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Deeper than Atlantis

Alleged Orlando Cop Killer: “They done took my eye. They broke my nose, broke my jaw. They did all this shit saying I resisted”

From [HERE] New video shows the takedown of an accused Orlando cop killer, footage that appears to show two officers kicking murder suspect Markeith Loyd while he’s down on the ground.

Loyd claims police used excessive force. There’s now an internal investigation into the officers' actions.

"Let's not rush to judgment. Let's let the use of force investigation play out. Remember, we're dealing with an extremely violent and dangerous and unpredictable person,” said Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

Police celebrated the success of bringing down Loyd, ending a massive nine-day manhunt for the accused murderer.

At Loyd’s first court appearance Thursday, he claimed police brutality.  “They done took my eye. They broke my nose, broke my jaw. They did all this (expletive) saying I resisted,” Loyd said.

From police helicopter video, released by the Orlando Police Department, you see dozens of officers from different agencies surround an abandoned Orlando home as they closed in on Loyd.

Fellow officers knew who they were up against. Loyd's accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and unborn baby in December, then gunning down police lieutenant Debra Clayton last week.

“We are talking about a cold-blooded, ruthless killer,” says Chief Mina. [sounds like a good excuse for the anger they already had].

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Charges Dropped Against Deaf Black Man Beaten By White OklahomaTroopers after Minor Fender Bender

From [HERE] A deaf Black man who was injured by white Oklahoma troopers during a traffic stop will not be going to trial. Prosecutors dropped charges against Pearl Pearson Jr. just weeks before his trial was scheduled to begin.

Pearson said he could not hear troopers request and tried to inform the white troopers he was deaf. The cops punched him in the face before he could give them his license. When he did not respond to their unheard commands the Cops swarmed onto his car as if he was an international terrorist. 

Video of the stop show troopers yelling at Pearson and pulling him from his vehicle. Pearson says troopers beat him. He was arrested and his mug shot shows some injuries.

Court documents say Pearson fought the officers and resisted arrest. The district attorney cleared the troopers of any criminal wrongdoing in the case, but charged Pearson with a misdemeanor of resisting arrest.

Attorneys for Pearson had successfully argued Pearson needed special interpreters for his trial. Pearson learned sign language during segregation, which means his way of communicating differs from traditional American Sign Language, or ASL. District Attorney David Prater, who appeared for the state in person at the hearing requesting interpreters, did not object to the request.

Pearson’s attorney, Scott Adams, says prosecutors told him they were dismissing the case [b/c it was dogshit] due to the costs associated with the special interpreters for court. The case was scheduled to go to trial next week.

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This is What Nigger is: Race Soldier Cops on Video Destroying, Interrogating & Stealing From Black Family's Home in Search of Weed

"They Don't Work For Us & We Can't Fire Them." Doc Blynd tells us, Police are paramilitary professionals at making citizens arrests. People who are awake see cops as mercenary security guards that remind us daily, through acts of force, that we are simultaneously both enemies and slaves of the Corporate state - colonized, surveilled and patrolled by the desensitized and lobotomized drones of the colonizers." [MORE] There is no democracy here. Nigger is what is being done to you in this uncivilized system of racism/white supremacy.

From [HERE] Last fall, Radley Balko wrote a review of the documentary “Do Not Resist,” which looks at how aggressive, militaristic race soldier police tactics have become nearly mundane. One of the more infuriating scenes in the movie is a SWAT raid over some pot. What’s most striking is the nonchalance the cops show when, after smashing windows and storming the place with guns, they don’t find the massive stash of drugs they’re looking for. (There were also children in the home — the officer who planned the raid had said there weren’t.)

Instead, the cops keep looking until they find some alleged pot residue at the bottom of a duffel bag. They then arrest a young black man for the alleged residue and confiscate about $900 he has in his pocket. But they didn’t find the money — he volunteered it to them. He ran a lawn-mowing business to put himself through school and had asked the cops to give the cash to his partner, who was supposed to pick up some mowers and a weed eater. The police took the money under civil asset forfeiture law.


Suit Filed by Undocumented Latino Man Locked up After Asking Cops to Help Recover His Stolen Car 

From [HERE] Pedro Figueroa Zarceno filed a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] on Tuesday against the city of San Francisco, the Police Department and the Sheriff's Department for violating San Francisco's sanctuary city law. The sanctuary city law "prohibits workers from using city resources to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law, and was designed to allow anyone to seek help from law enforcement, regardless of immigration status." Pedro was arrested after coming to the police station to retrieve a police report that would have allowed him to obtain his car that was previously stolen and recovered by the police station. Pedro is from El Salvador and had a deportation order given in December 2005 after he failed to appear for an immigration hearing in San Antonio. When San Francisco police found the deportation order, they alerted the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Pedro then spent two months in a detention facility, during which his car was auctioned off. Pedro's lawsuit [San Francisco Chronicle report] claims false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Sanctuary Cities have been a point of political debate, with racist suspect Donald Trump threatening to curtail sanctuary cities. Many US mayors signed and delivered [JURIST report] a letter in December to Trump warning of the significant financial impacts of repealing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) order. US Immigration law [JURIST backgrounder] and immigrants' rights has been hotly contested in the aftermath of DACA and Obama's 2014 executive action [JURIST report] on immigration reform.


Audio Shows Palm Beach Cop Lied about Murder of Corey Jones - Plainclothes Cop Never identified Himself to Black Man Waiting for Tow Truck

From [HERE] A Florida cop charged in the fatal shooting of a black musician whose car had broken down on the interstate never identified himself as a police officer before opening fire on the motorist, prosecutors said — a direct contradiction to the arrested officer’s story.

Former Palm Beach Gardens officer Nouman Raja — who has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges for allegedly killing drummer Corey Jones in 2015 — claimed hours after the shooting that the broken-down driver pointed a gun at him after he identified himself as a cop.

But new evidence, released Tuesday, indicated that the 39-year-old plainclothes officer, who was investigating car burglaries, was immediately aggressive with Jones and began barking commands at him without ever saying he was with the force.

Jones was leaving a late-night gig on Oct. 18, 2015 when his car broke down on the side of I-95. The 31-year-old musician called AT&T roadside assistance for help, and the call was still connected when Raja, who is of South Asian descent, exited an unmarked white van and approached the stalled car.

That recording — released in the evidence dump — captured the exchange between the two men.

“You good?” Raja, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, asked.

Jones said he was fine, prompting Raja to ask “Really?”

“Yeah,” Jones replied, according to the audio.

Suddenly, Raja became belligerent, and started yelling at Jones.

“Get your f-----g hands up! Get your f-----g hands up!” he shouted as Jones pleaded “hold on, hold on!”

“Get your f-----g hands up! Drop!” Raja screamed again before firing two shots, prosecutors said.

Jones began running down an embankment and into the grass as Raja fired several more shots, killing him. Jones' unfired gun was found about 75 feet from his SUV. Jones' body was found another 125 feet away.

In a 911 call that prosecutors say Raja placed about 30 seconds later, the officer yelled for Jones to drop his gun — even though they say he knew Jones had been hit and was dying on the ground. Jones’ family said he had recently purchased the gun to protect the expensive drum gear in his vehicle's trunk and had a permit for the weapon.

But about four hours after the shooting, Raja voluntarily sat down with a Palm Beach County sheriff's detective and recounted the shooting.

He claimed that he walked up to Jones’ van thinking it had been abandoned, and he was surprised to find Jones inside.

"The door swung open and, uh, this guy jumps outside immediately," Raja told the investigator. "He got out of the van and then he's like, 'I'm OK, I'm OK man.' And at which point I said, 'Hey, man, police, can I help you?'”

Raja claimed that when he identified himself as a cop, Jones became violent.

“And the second I said police, he jumped back and I clearly remember him drawing and...pointing a gun at me,” he said. "It's just like, you know, your family flashed in front of you, your kids flashed in front of you.”

He said he ordered Jones to drop the gun and then fired when he didn't.

Raja was fired shortly after the shooting. Jones' family is suing him and the Palm Beach Gardens police.

A court hearing is set for Feb. 21. There, a date for Raja's criminal trial could be scheduled.


White 911 Caller & White Evanston Cops Niggerize Black Grad Student: Assaulted & Arrested For Stealing His Own Car

Niggerized - "unsafe, unprotected, subjected and subjugated to random violence, hated for who you are to the point you become so scared that you defer to the powers that be while willing to consent to your own domination." - Dr. Cornell West quoted in FUNKTIONARY.

From [HERE] Pinned to the ground by white officers who kneed and struck him, Lawrence Crosby screamed whatever he could think of to convince them that he was a law-abiding PhD student, not a violent car thief.

“This is my vehicle, sir,” he said, his voice captured by the dashboard-camera video. “I have evidence. . . . I purchased this vehicle Jan. 23, 2015, from Libertyville Chevrolet.”

The white officers placed him in handcuffs in the driveway of a church, two blocks from the police station in Evanston, Ill.

Police released the dash-cam video earlier this week, detailing the half-hour encounter that sparked a civil lawsuit from Crosby and a discussion about race and policing in this city of 75,000, just north of Chicago.

The video includes footage from the dash cam of one of the officers involved in the altercation. But it’s also synced with video of a personal dash cam Crosby kept running in his car.

On that night in October 2015, Crosby was headed to Northwestern University, where he was studying for his doctoral degree in civil engineering.

Crosby stops the car in the driveway of a church, and slowly gets out facing the officers with hands in the air.

He begins to explain, but the officers order him to keep his hands up. Others scream at him to get on the ground.

He turns and, in an instant, five white officers sprint toward him. They drive him back several feet, kneeing him to force him to the ground and striking him with open hands to make him [officially] comply, a police spokesman said later.

“Stop resisting,” an officer yells as another strikes Crosby.

“I’m cooperating. I’m cooperating,” Crosby replies. He continues to explain that the car is his, where he got it from and when. He attends Northwestern and is a civil engineering PhD, he says. He was just trying to fix his car.

He asks the officers why he’s being handcuffed; they say they have to figure out who the car belongs to.

They determine it’s his, but he was still arrested and charged with disobeying officers and resisting arrest. A judge later threw out the charges, Crosby’s attorney Tim Touhy, told the Chicago Tribune.

The officers were never charged or disciplined. The Evanston Police Department has defended their actions.


Unaccountable White Cleveland Cops Facing Admin Charges Say They "Did Nothing Wrong" by Murdering Tamir Rice 

From [NY Times] Three white Cleveland police officers face administrative charges in connection with the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy whose death in 2014 set off national outrage, officials said on Friday.

The officers will face hearings on Jan. 30 for possible violations of departmental rules, orders, regulations and tactics, the police chief, Calvin Williams, said at a news conference. The outcome of the hearings will determine what, if any, discipline will be imposed. Possible actions include suspension, loss of pay, demotion or firing.

The charges came after a nearly yearlong study by a specially created committee that reviewed the findings of prosecutors, internal affairs investigators and other law enforcement agencies involved in the case. The chief said the committee, known as the criminal incident review committee, was created “to really take a deep dive” into what happened on Nov. 22, 2014.

Tamir had been playing with a toy pellet gun near a recreation center when an unknown person called 911 to report him. The caller said Tamir was “probably a juvenile” and that the weapon was “probably fake,” but those qualifications were not relayed to the responding officers, who were told only of a report of a Black male with a weapon. [these are blatant half-truths or inaccurate statements by white reporters at the  NY Times. Listen for yourself; a White man calmly calls 911 talking about "Hi. How are you. [pause] I'm sitting in the park and there is a guy here pointing his gun at everybody. He is wearing a camouflage hat, like Desert  Storm." The caller knew what could happen, that's probably why he called. The actual radio run to police from dispatch was for a grown man wearing camouflage with a real gun pointing it at people in a public space.

Similar to Nazi Germany, with regard to non-whites, especially Black males, White people function as an auxiliary police force. They are watching YOU. If Anything you do makes them feel uncomfortable they will call the cops on you. Check out what happened to the Black grad student getting into his own car, this Dartmouth graduate going into his own home, or the brother riding the BART in Oakland or this Black man reading a book in his car, and on & on. In the context of White American domination there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted. Their mere presence inspires in White Americans, fears of being assaulted, raped, robbed, or some other indefinable dread of being criminally victimized.[MORE] [Jews had been deceived to believe they were fully integrated Germans. [MORE

When the white Cleveland cops arrived on the scene information from the police radio run was not corroborated. 1) No "guy" or grown man was present - only a 12 yr old child. 2) There were no people around - the child was alone. So no ongoing emergency existed. 3) No gun was visible - apparently the toy gun was in the child's pants and out of sight when police arrived = so no 4th Amendment basis to stop, seize or use force.] [MORE]  

A grand jury in December 2015 declined to bring criminal charges against the two officersSurveillance video released by police shows Rice being shot less than two seconds after the patrol car stopped near him. Officer Timothy Loehmann told the boy to put his hands up, but he didn't comply, according to police.

According to police,he reached for a gun in his waistband. The toy gun was in his waistband -- that is, he was not holding it. [MORE] The police chief said there was no confrontation between the boy and the cops and he did not threaten the officers with the gun or otherwise. See video above. [MORE]

The federal lawsuit also claimed the 2 white cops acted recklessly by failing to provide first aid after murdering the teen. 

In announcing the grand jury decision, Timothy J. McGinty, the Cuyahoga County prosecutor, said that he had recommended against bringing charges. He said the fatal encounter had been a “perfect storm of human error, mistakes and miscommunications.”

In April 2016, the city reached a settlement with Tamir’s family for $6 million.

Officer Loehmann faces administrative charges related to alleged omissions on his job application, which did not disclose that he would have been fired from his previous job at the Independence, Ohio, Police Department but that he had been allowed to resign instead. He also did not disclose that while he worked there he failed to secure his weapon and was insubordinate and untruthful to a superior officer, records show. The Independence Police Department concluded that he had “an inability to emotionally function,” that he could not follow simple directions and that he had had an emotional breakdown.

Officer Garmback faces charges that he did not follow proper tactics when he drove his patrol car to what was reported to be an armed suspect and that he did not tell the dispatcher his arrival time when he got to the scene.

A third officer, William Cunningham, was working at a second job at the Cudell Recreation Center, where the shooting happened, without permission, according to the charges. He also “completed, signed and submitted an untruthful” report as part of the investigation into the use of deadly force. The charges did not specify how the report was untruthful, and a department spokeswoman was unavailable to comment.

The Police Department said in a news release that departmental charges would be brought against a fourth person.

Stephen S. Loomis, the president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, said in a statement on Friday night that charges were filed against Officer Loehmann “despite the fact that he did nothing wrong that day.”

As for Officer Garmback, Mr. Loomis said given the gravity of what happened, “it is hard to imagine” he had been charged with failing to notify the dispatcher immediately.


Never Call Police to "Help" Someone b/c Many White Cops Want to Kill Niggers: No Charges for El Cajon Cops in Death of Unarmed Black Man

From [HERE] and [MORE] A white police officer was legally justified in shooting dead an unarmed black man in El Cajon, California, in September, and will not be charged criminally, the county's top prosecutor said on Tuesday.

Ugandan refugee Alfred Olango was shot four times by officer Richard Gonsalves in the parking lot of a taco stand in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon after pulling a metallic vaping device from his pocket and pointing it at police. He was shot several times by police responding to a call for emergency psychiatric aid. The 

The incident, the latest in a string of shootings of mostly unarmed black men by police sparked days of protests in El Cajon and around San Diego County and calls by activists for a federal investigation.

"After carefully reviewing the facts, the evidence and the law, we’ve determined the officer’s use of deadly force was reasonable under the circumstances and he bears no criminal liability for his actions," San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis told reporters at an afternoon press conference.

Dumanis said the shooting was legally justified because it was reasonable to conclude that Gonsalves, a 21-year veteran of the El Cajon Police Department, believed his life was in danger from Olango.

Gonsalves and a second officer, who fired a Taser device at Olango, were both placed on administrative leave during an investigation into the incident by the district attorney's office.

Days before the incident, one of Olango's longtime childhood friends died. On the day of the incident, Olango's sister noticed strange behavior from him and called police three times asking for immediate help. A 5150 (involuntary psychiatric hold) request for a psychiatric emergency response team (PERT) was placed. Fifty minutes after the first call, at least two non-PERT officers arrived on scene.

Police have said Olango ignored commands to take his hand out of his pocket before pulling out an object later determined to be a vaping device used to inhale nicotine. Olango assumed a "shooting stance" and pointed the device, police said. No gun was found at the scene.


White TX Cop who Assaulted 2 Black Women & Refused to Arrest White Man After he Choked Black Child Keeps Job

From [HERE] A white Texas police officer has been suspended without pay for 10 days, but will not be fired, after an internal investigation of a cellphone video in which he is seen wrestling a black mother and her daughter to the ground and arresting them.

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald announced the discipline Monday at a news conference.

The incident happened in December after Jacqueline Craig complained that a neighbor choked her 7-year-old son for littering. In the viral video, Officer William Martin forces Craig and her daughter to the ground and thrusts a stun gun into Craig's back. Craig and her daughters were arrested on charges including disorderly conduct.

Martin was disciplined for neglect of duty, being discourteous to the public, conduct prejudicial to good order and violation of department rules, including excessive use of force and failing to thoroughly investigate.

Terry S. Daffron, an attorney representing Martin, said he does not agree with the department's findings and will appeal the suspension.

S. Lee Merritt, an attorney for Craig, said the decision not to fire the officer is intolerable. Merritt posted a video to Facebook saying his clients are "understandably in disbelief."

Merritt had asked that Martin be fired and charged with a crime. He had also asked that all charges against the Craig family be dropped and that charges be filed against the neighbor accused of choking Craig's 7-year-old son.


"Chicago Justice" [is Just a TV Show]: In Real life, Cops Routinely Trampled on Civil Rights, Justice Dept Says 

From [NY Times]A blistering report by the Justice Department described far-reaching failures throughout the Chicago Police Department, saying excessive force was rampant, rarely challenged and chiefly aimed at African-Americans and Latinos.

The report, unveiled on Friday after a 13-month investigation, forced a public reckoning for a police department with a legacy of corruption and abuse. It came as the department grapples with skyrocketing violence in Chicago, where murders are at a 20-year high, and a deep lack of trust among the city’s residents.

Over 161 pages, the investigation laid out, in chilling detail, unchecked aggressions: an officer pointing a gun at teenagers on bicycles suspected of trespassing; officers using a Taser on an unarmed, naked 65-year-old woman with mental illness; officers purposely dropping off young gang members in rival territory.

The department’s missteps go well beyond the officers on patrol, the report said. After officers used excessive force, their actions were practically condoned by supervisors, who rarely questioned their behavior. One commander interviewed by the Justice Department said that he could not recall ever suggesting that officers’ use of force be investigated further.

The investigation is the latest of a police department by the Justice Department, which had rushed to complete its findings in both Chicago and Baltimore before the expiration of President Obama’s term. The administration has made expansive use of investigations amid a wrenching national debate over race and policing. Chicago is among nearly two dozen cities — including Cleveland; Ferguson, Mo.; and Seattle — where the Justice Department has pushed for wholesale changes to police practices. [MORE]


Only Lies & No Justification for White Philadelphia Cops to Shoot 14x Into Black Man's Car: $4.4 Million Settlement

From [HERE] and [HERE] The city of Philadelphia has agreed to pay $4.4 million to settle two lawsuits after an unarmed black man was shot repeatedly by 2 white cops in 2014. The sum is the largest shooting-related police settlement in the department's history and closes civil litigation from an incident the city called a "tragic misunderstanding."

Philippe Holland has bullet fragments in his brain and a permanent seizure disorder. The fragments lodged in his jaw from when Philadelphia police officers fired at him on an April night in 2014 were removed only last year.

Holland was 20 and taking courses at Delaware County Community College in April 2014, working two jobs on the side: a gig at the airport Au Bon Pain and a pizza delivery job he'd had for only three weeks, at a neighborhood shop in West Philadelphia called Slices & More.

A round 10 p.m. on April 22, 2014 undercover white police officers  Mitchell Farrell and Kevin Hanvey, were responding to reports of shots fired in the area when they approached Holland near 51st Street and Willows Avenue. The cops were in plainclothes and driving an unmarked vehicle. 

Holland had just made a food delivery, when he said he noticed two people [the cops] approaching him suspiciously. He entered his Ford Taurus from the passenger side in an attempt to conceal himself from the oncoming men who he did not know were police officers, according to the two lawsuits he filed, one in state court [complaint PDF] and a separate action in federal court.

The plainclothes officers never identified themselves, and Holland thought he was about to be the target of a robbery after being shone in the face with a flashlight and seeing one of the men holding a gun. 

In response, he quickly took off in his car. That's when police fired a barrage of bullets at his car, according to Holland's attorney Tom Kline.

Bullets struck Holland in the forehead, neck and leg. He was left in critical condition. Holland said he tried to pull out of the parking space. That's when the officers opened fire, he said. He remembers the pain of a bullet coursing into his right thigh, the crunch of the car windows breaking, and the smack of the Taurus into a fence across the street. The officers had fired 14 shots at his car. He was admitted to the hospital with life threatening injuries and was in crirtical condition. [MORE]

Naturally the police officers Hanvey and Farrell offered investigators a different version of events. Hanvey and Farrell told investigators they approached Holland because they saw him walking past a Chinese restaurant on 51st Street, and they asked a witness on the street where the gunshots came from. They said the woman pointed toward Holland and said the shots came from where he was walking.

However the woman told invstigators she had pointed toward the Chinese restaurant and never saw Holland. And the store's surveillance camera did not capture Holland nearby, a police investigation found.

The officers also claimed they yelled "Stop! Police!" several times at the deliveryman.

But Holland said they never identified themselves, and three independent witnesses said they never heard the officers shout "Police!" or otherwise identified themselves either.

They also originally claimed that he drove quickly toward the officers, who then opened fire. Hanvey and Farrell said they feared for their lives when Holland peeled out of his parking spot. Farrell said in a deposition that there was no time to get out of the way of the car.

But investigators found that just before the shooting, Officer Hanvey had placed himself in front of Holland's car, and that Farrell had stationed himself "in the middle of the street with no cover or concealment available to him." 

"An officer should never unnecessarily place themselves or another person in jeopardy in an attempt to stop a vehicle," the Internal Affairs memo noted. "There was no other threat posed by Holland other than the moving vehicle."

In other words, the cop's version of events was inaccurate or untruthful. 

As a legal matter the police had no probable cause to stop Holland as no crime was going on at the time and police had no articulable reason to believe that Holland was involved in criminal activity. As stated, the cops only saw a Black man walking down the street. The cops had no description of any particular suspects because none had been provided. The cops also never claimed to see any weapons - Holland was unarmed.  

The department's use-of-force guidelines dictate that officers "shall not discharge their firearms at or from a moving vehicle unless deadly physical force is being used against the police officer or another person present, by means other than the moving vehicle." [MORE

"There was no justification, no probable cause, and no basis for shooting 14 bullets into Holland's vehicle," Kline said. "It will hopefully never occur again if policies, practices and procedures are correctly followed."

"The city settled this case considering a number of factors, including the severity of Mr. Holland's injuries sustained during this unfortunate and regrettable series of events," mayoral spokesman Michael Dunn wrote in an email, "and the city's potential exposure at trial." 

Based on the facts, among other things, the cops could have been charged with attempted murder, attempted manslaughter and/or aggravated assault. It takes a high degree of indifference to life to open fire 14 times into a moving vehicle with no legal reason for doing so. Any reasonable officer under the circumstances would know that such action most likely would lead to death. Then they lied about it. However, the District Attorney's Office declined to press charges in the case. The department's Use of Force Review Board concluded that Farrell and Hanvey had violated department policy.

A police spokesman said that the two have been on administrative duty since the shooting and that although the incident happened nearly 3 years ago, "discipline is still pending."

John McNesby [in photo], president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5, declined to comment, saying the department's internal matters regarding discipline had not yet been resolved.

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An Allegiance to Themselves: Baltimore Cops Sue State Attorney for Their "Malicious Prosecution" in Freddie Gray Case

After Folding Him Like a Crab to Death, in September 2015, Baltimore Agreed to Pay Gray's family $6.4 million settlement

From [HERE] A judge for the US District Court for the District of Maryland ruled [order, PDF] Friday to dismiss in part and allow in part a lawsuit from officers who were charged in the death of Freddie Gray against Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby. The false arrest, false imprisonment, abuse of process, conspiracy, Fourteenth Amendment violations, Fourth Amendment violations based on presentations to the grand jury, and all claims against the state of Maryland were dismissed.

The claims of malicious prosecution, defamation, invasion of privacy, and Fourth Amendment violations are allowed to proceed. The Fourth Amendment violation allegations for the presentation to the grand jury were dismissed because prosecutors are given "absolute immunity for actions taken before a grand jury," but the plaintiffs are still able to make other claims that Mosby caused their arrest without probable cause, violating their Fourth Amendment rights. David Ellin, the attorney for Officer Rice, stated [Baltimore Sun report] that he "wouldn't be surprised if the case reached the U.S. Supreme Court because of the questions it poses for prosecutors who take a more active role in investigations."

Gray died after sustaining a spinal cord injury while in police custody in 2015. Six officers were charged in the death of Gray. The charges against three of these officers were dropped [JURIST report] in July. The other three officers were acquitted of all charges in May, June and July [JURIST reports]. In April 2015, Amnesty International urged Baltimore police to exercise restraint [JURIST report] during protests, prioritize non-violent means and limit the use of force.


Unarmed Latino Man Shot to Death by Chicago Cop: Lawsuit Says Codes of Silence & Lies Makes Accountability Impossible

From [HERE] The sister of a 38-year-old Latino man who was shot to death by a an off-duty Chicago police officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the city, alleging there was a “code of silence” among police to cover-up the shooting.

The nine-count suit was filed Friday morning in U.S. District Court names the city and the officer. His name has not been released by the Chicago Police Department, though he is named in the suit.

Jose Nieves was shot by the 57-year-old officer, who is assigned to the mass transit unit, about 9:15 a.m. Monday in the 2500 block of North Lowell, according to Chicago Police. An “altercation” between the men escalated and Nieves was shot several times. Nieves was helping a family member move. He was unarmed at the time. Police said the officer had a reationship with Nieves and Nieves had claimed the officer was harrassing him. [MORE]

Nieves was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where he died from from multiple gunshot wounds at 9:51 a.m., police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office said. His death was ruled a homicide.

The following day, Supt. Eddie Johnson stripped the officer of his police powers.

The lawsuit, filed by Nieves’ sister, alleges the CPD “conspired” to present misleading reports. It states the department’s “code of silence” prevents a proper investigation into civilians who are shot by Chicago police.

The suit also claims the officer threatened to arrest and physically harm Nieves.

The officer “had good reason to believe that his misconduct would not be revealed or reported by fellow officers or their supervisors … thereby protecting him from the consequences of his unconstitutional conduct,” the suit said.

CPD and Independent Police Review Authority have opened simultaneous investigations into the shooting.

The suit alleges conspiracy, wrongful death, unconstitutional seizure, battery among other claims. It seeks an undisclosed amount of damages.


Paterson (NJ) OKs $610k Settlement: Gang of 12 White Public Servants [Cops] Kicked, Dragged & Beat 2 Handcuffed Latino Men 

From [HERE] The city has agreed to pay $610,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by two Latino men who were handcuffed while they were kicked, dragged and beaten in 2011 by about a dozen Paterson police officers. The two men who were beaten were Alexis Aponte and Miguel Rivera, both of Paterson.

The incident, which was recorded by two private security cameras, happened shortly after one of the men allegedly fired a shot at an off-duty Paterson police officer outside a city bar. Police then pursued the suspect,  who fled in an SUV, and a large number of officers converged on the scene when the arrests were made outside the Paterson home of one of the men.

The video shows Aponte being kicked repeatedly while handcuffed and then dragged down the street along the pavement. He then is dragged beyond the camera’s view for more public servanting. [MORE]

“We really had no choice, everything was on video,” said Councilman Michael Jackson, when asked about the approval of the settlement. “We knew that if this went to trial we were not going to win. We could have lost millions of dollars.”

The council voted 8-0 to approve the settlement on Wednesday night.

Darren Del Sardo, attorney for the men, alleged to local news outlet The Record that police robbed both men of “money, jewelry and other personal belongings” during the incident. [MORE]

Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale said about a dozen officers face disciplinary charges in the case. The city has been waiting for the conclusion of the civil lawsuit before conducting hearings on the departmental charges, officials said. In some cases, the officers face possible termination under the charges being brought against them, the director said.

“Now that this has been resolved, the disciplinary proceedings can move forward,” Speziale said.

The city has not released the names of all the officers being charged. Among those involved in the lawsuit were Sgt. Donato DeAngelis, Robert DelaCruz, James DiPiazza, Luis Fermin, Spencer Finch, Ronald James, Robert Orozco, John Phelan, Lt. Bert Ribiero, Michael Sisco, and Jose Torres.

Jackson said the incident was “unacceptable” and said he planned to keep tabs on the disciplinary process. “For a number of years, there’s been a lack of accountability with these type of things,” said Jackson, chairman of the council’s public safety committee.

Both men had been initially been charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting that targeted Torres, while he was off-duty outside Augie’s Bar on McBride Avenue.

Aponte eventually was convicted of aggravated assault for pointing his gun at Torres and spent several years in jail. Rivera was convicted of a fourth-degree conspiracy offense and placed on probation.

Aponte’s lawyer, Darren Del Sardo, said Aponte and Rivera would split the money from the city. “I think it’s a fair and just settlement,” Del Sardo said.

Without convening a grand jury the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office [white folks] reviewed the incident and decided in 2013 not to file any criminal charges against the officers involved. Senior assistant prosecutor Paul DeGroot declined to say why the case never went to a grand jury, other than to say that the “totality of the facts,” did not warrant such action. He cited, for example, the fact that one of the alleged victims had fired a gun at an off-duty police officer shortly before the arrest.

The city has spent close to $100,000 on private lawyers to defend various police officers in the civil lawsuit. But that may not include all the legal costs in the case, officials said. Some bills have not yet been filed, lawyers said.

The $610,000 settlement is among the largest paid out by Paterson during the past six years. The cost is surpassed only by a $1.6 million payout in a political retaliation case involving a police officer who was demoted after delivering a campaign sign for Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres's opponent and a $710,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed by a woman who said a Paterson police officer forced her to have sex with him while she was in custody.


Judge May Dismiss Case: White Madison Cops Body Slammed Indian Man Face First Causing Paralysis 

html5 video converter by v3.9.1

From [HERE] A federal judge has given Sureshbhai Patel’s lawyers 20 days to show the court why she shouldn’t throw out Patel’s lawsuit against the City of Madison and police officer Eric Parker.

Patel sued Madison and Parker, alleging federal civil rights violations, after suffering spinal damage from the encounter with Parker.

The show cause order by U.S. District Judge Virginia Emerson Hopkins is dated Dec. 29. Patel’s lawyers are being asked to respond to Madison’s latest motion to dismiss the complaint.

A widely viewed police dash­cam video captured Patel's subsequent police take­down, which resulted in injuries to Patel's spine and partial paralysis. Parker has denied the allegations in Patel's lawsuit, saying in court papers that he took Patel to the ground after he jerked away a fourth time during a weapons frisk. In the video, the 58 yr old was confronted by two white cops and does not appear to threaten either officer by word or action. Patel was left with serious injuries after the brief February 2015 encounter with Parker in a Madison neighborhood.

Parker was later charged with willfully using excessive force on Patel, but two juries deadlocked and a federal judge ordered Parker’s acquittal in January 2016.

Parker had been suspended since the incident, but was reinstated in September, after Madison’s acting Police Chief Major Jim Cooke found his take-down of Patel did not violate department policy.

Patel’s attorney Hank Sherrod has argued in court filings that Madison has had a pattern of civil rights violations by police officers.

But in its motion to dismiss, the City of Madison says the plaintiff’s haven't provided any facts to support the claim that officers were not disciplined for use of excessive force.

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