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Delray Rookie Police Officer Kills 16 Year Old Black Boy

The officer who fatally shot a 16-year-old boy outside a school dance Saturday had less than a month's experience patrolling the streets on his own, according to information released by officials Monday. Officer Darren Cogoni, 23, was hired by the Police Department in March. He was placed on administrative leave after the Saturday night shooting of Jerrod Miller on the campus of the Delray Full Service Center, a school for students with behavioral problems. Officials said Miller drove onto the campus after being approached by the officer. A police spokesman said the teen, Jerrod Miller, 16, was driving erratically near where about 20 students stood outside at a school dance for students 12-16 years old. Jerrod Miller had dropped some friends off at the dance but returned a while later. An officer stopped him at a gate the the school's parking lot and asked for his drivers license, but Miller drove off. Shortly later, as many as three shots were fired, according to witnesses.

Witness Contradicts Police Account

A witness, Alonzo Robert Smith said that he stood by the passenger-side door of Miller's car, about to get in, when he saw an officer ask Miller for his license. According to 17-year-old Smith, the shooting unfolded like this: Miller did not respond to the officer's request for his license. The officer calmly asked Miller twice to get out of the car. The officer then stepped back and "looked like he was going to grab his gun." Miller then drove forward into a courtyard in front of the school's gym. Four or five girls were standing nearby on the gym steps. Two police officers chased the car, one with his gun drawn. Smith said Miller's Cadillac Sedan DeVille and the police rounded a corner, and then he heard three shots fired. Smith did not see the officer fire or where.Smith told reporters Sunday that Cogoni chased after Miller's Cadillac with his gun drawn. He said students were congregated on the gym steps, but that Miller, who had turned the corner across a grassy plot and down the walkway, "wasn't going toward anybody." The Police Department's policy on use of force prohibits officers from firing at a moving vehicle "unless they reasonably believe" that the action "is necessary to defend themselves or another from death or serious injury." According to state records, Miller did not have a driver license and he had no criminal record. "This case is not just going to be thrown away," said Charles Cornelius, Miller's uncle, as he bleakly traced the tire marks. "Jerrod's voice will be heard." [more] and[more] and [more]

  • Vigil honors teen killed by rookie police officer in Delray [more]
  • NAACP organizes forum on shooting [more]
  • Redneck Rush Limbaugh says NAACP is out of touch [more]
  • 1,000 attend youth's funeral [more]

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Reader Comments (3)

OH MY GOD! Now I have to add ANOTHER copKILLED BLACK MALE'S NAME to my THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK: Black Male Survival in America: Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally Racist Society!
Carol Taylor, First Black U.S.A.Flight Attendant (718) 856 1271 BROWNWATCH - KEEP UP THE OH SO NECESSARY GOODWORK!
July 27, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterCarol Taylor R.N.
I'm adding miller's name to my list of people (absent of race) who endanger the lives of others, break the law and resist arrest.

Yes, he paid the ultimate price. But it's his fault.

The rookie cop is the victim.
August 9, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterCynic
1) Do you realize what Jerrod Miller had done? Did you realize that he was driving erratically, ENDANGERING the lives of TWENTY innocent children?
2) And when he was pulled over, did you know that the police asked for his license, yet he refused to listen to their demands, and that he drove off?
3) Does that sound suspicious and somewhat criminal?
4) Does anyone remember anything about taking responsibly for your own actions?
5) And so now you and the BrownWatch community actually have the nerve to make a racial claim out of this. How pathetic is that? A person (of color) gets shot, and the first thing you all do is make a racial claim out of that. That's not a reason, that's just slander, and it's an insult. I hate how black activist groups always just assume everything is racist.

Miller deserved to be shot, and not because he was black. He deserved to be shot because he was a threat to others and he disobeyed the law. Had he followed police orders, he would've never been shot and this all might have ended all right.
September 7, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterHeyHowAreYou

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