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'In order for this system to work, We have to feel most free and independent when we are most enslaved, in fact we have to take our enslavement as the ultimate sign of freedom'

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On Dealing with Racist White Cops [learn to meditate & become the 'Center of a Cyclone']

Racism is Black people's kryptonite. It is external phenomenon that renders most Black people incapable of helping themselves.

Instead of responding to racist conduct Black people simply react to it. 'To react means you are acting unconsciously. Somebody is manipulating you. Somebody says something, does something, and you react. The real master of the situation is somebody else. Somebody comes and insults you and you react, you become angry. Somebody comes and praises you and you smile and you become happy. Both are the same. You are a slave and the other knows how to push your buttons. You are behaving like a machine. You are an automaton, not a human being yet. A plaything in the hands of others.' [MORE] and [MORE]

Racism is conduct designed to provoke you and it is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the universe. White people are the most provocative people on the planet. As explained by Neely Fuller"most white people hate black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." [MORE] In hating, whites feel superior, they become separate and in hating they become defined. In hating they attain a certain identity. In this system of racism/white supremacy all white people should be suspected of being racist. This includes white cops.

This article is about dealing with racist cops. Of course from time to time white cops also mistreat other white people [MORE]. But for the most part white folks treat each other humanely. White folks do not execute drone strikes, drop bombs, torture, starve children or otherwise act genocidally towards other white people. White suspects/defendants (George Zimmerman) have different relations with cops and the criminal justice system, which is controlled by whites. 

In their relations with non-whites, however, whites function as psychopaths. Racists understand the concept of right and wrong but choose to ignore it when race is a variable. [MORE] In general, white cops have the overwhelming support of white people and the decisions they make concerning their encounters with non-whites, especially Black & Latino men, are consistently upheld by white politicians, the white media, prosecutors, jurors, judges and other white police. [MORE] Recent events have taught us that you if you are Black or Brown then you can be legally executed by a white cop anytime, any place. Racist cops practice racism against non-whites because they have the white collective power to do so.

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