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Deeper than Atlantis

UNARMED 15 Year Old Black Boy Shot Dead by Dallas Transit Police

A Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer shot and killed an unarmed 15-year-old boy who police said leapt from the bushes and attacked an officer at an Oak Cliff light-rail station early Sunday morning. It was the first fatal shooting by a DART police officer in the department's 18-year history, officials said. On Sunday afternoon, Dallas police called it an act of self-defense by Officer Niksha Owens, who feared for her life as she watched Bobby Walker attack her colleague and ignore warnings to back down. "According to the witnesses, when this man – this young child – was attacking the DART police officer ... he yelled profanities and said he was going to kill her," said Dallas police Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther. "He repeatedly said he was going to kill her." But Bobby's distraught mother, Temeka Walker, said Sunday night that police used excessive force against her son. "They could've at least held him down," said Ms. Walker, 30. "Mace him. Hit him." Ms. Walker said Bobby, a Carter High School freshman, took medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and ran away from home Thursday, as he had several times in the past. She said she called Dallas police several times, but they would not issue a missing-person alert because of his history of running away. The fatal confrontation with the DART officers lasted less than a minute, police said. About 3:20 a.m., Officer Owens and Officer Stephanie Branch were walking on the platform of the station at Ledbetter Drive and Lancaster Road in east Oak Cliff when Bobby attacked Officer Branch, Cpl. Crowther said. "When the suspect attacked Officer Branch, he did grab her around the neck and grab her around the arms and she felt like he was attempting to take her weapon," Cpl. Crowther said. "She was able to push him off and then ask him, give him verbal commands, to stop his attack and to get down." Officer Owens drew her weapon and both officers continued to ask Bobby to back down, Cpl. Crowther said. He refused and Officer Owens shot him once in the neck, police said. Bobby was pronounced dead at Methodist Dallas Medical Center about 4 a.m., DART spokesman Morgan Lyons said. The officers were not injured, he said. Dallas police Sgt. Gary Kirkpatrick, who is investigating the shooting, said there is no indication Bobby was armed. Both DART officers were put on administrative leave with pay, pending an internal investigation, as is customary in police-involved shootings, Mr. Lyons said. Both officers have been with the department for about two years and do not have any prior disciplinary records, Mr. Lyons said. [MORE]

Some questions about the 15 year-old shot and killed by DART police officer
By Shawn Williams

Another young black male has died at the hand of gunfire, this time by a Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police officer. 15 year-old Bobby Walker was fatally shot around 3:20 a.m. on Sunday morning at the Ledbetter Station near the VA Hospital.

According to Monday's Dallas Morning News article, the Carter High freshman "leapt from the bushes" and attacked DART officer Stephanie Branch before being shot by officer Niksha Owens. Walker was pronounced dead at Methodist Dallas Medical Center about 4 a.m.

I don't want to rush to any judgments here, so I have a few questions:

1. Did the 2nd officer try to physically intervene before resorting to fatal gunfire?

2. Did the shooting officer at any point feel as if she had a non-fatal shot at the suspect without endangering the officer?

3. What is a 15 year-old boy doing out at 3:20 a.m.?

4. Shouldn't two police officers generally be able to subdue one juvenile suspect?

5. What was the ethnicity of the two officers? It ALWAYS matters.

I will reserve commentary for a later date , but for now I pray for the families of Bobby Walker and the officer who fatally shot him. [more]


No Reason to Charge Cops: Fatal Vista shootings of Four Unarmed Latino Men by San Diego Deputies Justified, state report says

Four fatal shootings by San Diego Sheriff's deputies in Vista in 2005 were legally justified, the state Attorney General's Office said Monday in a report that backed up conclusions reached earlier by local prosecutors.

The report concluded that District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis did not abuse her discretion when she determined that the shootings of four Latino men were lawful. The shootings occurred between March and August 2005, and none of the deputies involved were prosecuted.

In February, a coalition of Latino groups and civil rights groups asked the attorney general to examine a review by Dumanis of the shootings.

The groups contended that county prosecutors, who review all officer-involved shootings, were not independent enough from local law enforcement to give an unbiased look at the incidents.

But, after spending two months reviewing the district attorney's work, state officials came to the same conclusion.

“We found all the shootings justified,” said Gary Schons, the senior assistant attorney general for the San Diego region. “If any of these cases had been presented to us first, we would have not have issued (charges) in any of them.”

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Springfield Case Settled: Five White Police Officers Beat & Choked Black School Principal Having Diabetic Seizure

Black Man Driving BMW Dragged Through Window Gets $180,000; Police Admit No Liability - Still Employed

The city of Springfield reaches a settlement with a black school principal who was allegedly attacked by five white police officers.

Douglas Greer was pulled from his car by the officers in January 2005 as he was having a diabetic attack while parked at a convenience store.

Greer, who at the time was the principal of the Robert M. Hughes Academy Charter School in Springfield, says the officers kicked and choked him and accused him of being on drugs.

One of the officers in his original report said police were trying to restrain Greer as he thrashed and screamed before he was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Greer is now principal at the New Leadership Charter School in Springfield, according to the state Department of Education's Web site.

One of Greer's lawyers, Perman Glenn III, hailed the $180,000 settlement as a "step forward in exposing and combating police brutality in Springfield." But under the agreement, the city and police officers admit no liability.

About a month after the incident involving Greer, the city's police commission voted not to pursue disciplinary action against the officers. All five officers are still in the police department, said city attorney Edward Pikula.
The Department of Education Web site indicates Greer is now principal at the New Leadership Charter School in Springfield. [MORE] and [MORE] and [MORE]


LA Mayor Condemns Police Violence Against Demonstrators at Immigration Rally


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa condemned the Police Department's use of force against demonstrators and reporters at an immigration rally, saying he was ``deeply, personally troubled'' by the clash.

The mayor returned home Friday after cutting short a trade mission to El Salvador and Mexico amid criticism for being out of town since Tuesday's melee at MacArthur Park.

``Like every Angeleno I was deeply, personally troubled by the events of May 1st,'' the mayor said at City Hall. ``Those images hit me in the gut.

``... We don't need a long and lengthy investigation to stand up and speak to the truth. What happened on May 1st was wrong, was wrong,'' he said.

Police struck reporters and demonstrators with batons and fired more than 240 rubber bullets into a crowd that included children at the end of an immigration rights rally. Officers say they responded after being pelted by rocks and bottles.

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15th Anniversary Of L.A. Riots: Conditions that Caused Violence Still Exist


Hundreds of residents gathered at two South Los Angeles events to call attention to a community still racked by the poverty and violence that fueled the 1992 Los Angeles riots.The message from both gatherings on the eve of today's anniversary was stern and angry: The city's southern neighborhoods are still largely ignored.

A standing-room-only crowd at the Community Coalition lambasted city officials for failing to close nuisance liquor stores and motels that the nonprofit group has pinpointed as hot spots of illegal drinking, drug dealing, prostitution and violence.

Six months ago, coalition members gave city Planning Director Gail Goldberg a list of the 21 "most egregious" businesses and pleaded for their closure or improvements within six months. They learned Saturday that public hearings have been held or set for only eight stores, frustrating many who said they expected more from the city.

"We have heard this so many times," an angry Manya Anderson, 58, told Goldberg as nearly 200 people looked on at the coalition's offices on South Vermont Avenue.

"We are dying. This community is dying. The bottom line is, this never would have been allowed in any other community."

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Ignoring an injustice - Chicago Doing Nothing about Systematic Torture of Blacks in Police Custody

Richard M. Daley has eclipsed his late father in many ways, and assuming he serves out his current term, also will surpass him as Chicago's longest-serving mayor.

His legacy, like his father's, will be impressive.

Yet, like his father's legacy, his will not be spotless.

It will be marred by what he himself has acknowledged as "a shameful episode in our history" -- two decades of systematic torture of African-American criminal suspects by white Chicago police officers.

What went on -- plastic bags over heads; shackling to hot radiators; gun barrels in mouths; electrical shocks to ears, nostrils and genitals; cigarette burns to arms, legs and chests -- is now well known and has been cited repeatedly in court opinions and, last year, in a special prosecutors' report.

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Prosecutors Say Corruption in Atlanta Police Dept. Is Widespread

After the fatal police shooting of an elderly woman in a botched drug raid, the United States attorney here said Thursday that prosecutors were investigating a “culture of misconduct” in the Atlanta Police Department.

In court documents, prosecutors said Atlanta police officers regularly lied to obtain search warrants and fabricated documentation of drug purchases, as they had when they raided the home of the woman, Kathryn Johnston, in November, killing her in a hail of bullets.

Narcotics officers have admitted to planting marijuana in Ms. Johnston’s home after her death and submitting as evidence cocaine they falsely claimed had been bought at her house, according to the court filings.

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Jury selection to begin for San Bernardino County deputy in videotaped shooting of Unarmed Latino Man

The grainy amateur video seems to show a deputy shooting a U.S. airman three times as he struggles to obey an order to get up from the ground. But it's what the video doesn't show that could take center stage at the upcoming trial of former San Bernardino County sheriff's Deputy Ivory J. Webb Jr. After the shooting, Webb told investigators he thought 21-year-old Elio Carrion was reaching for a weapon -- something that's not clear on the 40-second video clip. Authorities later determined Carrion was unarmed. Still, experts say the deputy's contention could prevail in the case, based on acquittals in previous high-profile police brutality trials. (White) Jurors tend to believe accused cops who say they opened fire because they felt threatened, said Eugene O'Donnell, a former prosecutor who is now a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.  In addition, law enforcement officials are finding that videos seldom capture enough details to disprove those claims -- at least in the (lying) eyes of (white) jurors. Webb, 46, has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of attempted voluntary manslaughter and assault with a firearm in the Jan. 29, 2006, shooting that was filmed by a bystander and aired by TV stations nationwide. Jury selection is set to begin April 30. If convicted, Webb could face more than 18 years in prison.  [MORE]


No Charges for Houston Officers who Shot Mentally Ill Latino Man

Relatives call for a meeting with HPD chief after an officer is no-billed in his Jan. 7 death

A day after a grand jury declined to indict the police officer who  fatally shot their mentally ill relative, a Houston family on Friday called for a meeting with  Police Chief Harold Hurtt. The parents and sisters of Omar Esparza want to ask about police procedures and training, their  attorney said. They want to know, specifically, why police did not negotiate longer with Esparza  before entering the house where he had barricaded himself. "They are still struggling with this," said the attorney, Carlos Leon. "This decision (to not indict  the officer) brings back everything, and they go through (the shooting) all over again like it  happened yesterday." A Harris County grand jury Thursday cleared Rodney D. Chaison Jr., a five-year police veteran,  of any wrongdoing in the Jan. 7 fatal shooting of Esparza, 21. Chaison shot the Lamar High  School graduate when he refused to comply with the officers' demands and charged at them  with a hammer, police said. The fatal confrontation occurred after police had been on the scene for two hours, attempting  to calm Esparza. The dead man's parents, sisters and other relatives clung to framed photos while Leon told  reporters outside their east Houston home that they are disappointed by the grand jury's  inaction. The Houston Police Department issued a statement Friday about the case. The statement states that, in the face-to-face meeting, Esparza "threatened to hit the officers  in the head with the hammer and door lock. ... In an attempt to get control of the situation, a  plan was devised to enter the residence with the intention of using the minimum force  necessary to gain control of the situation."But Esparza refused to comply with the officers' demands. Officers shot him with a bean bag,  then fired and missed with a Taser, before fatally shooting him after he moved in a  "threatening manner." The message in this case, Leon said, seems to be that Houston residents should "think long  and hard" before they call police about a mentally ill family member. The Esparza family will likely file a civil lawsuit against the city, Leon added. [MORE]


Text of the Lawsuit Filed in the Jessie Lee Williams Case - Black Man Beaten to Death by Mississippi Jailers

1. This is a Federal Civil Rights action brought as a result of what the Plaintiff believes was a blatant violation of, inter alia, the federal civil, constitutional and human rights of the Deceased, Jessie Lee Williams, Jr., who while in the custody of the Harrison County Sheriff Department on February 4, 2006, was beaten so severely that he was later rushed to the emergency room at the Memorial Hospital at Gulfport. As a direct and proximate consequence of the injuries the Deceased received at the hands of certain Harrison County Deputies, he later died on February 6, 2006. It is alleged that the Deceased’s rights under certain federal statutes, to include 42 U.S.C. Sections 1983, 1985, and 1986, together with certain rights under the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Mississippi were violated. Jessie Lee Williams, Jr., is survived by six children. It is on behalf of the Estate of Jessie Lee Williams, Jr., and the beneficiaries thereto, i.e., his children, that the Administrator of the Estate, Mr. Terry Williams, file this action and prays for the relief set forth in the following paragraphs

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