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In-custody death of Latino Man ruled a homicide: Ray Robles Dies in Confrontation with 8 Bakersfield Deputies & Police Dogs

  • 350 lb. Man high on PCP

The Kern County Coroner’s office ruled an inmate’s death was a homicide. Meanwhile, the family of the inmate says they want justice. The family of 32-year-old Ray Robles believes sheriff's deputies used excessive force to arrest him back in January. It’s an accusation that sheriff's officials deny. Robles died Jan. 21 while sheriff's deputies transported him to the hospital. Back then, Robles' wife said her husband was trying to stay off drugs, but she admits he was on PCP. One relative says Robles wasn't abusive, but that she called 9-1-1 to make sure the children were ok. Another relative said she witnessed deputies beating Robles, who she says continued to pray silently. They said he had been praying with his wife.
But, KCSO Sgt. Rick Wood says they tried to arrest Robles for domestic violence charges and he resisted arrest. “Several deputies and a K-9 had to struggle with him,” he said. The coroner calls Robles' death a homicide caused by drug intoxication, blunt force trauma, dog bites, and prone positioning or how he was placed on the stretcher to be taken to the hospital. They do not know exactly which condition contributed the most to his death. “Our deputies appear that they were justified in what they did,” Sgt. Wood said. “They worked trying to make an arrest in compliance with the law, and they used the necessary force to make the arrest and our investigation at the time indicated that,” he adds. Sheriff officials say no deputies involved in the arrest of Robles are facing charges. They also said while their homicide investigation concluded in January, an internal review of the case continues. [MORE]


Topeka Police officer accused of beating Black Man Returns to work

An internal investigation involving whether use of force policies were violated by Sgt. Steve Thompson while booking a suspect into jail has concluded. The investigation spawned from a physical confrontation between Thompson and the inmate April 3. The actions were caught on jail security cameras. Thompson was placed on administrative leave after the incident. Thompson will be returned from administrative leave and placed on administrative duty restricted to the Law Enforcement Center. He will be assigned to duties at the LEC pending the completion of the criminal investigation by the KBI and a determination by the DA if charges are filed. If criminal charges are filed, a decision will be made at that time concerning the sergeant’s administrative status. [MORE]


Investigation Determines Bridgeport Police Officer did not shoot Black Man in August: Offers No Explanation for Death of Raylyn George

A state investigation has determined that a police officer was not involved in a fatal shooting last summer of a man at a housing complex, an incident that sparked protests. The Bridgeport police tactical narcotics team and other city officers responded to the Marina Village housing complex on Aug. 25. Police took two people into custody, but a third fled the scene, state police said. Raylyn George, 24, was shot and died later at Bridgeport Hospital, police said. "The undersigned concludes, on the basis of statements of police as well as civilian witnesses, as well as the State Police crime scene investigation, all forensic examinations, including the autopsy conducted by the State's Chief Medical Examiner, that no peace officer fired a weapon that caused any injury to Raylyn George," Bridgeport State's Attorney Jonathan Benedict wrote in a report. Benedict, who recommended no action be taken, wrote that "the precise mechanism of Mr. George's death remains a matter of conjecture." "What is known is that it occurred as he was fleeing police and, likely, attempting to scale a four-foot high fence while holding a stolen, locked and loaded handgun in his right hand," the report states. Some witnesses said George did not have a weapon, leading to a rally at city hall. But Sgt. J. Paul Vance, a state police spokesman, said a handgun was found in his possession. An autopsy by the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner determined the death was caused by a gunshot wound to the head, state police said. [MORE]

  • Bridgeport Black residents protest alleged police brutality [MORE



LAPD Faces 3 More Years of Scrutiny: Judge Rejects City's Request says Police Must be Supervised

A federal judge rebuked Los Angeles Police Department officials Monday by extending for three years a consent decree that orders reforms meant to counter a decade of corruption and brutality complaints.

In a decision that caught leaders by surprise, U.S. District Judge Gary A. Feess flatly rejected the city's plea that the five-year agreement — set to expire June 15 — be extended for just two years and narrowed in scope to the 30% of reforms not yet enacted.

The agreement was largely born from the Rampart Division scandal in 1999 but included elements that police critics have been calling for since the 1991 beating of Rodney G. King.

By extending all the terms of the decree, Feess effectively signaled that he did not trust the LAPD to complete the reforms without supervision by the federal court and its appointed monitor. Indeed, Feess went further than the monitor asked and openly questioned whether the U.S. Justice Department was sufficiently committed to finishing the work it began when it negotiated the original agreement after threatening to file a civil rights suit against the police.

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Korean Community groups Want DA to Charge Dublin cops in Fatal Police Shooting

Leaders in the Bay Area Korean community voiced outrage Monday about the district attorney's decision not to pursue criminal charges in the fatal police shooting of two Korean men last year. The angry words came four days after the Tri-Valley Herald — a sister paper of the Oakland Tribune — obtained a copy of a report by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office justifying the deadly use of force by two Dublin Police officers Aug. 11. "As we have predicted, the results are not surprising," Sang Hyuk Shin, a representative of the Bay Area Korean American Justice Coalition, said in an interview with the Korea Daily and the Korea Times in Oakland. "I am very sad and disappointed that no one will be held responsible for the deaths of the two victims." Officers responding to reports of a loud argument in the 3000 block of Innisbrook Lane shot and killed Kwang Tae Lee, 61, after they said he threatened them with a knife. Lee was shot five times, according to autopsy reports. One round passed through Lee and a closed bedroom door, striking homeowner Richard Kim, 49, in the left arm and left eye. Lee died at the scene. Kim — who had been hiding behind the door for his own protection — died at Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley three days later. "Although the result is tragic, there is insufficient evidence to prove criminal liability against Dublin Police Deputy Tara Russell and Dublin Deputy David Taylor," Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff wrote in a letter dated March 14 to Dublin police Cmdr. Gary Thuman. Cheol Kim, a pastor and executive director of the Korean Churches Association, called the district attorney's findings an "absurdity." "The Korean community will continue to fight back until we get a fair judgment," said Hon Ik Kim, president of the Korean Community Center in the Bay Area. ". [MORE]


Corrections Officer Cleared From Inmate Shooting of Hawaiin Man

The Department of Public Safety has finished its investigation into the fatal shooting of a Big Island inmate and the corrections officer has been cleared. Twenty-eight-year-old Thane Leialoha died from a gunshot to the back of the head. He was shot while trying to run from a corrections officer in downtown Hilo. The officer was put on administrative leave while the Department of Public Safety investigated. It found the officer did not use excessive force.  However the officer won't return to work just yet. "Not at this point," said Frank Lopez, Interim Public Safety Director. "He still has the criminal investigation that has to be concluded yet, but we will have further discussions." Hilo police is conducting its own investigation into whether the officer faces criminal charges. Detectives are still working on that case. [MORE]


Police Brutality Haunts Cincinnati Years After Riot

Cincinnati police stopped Roger Owensby Jr. outside a convenience store on Nov. 7, 2000. Thirty minutes later, the Gulf War veteran, 29, was dead, a victim of homicide by ``police intervention,'' the coroner ruled.

His family would later complain that Owensby, who was black, was tackled by two white officers, handcuffed, subdued with pepper spray, beaten, and left without medical attention.

As the City of Cincinnati tries to close the book on the Owensby case and similar incidents that sparked rioting five years ago, community leaders report lingering mistrust. The city settled the Owensby family's lawsuit last month for $6.5 million, ending the last in a series of lawsuits alleging violent treatment of blacks.

City officials say the police department's interactions with black residents have improved significantly. Critics say more needs to be done.

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NYPD Officer who Killed Anthony Baez in Choke-Hold Case Launches Web Site

Francis Livoti, who spent seven years in federal prison for the 1994 choking death of Anthony Baez, 29, is now helping teach martial arts as the CEO of Genesis Diversified Services- boasting he fought crime with his "bare hands." A disgraced ex-cop whose illegal choke hold led to a Bronx man's death has found a new career - training students in the art of self-defense. "He shouldn't be out here giving classes," raged Baez's mother, Iris. "He should be locked up in a cell somewhere. If he didn't know what he was doing when he murdered my son than how could he teach anybody else?" On Dec. 22, 1994, Livoti choked Baez, an asthmatic, to death after a football the man was tossing around with his brothers outside their University Heights home accidentally hit the officer's police car. Livoti was cleared of criminally negligent homicide in a 1996 trial, but the volatile cop was found guilty of violating Baez's civil rights in a 1998 federal trial. The city awarded the Baez family $3 million in a wrongful death settlement.
After being released from prison last year, Livoti began his new business. "Don't have time for formalized Martial Arts Training?" its Web site reads. "We have the solution. We will teach you quick, clean, easy to learn and retain combat moves that will give you an edge when your safety is at risk." [MORE]


80 Days Later: Still No Arrests in Jessie Lee Williams Case- Black Man Beaten to Death by Mississippi Jailers

April 24, 2006

It's been 80 days since the death of Gulfport inmate Jessie Lee Williams. While authorities say they have proof of those involved in his alleged beating at the Harrison County Jail on February 4th, no arrests have been made. "It's clear that if even if Mr. Williams had even scratched the officer's cheek in an altercation during an attempt, he would have been charged with a felony immediately of simple assault or misdemeanor assault on a law enforcement officer. Had the shoes been reversed, Mr. Williams would be in jail, probably held without bond," said attorney and Gulfport NAACP president Felicia Dunn Burkes. One officer has resigned, another has been terminated, but there's still no word from Sheriff George Payne. The sheriff has said he is under orders from the U.S. Attorney not to speak about the investigation. The Williams Family's attorney Michael Crosby says the sheriff is an elected official and can say something. "What would be wrong with the sheriff coming out and saying, 'I will not tolerate abuse in my jail. I will not tolerate guards and other deputies standing by while someone is beaten to death. I will not tolerate someone being tortured or having a bag put on his head with mace sprayed in there.' Why can't he say, 'My community, I will not let this happen. I will take action. I will fire anyone doing that,'" said Crosby. The Gulfport chapter of the NAACP continues to circulate a petition calling for the removal of Sheriff George Payne from office. [MORE]

Deputy Fired for Role in Beating & Filing False Report
A female jailer named in a wrongful death lawsuit has been fired, and according to the lawsuit, she is accused of participating in an inmate's beating and of filing a false report. Deputy Regina Rhodes' termination was effective April 11. Rhodes is among six corrections officers identified as being in the Harrison County jail booking room Feb. 4 when Jessie Lee Williams, 40, was beaten. Rhodes is the second corrections officer from that group who is no longer employed at the jail. Although Sheriff George H. Payne Jr.said he can't make statements about personnel issues, he stated, "we're just now getting copies of information from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department and are being allowed to do our own internal review." Payne's attorney earlier this week said a recent termination and the March 8 resignation of former Deputy Ryan Teel were both associated with the booking room incident. Williams' death was ruled a homicide. The lawsuit for Williams' estate claims Teel "was the principal actor who beat and abused" Williams and that Rhodes helped and encouraged other jailers to participate. According to the lawsuit, Rhodes filed a false report and later tried to withdraw it, but Payne would not let her change her report. The lawsuit also claims negligence in hiring and discipline practices at the jail, and claims Teel and Rhodes were "mentally and psychologically unfit" for their positions. [MORE]

  • Pictured above: This picture is a depiction made of the booking room on the night of February 4, 2006, based upon witness statements, in which Jessie Lee Williams, Jr. was hog-tied, shackled (hands to feet), sack on head, blood dripping from the beating, and carried like a human suitcase -soon to be slammed/dropped on his face -two times. [more]

Boot Camp Beating Death of Black Teenager Sets Off Protest & Sit-Ins at Gov. Bush's office

Thirty students staged a sit-in at the office of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Wednesday to protest what they called a slow investigation into the death of a teenager at a juvenile boot camp in January. "It's been 105 days since this young man's death and nothing has been done," said Gabriel Pendas, 23, president of the student senate at Florida State University. "We will stay here until something is done." Bush, the younger brother of President Bush, was in Washington to show support for the war in Iraq. The students declined an offer to meet with Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings. Martin Lee Anderson, 14, died hours after arriving at the juvenile detention facility in Panama City, Florida, for stealing his grandmother's car and violating probation. A videotape taken at the camp showed guards punching and kicking the boy, who at times appeared limp. An autopsy by the Bay County medical examiner attributed Anderson's death to internal bleeding from a previously undiagnosed disorder, sickle cell trait. But the autopsy results were heavily criticized and the governor called for an independent investigation into Anderson's death. Anderson's body was exhumed and a second autopsy conducted. Official results have not been released, but a coroner who observed the second autopsy has said the results of the first autopsy were wrong. The protesters want the second autopsy to be made public and for the Republican governor to publicly apologize to Anderson's family. They also want law enforcement officials reprimanded, and all seven guards seen in the video arrested and charged. [MORE] and [MORE] and [MORE]

  • Statement from the students [MORE]
  • Boot camp death spurs Tallahassee rally; Sharpton, Jackson attend [MORE]

Head of Florida Law Enforcement Quits after Making Stupid Racial Remarks: Bush Appointee Compared Black leaders to Osama bin Laden and Jesse James.
Guy Tunnell abruptly ended his controversial run as head of Florida's Department of Law Enforcement on Thursday, days after sources said he made off-color remarks comparing black leaders who were to attend a Capitol rally to Osama bin Laden and Jesse James. Tunnell submitted his resignation to Gov. Jeb Bush hours after The Miami Herald requested he comment on whether he likened U.S. Sen. Barack Obama to terrorist leader bin Laden and the Rev. Jesse Jackson to outlaw James during a meeting of Bush's agency heads Tuesday. One person in the room and another source who spoke with an agency head told The Miami Herald about his remarks. Obama and Jackson were invited to a march today to bring attention to the death of 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson after an altercation with guards at a Panama City boot camp. The FDLE was initially investigating, until a special prosecutor threw it off the case after The Miami Herald reported Tunnell exchanged e-mails with the sheriff who ran the camp. He said he did nothing wrong, but said he apologized for the "appearance of impropriety.'' Bush had only kind words for Tunnell in a written statement Thursday night. Tunnell founded the Panama City boot camp and hired many of the guards later videotaped in Martin's beating. [MORE]