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FBI Probing Alleged Denver Police Beating of Black Man: Armstrong was in Schiavo Like Coma

The FBI has been asked to investigate allegations that Denver police beat Thomas Charles Armstrong, putting him a life-threatening coma while trying to arrest him last November, Armstrong’s brother said today. Earl Armstrong announced the investigation this morning after his brother was arraigned on charges of resisting arrest. Thomas Armstrong, 37, pleaded not guilty and is due back in court May 30. A trial is set for August. Thomas Armstrong was hospitalized for more than two weeks after the Nov. 11 confrontation with police. Armstrong’s attorney, Walter Gerash, has filed a notice of intent to sue the city for police use of excessive force during the arrest. The complaint alleges that Armstrong suffered kidney and liver failure, internal hemorrhaging, a fractured nose and numerous cuts and bruises. Denver police have denied any wrongdoing. Armstrong said he was walking to a convenience store from his girlfriend’s house when he was confronted by officer Daniel Swanson and handcuffed. Police say Armstrong lunged at officer Swanson after the patrolman saw him acting strangely near East 11th Avenue and Zenia Street. Armstrong became unresponsive and stopped breathing after he was handcuffed, police said. Earl Armstrong said the FBI is investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest of his brother and other allegations of harassment of his family and Earl Armstrong because of his political activism. [MORE]

  • Armstrong in court over police skirmish [MORE]
  • Pictured above: Pictures of the badly beaten body of Thomas Charles Armstrong, 37, as he clings to life in a coma after sustaining a brutal attack by the Denver Police [MORE]


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