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Deeper than Atlantis

Congressmen John Lewis spent millions while cruising to re-election


The money went to luxury fishing trips on the Chesapeake Bay, fundraisers at D.C.’s poshest restaurants and a 75th-birthday blowout at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.

There were also tickets to the Masters golf tournament and a hotel room in the Virgin Islands, not to mention a stable of high-level campaign and social media consultants.

Georgia’s U.S. House members faced only token opposition at the ballot box last year, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the way they spent campaign money.

The state’s 13 incumbent representatives collectively spent more than $12.9 million in the two years leading up to last year’s election, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis of federal campaign finance records. All of them cruised to re-election by at least 20 percentage points in November, some without any major-party opposition in the general election.

Since then, many of those lawmakers have kept their spending apace, even with their re-election bids more than a year away.

The granular details reported in public filings paint a vivid picture of Washington’s permanent campaign culture — the nonstop mixers, strategy sessions and message rollouts that keep D.C. churning. [MORE]


Black Congressional Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman Calls For Censure of Trump

I think of the lesson from Maya Angelou: "When people show you who they are - believe them the first time."

Enough is enough.

Gone are the excuses that we need to give this president the "benefit of the doubt."

What we saw in Charlottesville this weekend was more reminiscent of scenes of attack dogs and fire hoses from 1960's civil rights movement than we should expect in 2017. What we saw in Charlottesville was nothing short of disgusting and a stark reminder that our sordid past is not so far gone.

Donald Trump's continued false equivalence following the Charlottesville attacks is dangerous. His remarks on Wednesday from Trump Tower should have been as simple as "racism has no place in this country" -- full stop.

He couldn't even bring himself to that. Instead, Trump has reaffirmed his true sentiments. Congress, as a co-equal branch of government, must stand on the right side of this seminal moment.

Our choice is clear: Congress must censure this president. That is why today, I, along with my colleagues Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) introduced a resolution of censure against President Donald Trump for excusing the violent behavior of white nationalists, Klansmen and Neo-Nazis and what they represent.

His remarks re-asserting that "both sides" were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville has no place in the White House.

Donald Trump's history of stoking racial animosity is as long as it is clear. Donald Trump was sued in the 1970's by the Department of Justice for discriminating against black tenants. Donald Trump called for executing black teenagers for a crime for which they were ultimately exonerated, and maintained his position after they were cleared by DNA evidence. Donald Trump rose to political prominence himself by leading the racist birther conspiracy theories about President Obama that continued into his 2016 presidential campaign. He kicked off his presidential campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers.

Despite this disgusting rhetoric, elected officials have disregarded these moral shortcomings, whether for craven political calculation, fear of backlash from the Trump base, or in simple disbelief. [MORE]


"Fight Supremacy" Counter Protest Today in Boston


A "free speech" rally is set to take place in Boston on Saturday, and given the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the city is on high alert. The mayor has urged residents to stay away from the area during demonstrations, and given that several right-wing media figures are scheduled to speak  — one of whom was recently charged with felony weapon possession — it's not too surprising that a counter-protest called 'Fight Supremacy' is being planned for the same day.

"On Saturday, August 19th, White Nationalists are converging on Boston Common to reinforce their white supremacist ideology and attempt to intimidate queer and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, POC) communities," Fight Supremacy's organizers wrote on Facebook.

The organizers of Boston Free Speech deny that the event is white supremacist in nature, writing on Facebook that they "denounce the politics of supremacy and violence" and "will not be offering our platform to racism or bigotry." However, one of the scheduled speakers is Kyle Chapman, who was charged Friday with felony weapon possession in connection with an "alt-right" protest in Berkeley earlier in the year. Video of the event showed Chapman striking counter-protesters over the head with a wooden stick; he has since become a hero in the "alt-right," which gave him the nickname "Based Stickman."

This is the second "free speech" rally Boston will host this year. The last one took place in May, and according to WBUR, it attracted a relatively small crowd. Nevertheless, one attendee wearing a Make America Great Again that was filmed punching a counter-protester, and was promptly arrested. [MORE]


Advocates Urge the release of Francisco Rodriguez, MIT Janitor & father of four, Snatched by ICE Cops  


The ACLU of Massachusetts is urging federal court officials to release a detained MIT janitor who was denied his fifth request to renew the stay of removal after living in Boston for a decade.

Francisco Rodriguez Guardado was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement last month. After being denied his stay of removal, Rodriguez reported to ICE with a plane ticket, but was taken into custody anyway, according to the ACLU.

The group, with the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, filed amicus brief on Thursday in support of Rodriguez, who is a father of four US-citizen children, including a newborn son, and an active member of the community in Chelsea.

"Immigration detention power cannot be used to merely hurt people, families and communities," said Carol Rose, executive director of ACLU of Massachusetts. "In this particular case, ICE detained a man who was fully compliant, tore him from his family, and threw him into a jail cell without any regard for the wellbeing of his children and community, and for no legitimate immigration enforcement purpose."

The amicus brief claims that there is no legal authority for Rodriguez's detention. The ACLU believes Rodriguez's detention is not constitutional because he has cooperated with ICE and because his detention is not related to the purposes of preventing flight or protecting the community. [MORE]


Michael Jordan may create #BlackLivesMatter Air Jordans


Charlotte Hornets majority owner Michael Jordan headlined the sneaker world news again this week after one of his Jordan Brand employees unveiled a pair of black Air Jordan 1 High sneakers sporting “#BLACKLIVESMATTER.”

The hashtag appears in all-white lettering on the ankle straps.

Jordan Brand employee Frank Cooker posted a picture of the sneakers on Instagram along with the comment: “… and so does standing up for peace, harmony, equality and justice for ALL!”

Read more here:

“The latest Air Jordan to surface is a timely pair with a social message,” sneaker magazine Sole reported. 

“Is this sneaker releasing at retail?” the magazine asked. “There’s no indication at the moment, but Cooker, who works in energy design for Jordan, often posts samples and one-offs that never make it to the public.”

Jordan Brand has released Black History Month sneakers in the past, the magazine noted, “but has never expressly come out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Jordan, however, has become more outspoken about police relations with minorities. In July 2016, he said he was giving $1 million each to two organizations he said were working to build trust between blacks and law enforcement: the Institute for Community-Police Relations, started by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. [MORE]


The ACLU will no longer represent armed protesters


If you want to bring guns to a protest, don’t expect the American Civil Liberties Union to represent you.

The 97-year-old civil rights organization, which has been the Trump administration’s No. 1 adversary in the courts, announced the policy late Thursday, in the wake of last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville. The ACLU team in Virginia had worked with the white supremacist organizers of the “Unite the Right” protest to secure the permit necessary for a legal gathering. Many of the attendees were carrying guns, there were violent clashes with counterprotesters, and one person was killed when an alleged white-supremacist attendee plowed his car into the crowd. 

“If a protest group insists, ‘No, we want to be able to carry loaded firearms,’ well, we don’t have to represent them. They can find someone else,” ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero told the Wall Street Journal. Historically, the organization has represented and defended the rights of groups across the political spectrum, including some on the far-left and Nazis.

In the past week, critics have gone after the ACLU for both its representation of the white supremacists in Virginia and for suing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority over banned ads, on behalf of a group that includes far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. [MORE]


Kevin Durant to reject Donald Trump invite to White House


The Golden State Warriors are set to snub President Trump and reject an invitation to visit the White House following their NBA championship success, according to Finals MVP Kevin Durant.

Despite hailing from Washington, 28-year-old Durant will not take up any invitation from President Trump as he does not “respect” him following a string of controversial comments in the public domain.

President Trump has been criticised for defending individuals in the “Unite the Right” march, which saw white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members gather in Charlottesville and led to the death of one counter-protester.

It is common for the President of the United States to invite America’s championship-winning teams across basketball, American football, baseball and ice hockey to visit the White House, but President Trump’s reign in office has led to some sportsmen rejecting the invitation and Durant confirmed he will be one of those.

“Nah, I won’t do that,” Durant told ESPN. “I don’t respect who’s in office right now.

“I don’t agree with what he agrees with, so my voice is going to be heard by not doing that.” [MORE]


Jamaica pays tribute to Marcus Garvey


The Government and people of Jamaica on Thursday (August 17) honoured the life and legacy of the country’s first National Hero, the Rt. Excellent Marcus Garvey, with a floral tribute at National Heroes Park in Kingston.   The function, which included the laying of floral arrangements at Garvey’s shrine, was to commemorate the 130th anniversary of his birth.

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Olivia Grange, who represented Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, hailed Garvey as a champion for social justice and education.   She said that for Garvey, education was a “powerful weapon” in improving the condition of people of African descent throughout the world.

“He taught us that the way to achieve black power and black prosperity was through education and not bullets,” she pointed out.

Ms. Grange noted that Garvey hosted educational programmes at Liberty Hall in Kingston for scores of persons who later influenced national life.

The two-storey building, acquired in 1923 to serve as the centre of activities for the Kingston division of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), was the first meeting hall in Jamaica that was fully owned and operated by blacks.

Minister Grange lauded the Rastafarian movement for keeping the legacy of Mr. Garvey alive.   She said the ceremony served as an opportunity to reflect on the life of a man who made it his life purpose to offer the people of the African diaspora a direction, hope and vision.

“Marcus Garvey lived a life with a mission. He… inspired black people to set high goals for themselves, and would have been proud to see the achievers of today,” she said. [MORE]


NYPD Partners With Israeli Firm To Monitor Phone Use While Driving


Police in the “Empire State” of New York have reportedly proposed the implementation of a new device that would be able to detect when drivers are using their cell phones. The device has become known as the “textalyzer,” and although it will not be ready for several months, New York drivers can likely expect to have their cell phone usage monitored to a degree that drivers have never experienced before.

According to the information released thus far, these devices will only be used when there is an accident, to determine who was actually responsible. If the device is only used for this purpose, then it may not pose a serious threat to privacy and may actually be a useful tool for dispute resolution. However, as we have seen with many government programs in the past, these excuses are used so we will initially accept the program, and then once the door is open the program can be used for more invasive spying.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo told the Associated Press on Wednesday that authorities were reviewing exactly how the device would be used. [MORE]


Bannon: I want Democrats to talk about racism every day

The Hill

White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon condemned white nationalist "clowns" in an interview Wednesday, but continued to hit Democrats over "identity politics", saying if they talked about race every day he could ensure Republican election victories.

“The Democrats, the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em," the former head of Breitbart told The American Prospect in an interview. "I want them to talk about racism every day."

"If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats,” he added.

Bannon's comments came after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. turned violent over the weekend, resulting in one death and at least 19 injuries.

Bannon went on to dismiss the white nationalists who rallied in the college town as "clowns" who had been played up by the media. Bannon conceded that the White House did, however, need to play a bigger role in marginalizing white nationalist influence. [MORE]


Racist ESPN Apologizes Having Slave Auction of NFL Players


First responders in three states under investigation for allegedly mocking Charlottesville violence


A Philadelphia firefighter has apologized for an apparently racist photo making light of the protests that turned violent over the weekend in Virginia.

Philadelphia firefighter John Deluisi reportedly tagged an African American colleague in a Facebook photo showing Deluisi wearing a hat emblazoned with the Confederate battle flag and holding a tiki torch. “Headed to VA,” the caption read, according to Fox affiliate WTXF.

“I am very disappointed in myself, and I’m very sorry,” he told the news station.

“I am an idiot. I am very sorry. Maybe I get too carried away on Facebook, and I put something up there that was stupid. I thought he would get a joke about it. I really did. And thinking about it, it was very stupid,” he added.

Deluisi could not immediately be reached for comment by The Washington Post.

[Police officers in two states accused of mocking Charlottesville violence]

Philadelphia Fire Department Capt. William Dixon said the matter is under investigation. He said the fire commissioner is “certainly disturbed” by the preliminary reports but that the department is still working to get to the bottom of it and determine how to best handle the situation. 

Indeed, Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel said he was “utterly horrified and disgusted.”

“Racist images, symbols, words and actions are contrary to our mission and values and have absolutely no place in our Department,” Thiel said in a statement Tuesday to The Washington Post. “We will take swift and decisive personnel action after a full investigation. The Department will follow-up with intensive and focused workplace conduct training for our more than 2,600 members.

Law enforcement officers in two other states are being investigated for similar incidents.

An officer with the Shively Police Department in Kentucky and an officer with the Springfield Police Department in Massachusetts allegedly made fun of the fatal car crash that occurred during the Unite the Right rally Saturday in Charlottesville, where hundreds of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members clashed with counterprotesters. A 32-year-old Charlottesville woman was killed, and others were wounded in the attack. [MORE]


Joint Chiefs close ranks in condemning racism

The Hill

Nearly all of the nation's top military leaders unequivocally condemned racism in public messages Wednesday, posing a stark and unusual contrast to President Donald Trump’s remarks that both white supremacists and counterprotesters were equally to blame for the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

The brass did not mention Trump specifically but made clear they would not tolerate racism in the ranks, after it was revealed that some former troops attended and helped organize the deadly white supremacist rally that singled out minorities and Jews.

Dillon Ulysses Hopper, who helped to organize the protest in Charlottesville, reportedly served in the Marine Corps, including tours overseas and time as a recruiter. James Alex Fields Jr., who is accused of running over counter protesters with his car, killing one woman, also reportedly washed out of Army basic training. And NBC reported Wednesday that a leading neo-Nazi recently re-tweeted by Trump is an intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve whose security clearance has been revoked. [MORE]


How Nazis Use Victimhood to Recruit

From [HERE] As they marched through Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday, the pack of white supremacists chanted “you will not replace us.” Their rallying cry prompted a viral Twitter thread in which the user Julius Goat asked, “Replaced as ... what?”

“I would so love to see these people get all the oppression they insist they receive, just for a year. Just to see,” he wrote.

It may seem puzzling that the racism of these white men—the most powerful group of people in the world—is motivated by a sense that they’ll be wiped away somehow. But according to research on white supremacists, a sense of victimhood is exactly what groups like these use to grow their cause.

In a 2000 article, the sociologist Mitch Berbrier examined dozens of white supremacist media appearances and publications and discovered a pattern of carefully crafted victim ideology. Victimhood, it seemed, is how the groups assured themselves they weren’t being racist—the excuse being that, hey, they’re suffering too.

1) that whites are victims of discrimination

White supremacists seem aggrieved by their sense that civil rights movement has tipped the balance in favor of minority groups. Here, Berbrier cites David Duke’s organization, the National Association for the Advancement of White People, as positioning itself as a counterpoint to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People:

The NAACP promotes racial discrimination by seeking discriminatory policies against white people in employment, promotions, scholarships, and in college and union admittance, while the NAAWP seeks equal opportunity for all, with preference for the hardest-working, most talented, and best-qualified ... The NAAWP seeks greater racial understanding and goodwill by showing that when all things are considered, blacks have enjoyed far more benefits from whites than they have endured privation. American blacks have the highest standard of living, the greatest educational and employment opportunity, and by far the most democratic and civil rights of any blacks anywhere in the world. (NAAWP News, 1980)

The group’s newsletter, the NAAWP News, ran items with headlines such as "Anti-White Discrimination Accelerates,” Berbrier notes. Today, this sentiment survives as the myth that affirmative action, for instance, constitutes “reverse racism.”

(2) that their rights are being abrogated

As a corollary, white supremacists believe whites are denied the right to their own publications and advocacy groups—a right enjoyed by minority groups. As the KKK leader Thom Robb put it in 1992, according to the study: “The issue isn't who's superior ... Even if we [whites] were nothing but a race of cavemen, we still have a right to preserve our heritage and culture and give that to our children. Nobody has the right to deny that from us. And that is the attempt that's being done today.”

(3) that they are stigmatized if they express "pride”

Berbrier points to the following quote in a 1991 issue of The Populist Observer, the newsletter of the Populist Party: “Blacks, Orientals, Indians and Hispanics are taught to love their history, while whites are being taught to hate their own.”

According to Berbrier’s analysis, these supremacist groups feel that if whites do express pride in their heritage, they are branded racists and bigots. He writes that their euphemisms, like “heritage preservation” are so-called “ethnic affectations designed to destigmatize white supremacists and separatists alike by implying that they are just another ethnic group with similar needs.”

This is reflected in the obsession with Norse culture and mythology among some of today’s white supremacists. Since this paper was published, at least six domestic terror plots were conducted by so-called “Odinists”—racist adherents of an ancient religion, as Reveal News reported. The rituals of the Odinists—using Germanic phrases and drinking mead from horns—seem like attempts to recapture a bygone time in an all-white land. [MORE]


Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem following Charlottesville

From [HERE] The Raiders running back remained seated on a cooler while eating a banana as his teammates and coaches stood during the national anthem prior to the team’s Saturday night preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals. Lynch’s decision came in the wake of a violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. earlier in the day where three people, including two police officers, were killed.

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