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Rep. Gutiérrez Speaks Out After Being Handcuffed for Demanding Answers on ICE Raids & Deportations


California Chief Justice Asked ICE Cops To Stop Stalking Non-White Immigrants Inside Courthouses 

From [HERE] In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday, the chief justice of California’s Supreme Court asked federal immigration officials to stop pursuing undocumented immigrants at state courthouses.

“Courthouses should not be used as bait in the necessary enforcement of our country’s immigration laws,” Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote, adding that she is concerned about “reports from some of our trial courts that immigration agents appear to be stalking undocumented immigrants in our courthouses to make arrests.”

Cantil-Sakauye’s letter, also sent to Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, doesn’t mention any specific courts. But a Judicial Council spokesman said the chief justice has been hearing from judges and attorneys, including some self-help attorneys, about heightened fears and increased sightings of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents hanging around courthouses.

“She’s concerned about access, public safety, and retaining the integrity and sanctity of the courthouse,” he said.

For this reason, Cantil-Sakauye created a California Immigration Information Resource Workgroup, chaired by Judge Samuel Feng in San Francisco and Judge Dalila Corral Lyons in Los Angeles. The group will collect all the immigration resources available in California, and help publicize that information through the courts and legal groups.

University of San Francisco law professor Bill Ong Hing, who runs the school’s Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic, said ICE agents seeking out targets at courthouses isn’t new, but some appear to have been emboldened under the Trump administration.

“The message ICE is getting from Washington is basically just do what you want. There are definitely people in ICE who have been waiting for more authority,” Ong said in a phone interview Thursday.

He added that all immigrants, even those accused of crimes, have the same rights as U.S. citizens.

“But when you throw in witnesses, victims of crime, civil disputes, people who’ve been cheated by contractors – they rely on the courts, and if they are hearing that ICE hangs out at courts all of that gets discouraged. So it’s a big problem; people are getting hysterical right now, they are afraid.”

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LA County Sheriff Lee Baca Convicted In Jail Corruption Case

From [HERE] The former sheriff of Los Angeles County has been convicted for his role in a scheme to block an FBI investigation into mistreatment of inmates in his jails.

For 15 years, Lee Baca led the nation's largest sheriff's department. He was among the most powerful law enforcement leaders in the country.

Part of Baca's job was to oversee the jails, where there were allegations of deputies beating inmates, including those in handcuffs.

The FBI started investigating civil rights abuses, but those efforts were blocked in 2011 when the sheriff's department discovered a cellphone the FBI had given an informant.

Deputies hid an inmate informant from the FBI. Later, they approached an FBI agent at her house and threatened to arrest her. Prosecutors said Sheriff Baca led the conspiracy.

Baca was tried before but the jury couldn't agree on a verdict. This time, a jury found Baca guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and making false statements.

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Racist Suspect Dispatcher Mislead Cops to Believe that Tamir Rice was a Grown Man w/Real Gun Threatening a Group of People

From [HERE] Two of the Cleveland Police employees involved in the deadly shooting of Tamir Rice have been disciplined. Both are white.  The actions suspensions involve the dispatcher and an officer who was off duty and working security at Cudell Recreation Center that day: Nov. 22, 2014.  12 year old Tamir Rice was shot and killed at the gazebo outside the center by white cops. Officer Timothy Loehmann fired the fatal shot.  The cops then failed to promptly give him first aid. 

Call-taker Constance Hollinger was suspended for eight days because she didn't tell Loehmann and his partner that a 9-1-1 caller told her the gun may have been fake and that Rice may have been a juvenile.

Hollinger took the initial 911 call from a white man outside Cudell Recreation Center. In Cleveland, dispatchers then call police - officers do not hear the 911 call. Patrol Officer William Cunningham was suspended for two days because he didn't have permission to work at Cudell. 

Anatomy of an Episode of White Supremacy. A criminal conspiracy is an agreement by two or more persons to commit a criminal act or a series of criminal acts, or to accomplish a legal act by unlawful means. To make the required agreement, a defendant need not know the details of the criminal plan ; the agreement can be inferred from a concerted action of two or more people where each has knowledge of the other's actions. Persons in a conspiracy need not know what each person's role is. The general rule is that each conspirator, while a member of the conspiracy, is liable for every offense committed by all other conspirators in pursuance or furtherance of the conspiracy, even if the particular conspirator neither participated in the offense nor expressly knew of its commission. 

Like a criminal conspiracy, white supremacy/racism is an agreement among racists to demean or act genocidally towards non-whites. Here, a group of racist suspects acted together in a chain of events to harm a Black teenager. It was not personal - but to the extent that each actor may have been a racist -  it was racial.  

1. Racist suspect white man calls 911, sounding calm [or drunk] talking about, "Hi. How are you. [pause] I'm sitting in the park and there is a guy here pointing his gun at everybody. He is wearing a camouflage hat, like Desert Storm." The caller subsequently said he was “probably a juvenile” and that the weapon was “probably fake. But he said enough. He gave the impression a Black man, possible a military veteran, is at a park filled with people, threatening them with a gun. The caller knew what could happen, that's probably why he called. He doesn't sound scared either. 

[Similar to Nazi Germany, with regard to non-whites, especially Black males, racist suspects function as an auxiliary police force. They are watching YOU. If Anything you do makes them feel uncomfortable they will call the cops on you. Check out what happened to the Black grad student getting into his own car, this Dartmouth graduate going into his own home, or the brother riding the BART in Oakland or this Black man reading a book in his car, and on & on. 'In the context of White American domination there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted. Their mere presence inspires in White Americans, fears of being assaulted, raped, robbed, or some other indefinable dread of being criminally victimized.' [MORE]]

2. Racist suspect dispatch Hollinger calls white cops and tells them a Black male wearing a camaflouge hat with a gun is at the park threatening people with a gun, waving it at people. She fails to relay the details that he is “probably a juvenile” and that the weapon was “probably fake" to the responding officers. In other words, she purposefully provided incomplete information or mislead the cops. Hollinger also knew that the caller was calm and was not in any immediate danger. Despite the caller's allegation that suspect was threatening "people" at the park, Hollinger knew that no one else had reported the incident. She may have also given cops the impression that there was a group of "people" at the park. Dispatch has now effectively programmed white cops to believe an on going emergency is taking place. Was this a mistake [negligence] or done intentionally [criminal]? 

3. When the racist suspect Cleveland cops arrived on the scene information from the police radio run was not corroborated. 1) No "guy" or grown man was present - only a 12 yr old child.  2) There were no people around - the child was alone, park empty. The white man who called 911 moments ago was not there. So no ongoing emergency existed. 3) Contrary to white media accounts no gun was visible when cops arrived - apparently the toy gun was in the child's pants and out of sight when police arrived- as his hands appear to be empty and near his stomach. Based on what cops saw as they arrived there was no reasonable articulable suspicion that a crime was going on and no reason to believe that Tamir was committing a crime. [With regard to an anonymous tip, the Supremes have said that apart from the tip the officers must have a reason[s] or facts to suspect an individual of illegal conduct AND police must have predictive information that can be corroborated. [MORE] and [MORE]. The Court has specifically said that an anonymous tip about alleged gun possession by itself will not justify a stop or seizure. [MORE]] The white media continues to show photos of Tamir with a toy gun in his hand before cops got there. As stated, when cops arrived the gun was out of sight. In evaluating the legality of a stop all that matters is what the cops knew and what they saw at the time of the stop; that is, the first hand knowledge the cops had in the present moment of the stop. A court will only consider what an officer observed or knew at the time of the stop. What cops subsequently learned from records checks, videos, court records or from the media is not relevant to whether their actions were consitutional.

So here, there was no 4th Amendment basis to stop, seize or use force on Tamir. Without probable cause the cops should have simply investigated the situation. Instead, the cops exited the car with their guns out and had there minds made up to kill a nigger. He was shot less than two seconds after the patrol car stopped near him. Police claim he reached for his waistband as they came at him. The toy gun was found in his waistband -- that is he was not holding it. Conspiracy complete. In what way did other racist suspects participate in this episode? [MORE] and [MORE


In December a judge for the Cuyahoga County Probate Court in Ohio approved a settlement on Wednesday in which the city of Cleveland will pay $6 million to the family of Tamir Rice.

Loehmann and his partner Officer Frank Garmback will soon have hearings with the city; they could be fired as a result of the charges they are facing. 

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Like Batman, the Costume Transformed Him: White Cop Who Murdered Michael Brown Admits He Says "Nigger" but Never in Uniform

In the absence of white supremacy niggers would not exist. Words can have any meaning the speakers intend for them to have. However, in a system of white supremacy/racism most white people hate Black people and most white people participate in said system. So, if you hear a white person say the word nigger you should absolutely assume that it is being used as a derogatory term and that you are listening to a racist. 

Nigger is "a non-white person who is subject to the system of White Supremacy." [MORE] and [MORE]

Racist Cops Lie All Day, Everday. From [HERE] Darren Wilson, the Ferguson white police officer who shot and killed Black teenager Michael Brown [both pictured above], admitted in a court filing that he and other white officers in the city used the Nigger word to refer to black people.

But Wilson also denied using the word as a slur against people while on the job, and said he had merely repeated racist remarks made by other people. [in photo above he is off duty & he might say nigger]

Wilson revealed this in a series of more than 170 “admissions” filed in December as part of the civil lawsuit against him for his fatal shooting of Brown, an unarmed black teenager. The Washington Post first reported Tuesday about the filing, which went unnoticed for months.

In the filing, Wilson admits using the Nigger word at least once to refer to an African-American, and also says he heard fellow Ferguson officers do the same.

But Wilson denied using the word as a targeted insult.

“I have repeated a racist remark made by someone else, but I have not made a racist remark against another individual while on duty as a police officer,” he said in court papers.

Wilson’s lawyer insisted the ex-cop only used the word when echoing what someone else said during a crime or investigation.

“He never used the N-word to refer to an African American in a racist or derogatory manner and he never repeated a racist joke while on duty,” attorney Greg Kloeppel told the Post.

Wilson murdered Brown on Aug. 9, 2014, less than two minutes after confronting the Black teen while responding to reports of a robbery at a grocery store. The officer said he shot Brown after the teen attacked him, while Brown's family said Brown was surrendering when he was shot dead.

A 75% white county grand jury assembled by a racist suspect prosecutor and a federal civil rights examination eventually cleared Wilson of wrongdoing. The white governor, Jay Nixon, declined to appoint a special prosecutor for the case. [MORE]

Wilson acknowledges in the court filing that Brown was unarmed, but said the teen’s body still counted as a threat.

When asked if it is true that Brown never displayed a weapon, Wilson replied, “To the extent Michael Brown’s body (including his fists) constitute ‘weapons,’ this is denied.”

The unearthed court filing is the second new detail about the Ferguson case to emerge in the past week.

The Michael Brown documentary “Stranger Fruit,” which premiered Saturday at South by Southwest, included a scene revealing that Brown made a drug deal the day of his death. Surveillance footage captured him giving a small bag of pot to convenience store clerks in exchange for cigarillos, which he did not take with him. Brown apparently returned later that day to retrieve them.

That narrative contradicts early police reports of Brown robbing the store right before his death.

Although Wilson was cleared, the shooting led to a Justice Department review that found racism against black people in “nearly every aspect of Ferguson’s law enforcement system.”  Ferguson Police Department was found to "Target" African Americans in general - but none of that "targeting" was going on when Darren Wilson encountered Michael Brown and left him dead in the street.

(Ferguson is 67% Black - there are only 3 Black police officers on the entire force. [MORE] and [MORE])

The probe said Ferguson police officers and court workers exchanged racist emails, targeted black citizens and used unjustified arrests to bring more money into the local government.

In the December court filing, Wilson denied receiving any of the racist emails from colleagues.


Lawsuit claims Milwaukee County Jail Guards Murdered Black Man 'by Intentionally Denying Him Water' - Tortured for 6 Days


From [HERE] and [HERE] Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. and shenanigger [step and fetchit servant of white supremacy]  is the target of another federal lawsuit over a death in his jail, as family members of a mentally ill Black man who died of thirst claim he was tortured in solitary confinement. Inmates said he was begging for drinking water days before perishing in custody. 

A 25-page complaint filed Thursday in Milwaukee federal court alleges that white staff at the Milwaukee County jail repeatedly ignored 38-year-old Terrill Thomas’ requests for water for days.

Thomas’ children – Terrill Barnes, Curtis Piggee and Amari Thomas-Acosta, a minor, along with his mother Michelle Thomas-Acosta – sued Sheriff Clarke, Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division and Armor Correctional Health Services Inc. Richard E. Schmidt, inspector for the sheriff’s office, and two corrections officers are also named as defendants in the wrongful-death lawsuit.

On April 14, 2016, Thomas was arrested by Milwaukee police after officers responded to reports of shots being fired at the Potawatomi Casino, according to the complaint. Thomas was charged and transferred to the Milwaukee County jail the next day.

On April 27, he was supposed to undergo medical evaluation to determine if he was competent to stand trial for five counts of charges against him. But this didn’t happen because on April 24 he was found dead in his solitary cell.

Thomas’s body showed no injuries, but his “biochemistry testing revealed profound dehydration,” the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office said. The death was ruled a homicide.

When he arrived at the county jail, correctional staff immediately placed Thomas in the special-housing unit of the jail. According to the complaint, inmates in the special-housing unit are segregated from other prisoners, locked up 24 hours per day in solitary confinement in one-man cells.

Inmates told Thomas’s family that before dying he had begged for drinking water, the family told WISN, a local ABC-affiliated television station.

His water tap was reportedly shut off because he had previously flooded his cell, Marcus Berry, an inmate, told the Journal Sentinel newspaper. Berry epeatedly urged corrections officers to give Thomas water the day before he died, they claim.

“I could tell he was getting weaker,” Berry said. “One day he just lay down, dehydrated and hungry.”

“Mr. Berry was in a cell across from Terrill Thomas the last six days of Terrill Thomas’s life. Mr. Berry’s urging and pleas were repeatedly ignored by the defendants,” the complaint states.

By April 24, 10 days after his arrest, Thomas was reported unresponsive in his cell during a routine check by a guard.

When medical staff arrived, Thomas was lying naked on the floor of his cell, which was noted as “normal behavior” by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, according to the lawsuit.

Jail staff reportedly noted upon finding Thomas that he had “dried blood around his groin and trailing down his right leg, which was clearly visible upon inspection of his naked body.”

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner ruled his death by dehydration a homicide, according to the complaint. His family says Thomas was “subjected to a form of torture by being intentionally and/or recklessly denied hydration.”

“Prisoners confined near Terrill Thomas’s cell overheard his cries for water for days, yet correctional, medical and psychological personnel ignored those cries and never gave Terrill Thomas water, presumably as some misguided form of punishment or retribution for the alleged crimes that brought him to the justice facility,” the lawsuit states.

Thomas’ children say Clarke, Schmidt, the jail staff and Armor Correction Health Service all directly participated in depriving Thomas of water.

They seek compensatory and punitive damages, as well as a consent decree specifically prohibiting correctional staff from depriving inmates of water and other conduct detrimental to the health and safety of inmates. The family is represented by Walter Stern III in Kenosha, Wis.

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White Vallejo Cop Tackles Surrendering Black Man & Then Assaults Him with Fists & Deadly Weapon [Metal Flashlight] 

From [HERE] and [HERE] A brutal takedown by a white Vallejo police was caught on cellphone video. Witnesses said the force the officer used on the suspect was too much. It happened Friday afternoon according to authorities after someone called 911 to report a man acting “crazy” at a Valero gas station.

Witnesses said the first arriving white officer chased the suspect for several minutes until the suspect finally gave up and sat down in the middle of the street.

Then, while he was sitting surrendered on the ground the officer dove or pounced on him. Perhaps surprised the suspect appeared to defend himself as the officer started striking him in his face with his fist and elbow. The officer then strikes the Black man with a metal flashlight. Subsequently, another white cop arrives and although both cops appear to have subdued him the cop continues to hit him with a metal flashlight. 

“The kid surrendered,” said one witness who didn’t want to give his name. “The cop, on the other hand, came up right behind him and he was tired too. But he immediately dove on the kid and started wailing on him.”

During the assault the suspect repeats, “I am God, I am God.” Off-camera, someone in the crowd is yelling “police brutality.”

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Genocidal White Cops in Arkansas Have Shot 53 Black People Over Past 6 years 

Although Blacks Are 15% of Arkansas Population They Account for 40% of All Persons Shot by Cops. From [HERE] An Arkansas Democrat-Gazette investigation found that 53 Arkansas black men were killed or wounded by police in the past six years. Seventeen of them were unarmed.

Black men accounted for 73.9 percent of the unarmed suspects shot by police in the years studied by the newspaper. They make up 7.5 percent of the state’s population.

By comparison, police shot five unarmed white men and one Hispanic man from 2011 through last year. White men make up about 37.9 percent of Arkansas’ population; they accounted for 21.7 percent of all unarmed victims shot by police.

Not every police-shooting case reviewed by the Democrat-Gazette involved a white officer shooting an unarmed black man. In a handful of cases, the officers were black. [why doesn't the white newspaper provide that data?] [MORE] The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette does not know how to or refuses to properly analyze their data b/c they ignore the context in which it occurs; the system of white supremacy.

According to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, 'In his struggle against white supremacy, Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, stated "It is well known that when you do anything, unless you understand its actual circumstances, its nature and its relations to other things, you will not know the laws governing it, or know how to do it, or be able to do it well."

With this in mind, all Black people everywhere must begin to under­stand the exact and specific nature of the war that is being waged against the Black collective. All Black people must begin to understand in depth why we are witnessing Black males being shot dead almost daily by white males in uniforms and why it will soon escalate to more than one per day. Without the specific understanding of why we are seeing this behavior, we are unable to organize behaviors to meet this war strategy effectively.

Whenever there is a sense of increased vulnerability within the local and/or global white collective - as, for example, caused by [changing demographics] - there will be an increase of the ever-present "normal" daily slaughter and murder of Black and other non-white males by those both legally and illegally authorized to do so. This murder and slaughter will be logically viewed as justified within the specific logic framework of the fear of white genetic annihilation. . . 

Within the historic framework of Western civilization and culture (the civilization and culture organized to prevent white genetic annihilation), all white peoples have the spoken or unspoken mandate to participate actively in their collective struggle for global white genetic survival. This specifically means, of necessity, the murder and slaughter of Black and other non-white males whenever it is felt within the white collective to be necessary and, therefore, justified.

In the global white supremacy system, all persons classified as non-white are outside the white power spectrum and are in effect, the real enemy. Thus, they are manipulated and/or eliminated at the will of that power system. In the context of global white supremacy, the only permanent enemies are those persons capable of white genetic annihilationmeaning Black and all other non-white peoples (most specifically black males). 

In the most narrow perspective, justifiable homicide refers to the overt shooting murder of a Black male or Black males by white uniformed male(s). In a broader perspective, "justifiable homicide also can refer to the numerous more subtle tactics of Black male control and destruction. To deny Black males jobs and genuine upward mobility is to deny them the functional roles of husband and father. To deny black family units functional husbands and fathers on a mass level is to deny these families stability and to deny male children models for adult male functioning. Deprivation of male models for male functioning means permanent Black male social disfunctioning, affecting all areas of people activity for multiple generations.[MORE]


Gang of White Lincoln Cops Try to Kill Black Man After He Questions Their Authority During Unlawful Stop & Interrogation - Suit Filed

With Crime Low What are Racist Bored Cops To Do? Here, Do-gooder white public servants [cops] stop a group of African American adults out for an evening of drinking and demand to know where they had been drinking - apparently b/c one of them is drunk and they are white. The courts have said cops cannot stop you or question you w/o probable cause or reasonable articulable suspicion. Jurors at Barine Deezia's trial saw this video. It includes footage taken from a street camera at 14th & O and a Lincoln police officer's body cam video, starting at 7:25 to 11:00 minutes.

From [HERE] and [HERE] A Lincoln man is filing a lawsuit against the City of Lincoln and several white Lincoln Police officers for using excessive force, false arrest and false imprisonment. This all stems from an incident that happened in March, 2016 when Barine Deezia was attacked by police in downtown Lincoln.

Deezia claims officers followed him and his friends, asking them numerous times what bar they were drinking at.

On March 20, 2016 Deezia and his friends were walking when they encountered Officer Perth and Graham near 14th and O Street. The officers began questioning the group about what bar they had been drinking at, stating they believed that a woman in the group had been served too much alcohol. [cops are not medically trained and really have no expertise to diagnose anybody - literally they would believe every patient in the ER is drunk]. 

Deezia said he told officers that the woman had not had a drink since they arrived downtown, but that she drank alcohol at a party. The claim states Deezia and his friends answered the officers questions in a polite, peaceful, and respectful manner.

Unsatisfied with the answers the white public servants continued with their questions. tDeezia told his friends they didn’t have to talk to officers. According to the claim, one of the officers asked Deezia, “What did you say?” He responded saying “I told them that they don’t have to talk to you if you don’t want to.”

The claim states, Officer Perth pushed Deezia. Officer Graham grabbed him and slammed him into the Jimmy John’s restaurant and then body-slammed Deezia to the concrete, causing him to hit his head on the concrete.

Deezia was placed in a chokehold, according to the claim, and officers began hitting him in the back and shoulder blade area. “Plantiff lost consciousness as a result of the chokehold, and officers continued to administer corporal punishment to Plantiff’s unconscious body,” states the tort claim.

After the arrest, pictures on social media of Deezia in his hospital bed were circulating with claims of police brutality.

The claim states that Peth pushed Deezia, who told the officer, “You have no right to touch me.”

“They didn’t tell me I was under arrest,” Deezia said. “I was screaming for help: ‘Let me go, let me go.’ ”

While in a chokehold Deezia told the cops he couldn’t breathe. Officers continued to hit Deezia in the back as he lost consciousness, according to the complaint.

Deezia was taken to Bryan West Medical Center and booked into jail about 6 a.m. An hour later, he posted $100 — 10 percent of his bail — to be released. His hearing on the citation is set for April 18.

Deezia was then arrested and charged with obstructing and resisting arrest, but was found not guilty by a jury in November.

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Lawsuit Filed After Racist Suspect LAPD Cop Grabs 13 yr Old Latino Teen & Shoots Gun at Group of Kids

From [HERE] On February 21, video surfaced of off-duty Los Angeles Police Department white officer Kevin Ferguson violently grabbing 13-year-old Christian Dorscht to make an arrest and shooting his weapon in the vicinity of the boy and nearby children in Anaheim, California. The incident prompted massive protests, as people called for the officer to be charged with assault. Ferguson has been placed on administrative leave, but has yet been charged with a crime.

Yesterday (March 9), the Los Angeles Times reported that Dorscht and his family filed a lawsuit against Ferguson on February 28. The suit alleges that the officer violated his civil rights, assaulted and falsely imprisoned him and caused him emotional distress.

Following the altercation, Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait expressed concern: “Like many, I am deeply disturbed and frankly angered by what it shows,” he told reporters. “The video shows an adult wrestling with a 13-year-old kid and ultimately firing a gun.… It should never have happened.”

The Los Angeles Police Protective League issued a statement to press about the suit on Wednesday (March 8): “We hope that this lawsuit determines why multiple young adults chose to physically assault a police officer and what the parents of these young adults could have done to teach their children right from wrong.”


Sessions Says Eric Garner Case Needs More Review: Not Sure He was Murdered When White NYPD Cops Choked & Smothered Him to Death

In System of White Supremacy YOU Can be Legally Executed By White Cops Anytime, Any Public Place in Front of Witnesses & Cameras.  From [HERE] Attorney General Jeff Sessions told civil rights activists Tuesday that the Justice Department will continue to review the 2014 death of an unarmed Long Island man at the hands of police, activists said.

Advocates against public servants using unlawful force against citizens have been worried that the Justice Department, under the Trump administration, would drop its investigation into the killing of Eric Garner, who died after Daniel Pantaleo and several other white cops pounced, smothered and choked Eric Garner to death during an arrest for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. 

In 2014, after white prosecutors assembled an all-white grand jury, they declined to file any charges against the lone officer targeted. Yes, how about that? An all white jury in NYC, the Blackest city in the country (NYC has the highest number of African Americans [MORE]. White prosecutors had over 2 million Blacks to choose from and chose none!). A fact that the white mainstream media ommitted from history. Ramsey Orta, the Latino man who recorded the main video said, “when I went to the grand jury to speak on my behalf, nobody in the grand jury was even paying attention to what I had to say,” Orta said. “People were on their phones, people were talking. I feel like they didn't give (Garner) a fair grand jury." A white man he described as a prosecutor “wasn’t even asking no questions about the police officer, he was asking all the questions towards Eric,” Orta said. “What was Eric doing there? Why was Eric there?” "It was all-white." [MORE]

The white jurors were presented with 28 eyewitnesses and had every camera angle possible - jurors saw Orta's Youtube video, NYPD video, store surveillance video and City street camera video. Their eyes filled with thoughts prevented them from seeing reality. 

The Rev. Al Sharpton, who was in a meeting Tuesday between Sessions and civil rights leaders, said the attorney general indicated the agency would press on with its review.

“A man was on video, choked to death by a police officer, after saying 11 times, ‘I can’t breathe,’” Sharpton, who heads the National Action Network, told reporters during a press conference after the meeting.

“I asked him to move forward aggressively on that case,” he added. “He said that he did not [yet] look at that case, [but] he committed to us that he would look into the Eric Garner case.”

Such a move would be welcome news to New York lawmakers, who on multiple occasions pressed Justice Department leaders under former President Obama to bring charges in the case, fearing it would be dismissed under the Trump White House.

Sharpton said he also singled out the killing of Walter Scott as another case activists are monitoring. The unarmed black man was shot as he fled a police officer in North Charleston, S.C., after being pulled over for a broken tail light in 2015.

“We want to see that go to trial and in no way [have] a backpedaling,” Sharpton said.

Sessions, a racist suspect and a former GOP senator from Alabama, met with civil rights leaders amid accusations that his track record on issues such as race relations, voting rights and criminal justice reform make him an unreliable figure in protecting the rights of minority groups. 

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Study Shows Nashville Cops Pull Over Black People Because they Are Black 

From [HERE] One group claims that driving while black is a high risk activity. Taneisha Gillyard of Gideon's Army says, "In black and brown communities there's a growing distrust of the people who are supposed to serve and protect, by events such as the murder of Sandra bland, Michael brown."

Those deaths have sparked protests over unfair policing.

Activists claims the Metro Police Department is using similar tactics.

"Metro Police Officers regularly intimidate harass and unfairly exert their authority over black drivers," says, Evan Bunch of Gideon's Army.

Members of the civil rights group analyzed traffic stops between 2011 and 2015 .

Despite comprising only about 28% of Nashville drivers, black drivers make up almost 40% of all stops.

That's close to 12% more than the black driving population.

We asked drivers what they think.

"I got pulled over and they stopped and asked me for license and registration and he tells me my front light is out but I parked my car soon as they let me go. I looked, it wasn't out or anything so he was stopping me just to try and see what I was doing," says, Sylvester Gordon.

Lyft Driver, Alexis Saski says, "one of the only times I've ever been pulled over driving for Lyft is when I picked up a young black man. They pulled us over and he didn't come to my window. The officer went to the back and asked the man to put his hands up and searched his stuff."

Metro admits that 80 percent of traffic stops in 2015 resulted in warnings.

The department say officers concentrate their efforts on where crime victims are.

Police point to crime mapping which shows the prevalence of crime and requests for service.

Some Activists see it differently, and so do drivers, depending on who you ask.

Marilyn Reed says, "I haven’t experience it but from what I see on TV yeah I believe it's going on."

Gideon's Army has filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department and calling for an investigation of the report they're calling "Driving While Black."

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Feds Pay $1M in Wrongful Death Suit: A Gang of White Border Patrol Cops Handcuffed & Hogtied Latino Man & then Tased & Beat Him to Death

From [HERE] and [HERE] A federal judge last Thursday tentatively approved an agreement for the U.S. government to pay $1 million to the children of a Mexican man who died after being detained by immigration authorities and shot several times with a Taser.

The decision at a hearing Thursday in San Diego is intended to end a nearly 7-year case that prompted widespread complaints that U.S. immigration authorities tolerated agents who use excessive force. Prosecutors declined to file criminal charges.

The 42-year-old unarmed man died after a confrontation with authorities in May 2010 at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Authorities have said he was combative while being returned to Mexico.

The death attracted intense scrutiny in 2012 after an eyewitness video that aired on PBS appeared to show Hernandez being shot while lying on the ground, surrounded by about a dozen white agents. 

The tapes show a man handcuffed and surrounded by about a dozen agents, as CBP personnel administer what appear to be five Taser shocks. One officer has his knee on Anastasio’s neck; the words “quit resisting” are heard over the prone man.

The San Diego coroner’s office classified Anastasio’s death as a homicide, recording in addition to a heart attack: “several loose teeth; bruising to his chest, stomach, hips, knees, back, lips, head and eyelids; five broken ribs; and a damaged spine.”

Sixteen members of Congress wrote DHS, concerned that “this incident is part of a larger cultural problem at the Department.” Indeed, as the Arizona Republic has reported, of at least 42 CBP-involved deaths since February 2005, no CBP employee has been known to face criminal or civil charges or disciplinary action.

For the last four years, Anastasio’s family has been denied justice in two key ways: First, as far as they know there have been no criminal or civil consequences for the CBP agents involved. It’s long past time for the Department of Justice to bring appropriate criminal charges. 

Second, CBP has not yet changed its use-of-force policies – on paper or in practice. CBP has refused to release an external review it commissioned, and the ACLU has sued. The ACLU has criticized CBP’s policies for years, and we developed our own use-of-force recommendations for CBP based on best law enforcement practices.


Bored White Cops in Louisville Shoot Unarmed Black Man During Warrantless Search of House to Investigate Uncorroborated Tip

From [HERE] The Louisville (Ky.) Metro Police Department has released body-camera video showing the shooting of an unarmed black man that occurred almost immediately after a white officer shouted at him to put his hands up.

According to the Courier-Journal, Police Chief Steve Conrad said that he was reserving judgement until the completion of an internal investigation after the video was released Thursday.

The victim, 38-year-old Bruce Warrick, is currently in the hospital in critical condition after being shot in the stomach.

The incident unfolded Wednesday morning as three white officers searched an abandoned house after receiving reports about a man using drugs outside the residence before going inside. The police did not have a warrant. The police made no other investigative efforts to coroborate the report they received about drug use. 

In the video, officers are seen shouting as they walk around inside the house, identifying themselves multiple times and asking anyone there to come out with their hands up.

Eventually, Officer Sarah Stumler approaches a box spring leaning against the wall. Peeking behind the box spring, she sees a black person hiding. Stumler shouts, “Show your hands,” - a second later she is discharging her weapon. Frightended to death by his sight. 

She fires once and then is heard saying, “Shit.”

Officers guide Warrick to the floor as he doubles over in pain and place handcuffs on him. The officers wait for an ambulance, applying pressure to Warrick’s wound. Stumler can be heard saying, “You’re fine, man,” and “You’re OK, just hold on.”

Warrick had to undergo surgery to remove parts of his intestines and pancreas, activist Christopher 2X, who was speaking on behalf of Warrick’s mother and grandmother, told the Courier-Journal. 2X said that one of Warrick’s cousins has seen the footage and appreciated the disclosure, “but felt nothing he saw gave him an indication that his cousin was posing a threat to the officers in the room.”

Warrick’s family said he is homeless and was enrolled in substance-abuse classes.

Boo! Another White Cop Frightened  at the Sight of a Black Man. A lawyer for the family of Warrick said video evidence from the scene clearly shows that the white police officer who fired the shot violated department protocols for use of force and should face criminal charges.

Louisville attorney Thomas Clay said his review of the video indicates that Louisville Metro Police Officer Sarah Stumler had the safety off on her handgun and fired immediately after discovering Warrick inside a vacant home in the Russell neighborhood. The shooting appears to reinforce a troubling pattern of violence and excessive force by Louisville Metro Police officers, Clay said during a media briefing at his office on Fourth Street downtown on Sunday afternoon.

"It seems to be a problem with LMPD. The first action is to shoot ...(despite a) continuum of force" that's supposed to guide officers in such situations. It's not clear from the video that Warrick posed an imminent danger to the officers, he said. [MORE]

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Trial For Race Soldier Cop Who Murdered Philando Castile Set for May 30

From [HERE] A Minnesota police officer pleaded not guilty to second-degree manslaughter on Monday for the fatal shooting of a black motorist that sparked outrage when the moments that followed were broadcast on social media, according to a court official.

St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez, who according to media reports is Latino, entered a not guilty plea during a hearing at the Ramsey County District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota, for the shooting death of Philando Castile, said Beau Berentson, spokesman for the state court administration office.

Castile, 32, was killed on July 6 in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights during a traffic stop. The shooting, along with that of a black man by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the day before, fueled public debate in the United States over the use of excessive force by law enforcement.

Yanez's lawyer, Earl Gray, confirmed the plea but declined to comment further. A lawyer for the Castile family did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Starting about 40 seconds after the shooting, Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, streamed images of a bloody Castile on Facebook Live from the vehicle's passenger seat. The recording went viral on social media.

Yanez said he had reason to pull over the car because Castile looked like a suspect in a convenience store robbery that took place in the area four days earlier, court documents said. Castile's vehicle also had a broken brake light.

Yanez asked Castile for his license and insurance permit. Castile provided Yanez with his insurance permit and told the officer that he was carrying a firearm.

Yanez told Castile not to reach for his gun. Castile said he was not reaching for the gun before Yanez pulled his weapon and shot him seven times.

The exchange took just over a minute. Castile's permit to carry his gun was later found in his wallet.

Yanez later told investigators he feared for his life and believed Castile was reaching for his weapon, the complaint said.

Besides manslaughter, Yanez was also charged in November with two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm that endangered the safety of Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter in the car.

He pleaded not guilty to these charges as well, Gray said.

If convicted of manslaughter, Yanez could serve almost five years in prison. His trial is scheduled to begin on May 30.