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Panel: Ohio Police Used Excessive Force in Nathaniel Jones Fatal Beating

  • At least 19 Black Men Have Died in Violent Confrontations with Cincinnati police since 1995.
A police watchdog panel voted Monday to accept its investigators' findings that three officers who repeatedly struck a black man with nightsticks to subdue him shortly before he died used excessive force and should be severely disciplined. Cincinnati's Citizen Complaint Authority also accepted findings that the three officers and four other officers involved in the arrest of Nathaniel Jones followed improper procedure and should undergo retraining. "Mr. Jones' death was clearly the result of several tragic mistakes," CCA Executive Director Wendell France said. "We cannot and will not say that any of these officers acted with any malice." Jones, 41, died Nov. 30 shortly after a confrontation with police in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. Video from restaurant surveillance cameras and a police cruiser showed that Jones knocked over one officer before others jabbed or struck him more than two dozen times with nightsticks. The 350-pound Jones stopped breathing shortly after he was handcuffed. In 2001, there were three nights of rioting after an officer fatally shot an unarmed black man who was wanted on misdemeanor charges when he ran from officers. The officer was acquitted of criminal charges. [more]
  • In November the Cincinnati Police fatal beating of Nathaniel Jones was captured on video tape. NO officers were charged in the beating. Nathaniel Jones pictured above. [more]
  • Police panel wants officers disciplined [more]

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