advanced, others smaller, weaker and more primitive. When the Europeans finished drawing their lines, these states had been condensed into about 40 pieces of territory.

It was not an easy or neat process. Ethnic groups were cleaved into fragments -- the Ovambo were split in half by the boundary line that divided Portuguese Angola from German South-West Af

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