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Deeper than Atlantis

Parents of 15-year-old Black Teen file lawsuit Against IMPD: Witness says Cops Murdered Andre Green

From [HERE] The parents of a black teenager fatally shot by Indianapolis police after an alleged 2015 carjacking are suing the city and several police officers they contend used “deadly, excessive, unreasonable, unlawful and unnecessary force” against the youth.

The federal lawsuit filed Monday in Indianapolis on behalf of 15-year-old Andre Green’s parents and his estate alleges that the officers violated Green’s constitutional and civil rights when they shot him as they pursued a stolen car he was driving.

Following Green’s Aug. 9, 2015, death, Indianapolis police said two white officers and a black officer fired on the teen because the car he was driving struck the side of a patrol car and was accelerating toward the officers after they cornered the car in a cul-de-sac. Police said the officers feared for their lives.

But the family’s suit, which states that Green “made a youthful mistake but paid with his life,” contends officers misjudged the situation as the pursuit reached the cul-de-sac and that they weren’t “threatened with death” or serious injury when they shot Green.

“At no time during the course of these events did Andre either pose any reasonable threat of violence to the IMPD officers or do anything to justify the use of deadly, excessive, unreasonable, unlawful and unnecessary force against him,” the lawsuit states.

Police said the car was stolen at gunpoint, four shots were fired from it after the carjacking, and a handgun was found near Green’s body after he collapsed with fatal gunshot wounds outside the vehicle.

An attorney for Green’s parents, Jamon Hicks, said Tuesday that witnesses said Green did not have a gun when he exited the car, and that he also did not try to hit the officers with the car, but was instead trying to flee the officers after his two juvenile passengers bailed out.

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Grand Prairie Police Says There Was "No Racial Profiling": Black Man Was Stopped For No Reason & Then Disfigured

4th Amendment Bullshit. Laws In & Of Themsleves Will Not Protect You; Laws Are Just Words on Paper; Laws Protect No One.

From [HERE] Attorney Lee Merritt is filing a lawsuit on behalf of a Black man who claims he's a victim of profiling and excessive force by the Grand Prairie Police Department that's left him permanently disfigured.

1) Rashan A. Barnes said on July 31, at about noon, he was in a parking lot near Carrier Parkway and Warrior Trail after shopping and visiting some friends at a barbershop when a Grand Prairie police officer stopped him and asked him for identification.

[STOP right here, the white media, in this case NBC, has ommitted the important fact that [at least with regard to white people] in order for the police to stop you the Supreme Court has ruled that police must have a reasonable articulable suspicion that there is criminal activity afoot and the person detained is involved in the activity.  Cops cannot stop you and demand ID for no reason. Police may not act on on the basis of an inchoate and unparticularized suspicion or a hunch - there must be some specific articulable facts along with reasonable inferences from those facts to justify the intrusion.[MORE"Stop and identify" statutes are statutory laws in the United States that authorize police to legally obtain the identification of someone whom they reasonably suspect of having committed a crime. If there is no reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed, is being committed, or is about to be committed, an individual is not required to provide identification, even in "Stop and ID" states. [MORE] and [MORE]]

So on what basis, that is, what particularized facts, did this cop stop him for? 

2) Barnes, who knew he had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants, admits to giving the officer his cousin's name instead of his own, his attorney said. As the officer verified the information, "Barnes attempted to end the encounter by running away from the officer," Merritt said.

The officer, Barnes' attorney said, shot him with a stun gun that "caused Barnes to immediately lose consciousness and sail into the air." His attorney said he landed on his face and arms, causing severe injuries to his nose, scalp, face and arms.

Paramedics were called, who then transferred Barnes to a nearby hospital. Since he was only wanted on misdemeanor warrants, he was released on his own recognizance.

Barnes' attorneys contend the officer did not have reasonable suspicion to stop and ask him for identification and that he did not appear to be involved in any crime.

"Mr. Barnes will be filing a formal complaint with Grand Prairie Internal Affairs and pursuing a Civil Rights lawsuit against the Grand Prairie Police Department," Merritt said.


Obey US NGHRS. "To suggest that this was racial profiling is absurd, and I will not stand for it," said Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye, who was visibly upset with the accusations as he and the NAACP addressed the media Wednesday afternoon. Dye is white. 

Angela Luckey, the president of the Grand Prairie NAACP, said she reviewed dash camera video of the incident that has not been made public just yet and said the NAACP is backing the police officer's actions.

"I did not see an instance of excessive force being used. I saw the person in question by a Hispanic officer get up and flee after he provided a fake name to the police officer," Luckey said.

"We will come out for what is right. We are not going to side with a wrong side," she added. Stopped by skin color? Ms. Luckey is obviously putting the C in NAACP - for Confused negro preventing Black people from advancing or understanding their so-called 4th Amendment rights. Please go away NAACP.  

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LA County to Pay $1.5 million: White Cops Shot Unarmed Black Man to Death in Parked Car w/o Justification 

From [HERE] Los Angeles County supervisors approved a $1.5-million payout Tuesday to the family of a 21-year-old man who was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy while in his vehicle in Cerritos in 2015.

Carla Wade, 52, sued the county and Deputy Edward Fitzgerald over the death of her son, Nephi Arreguin. The lawsuit claims Arreguin was unarmed and that Fitzgerald used excessive force on him.

Arreguin’s toddler son, born after Arreguin died, is also a plaintiff.

Tuesday’s settlement follows the approval in July of nearly $5.4 million to settle three wrongful-death suits against the Sheriff’s Department. A Times review of misconduct-claim payouts over the last five years found that such payouts topped $50 million in the 2015-16 fiscal year.

The shooting occurred late on a Thursday afternoon in May 2015, when deputies were called to the 17200 block of Pires Avenue in Cerritos to investigate a call of a suspicious person.

According to the complaint, Arreguin was seated in a parked car when Fitzgerald approached and “began, unreasonably, without justification, shooting into the vehicle.”

After being shot, the complaint says, Arreguin drove away but “ultimately succumbed to the gunshot wound within a short distance...crashing his automobile into a nearby fire hydrant and brick wall.”

Arreguin, the complaint adds, was not armed and made no threat to harm a peace officer or bystander.

In their response, attorneys for the county wrote that Arreguin was approached and eventually shot “after he disobeyed commands, started the engine and drove at [and] struck a deputy who fired in self defense.”

They argued that Arreguin was subject to being searched without probable cause or reasonable suspicion because he was on “parole and/or probation.” Something they did know before they encountered him. 

County officials declined to comment on the settlement.

“You have to read between the lines,” said Milton Grimes, Wade’s attorney. “Do you think if it had really been self-defense they would have settled?”

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2nd Body Cam Videos Show White Baltimore Cops Manufacturing Evidence Against Black Man & Woman [all videos] 

Reason for the Stop Unknown [Racism/White Supremacy]. Reason for the Search: Smell of Weed [White Supremacy]. Reason for the Arrest at the time of Arrest Unknown [White Supremacy] The footage shows seven white officers searching the car of Insley’s client, Shamere Collins, on Nov. 29, 2016. Halfway through the footage, the officer is seen turning off his body camera. When the footage is turned back on, the officers quickly find bags of heroin and marijuana where an officer was searching previously. There are 11 videos, the clip above is a summary video. The other videos below are presented in order 1-10  [MORE].

From [HERE] and [HERE] For the second time in as many weeks, Baltimore police body-camera video has emerged showing what defense attorneys say is officers planting drugs on a criminal defendant.

Josh Insley, a local defense attorney, released the footage Tuesday, a day after the Baltimore state’s attorney’s office dropped all charges against his client based on concerns raised by the video. Insley said he believes the video shows officers “engage in what appears to be a staged recovery of narcotics,” and that he will be pursuing legal action against the police department. Videos 1-3 below. 

Insley’s client, Shamere Collins, 35, was arrested on Nov. 29, 2016 after police stopped her vehicle after observing a passenger conducting what officers believed was a drug deal, according to case records. After stopping the vehicle, police said they smelled marijuana, searched the car, and recovered heroin and marijuana. Charges were filed against Collins and the passenger.

“Those drugs were not in that car when we were pulled out, the state dismissed the case against me and my attorneys are reviewing the tapes to see what steps to take next,” Collins said in a statement.

The Baltimore public defender’s  (BPDS) officer represents the co-defendant - the unnamed Black man. [MORE]

A series of body-camera videos — shows multiple officers thoroughly searching a car, including the driver’s area, and then turning their cameras off and back on in an unexplained way. Videos 4-5 below. 

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On & Off Switch Gives Too Much Discretion to Unaccountable Cops: Edited Videos Test Credibility of Bodycams in Baltimore

[Prime Purpose of Bodycams is to Convict & Surveil You, Not Exonerate You] Body cams are evolving from operation which simply observes and records, to analyzing video feeds automatically using facial recognition software. In Georgia [eastern Europe] for instance, the NEC Corporation announced last wek that it has provided an advanced surveillance system for cities utilizing facial recognition to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, in cooperation with Capital Systems LLC, a leading system developer. The system began operation in June and works in combination with 400 CCTV surveillance cameras installed in Georgia's major cities, including the capital, Tbilisi. [MORE]

From [TheIntercept] BALTIMORE HAS BEEN wrestling with yet another police scandal. Last month, the city public defender’s office discovered body camera footage showing a local cop placing a bag of heroin in a pile of a trash in an alley. The cop, unaware he was being filmed, walked out of the alley, “turned on” his camera, and went back to “find” the drugs. The cop then arrested a man for the heroin, placed him in jail. The man, who couldn’t afford to post the $50,000 bail, languished there for seven months. He was finally released two weeks ago, after the public defender’s office sent the video to the state attorney.

Last year it was discovered that the Baltimore Police Department and a private company secretly used aerial surveillance to monitor the entire [mostly Black] city 24/7. [MORE]

The officer, Richard Pinheiro, has been suspended with pay, while two other cops in the video have been placed on administrative duty as the investigation pends. More than thirty other cases the three officers were to serve as witnesses for are now being dismissed. On Monday night, the Baltimore Sun reported that the public defender’s office found a second video that appeared to show different cops “manufacturing evidence.” (The second video has not been released.)

Now, as the credibility of the entire police-worn body camera program is called into question, the public anxiously waits to see if these two videos will actually lead to any sort of consequences. At a press conference on August 2, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis stressed that the body camera program — which he’s committed to — is still fairly new, and there have been some understandable growing pains as officers adjust to the new technology. “While [those gaps in video footage were] ugly, and while I’m disappointed that officers in these two incidents did not have their cameras on, I think it’s irresponsible to jump to a conclusion that the police officers were engaged in criminal misconduct,” he said, urging the public to withhold its judgment until the investigation is complete.

“This is a critical test, and so far the BPD is failing,” said David Rocah, the senior staff attorney for the ACLU of Maryland. “The only way not to fail is for these officers to be held accountable, at least at the departmental level. And if that doesn’t happen, and they don’t suffer the most serious consequences, then I think the body camera program, and all the hopes for it, will have been set back almost irreparably.”

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White Philly Cop Suspended After Video Shows Him Slamming Defenseless, Handcuffed Black Man to the Ground

From [HERE] A white Philadelphia police officer will soon be off the job after video shows a questionable confrontation during an arrest, the department announced on Friday.

The incident happened on July 10 around midnight on the 200 block of East Elkhart Street.

Police say Officer James Yeager, 26, was attempting to arrest a man who was actively resisting arrest by swinging his arms and kicking.

According to police, cell phone video captured Yeager in full uniform grabbing the male after he was handcuffed and forcibly slamming him to the ground.

Additional video shows Yeager placing his baton around the man’s chest, picking him up and swinging him around, causing the suspect to strike his head against the side of a pool in the street, police said in a news release.

The man being arrested was taken to Temple University Hospital for critical injuries.

“That was totally unnecessary and aggressive for no reason. He was already in handcuffs. There was no harm that could’ve been brought to the cops, but to him at that point,” said Frederick Bender of Kensington.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has suspended Yeager for 30 days with intent to dismiss. Yeager has been on the force for four years and was assigned to the 24th district.

The FOP plans on fighting the department on that, and it has a high success rate in doing so. [MORE]


Releasing Balloons Into the Air Doesn't Stop Police Brutality: No Justice for Murder of John Crawford @ Walmart

The Teddy Bear Code is "protest" actually in cooperation with and submission to white supremacy/racism. [MOREFrom [HERE] At least 100 people gathered Saturday afternoon outside the Beavercreek Walmart store where John Crawford III was shot and killed by a white police officer three years ago. The rally on Pentagon Boulevard, organized by the group Black Lives Matter Miami Valley, drew honks of support as well as shouted insults from passing cars.  

Crawford's father was among the featured speakers. The rally also included a drum circle and a moment of silence, as Crawford's parents released 25 balloons in commemoration of what would have been their son's 25th birthday the previous Saturday.

The 22-year-old African American Crawford was shot and killed by white Beavercreek Police Officer Sean Williams on Aug. 5, 2014.

Officers had responded to 911 call from a white man who reported a Black man waving a firearm, which was later determined to be an air rifle Crawford had picked up from a store shelf. [MORE]


If you rub a brick long enough will it become a mirror?  Chancellor Williams and Dr. Cress Welsing have both explained that most Blacks 'continue to live in a dream world where they believe that singing, dancing, marching, praying and hoping will solve their problems.' [MORE]


$3.5M Settlement: White Cicero Cops Shot Latino Man in Back, Left Him for Dead, Planted Gun & Threatened Witnesses

From [HERE] and [HERE] and [HERE] It was an inside job. It had to be. And the Chicago Police Department had better get to the bottom of it.

It is bad enough that our city is awash with illegal guns. But to think that the cops themselves might be the source of some of those guns — or of even one. That would be a new low. The onus is on Police Supt. Eddie Johnson to solve this one or watch the public’s trust in our local police crumble just a little more.

Five years ago, according to a Better Government Association report in Sunday’s Sun-Times, a handgun turned up next to the body of a gang member who was shot to death by a Cicero police officer. Whether the gun belonged to the young man or was planted by the Cicero cop seems to be a matter of dispute, but what is clear is that the gun once was in the custody of the Chicago Police — and it was supposed to have been destroyed.

Thirteen years ago, a Cook County judge, William Stewart Boyd, had turned the gun over to the Chicago Police as part of a buyback program meant to take weapons off the street. Judge Boyd turned in the gun, a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson, and received a prepaid Visa card worth something less than $100.

As the BGA reports, the Chicago Police recover thousands of guns each year through buybacks, and confiscate thousands more when making arrests. The guns are supposed to be destroyed. But the gun the judged had turned in mysteriously popped up again in Cicero, at the scene of the shooting of 22-year-old Cesar A. Munive.

That shooting has a particularly bad feel about it. The Cicero police officer had a history of disciplinary problems, the victim’s family claimed in a civil rights suit that the officer shot an unarmed man, and the Cicero Town Council voted a few weeks ago to pay the family $3.5 million to settle the case.

The lawsuit in federal court alleged that Cicero police shot him in the back as he rode a bicycle and let him bleed to death, then planted a gun by him, "threatened to kill" a witness, and intimidated and arrested other witnesses.  G. Cesar Munive, father of the late son Cesar Munive, sued the Town of Cicero, its "police Officer Dominick Schullo "and other unknown Cicero police officers for conspiracy, recklessness, excessive force and other charges. 

The suit states: "On Thursday, July 5, 2012, Cesar Munive was riding his bike at the corner of 13th Street and 57th Avenue. A police officer drove at a high rate of speed, and pulled onto the curb and parkway at the corner. He jumped out of his car and without lawful cause or justification shot the unarmed decedent, Cesar Munive, once in the back.

After being shot the decedent screamed in pain and yelled that he had not done anything. The decedent fell down to the grass, bleeding. As Mr. Munive lay on the ground bleeding, the defendant officers forcefully handcuffed him with his hands behind his back and dragged him on the ground and delayed seeking medical attention. As a result of defendant Schullo's unlawful use of force, Munive suffered pain during his last conscious moments. The fatal police shooting was totally unjustified. Mr. Munive never did anything which could have justified the use of deadly force." Munive says his son "bled to death on the scene."

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'Yeah Fuk Fuk Fuk, Blah blah bleh', White Lansing Cop Makes Felony Threats & Batters Defenseless Black Teen - Suit Filed

Great Public Service From Racist Government. From [HERE] The family of a 15-year-old black Illinois teen seen pinned down by an off-duty police officer in a video that went viral in June filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Village of Lansing and the officer involved on Thursday.

The officer, who has not been named by the police department, “choked, throttled and battered” Jordan Brunson and as a result the teen continues to suffer from “bodily injury, pain, severe mental and emotional distress, fear, anguish, humiliation” according to the lawsuit obtained by NBC News.

It also states that the actions taken by the officer “were extreme and outrageous and were done intentionally.”

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[When Racists Call 911...] Questions Linger After White GA Cops Kill "Suspicious Black Man" Walking Up the Road

From [HERE] It’s been nearly a month since 58-year-old Euree Lee Martin walked from Milledgeville to Deepstep in neighboring Washington County where he later collapsed and died on the side of Deepstep Road after being tased while deputies responded to a report of a "suspicious person" on the road.

Details surrounding what led up to the incident have yet to be made public, as an investigation by a state law enforcement agency continues. 

Deputy Michael Howell, Sargent Lee Copeland and Deputy Rhett Scott were the responding officers who killed Martin according to a press release from the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office says Martin fought deputies, but a bystander's phone video doesn't show that.

Dotson called the Tasing a "wrongful death," because there's no evidence that Martin did anything wrong.

"The video doesn't show him doing anything but walking, and that's not a crime," said Dotson.

A rep from the NAACP, Quentin T. Howell, no relation to Deputy Howell, said the NAACP was seeking the 911 tape be released to the public by authorities, as well as the dash camera recording from the deputies at the scene, along with the deputies’ body camera recordings of the incident.

Martin, who was known to walk from his home in Milledgeville to Deepstep to visit family members, reportedly did that same thing Friday, July 7.

Shortly before 7:30 p.m., a dispatcher with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident identifying himself as Cyrus Harris, who lives in Deepstep, according to a copy of the incident report from the call.

Deputy Michael Howell responded to the area of 11263 Deepstep Road to a complaint from Harris of a suspicious person.

That person turned out to be Martin.

“Before making it to 11263 Deepstep Road, I observed the black male on the right side of the road walking toward traffic that was headed toward Milledgeville near Deepstep Road and Mt. Sinai Road,” Deputy Howell said in the report. “I pulled alongside the black male with my passenger window down and asked the male subject, ‘Are you OK, and what’s your name.’ And he looked at me and asked, ‘Who are you,’ and he walked off walking toward Sandersville.” 

Nothing further was mentioned by the deputy in his incident report concerning what led up to deputies later deploying their department-issued Tasers on Martin.

Quentin T. Howell said Martin was not stopping at anyone’s house.

“All he was doing was walking up the road,” Howell said. “Why do cops have to be called for an American walking down the street and minding his own business? If we called the police every time we didn’t recognized somebody, police officers would hardly be able to do anything else except answer calls like that — day and night.

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